20 Reasons Why Donald Trump is Not Racist

Luke Chase April 25th 2016 Entertainment
Everybody knows that Donald Trump has the magic touch when it comes to making successful business decisions, but not many people know the personal side of Donald Trump. His constant willingness to help people in need, regardless of race, always seems to be overlooked. Trump’s rhetoric is quite difficult for many people to handle especially when it comes to his comments regarding certain minority groups, however many of these comments are taken out of context. Here are 20 reasons why Donald Trump is not a racist, along with some evidence to back it up.
1. He Helped Jennifer Hudson
Donald Trump, on numerous occasions, has gone out of his way to help people in need, particularly minorities. In October 2008, pop music star Jennifer Hudson's 57-year-old mother, Darnell Donnerson, and 29-year-old brother, Jason, were found shot dead inside the Chicago home Donnerson shared with Hudson's elder sister, Julia. An AMBER Alert was issued for her 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, when Julia reported him missing. Three days later the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed a body found on Chicago's West Side was the nephew; an autopsy indicated the death was due to "multiple gunshot wounds."
After this tragic incident took place, Donald Trump offered Hudson sanctuary at his famous hotel in Chicago, where Trump didn’t charge her a dime and also provided security for her and a few of her family members. "She's a great girl. And we're protecting them well," Trump told PEOPLE at a benefit honoring Australia director Baz Luhrman at the Museum of Modern Art. "They are very safe." Why would a racist individual go out of his or her way to help a famous African American woman in desperate need of help? Regardless of race, this was an extremely kind gesture from an extremely kind man. (Source: Wikipedia)
2. He Supports The LGBT Community
Donald Trump has shown his support for the transgender community. During an appearance on "The Today Show", the republican presidential candidate was asked by a Twitter user how he plans to be an "inclusive president." "Mr. Trump, please be specific, tell us your views of LGBT, how you plan to be inclusive as president, speak about North Carolina bathroom law in particular," Today co-host Willie Geist read the tweet. "Well look North Carolina did something that was very strong and they're paying a big price and there's a lot of problems," Trump responded. "And one of the best answers I heard was from a commentator yesterday saying, 'Leave it the way it is right now, there have been very few problems, leave it the way it is.'"
Matt Lauer from "The Today Show" then asked whether Trump has any transgender people working for his company. "I really don't know. I probably do. I really don't know," Trump said, answering that he would allow, say, transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner to use whatever bathroom she wanted at Trump Tower. He added, "You know, there's a big move to create new bathrooms. Problem with that is for transgender, that would be—first of all, I think that would be discriminatory in a certain way. That would be unbelievably expensive for businesses in the country. Leave it the way it is." A true racist individual, without hesitiation, would discriminate against transgenders, but not Donald Trump. This shows that Donald Trump does believe in equality and is not racist. (Source: EOnline)
3. He Helped a Sick Jewish Child
Three-year-old Andrew Ten needed to go to New York to receive some special medical attention. But there was one big problem: The airlines refused to board him because he could not travel without an elaborate life-support system, which includes a portable oxygen tank, a suction machine, a breathing bag and an adrenaline syringe. Trump made his plane available for the special trip to New York after the boy’s parents, Judy and Harold Ten, called Trump and told him of their plight. The private Boeing 727 of real estate tycoon Donald Trump arrived from Los Angeles at LaGuardia Airport that morning, carrying aboard an Orthodox Jewish child with a rare and still undiagnosed breathing illness. Andrew arrived with his parents — accompanied by three nurses who attend to him around the clock — to try to seek medical help in the New York area.
