Top 20 Travel Destinations For A Romantic Honeymoon

Cheryl Brite May 20th 2016 Travel
The wedding is over, and it’s time for the honeymoon. So where is the best place to celebrate your love? Is it somewhere warm like the beach or somewhere cold like a cozy, mountain lodge? Well wherever you choose to go, just make sure you’re both happy and having the time of your lives as a newlywed couple. After some extensive research, we have listed out the most beautiful places to have a honeymoon. #19 is absolutely gorgeous!
1. Santorini, Greece
Their romantic hotels will keep you cuddled up to your spouse for days. If you think that is romantic, the sunset from your hotel room will make you hold each other close. Enjoy rich Greek food together as you lay out on the beach, your feet becoming one with the red and black sand. Don’t forget to visit the island’s finest wineries and toast to the start of your new lives together. Here's to a long and happy life together! Cheers!
If you stay at the Princess Hotel in Santorini, you definitely see mind blowing views from your hotel room like the volcano nearby. The architecture truly represents the culture of Greece. As you walk around the island hand in hand with your spouse, you can see the hills upon hills of villages. To see great sunsets go to Oia where the sunsets are famous. The history of the island is known in ancient times when the volcano erupted, which cause the center of the island to sink. It is speculated that the eruption took out one of the most well known civilizations, the Minoans.
2. Kauai, Hawaii
Wake up in your own private villa on a secluded beach. How romantic is that? There’s nothing better then enjoying your honeymoon in the privacy of your own villa. If you’re a more active couple, you can hike hand in hand through the Napali Coast, experience the Waimea Canyon, and enjoy your time kayaking in Wailua River. At the end of the day you can both relax as you swim in your very own secluded beach, enjoying each other’s company. Doesn't that sound nice?
When the floral air hits your nostrils, you know you're in Kauai. In the air or on the ground, couples can enjoy the island of Kauai. The 50 miles of beaches is a mesmerizing sight. From Poipu beach to Hanalei Bay couples can explore all the island has to offer. You can even go into town and explore historical sights in places like Hanapepe and Koloa. Explore all six islands and have a great time with your special someone.
3. Martinique
If you love Paris but want to be on the beach for your honeymoon, then Martinique is the romantic honeymoon destination for you. Its beautiful, breathtaking beaches will keep you and your newlywed occupied for a while. Swimming, boating, the possibilities are endless to have fun with your spouse. After you experience the mouthwatering cuisine, you have many lodging options to choose from. You’re tired but happy after a long day in love, and you just want to find a place to rest together so what will it be, a unique charming inn to spend time as newlyweds or a luxurious resort? Whatever you choose for accommodations, the only thing that matters is who you're with.
Scuba diving and snorkeling are great activities that couples can do together. Just imagine you and your partner under water, holding hands, and seeing the amazing sea life together. Can you say romantic? Boat tours of the island are also available for honeymooners to enjoy the scenery and the history of Martinique. While you're out on the sea, you can go dolphin and whale watching to get some pretty awesome pictures. Of course they won't compare to the experience itself.
4. Tahiti
It’s no Bora Bora, but that doesn’t mean this destination isn’t romantic for honeymooners. Their secluded resorts give couples the privacy they need to be in love. When spending time inside is not enough, lounge together on the dark, sandy beaches of Tahiti. Enjoy the world-class taste French cuisine in Tahiti’s capital, Pape’ete. As an adventurous couple, you can travel the paths less traveled and enjoy the scenery a long the way. Nothing is more romantic then taking the path less traveled and spending some quality time trying to find your way back to your hotel room.
When you go to Tahiti for your honeymoon, you should go into the city to experience the culture. Le Marche is a place where you can purchase Tahitian souvenirs to remember your romantic honeymoon by. Next on your Tahitian journey is the Robert Wan Pearl Museum where you can surprise your spouse with a black pearl from the shop. Vai'ete is the perfect place to view the sunset together. At night you can spend some time on the promenade and eat from the food trucks as you look at the views. The food is affordable, and you get to indulge in the best foods with the most important person in your life.
5. Bali, Indonesia
Bali has a backdrop you will never forget. Volcanoes, temples, and the Sumantran elephants are some of the sites you and your loved one can explore together. The beach sounds like a good idea after all that exploring as you lay out together in relaxation, watching the motion of the waves. It’s back to your beachfront suite after a lovely day in the sun. The sunset is nothing like you have ever seen at the end of the day. You want to stare into it until the sun goes down, and you can cuddle up to your spouse when it's time to sleep.
When the next day comes, you can enjoy a cooking class with your special someone. A good way to walk off this food is a tour around Bali, seeing all the historical sites as you take pictures that will last you a lifetime. The Sekumpul Waterfalls is the perfect romantic spot to enjoy the scenery. Scuba and snorkeling is available to see what the sea life is up to and to just enjoy the water with the one you love. The Tanah Lot Temple is an amazing architectural site that will make you feel so small but make you realize how lucky you are to have your spouse with you in this beautiful place. At night enjoy the Bali Theatre where the performers will astound you with their movements in their traditional dance.
