20 Delicious Snacks That Will Help You Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Cheryl Brite April 20th 2016 Health
Snacking is an essential part of your day. You have it in between meals to keep your hunger satisfied but what is your snacking really doing for you? Unhealthy snacks will not help you in a shape or form. Throw these snacks away because there are better options. There are snacks out there that help you burn fat and lose weight. Eating these types of snacks will make a real difference for your body, and keep you healthy by reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and more!
1. Veggie Tostada
If you love all your veggies in one place, why not snack on the veggie tostada? Its 13 grams of protein and 10.5 grams of fiber will burn the fat right off your body. Its not only a snack that you can cook quickly, but it’s a healthy snack you don’t have to feel guilty about eating just as long as you add the right veggies and beans. Vegetables like corn will not help you burn fat because it's a useless carbohydrate. You want to be smart about the way you burn fat to lose weight. The veggie tostada is a mini meal that will satisfy your hunge
This veggie snack is an endurance maximizer that will keep you going throughout your day. It has no cholesterol or grease to fill your body with unhealthy ingredients. Your heart will thank you for this multi-flavorful snack. Unsaturated fats and fiber live within the veggie tostada, so you can live a healthier lifestyle. Your digestion system also benefits from this smart snack choice. Pick up your ingredients today and watch the pounds leave your body
2. Luna Protein Bar
I highly recommend that you snack on this energy bar which tastes just like candy. The Luna protein bar contains 190 calories, 12 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber that will satisfy your hunger and give you the energy you need throughout the day. You will burn fat off this protein bar as you work out at the gym. This bar will not only keep you alert during your workout, but it will keep you energized to workout effectively without feeling hungry. Like any other food, it's not smart to have too many Luna Bars because you won't end up losing weight but gaining more calories. Keep Luna stocked in your pantry because you never know when you’re in the mood to burn fat.
You'll feel not only full but good after you eat one of these protein bars. Its high calcium & folic acid make this protein bar the perfect snack for any time of the day. The calcium is responsible for bone strength and working within your body to make it more healthy. The folic acid helps with the creation of cells and important proteins, but it also helps with women who are pregnant. It has a great source of vitamin D that contribute to bone and teeth health. Luna also contains iron that is significant when it comes to your red blood cells and enzymes, which helps in moving the oxygen throughout your body.
3. Shrimp Stack
We all love any snack that allows you to stack your shrimp. It’s not the first thing you think of when you think about having a snack, but it’s a delicious snack that will burn fat. When you add Greek yogurt and avocado, this snack automatically becomes a powerhouse dish because of its protein and 9 grams of fiber. You can add anything you want to your seafood stack but make sure that whatever ingredient you put on will only add to your goal of losing weight. The shrimp stack is a 129 calories snack that you can grab on the go. Don't let this snack pass you by because you won't find something like this that will keep you satisfied throughout your day.
This stackable snack is low in not only fat but calories. Its 7 grams of carbohydrates and 286 mg of sodium are great ingredients that make this an ideal snack for people who are trying to have less carbs in their diet as well as less salt. With 42 mg of calcium the shrimp stack will make the bones within your body strong. The iodine inside the shrimp will help the thyroid gland work effectively by controlling how much the body takes in when it comes to energy so that you're not sluggish throughout the day. It also prevents premature aging with the ingredient astaxanthin. The shrimp has another great ingredient called selenuim, which protects you against cancer.
4. Warm Pear with Cinnamon Ricotta
Nothing beats the taste of a warm pear with cinnamon ricotta inside the fruit. You may be hesitant at first, but you won't regret this tasty snack treat. You can't say no to a warm pear with cinnamon ricotta because you'll lose weight. With Ricotta’s protein, the pear’s fiber, and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, this delectable snack comes together to give you 170 calories that will burn fat. It’s a great snack for any time of the day. Your hunger will be satisfied when you make this snack a part of your daily life.
You can control your blood sugar with this cinnamon ricotta filled fruit. With barely any fat and low sodium, it really is the ideal snack to lose weight. The fiber and protein within this snack will be enough fuel for you to function properly throughout your day. Vitamin A, C, and calcium makes this super pear fruit a force to be reckoned with because it makes your body strong and able to be heathy. Because this snack contains only three ingredients, it is much more healthier for you to eat compared to other snack foods that contain so many ingredients that have harmful chemicals. A pear, ricotta cheese, and cinnamon are simple but healthy ingredients that come together to make this snack an enjoyable and a healthy treat.
5. Roast Garlic and Edamame Dip
You love to dip when it comes to snacking and roast garlic and edamame dip sounds so good right about now. It’s more than just a delicious snack. Its 3 servings, 162 calories, 9 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber make this snack the perfect way to burn fat. So dip your whole-wheat pita bread into this creamy dip and enjoy. This dip doesn't just need a pita to dip into this green, roasted garlic goodness. You can use so many foods like tortilla chips and pretzels to enjoy your roast garlic and edamame dip.
This super dip compound will protect you from the cold season. The Isoflavone-rich soybeans within the dip help with hot flashes and heart disease. This is a good enough reason to use this dip every time you have a snack. Its low 50 mg sodium and 28 mg calcium make this edamame dip a great way to spend your snack time. It can also be used as a spread to put on any healthy snack food you desire. Anyway you use the roasted garlic and edamame dip, it can only help your body be the best it can be.
6. Pistachios
There’s no denying how good this snack is to the taste buds. When you eat pistachios, you are reducing your cravings. It’s a healthy, low calorie snack that burns fat. It’s also a satiating food that has omega fatty acids, which help with gut bacteria and lower cholesterol. With all these benefits, why wouldn't you buy a bag of these every time you go grocery shopping? When you buy pistachios, pick out the bag with less or reduced sodium because it will be a lot healthier for you in the long run.
Pistachios are good for your heart. The FDA states that eating 1.5 ounces of this nut a day as a part of your diet will reduce your chances of getting heart disease. One serving of this tasty snack offers you a variety of vitamins, minerals, and many more nutrients. Pistachios contain good fats such as unsaturated fat. 90% makes up the good fat in this "skinny nut." This antioxidant dry fruit has iron, zinc, selenium, and so much more to improve your health.
7. Turkey Burgers
What a great healthy snack? Turkey burgers burn fat because it has a low amount of fat in the meat as well as low carbohydrates. Their appearance is not the most appealing snack you will ever have, but they are so delicious that you can’t believe you’ll burn fat. So throw out that burger beef and switch to turkey burgers today. Make sure the ingredients within the turkey burger are all natural. You won't regret this decision as you feel the pounds melt off your body.
The turkey burger can have from 22-25 grams of protein. The nutrition is based on the brand of burger you select as well as the additional ingredients you add to your burger. Check out the nutrition label on the back of the package to ensure you get the best quality meat. This low calorie patty is healthier in white meat then the darker meat. The turkey burger is just as good as a beef burger, so this should be enough of an incentive to turn to a healthier alternative snack. Plus this healthy food is what they use for the contestants on The Biggest Loser and if they are losing weight with this burger, you will to.
8. Peanut Butter
This thick, savory snack will send your taste buds to heaven. Peanut butter is not only a tasty snack, but it also burns fat. It boots testosterone, which is good for women and builds muscle. So spread that peanut butter on healthy foods and watch the fat melt off your body. Whole wheat crackers and low sodium pretzels are just some of the things you can dip into your peanut butter. Whether it's chunky or not, you will benefit from this weight loss snack.
Vitamin E and magnesium are beneficial ingredients in peanut butter that give you the energy your body requires to lose weight. Its high in unsaturated fat, which makes it good for you. Peanut butter is not only cholesterol free, but it contains protein, minerals, and vitamins that will help you on your way to shedding those unwanted pounds. This 188 calorie snack has the required fiber that women need everyday in order to keep in shape. It has some protein because of its amino acids but if you add bread into the mix, your amount of protein will be complete. With potassium, vitamin C, and D, peanut butter has all you need to not only burn fat and lose weight.
9. Avocados
This healthy fat is a great way to lose weight. It makes you feel fuller faster, and it slows down the emptying of food in your stomach. If you want to burn fat, this delicious green snack will be what you need to be healthy. Don't add avocados to other snacks you know won't benefit your health. You need to take the time to figure out which snacks not only go great with avocados but help you in your weight loss goals. Avocados are a tasty snack that you should really make a part of your diet.
Avocados are a low calorie snack that you can enjoy anytime of the day. The nutrition label well tell you the best way to have your avocado. It has no cholesterol along with no sodium, which makes this snack food a great part of your diet. The carbs are low, and the calcium keeps your bones strong. Avocados are good for people who are anemic and have a B12 deficiency. This fruit contains almost 20 vitamins and minerals that help people with anemia and a B12 deficiency.
10. Canned Tuna on Whole Wheat Crackers
Sounds like a great snack, right? Fish and crackers, what could be better? Well the tuna is a great source of protein with omega 3’s, and the whole-wheat cracker goes great with the tuna by adding fiber and extra protein to this snack. The tuna is also a brain food that will keep your mind sharp. The wheat cracker gives you the carb you crave with any snack. Together, these foods burn fat.
This super snack will build your muscle to keep you strong and fit. Pick solid white albacore tuna in water, fat free mayo, and 100% whole wheat crackers for the best nutrition. To control your calories take 14 crackers with a 4 oz tuna can because together you will be eating 288 calories, 8 grams of fat, 22 grams of carbs, and 32 grams of protein. The tuna, along with the crackers, makes this food a great filling snack that will keep you satisfied until your next meal. You'll get a great dose of iron and potassium that will only benefit your health. Don't eat too much tuna in the can because of its high mercury content but otherwise enjoy this snack regularly.
11. Grapefruit
This attractive looking fruit is a delicious snack. Before you think about dismissing this fruit, you need to know what it can do for you. It lowers insulin and regulates blood sugar and metabolism. Don’t just eat the appealing dark pink center. The white, fleshy membranes are also an essential part of the grapefruit that is healthy for you. Every part of this fruit will help you lose weight.
This refreshing fruit is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene. It has disease preventing properties that will keep you in great health. It is low in calories and rich in fiber. The antioxidants help with vision. The vitamin C helps with resistance against infection inside the body. It also contains potassium that works in the body to regulate heart rate and blood pressure.
12. Bananas
It’s a satisfying, yellow fruit that burns fat. The water content, carbohydrates, and fiber are ingredients within the banana that send a signal to your brain to stop eating. They’ll keep you away from the junk food. Its not only a delicious snack, but it’s also a snack that is low in fat and well keep you moving throughout the day to burn calories. You will stay full and happy. That's for sure.
When this yellow fruit is at its ripest, they have high antioxidants. With vitamin C bananas have 15% of it to help your body get better. It's a nutritious snack that is important to any diet. Because they are low in calories, contain no fat, no sodium, and no cholesterol, they make a wonderful, nutritious snack for your diet. Bananas are even healthy for pregnant women because they have vitamins and B6 that are great for mother and baby. Bananas are also a great source of keeping blood sugar levels stable.
13. Almonds
Not everyone finds this particular snack delicious but you do. That’s all that matters. It’s not only good for your skin and nails, but almonds burn fat. It helps build muscle and reduce cravings. You need this snack as a part of your diet. It will only benefit you in the end.
Your heart's health counts on this nut to be your snack of choice. It also prevents heart disease. Almond's low cholesterol is essential to your health. Monounsaturated fat, fiber, vitamin E, and many more nutritious elements of this nut come together to help you lose weight. It's insulin sensitive, which means the body is more able to become more alert to insulin. In the long run it helps people with pre-diabetes process their food better and prevent diabetes.
14. Miso-glazed Tofu
You’re a tofu lover, so this dish is a match made in heaven. You know tofu goes with any flavor it's attached to, and this dish is perfect example of that. This miso-glazed tofu is actually considered a main course, but its calories are so light that it can be considered as a healthy, delicious snack. Give tofu a chance! Its 164 calories, 12 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber contribute to burning fat. What a perfect dish to appeal to all your needs?
Miso-glazed tofu is healthy for you in that the miso helps you cut back on your fat and salt intake. The fermentation makes this dish a probiotic, which helps you with digestion. Isoflavones exists within the soybean of the miso and reduces the risk of breast cancer, menopausal symptoms, and heart disease. Despite it's high sodium content, miso doesn't affect the body like other salts do when it comes to the cardiovascular system. Unlike the high sodium in miso, tofu has low fat and low cholesterol. Together these ingredients become a powerful force in your weight loss goals.
15. Cottage Cheese
This delicious, dairy snack will build strong bones and help with weight loss. With low carbohydrates and good bacteria for the gut, cottage cheese promotes good digestion and satiety. Calcium and vitamin D are also involved in this dairy snack to breakdown and release fats. Cottage cheese has all the ingredients you’ll ever need to burn fat. You can even add it to other snacks like whole wheat crackers if you crave a healthy carb. Whatever you add to cottage cheese, you should make sure it is just as healthy or more healthier than the cottage cheese.
The calories are low and half a cup of cottage cheese is just 110 calories. Its fat is saturated fat, and it is low. Don't have too much cottage cheese or you're in danger of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and some types of cancer. You don't have to take it away from your diet completely but have it in moderation. Its calcium keeps the heart strong. The protein helps with muscle growth and is great for vegetarians.
16. Eggs
It’s a great protein to have as a snack, not to mention delicious. Sunny side up and scrambled are just a few ways to make your eggs. Eggs have the ability to increase metabolism through digestion. When your metabolism is good, it helps create lean muscle mass. You will burn fat. You will lose weight.
If you buy organic eggs, it lowers the risk of contaminated feed and they also have a higher nutrient quality. It contains omega-3 fats that are healthy for you. An egg a day will keep the high cholesterol away. Eggs are a snack that have nutrient disease fighting properties like lutein and zeaxanthin. These properties can prevent the risk of macular degeneration. The choline within eggs helps with brain development and memory.
17. Mint Iced Green Tea
It sounds like a good, refreshing drink for any tea lover. It reduces belly fat all over your body. Mint Iced Green tea also contains no calories, which make this drink healthy. You can have as much as you want. This delicious snack increases metabolism, prevents fat cells from growing, and reduces cholesterol as well as blood pressure. It’s the ultimate fat burning drink!
This refreshing and crisp drink requires the most fresh ingredients to be nutritious. Its ingredients may be simple, but this drink does so much to keep your body fit and healthy. Add ingredients like honey to make this drink more sweet and healthy. It contains antioxidants that are known to get rid of the free radicals. It also contains antibacterial properties that help with preventing tooth decay. The mint iced green tea is a great stress reliever, prevents food poisoning, and controls blood cholesterol levels.
18. Apples
It’s a delicious, crunchy snack that you can grab on the go. You may not be thrilled about having an apple as a snack, but you will benefit from this snack. The protein and fiber gives you the energy you need throughout the day. Apples also help you sustain hunger levels for a couple of hours. In other words you'll stay full longer. Don’t forget that this healthy snack also helps you burn fat.
There are many different apples to choose from, but they all do the same things when it comes to your health. Their vitamin C is an immune booster and has antioxidants that destroy the free radicals in your body. Its carbohydrates are simple and contain fructose or fruit sugar. Simple carbohydrates break down quickly and help with your gut. The fiber slows digestion, pushing out the waste in your body. The potassium make sure your heart is at a steady beat.
19. Water
What a refreshing, hydrating drink? It will help you lose weight when you stay hydrated. It's a great on the go drink when you go to the gym or even while you're at work. Wherever you are, you should have water nearby because you never know when you might need it. The professionals don’t recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day for nothing. Water helps expand the stomach and decrease hunger.
Water is probably the healthiest drink you can have. Water has no calories, sodium, cholesterol, sugar, etc. When you sweat at the gym, you are losing water. When you have a water bottle with you, you can replenish the water you've lost from sweating. Your body needs it to survive. If you don't drink enough water, your risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections are more likely.
20. Power Berry Smoothie
You love having power berry smoothies on the go but what does this snack really do for you? This 139 calories drink contains soy protein powder, frozen berries, honey, and Greek yogurt. It has enough protein and fiber within the smoothie to burn fat. The antioxidants helps with removing waste from your body. It also makes for a delicious, refreshing treat. This smoothie will make you feel so much better and healthier in your life.
It stops you from craving junk food and keeps you full until your next meal. Its low calories will not make you feel guilty for wanting this cold, refreshing smoothie snack. It's even more nutritious when all your ingredients are all natural. Did you know that using frozen berries is the healthiest way to make your smoothie? You can even add vegetables to make the power berry smoothie even more nutritious. You will not only have more energy, but you'll be sick less often and that's a victory you can't afford to do without.

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