“Mr. Trump did not hesitate when we called him up. He said ‘yes, I’ll send my plane out,'” 29-year-old Harold Ten recalled shortly after he landed here Tuesday morning. Asked why he thought Trump made his private jet available, Ten replied, “Because he is a good man. He has three children of his own and he knows what being a parent is all about.” Ten said he believes that Trump fulfilled the Talmudic saying that “he who saves one person’s life is as if he saved the entire world.” Among the relatives at the airport to greet the child and his parents were the paternal grandparents of the sick boy. “Donald Trump is a miracle, just a miracle,” said grandmother Feigy Ten, who came to the airport with her husband, Phillip Ten. This not only proves that Donald Trump doesn't care about your race, but it shows what a kind hearted individual he is. (Source: JTA.org)
4. He Supports Gender Equality
Donald Trump employs more women than men at the upper echelons of his real estate empire, and in many cases pays them more, according to the Republican presidential candidate’s attorney. Appearing on “CNN’s New Day” with Chris Cuomo, Michael Cohen, Trump’s general counsel and an executive vice president at Trump Organization, said that while the billionaire’s companies employ 57 percent men and 43 percent women, “there are more female executives at the Trump Organization than there are male.” And women who are similarly situated in positions similar to that of their male counterparts, are actually paid more,” Cohen said.
Trump has maintained that he “cherishes” women and that he has long been progressive on the issue of employing women at the top levels of his companies. “For example, in senior accounting, the male is in the $70,000 range and the female is slightly greater than that,” Cohen said. “In the area of even the legal department where the assistant general counsel makes $25,000 more than her male counterpart. Donald Trump is a doer, and he doesn’t do it because the pollsters tell him to do it. He does it because it’s inherent to him. It’s right and he doesn’t care, again, if your name is Mary or Joe. He wants performance. He’s a performance-based individual.” It is obvious that Donald Trump has a place in his heart for women's equality. (Source: DailyCaller.com)
5. He Rewarded a Black Bus Driver
What Trump did for a bus driver who helped save a woman from jumping off a bridge will shock you. 37-year-old bus driver Darnell Barton had just picked up 20 McKinley High School students eager to get home on a Friday afternoon. Darnell Barton was driving his bus across a bridge when he spotted a woman on the other side of railing, staring down at the traffic below, about to commit suicide. Barton stopped the bus and approached the woman. After one of his passengers explained they didn’t want to “see someone die,” he managed to put his arm around her and she agreed to come to the other side of the bridge.
After hearing about what Barton did, Donald Trump sent him ten thousand dollars. Trump said: “I thought that was so beautiful to see. I think he is a great guy with an amazing heart and I said that man should be rewarded." Clearly, Donald Trump isn’t just a good businessman, he’s a Good Samaritan, too. Furthermore, the fact that this man was African American proves that he could care less about the color of an individual's skin. If he was racist towards African Americans, why would he take the time to be charitable towards this man? (Source: IJReview.com)
6. Black Pastors Endorse Trump
Dr. Steve Parson, a minister in Richmond, Virginia, joined eight others at a Manassas rally to show their support for the Republican front runner. “People ask my ‘why are you endorsing Donald Trump?’ Well, in my opinion, he’s the best and the only one that can beat Hillary Clinton,” Parson said. “We’ve got to win and one thing about Donald Trump is that he’s a winner. He knows how to create wealth. As a black minister, we’re right in the inner city and I’ll tell you, we need jobs, we need employment, we need businesses, and who better can help us help ourselves than Donald Trump?” Parson asked. “I personally believe that this is a movement. I personally believe that we’re in a situation now where this country called America is going to come back and be made great again,” Parson said.
“Don’t believe the lies. All the lies are coming from the Democratic liberal media that is trying to keep him from being president. It’s all political stuff y’all. Listen, don’t believe that stuff. If you’re gonna believe anybody believe a minister that’s telling you we’re in store for the greatest financial move. We’re in store for a wealth transfer. We’re in store for a moving back to God that we’ve never seen before. I believe it’s our time and our season. And blessed God. We’re gonna give God all the glory for it. Vote Donald Trump.” This proves that Donald Trump has influental minority supporters. Why would a black pastor go out of his way to endorse a racist human being? If Donald Trump was racist, there wouldn't have even been an endorsement from Dr. Steve Parson. (Source: CNN)
7. Indian-Americans Support Trump
A group called "Indian-Americans for Trump 2016" has shown their support for Trump. The group's president, A.D. Amar, a business professor at Seton Hall University, told NBC News that discussions about the PAC first started in December. "I was surprised at the strength Trump had among the Indian professionals and Indian community," he said. "I have never seen Indians so united behind a candidate." Amar cited Trump's stances on illegal immigration and the economy as key factors for the group's support of him. He also said that the group's members were drawn to the fact that Trump has said he will not be taking money from PACs or special-interest groups. "Trump is going to keep the lobbies out, and he is going to focus on the general population," Amar said.