6. Fiji
Fiji provides the best of both worlds for couples who want to take it easy and couples who want to be active on their honeymoon. There's nothing like choice to attract more couples to the island. The serene beaches will make you relax together under the sun, as you not only enjoy the view of each other but the amazing views around you. Snorkeling with the Manta Rays in the Yasawas and surfing near the Mamanucas are great activities to do as a couple. You not only experience what Fiji has to offer, but you learn more about each other as well. It's really a growing experience for every couple.
The Sawa-I-Lau Caves are great to climb if you're an adventurous couple. Enjoy your time as a couple on your honeymoon by relaxing in the Sabeto Hot Springs or in the Mud Pool. Either way you get to relax your body from a long day of fun. The Musket Cove Yacht Club Island Bar is a great place to watch the view of the ocean and have a refreshing drink in this sunny weather. When you and your spouse are in the mood to learn of the history of Fiji, the Fiji Museum is where you want to be. Sunset Beach is a great place to walk along the beach, hold hands, gaze into each other's eyes, and watch the sunset.
7. Seychelles
These islands’ scenes are post card worthy, and you can probably pick up a postcard of the Seychelles after your honeymoon. A honeymoon here is not exactly cheap but if you’re determined to be here, you’ll find a way. Whatever it takes, right? Its seaside retreats, huge boulders, sands, waves, and breathtaking views will be worth the sacrifice to enjoy your honeymoon with the one you love right beside you. You’ll be happy you came. Trust me.
Ride the Taxi Boat Happiness along the waters of Seychelles with your arm around your spouse. You can not only enjoy the views, but you can cuddle up to your loved one as you await your next destination. Explore Ste Anne Marine National Park and see the plants as well as the wildlife that makes up Seychelles. If you haven't had enough of plant life yet, you and your partner can visit Seychelles National Botanical Gardens to experience the beauty of nature. Make your way to Anse Coco Beach, lay out in the sun, and hold your partner's hand as you look out at the view. After a long day in the sun, Sound Garden Bar and Grill is the best place for quality fresh food.
8. Anguilla
Your luxurious, beachfront villa awaits you. Anguilla is a low-key place to honeymoon where couples can relax and not be bothered with those gaudy high-rise hotel buildings. It’s authenticity draws in interested newlyweds, who enjoy the simplicity of life. Simple is not always and bad thing. In this case it's a very, very good thing. Their unmarked paths and clear waters make this place unique and exciting for couples.
Take a boat tour along the seas of Anguila and learn the history of the island. While still on the water, you can watch as the dolphins and whales swim by the boat. You can try to get a picture but be quick before they disappear under the water's depths. To get an up close and personal look at sea life, you can choose to scuba dive and snorkel. After you've explored the waters for a while, you can come to shore and take a food tour to experience the cuisine of Anguilla. You can also observe the art of this island at the Cheddie Richardson Carving Studio where you can see accurate carvings of animals like a dolphin.
9. Camino Real Acapulco Diamante
It’s warm paradise for couples make this place ideal to swim and snorkel the depths of the beach. You can't get enough of the outdoors. You can afford this place for your honeymoon, and that’s always a good thing for newlywed couples. The last thing you want to worry about on a honeymoon is whether you can afford it or not. You can experience amazing views from your hotel room of Pichilingue Beach. Fine dinning and the nightlife of Acapulco will keep you together until the early morning.
Tropical vegetation surrounds you as you explore the island. This mexican destination for honeymooners gives guests the best accommodations. The guest rooms offer balcony views of the ocean where you and your spouse can watch the sunset from. The pools are just as spectacular as the ocean view, and you can both relax with a glass of wine and hold each other. In the mornings you can get a couples massage at Spa Miguett. It's a great way for a couple to start off another exciting day at Camino Real Acapulco Diamante.
10. The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
What happens on the honeymoon stays in Vegas or not? You and your spouse love exciting action packed experiences, so this destination is a match made in heaven. Gourmet dinning is at your fingertips and when you’re done, the stunning gardens will amaze you. The pool and spa are great places to relax as a couple and if you love fine art, the Bellagio Hotel will accommodate you. These whirlwind activities will make you never want to leave. Why would you want to?
The Bellagio's grandiosity is what first amazes couples as they walk right through the entrance. It's 18-foot ceiling masterpiece of art is something to stare at, and you know you'll have to take your camera out of your bag and capture it on film along with taking a selfie of you and your spouse. The richness of the architecture matches the high quality accommodations you will receive at your stay at the hotel. You and your spouse can also do some shopping at some well known luxury items stores like Gucci, Hermes, Armani, and many more. Afterwards you can make your way to a high class art gallery that exhibits their botanical gardens, the performance of "O" by Cirque de Soleil, a wedding chapel, a spa, salon, and so much more. By the end of the day you'll be able to relax in your luxurious room with the one you love.
11. Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise
What an amazing view of the mountains? The snow covering the majestic peaks. