Top 20 Travel And Vacation Destinations In Europe

Cheryl Brite April 27th 2016 Travel
You know that trip you’ve always wanted to take to Europe? Well you can finally afford to go after all the money you’ve saved up for vacation. It's so exciting. Where will you go? What will you do? The possibilities are endless. Start your European vacation today.
1. Rome, Italy
Nothing beats Italian cooking as it travels through the city and lures you into its trap. You’ll never eat better food than in the city of Rome. The Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica are two great sites that travelers will have to see to be amazed. These historical sites have stood the test of time and will continue to for many years to come. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the culture. Make you trip to Rome this instant.
When you're in Rome, you should visit the Pantheon. The architecture of the church is so amazing when the sunlight comes through the open ceiling. Experience the When In Rome Tours where you will not only learn the history of Rome but taste the best wine of Italy. Walk around the Pizza Navona and take pictures with friends and family in front of this landmark of Italian history. Taste the food of Rome in places like I Vicini Bistrot, Likeat, Pinsere Roma, and other delectable restaurants. Rest comfortably in hotels like Deko Rome, Portrait Roma, Hotel Santa Maria, and so many more luxurious places to rest your head at night in Rome.
2. Paris, France
This iconic Eiffel Tower is a sight to marvel at, especially at night when it lights up for everyone to see. The Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay museums contain the art and history of this beautiful city. Arc de Triomphe is a monument you shouldn’t just walk past. You should stop and appreciate the time it took to build this symbol of Paris. It's amazing! You can’t leave Paris without traveling to the Notre Dame church because the architecture of this building is so magnificent in its intricate nature.
In Paris you can see the Les Catacombes where the bones of bodies grace the walls of this unusual looking memorial. After the catacombs have thoroughly creeped you out, you can make your way to the Shakespeare & Company bookstore that nurtures old books as well as its writers who come in and out of its shop. Take a tour of Paris as your eyes witness the beauty of the Versailles Palace and Gardens where you can go inside the palace for a fee. See the modern architecture of the Institut du Monde Arabe and enjoy the concerts, film screenings, and research centre that are shown in this majestic landmark of Paris. Taste the American, Mexican, Fusion, and desserts in the restaurants in Paris. Verjus, Chez Michel, Sola, and Dessance are some of those places where your taste buds will never be the same.
3. Barcelona, Spain
The elaborate, detailed castles are what first catches your eye. They represent the traditional style of Barcelona. Make sure to take your camera! When you’ve seen enough architecture to knock your socks off, the beach is a great place to relax with Sangria. After your time at the beach, it’s time to hit the clubs and party until the sun comes up. In the morning Las Rambla is a place where you can truly see the artistic culture of the city.
In Barcelona you can enter the Palau de la Musica Orfeo Catalana and see the amazing architecture of the ceiling that will keep you entertained for days. Don't miss the entertaining performances of the opera singers because their voices are truly transcendent. The historic landmark of the Gothic Quarter is in the perfect setting in the Roman Village. Its enchanting environment will let you discover new and interesting parts of Barcelona that you've never seen before. Uma, Tast-Lier, Can Dende, and other restaurants are great places to experience the cuisine of Barcelona. Relax and get ready for the next days of vacation in hotels like Alma Barcelona, Olivia Balmes Hotel, and the El Palace Hotel.
4. Berlin, Germany
This city carries the history of the Holocaust with its memorials and while this history is nothing but somber, it carries a weight that still impacts the people of Berlin today. When you visit the memorial, thinking about what happened at the time and how it got to this point will move you. It will make you appreciate your life much more. The history of the fall of the Berlin Wall has done wonders for this lively city. On a lighter note the active nightlife, the great food, fashion, and museums will charm you in a new and exciting way you have never experienced before. Explore Berlin today!