When asked about Trump's controversial rhetoric on the campaign trail, Amar said, "as a business professor, I've been observing his style and management for many years. In his style, there is a kind of unpredictability and a kind of drama. In his actual management and his execution, there is no drama, and there is no unpredictability." Amar believes the perceived difference between Trump's style and his management will translate to a change after the election. "Our election process is kind of a revolution," Amar said. "In a revolution, these kind of statements are not unexpected. In my observation, he is going to be a different person once he's nominated." Again, if Donald Trump was a racist, this group of individuals would not be supporting him. (Source: NBC)
8. He Loves Mexican People
Donald Trump says that he has great respect for the Mexican people, and that his criticisms over the problems at the border are really aimed at the Mexican government. In an interview with MSNBC and Telemundo host Jose Diaz-Balart, Trump stood by comments he made during his June 16 presidential campaign launch, insisting repeatedly: “I love the Mexican people. I have had tremendous relationships with Mexico for many, many years, tremendous relationships, and frankly that’s very important to me,” Trump said. He went on to say the leaders of Mexico are “far smarter” than America’s and that they’re “totally taking advantage” of the country on trade.
In another interview with CNN, Donald Trump told host Don Lemon, "I love the Mexican people. I've had a great relationship with Mexico and the Mexican people." Finally in a Fox News interview, Trump said: "The good people come, and they're great people. They're better than good people. I love the Mexican people," Trump told Sean Hannity on Fox News. "They have tremendous spirit. They have tremendous vibrance and life." Here is another instance where Donald Trump went out of his way, multiple times, to show is love for the Mexican people. If Donald Trump was a racist, he would not have put forth a large amount of his time and effort complimenting Mexicans. (Sources: MSNBC, CNN)
9. Civil Rights Activists Support Trump
Charles Evers is an American civil rights activist. Evers was known for his role in the Civil Rights Movement along with his younger brother Medgar Evers. He was made the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) State Voter Registration Chairman in 1954. After his brother's assassination in 1963, Evers took over his position as field director of the NAACP in Mississippi. As field director, Evers organized and led many demonstrations for the rights of African Americans. Evers's brother, Medgar Evers, was assassinated in Jackson, Mississippi by a KKK member in 1963. His killer wasn't convicted of the murder until 1994, after multiple trials.
Charles Evers has endorsed Donald Trump for president. “I believe in him first of all because he’s a businessman,” Charles Evers said, according to The Clarion-Ledger. "I think jobs are badly needed in Mississippi." Charles Evers defended Trump, saying his tough immigration stance does not make him racist. “I haven’t seen any proof of him being a racist,” said Evers. "All of us have some racism in us. Even me.” He said Trump was a "fair" businessman who respects merit over race. He also praised Trump's religious faith and said he hopes to meet him in person during a rally in Madison, Miss. Here is another example of an influentual individual giving his endorsement to Donald Trump. Why would a civil rights leader endorse a racist? (Sources: Wikipedia, TheHill.com)
10. He Has Donated to LGBT Causes
The Donald J. Trump Foundation donated $30,000 to gay activist organizations in 2012, according to his filed tax returns. $20,000 of the amount went to the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) while the remaining $10,000 went to the Gay Men's Health Crisis, according to a form 990 posted online and available for public review. Trump's donations are among a variety of causes the foundation supported, including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which received $100,000, the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, which received $5,000, and the Magic Johnson Foundation, which received $10,000.
