20 Natural Ways To Help Get Rid of Acne

Cheryl Brite April 6th 2016 Health
Is acne something you’ve been struggling with for most of your life? Have you tried everything you can think of to get rid of your acne? Well maybe you haven’t thought of everything. There is hope for your face to be clear once again. These natural remedies will transform your face into something you don’t have to hide from the world. You’ll be walking with confidence in no time.
1. Baking Soda
It’s something you usually think about when it comes to doing your laundry or brushing your teeth. How can baking soda help your acne? Take your baking soda and grab some water and mix them together. Then take a Q-tip, dip into the mixture, and apply to effected areas. Leave the mixture on your face for 10 minutes and wash off with cold water. When you use the cold water, it ensures that your pores are closed and make sure you repeat this two times a day.
You may be hesitant at first to try this new remedy for you acne. It does work. The routine is simple. It will help your face clear up. You have to find the most suitable acne remedy. Baking Soda is just one of the possibilities.
2. Lemon Juice
You use lemon juice to make lemonade and to whiten your teeth, but you can also use this remedy to help your acne. Your zits will disappear with lemon juice but how? Cut your lemon in half and rub it on your face. Make sure you’re doing this action gently. If you feel the juice sting your face, this remedy is working and don’t forget to rinse the juice off afterwards. The lemon juice contains citric acid that gets rid of the bacteria of your acne, and it’s also important to make sure to put some sunscreen on if you’re going out into the sun because the sun could damage your skin if you don’t.
You appreciate that lemon juice may be a potential cure for your acne. How can you be so sure? You can’t, but you have to try something to help your face. This method may be a little out there, but if it clears your face, you’ll appreciate the lemon so much more. You can find lemon juice at any local grocery store. If you see someone who has the same condition as you, you should recommend the lemon juice because it may just save the life of his or her face.
3. Raw Potato
You use it for cooking. How can this remedy possibly help your acne? Find a potato, slice the potato, and place it on the effected areas. Its anti-inflammatory properties help your acne heal. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, remove the potato slices, and rinse your face off. Make sure you’re thorough while rinsing with water.
Don’t let someone catch you using a potato on your face. If they do, you should educate them about how potatoes have changed your life. The pimples on your face have disappeared to non-existent, and they could help the people they know that have acne. They will either think you’re weird or a genius for recommending potatoes. So pick up bags and bag of potatoes because they do work. Your face is ready to be blemish free.
4. Toothpaste
A brush and this remedy make your teeth healthy but what does it do for you acne? You want to get rid of your pimples, and this is the best way to do it. Silica is a substance within the toothpaste that keeps moisture out of the pimple, drying it out, and getting rid of your pimples. Make sure the toothpaste you use has this substance and not sodium lauryl sulfate because it can be harsh to your skin. Who knew toothpaste could do so much for your skin? You don’t always need fancy treatments to help your acne because toothpaste is all you need.
You may think you’re too cool to use something as simple as toothpaste. Well that’s your problem. When you see other people with acne free skin and you’ve tried every remedy, you’ll be crawling back to this remedy because it will work for you. Colgate is a great brand to pick in selecting your acne free remedy. Don’t forget to read the label because you’re looking for all natural ingredients to put on your face. You don’t want to put unnatural chemicals on your face.
5. Ice
It goes great in any drink to keep it cold, but it will also help your acne. Ice closes the pores on your face to decrease the inflammation. Anything cold will do actually because it can cause the blood vessels to constrict and tone down the inflammation and irritation to your skin. If you have big pores on your face, this remedy is especially effective for getting rid of your acne. Don’t let the trays of ice in your freezer go to waste. Use what is around to help your skin.
It sits in your freezer everyday. Don’t overlook how ice can help you. You may complain that it’s too cold to work with. It will change the life of your face. Make sure if you use ice trays, that the ice is clean and not filled with unknown bacteria from the freezer. You don’t want to be adding pimples to your face after all.
6. Tea Tree Oil
You would have never thought of this remedy to help with your acne. Some know it as an anti-bacterial miracle. Say goodbye to your zits because this remedy will take them out. Tea tree oil has been studied, and it is proven to work much more quickly then benzoyl peroxide. It also has fewer side effects to worry about. This is a relief to a lot of people who suffer with acne.
Side effects are something that always worries you no matter what acne remedy you use. When you hear oil in the name of this remedy, it’s understandable that you’re hesitant. How can adding oil to your face get rid of your acne? Again it’s an anti-bacterial remedy that will fight your acne. Trying Tea Tree Oil once won’t hurt you. Who knows it might just help you?