See the Berlin Philharmonic where the orchestra's performances will keep you coming back every time you come to Berlin. Make the Pergamon Museum your next stop in Berlin. The mosaic like architecture of the building will astound you as you run your hands against the smooth texture. Inside you will see ancient artifacts mostly from Mesopotamia as well as Islamic Art from Syria to Spain. Taste the cuisine of Focaccino, Heising, Skykitchen, and so much more. Have a great stay at the Das Stue, Regent Berlin, Grand Hyatt Berlin, and so many more hotels where you can rest your head after a great time in Berlin.
5. Budapest, Hungary
It’s a budget friendly place for young people where the beauty of the architecture, low priced food, and the culture should be appreciated. Budapest should be attracting you right about now. A thermal bath is just what you need after your long trip to Budapest. Once you’re content and relaxed, the club scene is where you want to be. In case you didn’t know Budapest is the political capital of Hungary. You should really know this piece of information before you go because the last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself in a foreign land.
Budapest's Parliament is a government building that oddly looks like an ancient fairy tale castle. To get an up close and personal history of Berlin walking tours are available to see all the popular sites of Berlin where the tour guides are passionate about what they're talking about. From the river tour you can see Danube and how it divides the city as well as its colorful buildings. The Faust Wine Cellar is a great spot to drink great wine and have good conversation with the host who has an extensive knowledge of Hungarian wine. Comme Chez Soi, Lucky 7 Burgers, and the Onyx Restaurant are places in Budapest where your taste buds must eat. Lie your weary head at any hotel in Budapest like the Aria Hotel Budapest, the Hotel Parliament, and the Bohem Art Hotel where you'll rest before the next day of your vacation begins.
6. Lisbon, Portugal
Find your perfect hotel first when you come to Lisbon. Places like the Valverde Hotel, Britania Hotel, and the Olissippo Lapa Palace are some of the hotels where you can rest your head before your vacation truly begins. Once you've gotten past jet lag and sleep, it's time to wake up and experience Lisbon. The Oceanario de Lisboa is the perfect place to start. You'll see colorful, exotic fish swim by as you look into the aquarium, and you can also enjoy some shopping afterwards. The Museu da Fundacao is an art museum where you can find diverse collections of art like tapestries, paintings, furniture, porcelain, rugs, and so much more.
Explore the city of Lisbon from on foot, to on a segway, a shuttle, and so much more. Who knew there were so many ways to learn about this wonderful city? The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is an amazing historical site that is well preserved for your eyes to see. Visit the gardens of Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara where the breathtaking sites of the city will make you feel so small but amazed. You're hungry right about now from seeing the sites of Lisbon. Belcanto, Red Frog Speakeasy Bar, and Frade dos Mares are just some of the delectable places where you can taste European cuisine.
7. Florence, Italy
Apparently Florence is more authentic than Rome. It gives visitors a better taste of Italian culture. Pasta, sauce, cheese, and bread are of course the main food groups of this culture that you must indulge in. If you're looking to go on vacation to be eat healthy, think again. When you’re finished indulging, you can walk off the mouthwatering cuisine by admiring Michelangelo’s David. You can get a real workout as you climb to the top of Duomo.
In Florence you can also see the landmarks like Cupola del Brunelleschi where the patterns on the walls and dome on the outside of the building are just as amazing as the masterpiece of the ceiling. The detail of the renaissance art is mind blowing to the eyes. Taste the wine and tour around the city of Florence in a car, on a boat, and by foot. Visit the Accademia Gallery museum where you can see the David statue in all its glory. When you're starving, you should make your way to any one of Florence's restaurants. Panini Toscani, Fuoco MAtto, and Paulistano Ristorante are some of the places where you can taste sandwiches, italian food, and steak.
8. London, England
The iconic, majestic bridge stands tall and proud against the backdrop of London. When you can manage to tear your eyes away from the bridge, fish and chips sound like a great idea to satisfy your appetite at a local pub. The world-class British Museum, the London Tower, and Leicester Square are other iconic sites in London that you cannot miss or else you’ve never really been to London. While London’s hotel prices are far from ideal, it will be worth it as you step out of your hotel and into the culture of London. Book your trip to London today! You'll have a great time.
Make your way over to the National Gallery in the center of London. It may be small, but its impressionist collection is something you can't miss out on. Experience the theatre and shows like Les Miserable, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, The Book of Mormon, Matilda, and so many more inspiring musicals. You can learn how to make your own bread at Bread Angels and have fun doing it. Bike around London and learn the culture as you ride through its streets. When you can take your eyes off of the majestic Big Ben, you can get something to eat at places like the Gastronhome, The Five Fields, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, and so much more.
9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
The eccentricity of the architecture represents the culture of Amsterdam. If you’ve been to this city, you know it’s notorious for its coffee shop culture. You love coffee. Being an avid biker, you’ll love to ride along the canals and eat French fries, which are popular among the people of this city. Once you’ve exercised the fries out of your system, the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum are must see attractions to learn more about the history and art of two memorable people, who made a difference in their time. Book your trip to Amsterdam today!
If you haven't had enough of Museums yet, you should make your way to The Rijksmuseum where famous painting grace the halls like Rembrandt's Night Watch. You can tour Amsterdam on foot, by bike, food and drink tasting tours, and so many more ways to enjoy the city. If you love books, the Central Library is where need to be. When you find that perfect book, you should visit their cafe on the top floor where the food is fresh and delicious. Visit Restaurant Adam for great French food, Marits Huiskamerrestaurant for your vegetarian needs, and Greenwoods when you feel like sandwiches and British food. Rest at The Toren, Fusion Suites, the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, and so many more luxurious and eclectic hotels.
10. Prague, Czech Republic
It’s like a fairy tale environment some may say, and you can tell just by looking at the gothic architecture. If the architecture doesn’t lure you into its clutches, the people’s love of the music will inspire you. Prague is another affordable hot spot for travelers. Prague not only attracts a lot of tourists, but it has a history of surviving invasions and natural disasters that this bustling city has persevered from. If that's not enough to get your here, nothing will. Book your trip to Prague right now!
Old Town (Stare Mesto) is a great landmark to visit. The square is a beautiful spot to see and the building itself has an enchanting look that draws you in instantly. View Prague on a segway, by foot, with an umbrella, and with food and drink. See the animals at the Prague Zoo. Gorillas, birds, and so many more wildlife will amaze you as well as kids. Taste italian cuisine at Ristorante Pagana, eat Czech food at Field Restaurant, and eat at Chilli Point for international food and end your night at your stay at the Alchymist Prague Castle Suites.
11. Madrid, Spain
You won’t get lost in this city as you take an advantage of the city’s sites. Retiro Park is a great place to spend the afternoon and take in the nature that surrounds you. When you’re itching for some culture, the Prado museum is a great place to learn and absorb Madrid’s history. After you’ve learned all there is to know about Madrid, you want to remember you experience in the city by shopping for souvenirs at Mercado San Miguel. What are you waiting for? Book your vacation to Madrid today!
Sightseeing tours include the Madrid Day Tours, the Madway, Aerotours, Show Me Madrid, Art Gallery Tour, and so much more delightful ways to see Madrid. See the Royal Palace of Madrid and discover the history behind the building and what lies within it. The National Archeological Museum is a great site to behold. The prehistory section is worth seeing during your visit. Eat Spanish food at DSTAGE, taste America food at Alright, enjoy Pasta Mito Italian cuisine, and Maitia for French food. Relax and unwind at hotels like Hotel Orfila, Artrip Hotel, and ApartoSuites Jardines de Sabatini for simple as well as luxurious places to stay.
12. Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul lives in two different worlds, Europe and Asia. How cool is that? These converging worlds within Istanbul are known for the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. The Grand Bazaar is a great place to visit and get great deals for you to buy product. East and West co-exist and while they’ve had a complicated history in the past, Istanbul is thriving today. So book your trip to Istanbul today!