The Gay Men's Health Crisis, an organization that the Trump Foundation supported in 2012, is a New York-based group that seeks to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic among homosexual men. "In 1981, six gay men (and their friends) gathered in writer Larry Kramer's living room to address the 'gay cancer' and raise money for research. This informal meeting provided the foundation for what would soon become Gay Men's Health Crisis," its website reads. In regards to this, Trump said "And look, again, we're going to bring people together. And that's your thing (homosexuality) and other people have their thing. We have to bring all people together, and if we don't we're not going to have a country anymore." These donations to various charities shows the true heart of kindness of Donald Trump. A bigoted man would not bother donating to these charities. (Source: Society.com)
11. He Wants Jobs For Black People
Trump said in an interview with MediaBuzz: "I think relatively speaking when I am finished I think they will absolutely love Donald Trump. I am going to bring back jobs. I am going to create wealth for the country. People are going to partake. We are going to take back jobs from China, from Japan, Mexico, from all these countries that ripping us off and African Americans are going to benefit. And by the way, Hispanics are going to benefit. I have now thousands of Hispanics that work for me. I have had tens of thousands over my lifetime that have worked for me. These are great people. They want jobs."
In an ABC interview, Trump said the following: “We have an African American president and the black youth, the African American youth has essentially never done worse,” Trump said. “You look at the unemployment in the 50s, you look at African American people that are 30, and 35 and 40 in the height of their strength and life. President Obama, an African American, has done a terrible job for African Americans,” he added. “Donald Trump will do a great job for African Americans. I'll bring back jobs to this country from china and many other places, and I'll let people work and make a great living. I will be great for African Americans." As you can see, Donald Trump does care about the African American community and is not a racist. (Sources: MediaBuzz.com, ABC)
12. Trump Disavowed a KKK Member
David Duke, a white nationalist and former Klu Klux Klan grand wizard, endorsed Donald Trump by telling his audience that voting for anyone besides Donald Trump “is really treason to your heritage.” Duke, 65, first made his racist mark at Louisiana State University back in 1970 when he founded the White Youth Alliance. He became infamous for parading on campus in a Nazi uniform. Later, Duke became a Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, and soon replaced the white sheets with business suits in a bid to make the KKK more mainstream.
Donald Trump issued a crystal clear disavowal of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke on MSNBC. "David Duke is a bad person, who I disavowed on numerous occasions over the years," Trump said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "I disavowed him. I disavowed the KKK," Trump added. "Do you want me to do it again for the 12th time? I disavowed him in the past, I disavow him now." The uproar started when Trump was asked by CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union" if he would disavow Duke and other white supremacist groups supporting his campaign. "Just so you understand, I don't know anything about David Duke, OK?" Trump responded. If Donald Trump was racist, he would not have went out of his way to make these comments and disavow the endorsement. (Source: NBC)
13. Donald Trump Loves Muslims
Donald Trump once responded to a question from CNN at the University of Iowa campus about whether Muslims pose a danger to the country, saying: "I love the Muslims. I think they're great people." One student told Trump that she considered Muslim-Americans to be an important segment of the country. They asked whether the billionaire businessman would consider putting a Muslim in his Cabinet or on his ticket. "Oh, absolutely," Trump responded. "No problem with that." In another interview Trump went further by quantifying how many Muslims he loves, telling a reporter that he has at least 20 Muslim friends.