7. Aspirin
You use it for pain, headaches, and so much more. How in the world does this remedy help your acne? Take your aspirin, grind it, and mix it with water until it turns into a paste. Next, take a Q-tip, dip it into the mixture, and apply it to effected areas. Make sure you let the mixture dry and then rinse it off with water. There’s a substance within this remedy called salicylic acid that fights the acne on your face by getting rid of the bacteria.
Make sure your aspirin contains only the most natural ingredients. You want to know what’s going on your face. You don’t know how aspirin will react to your face. Do you research and make sure you’re not allergic to the brand you’re using. It’s all about being safe and clearing your acne. Be smart.
8. Potassium Alum
You’re asking yourself what this remedy even is before you wonder what it will do for your acne. It’s a natural substance that is astringent and antiseptic. Your pimples will disappear. Take this remedy and apply it to effected areas. Be careful not to apply too much because skin irritation is possible. If you have this remedy lying around and you have acne, you’re in luck.
Find out before you even use this remedy if there are any ingredients that you are allergic to. The last thing you want to do is spend the day in the hospital. You don’t want to have to explain that you used Potassium Alum to help your acne. Be responsible for your health. Use another remedy if this one doesn’t work out. If it does, your face will be changed forever.
9. Apple Cider Vinegar
You use it in your dishes, and you wonder what this remedy can do for your skin. It is a toner that can get rid of dead skin cells and clear your pores. Don’t use this remedy too much or else your skin will dry out. If you really feel that apple cider vinegar is the remedy for you, you should dilute it with water before applying it to your face. Having this remedy in your kitchen really does come in handy. You can make your food delicious and help your acne all in one bottle.
The smell may be unpleasant but if it’s the solution to your acne problem, you must give into the apple cider vinegar goodness. What is better then a 2 in 1 remedy that helps your acne and makes your food taste better? If you’re allergic, you need to know. If you’re not, then use this remedy to your heart’s content. Your face is your temple. Treat your face right with apple cider vinegar.
10. Honey
You pour it in your tea and use it for other dishes that you cook in your kitchen. Bees love it so make sure you don’t use it outside. This anti-bacterial remedy gets rid of zits. Take some honey, put it on your zits, leave it on overnight, and wake up to smaller pimples or none at all. A facial mask is another use for this remedy and if you leave it on for an hour, your skin becomes more firm and clear. No wonder it is used in facial scrubs.
It smells so good unlike other facial scrubs out there. Honey is everywhere. You won’t have trouble finding this remedy. There’s no excuse not to go to your local store and pick some up. You can get it in any shape or size. Make sure you read the label as well because you want to use all natural ingredients on your face.
11. Brown Sugar
You use it for baking but what other useful ways can brown sugar help you? This ingredient can help your acne. Use this remedy to rid your face of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and clogged pores. Smooth skin and a decrease in pimples is what you will notice on your face. You use this as a facial scrub 2-3 times a month because you don’t want your face to produce more oil that will cause your zits to come back. Who knew your brown sugar could be so helpful?
Pick some up at the store. You won’t regret it. The only thing you might regret is not reading the label on the back of the box. All natural is essential to anything you’re working with. This includes your face. Natural is always better.
12. Eggs
Scrambled, sunny side up is typically what you think of when it comes to eggs. There are so many ways eggs are used but did you know they could help your acne? Take your egg, crack it open, and separate the egg white from the yoke. Whisk the egg white, spread it on your face, and wait 15-20 minutes before rinsing your face off. The egg white takes away the oil on your face that causes pimples. The yolk is also helpful because of its vitamin A; it gets rid of bacteria, and unclogs pores.
It’s great that both parts of the egg work for your face. You don’t want to waste any part of the egg. Eggs are plentiful in any supermarket. Check your eggs before you checkout. You don’t want to find out all your eggs are cracked in the carton. You want well-adjusted egg
13. Garlic
It has a strong smell that you use in many home cooked dishes. What does this remedy have to do with acne? It deals with the breakouts on your face. You use the cloves and take out the juice of the garlic. Apply the juice on your face for 5-10 minutes and rinse off immediately or you will feel a burning sensation on your face that is unpleasant. Give garlic a chance because it may just help with your acne problem.