The Sultanahmet District is a great way to spend your time in Istanbul. From great food to incredibly detailed carpets there seems like nothing you can't find to enjoy your day. It may be crowded but the vibe is something you'll probably never experience again. You're in the middle of the culture of Istanbul. Experience mediterranean, barbecue, and seafood kebab at the Kebab House. Stay at some of Istanbul's luxurious hotels like Hotel Amira Istanbul, the Millennium suites, and the White House Hotel Istanbul for a great time.
13. Vienna, Austria
Music and Monarchs is what Vienna is best known for. If you love to explore this city, the Habsburg ‘s Schonbrunn Palace is a great place to observe and admire the architecture. Once the palace is out of sight, the narrow streets of Inner Stradt will allow you to see more parts of Vienna that you’ve never seen before. You’re a modern art lover and it’s a happy coincidence that the MuseumsQuartier is in your sights. There are so many places to see, so what are you waiting for? Book your trio to Vienna today!
See the animals of Vienna at the Tiergarten Schoenbrunn-Zoo Vienna. Panda, lions, and more, oh my! The zoo is well preserved and kept clean for the animals who seem happy in their habitat. Go to the theatre at the State Opera House and enjoy the exquisite architecture as well as the show. You won't be sorry. Experience the best steak you will ever have in Vienna at the Dstrikt Steakhouse and enjoy your stay in Vienna at the luxurious Hotel Beethoven Wien.
14. Tuscany, Italy
You get a warm, at home feel from being in Italy. It has a rustic look that you could just lose yourself in. You don’t have to spend your life looking at this picture, wondering what could have been. Make your way to Tuscany and enjoy the food, the wine, and the olive grove tour. Hopefully you won’t get drunk on the wine and pass out in the grove somewhere but hey it’s a vacation, anything’s possible. Book your trip to Tuscany today!
See the majestic architecture of the Siena Cathedral where the black and white pattern make you feel like you're in a whole other world. The works of art and history are quite impressive as well as taking the time to appreciate all of it. Relax with the great taste of Tuscany wine where your tour the grounds and learn how wine is made. You can tour Tuscany with food, by vespa, scooter, moped, hiking, camping, and by foot. The Hard Rock Cafe is a great place to stop by and taste the flavors of Italy and America. Enjoy your stay at one of Tuscany's bed and breakfast, villas, and hotels.
15. Venice, Italy
It’s the city of water, but the atmosphere conjures up romantic feelings in you that you feel are right as you take a gondola ride down the Grand Canal with your lover. Of course this city is not all about the lovebirds and romantic gondola rides. Theatres, churches, historic sites, and Italian cuisines are everywhere you look. where are you going to go first? It's so overwhelming and exciting at the same time. These places will charm you to stay in Venice a few more days longer then you intended.
Tour Venice while taking pictures by walking, by boat, while eating food, and a private tour. Visit the Saint Mark's Basilica where every view is just stunning. The Pala d'Oro in this museum is a gold set that has semiprecious stones. You can also see the 4 gilded bronze horse that stands majestically on the balcony. Experience the music of Venice at La Fenice Opera House where the light inside creates a heavenly look and the seats are greatly situated to see mind blowing performances. Eat Italian cuisine at the Rivera and have a nice stay at the The Gritti Palace that lies upon the water, giving you the Italian environment you've always craved.
16. St. Petersburg, Russia
Did you know that Peter The Great built this city on a swamp? It is known as Russia’s most beautiful city, and you can tell just by looking at this picture. You can also clearly see the past and present in St. Petersburg’s architecture. The Tsarist Palaces and museums like the Hermitage are great places to explore this city’s culture. So what are you waiting for? Go book your trip to St. Petersburg today!
In St. Petersburg you can see the Church of the Savior on Blood. The texture of the exterior is so complex and beautiful that you can't believe its real and holds so much history. Visit the Grand Maket Russia Interactive Museum is the perfect place for adults and kids alike. Its fantasy like environment will blow your minds! European, American, and Asian cuisine can be experienced at Wave: Burgers and More, Bize, Zoom Cafe, Pelmenya, and so many more delectable places. The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel is where you will enjoy your stay because of the fact that it looks like a museum on the outside.