Nedal Tamer, a Muslim based Trump supporter in Detroit, feels he’s in the minority because he backs the Republican billionaire - who has also said that “Islam hates the West” according to an interview by The Associated Press. “People have the wrong idea, even Arabs and Muslims,” says Tamer, 40. He is from a suburb of Detroit which is known for its large Arab and Muslim population. “I like the fact that he’s (Trump) a little nuts. He’s got the good heart, he cares about America.” We all know that Donald Trump made a terrible comment about banning all muslims from entering the country, but at least he had the kind heartedness to retract his comment and show his love for the Muslim community. If he was racist, why would he even bother? (Source: CNN)
14. 1 in 5 Latinos Support Trump
20 percent of the Latino population in the United States say they support Donald for president. This is very large amount of people. TheDailyBeast.com interviewed a few, who even say they agree with him on immigration. Shawn Bambaro is a 39-year-old black car limo company owner in Miami, the son of Colombian immigrants, and runs the “Latinos Support Trump” Facebook group. And he agrees with Trump on immigration. “There has to be a process where illegals go back,” he said of Trump’s desire to initially deport all undocumented immigrants in the United States. “And like he says very clearly: is it going to happen overnight? Are we kicking down doors and taking mothers from babies? No. The media again wants to portray this image that ICE agents are going to be at every illegal’s door.”
Lhessa Lyons, a 41-year-old Trump supporter of Dominican heritage who is a research analyst for a government contracting firm, also says she is a fan of Trump's immigration plan. Lyons said she never created a Facebook page for a politician until “Latinos for Donald Trump.” “I’m not partisan. I try to vote for whoever I think is best at the time. I don’t consider myself a Republican or a Democrat.” But she said she would vote for Trump in a general election, endorsing both his plans for undocumented immigrant deportation and the “Trump Wall.” Lyons was not offended by Trump’s infamous “rapists” comment. “I think it’s acceptable because he was telling the truth,” Lyons said. “When you have illegal immigrants crossing the border, it’s a mixed bag. You don’t know who those people are exactly. Some of them can be criminals and rapists. The reality is some of them are rapists. Some of them are criminals,” she said. “That’s a reality and that’s why the border needs to be secured.” As you can see, Donald Trump does have support from a good number of Latinos. These people would not bother supporting him if he was a racist. (Source: TheDailyBeast.com)
15. 1 in 4 Blacks Support Donald Trump
Donald Trump is earning major support from segments of the population which almost exclusively vote for Democrats. SurveyUSA announced that Donald Trump would receive 25% among black registered voters. That is news that has Hillary Clinton terrified, and is shaking the political establishment to the core. To put that in perspective, President George W. Bush received less than 9% of the black vote, and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) earned less than 4% when running against Barack Obama.
Trump is also dominating among his Republican opponents with Hispanic voters. The liberal media would have us believe that Hispanics oppose Trump’s anti-amnesty message, but 31% of Hispanic voters support him. Donald Trump is baffling the political pundits by taking a bold, conservative message straight to the American people. Trump knows how to communicate in such a powerful way, that the elites can not stop him. That’s why no one expected this incredible polling result. (Source: SurveyUSA)
16. Black Associations Support Trump
A group of black Republicans endorsed Donald Trump, saying the Republican front-runner is the best candidate to "free black communities" from Democrats. "Black Americans across America are beginning to wake up and see clearly the reality of what is happening in black neighborhoods," the National Black Republican Association said on its blog. "We believe that Mr. Trump has demonstrated that he can push back against the mainstream media, end political correctness and free black communities from the destructive grip of socialist Democrats."
Frances Rice, co-founder and chairman of the group, wrote that Trump shares the association's values. "As citizens who happen to be black, we support Mr. Trump because he shares our values," she wrote. "We are deeply concerned about illegal immigration, a major cause of high black unemployment, especially among black youth." Later the Trump campaign trumpeted a meeting with "a coalition of 100 African-American Evangelical pastors and religious leaders who will endorse the GOP front-runner after a private meeting." It is clear that Donald Trump is making an effort with the African American community. (Source: CNN)
17. His Wife is an Immigrant
Melania Trump was born in Sevnica, in Slovenia's Lower Sava Valley (then part of Yugoslavia) Melania studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She then worked as a model for fashion houses in Milan and Paris before relocating to New York City in 1996. As a model, she was associated with several well-known modeling agencies, including Donald Trump's Trump Model Management. She became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and acquired citizenship in 2006
After moving to New York City in 1996, Melania met Donald Trump at a Fashion Week party in New York City in September 1998. Their relationship gained attention after a 1999 interview on The Howard Stern Show, and additional publicity after the 2004 launch of Trump's successful business-oriented reality television show, The Apprentice. Donald Trump described their long courtship in 2005: "We literally have never had an argument, forget about the word 'fight' ... We just are very compatible. We get along." During Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, an anti-Trump PAC published an attack ad featuring a nude photo of Melania Trump that was published in 2000 as part of a British GQ magazine photoshoot. The photograph shows her handcuffed to a briefcase, lying on a fur blanket aboard Trump's private jet. If Donald Trump was racist, why would he marry an immigrant? (Source: Wikipedia)
18. Pastor Mark Supports Trump
Pastor Mark Burns, co-founder of the NOW television network, one of the many black pastors who met with Donald Trump, announced his support for the Republican presidential hopeful and shared the large amount of praise Trump received from his religious colleagues. "This meeting was extremely successful," the pastor said on MSNBC. "There was extremely strong support. He received many, many endorsements from the pastors that were there. It was a jam-packed room, standing support for Mr. Trump. Very good dialogue that we had back and forth and Donald Trump made it very clear that he's willing to do whatever it takes to win the black vote."
When accused of taking handouts from Trump, Bruns responded: " I don't know who you're speaking about, but trust me, when I tell you, I'm not an Uncle Tom, no coon, nobody's been paid. I have not been offered a position. This is me looking at the politics, and looking at an individual, a strong leader that i believe that's going to bridge and bring a strength back to America. And in that room, there were pastors from all across the country, that were showing their support, many of them signed actual documents, endorsement cards, showing their support... this preposterous tone of offensive things that he said about Latinos in the meeting, it's a fabrication." (Source: MSNBC)
19. Muslims Support Trump
39-year-old Farhaj Hassan is a U.S. Army reservist who was deployed to Iraq. Hassan, who lives in Helmetta, New Jersey, is the lead plaintiff in a landmark lawsuit against the city of New York for its police department’s blanket surveillance program of Muslims in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. The impetus for the lawsuit, says Hassan, a devout Shiite Muslim, stems from his patriotism and his belief that people should not be treated like suspects simply because of their faith. It’s altogether bizarre, then, that Hassan — who calls himself a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat — says he is supporting Republican candidate Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. Yes, the very same Donald Trump who spews fiery rhetoric against Muslims and has called for banning all Muslims from entering the country. “I will vote for Trump,” an emphatic Hassan told International Business Times. “Who better than an absolute outsider who isn’t beholden to special interests so far?”
A poll of 2,000 registered Muslim voters released in February by the Council on American-Islamic Relations indicated that 7 percent of Muslim voters planned to vote for Trump in the presidential primaries. Their reasons for supporting Trump are varied and complicated, but often reflect a long-standing frustration with American foreign policy and the Democratic politicians who they say have failed them. That sense of feeling let down is coupled with a suspicion that Trump’s rhetoric against Muslims is just a blustery effort to win key votes — one they expect he’ll soften when he’s in office. (Source: IBTimes.com)
20. Celebrity Minorities Support Trump
On Twitter, Rapper Azealia Banks recently advocated for a Trump presidency, saying, "I think Trump is the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business. Hillary [Clinton] is too tied in with them and Bernie [Sanders] has no clout." Former boxer Mike Tyson: "I know him," the boxer told the Daily Beast. "When I see him, he shakes my hand and respects my family. None of them-Barack, whoever-nobody else does that. They're gonna be who they are and disregard me, my family. So I'm voting for him. If I can get 20,000 people or more to vote for him, I'm gonna do it."
Omarosa Manigault has appeared on CNN multiple times to defend Trump. TV personality Tila Tequila has called herself a "huge Donald Trump supporter." Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman expressed his admiration of Trump last year via Twitter: "We don't need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump!" There are many other minority Donald Trump supporters. None of these people would go out of their way to endorse trump if he was a racist. (Sources: Twitter, CNN)

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