Make sure you don’t get any of that juice in your eye. Boy will it sting. Find your garlic gloves at any grocery store to use on your face. Obviously if you’re allergic to garlic, don’t use this remedy. If you’re not allergic, you should not over use the garlic juice within the glove. Only use this remedy when you need to.
14. Mint
It goes in your tea, and it’s in your toothpaste. What else can you use mint for? Mint takes away the redness on your face and removes pimples. This anti-inflammatory substance with menthol will help your acne. Use mint oil or juice, apply it to your face, wait 10-15 minutes, and rinse off. You can use this remedy as much as you want because it has no side effects.
You’re glad mint has no side effects. That means you don’t have to worry about what it will do to your face. Why wouldn’t you use this remedy to your heart’s content? It smells so good. Look for this remedy in the vegetable section of your supermarket. You can’t miss it.
15. Acupuncture
It’s a great way to cure the ailments of your body. Did you know it also helps with acne? This healing procedure helps your pimples disappear. With the right needle in the right place, your acne troubles will be over. It may seem like an unpleasant procedure to you but by the end your face will be clear of those pesky pimples. Just think about it.
You’ve thought about it. You’re ready to get acupuncture. You’re nervous that something could go wrong with this procedure. Make sure you do some research. Find a reputable acupuncturist. You not only want your body to feel good, but you want your face to be acne free.
16. Honey Cinnamon and Nutmeg Spot Treatment
Make your own treatment with honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. When you mix these ingredients together, they become your very own spot treatment for your acne. Apply this remedy to your blemishes, let it sit on your face for 1-2 hours, and your pimples will become smaller. It can also be used as a facial mask for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the mask off and you’ll see your acne disappear in no time. Plus why wouldn’t you want to make your own acne treatment if it means clear skin?
Your acne treatment is in your own hands. You gather the ingredients. You put them together. Just make sure you’re not allergic to any of these ingredients. You want to know for sure. Be smart and see your doctor before you attempt to make this acne treatment.
17. Proper Diet
Dieting is good for your health, so it’s no surprise it will help your acne. You finally have an excuse to go on a diet so take it. Cut back on carbs, decrease your intake of sugar, increase your vegetable intake, and drink 8 glasses of water a day. Take this advice and your body will be happy as well as your face. With blemish free skin, you’ll feel better about yourself and more confident to face the world. Dieting can save the life of your skin.
It’s often thought that diets don’t work. It may take some time to find the right diet for you, but it will all be worth it in the end. Your face can be saved. If you’re not interested in dieting, this remedy is not for you. It’s unfortunate. You want to get rid of your acne once and for all, and you are determined to stay on a proper diet.
18. Regular Exercise
You’ll lose weight, but you will also lose the acne on your face. When you move your body, the blood circulates better. Being healthy means less inflammation on the skin. You don’t have to exercise so hard to help you acne. 30 minutes a day is a sufficient amount of time to clear your skin of acne. Take care of your acne by taking care of your health through exercise.
60 minutes is also an option to help your acne. Don’t over do your workouts. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself. Otherwise you’ll have to turn to another remedy for your acne needs. Your body relies on you to take care of it. This includes your face, so exercise right and you’re acne free face will thank you.
19. Multivitamins
You take them for energy, health, and other areas of your life. Acne is one of those reasons. You take it everyday but what does it do to help your acne? The vitamin A in multivitamins helps your skin. It regenerates the skin, reduces wrinkles, and takes away the blemishes, pimples, and spots. Make sure you take this remedy everyday and before you know it, your acne will be gone.
Take the recommended amount of multivitamins. If you over consume your vitamins, acne won’t be your only problem. You think taking more will help you acne disappear faster. Who told you that? If you have a pill addiction problem, multivitamins are not for you. Multivitamins aren’t for everyone so use the remedy that best fits you.
20. Skin Care Regimen
This is the most obvious way to get rid of acne. There are usually three steps to any skin care regimen. Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize is the perfect remedy to clean your face daily. Include facial wash and water to assist you in your quest to clear skin. Make sure your skin care regimen is not full of harmful chemicals that could damage your face. You want the right ingredients that will be effective in becoming acne free.
Be familiar with your skin care regimen. Read the labels of every acne treatment you are considering. Sure it may take you a while but you want to treat your face right. Just because certain acne treatments are advertised on TV, it doesn’t mean that’s the right one for you. Your doctor may be able to recommend a brand that fits perfectly with your face. All you need to do is go into your doctor’s office, have your face looked at, and you’ll get a prescription in no time that will help your acne.

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