17. Edinburgh, Scotland
If you’re rugged, the Scottish landscape is your long lost friend. Edinburgh has a lot of attractions to explore. The Royal Mile, climbing hills, and touring ancient castles sounds like an exciting yet productive day. When you wake up in a bed and breakfast in Edinburgh in the morning, you know you’re getting an authentic, quality food at affordable prices. Sounds great, right? Well book your vacation to Edinburgh and find out.
In Edinburgh you can go to Arthur's Seat where you can climb the mountain to see amazing views of Holyrood Palace and the Parliament as well as the Firth of Forth. You can also see the Royal Yacht Britannia and go on the boat to experience the memories of QEII and her brood. Go into Edinburgh Old Town and see their history on foot as well as the bars and shopping areas. The colored buildings against the tall beige building is quite an interesting site. Have European as well as other international cuisine from places like Colonnades, Pickles, La Petit Mort, and Social Bite. Edinburgh has over 100 hotels where you can enjoy your stay like The Chester Residence, Prestonfield, and The Balmoral Hotel.
18. Copenhagen, Denmark
It’s not an affordable trip that’s for sure. If you want to travel to Copenhagen, your budget has to be unlimited or come in the winter or early spring. Besides the budget being a downer, this city takes you into its culture by its canals, gardens, museums, and flea markets. Their hearty Danish restaurants will introduce your taste buds to flavors your mouth has never experienced before. There’s no way you can’t have a good time. Book your trip right now!
See the Church of Our Savior because you're passionate about history. It contains stairs that you can walk up and see breathtaking views of Copenhagen. The David Collection is the most impressive museum you will ever see during your time in Copenhagen because the art is so diverse and unique in how its placed in this art museum. Experience the beauty of the Tivoli Gardens as you see the waterways and wildlife come together with nature to make this place spectacular. Taste the Danish cuisine of Frederiks Have where the simple and relaxing atmosphere will make you feel comfortable. With over 100 hotels you can enjoy your stay at places like Charlottehaven, Nimb Hotel, and Crowne Plaza Cophehagen Towers where luxury is what you'll experience.
19. Dublin, Ireland
If you love beer, this is the perfect vacation destination for you. Dublin is the home of the Guinness Storehouse, and it’s a major pub culture. Beer isn’t all there is to Dublin. It’s beautiful parks, cathedrals, and castles are worth the travel to experience what this beautiful place is made of. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip today for Dublin.
In Dublin you can have fun playing Gaelic Games where you can immerse yourself into the culture of the game and Dublin. The Glasnevin Cemetery Museum is another stop you can make on your vacation. The modern yet ancient look of the museum works together to make your time inside the best experience you'll ever have historically. The tour guides are knowledgeable about topics like the Irish Revolutionary period as well as the civil war. Feed your stomach at places like Sabor Brazil, The Vintage Kitchen, and Veda. When you're ready to turn in for the night, there are over 100 hotels to choose from like Ariel Hotel, The Croke Park Hotel, and the Aberdeen Lodge.
20. Crete, Greece
If you can survive a connecting flight or ferry from Athens to Crete, then you can experience what this place has to offer. This Greek Island is for every type of traveler whether it’s the adventurer, the beach bum, and the gourmands. Crete is an interesting place in its diverse culture as well as the architecture that reflects the past as well as the present. You're interested, right? Well what are you waiting for? Book your trip today and have the time of your life.
In Crete you can see Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre where the sea life will amaze the kids and yes even you. The animals are well taken care of, and the employees really care about animals. Sit out on the beach of Elafonissi and bury your feet into its soft white sand as you watch the waves come in. When your time out of the sun is done, you can stop by the Herakleion Archaeological Museum where the history of Greece surrounds you. Experience the cuisine of Greece at places like Cafe Dimitris, The House, and Med Cafe & Restaurant. Stay at luxurious hotels like the Pilot's Villas Luxury Suites, Casa Moazzo Suites & Apartments, and Rimondi Boutique Hotel.

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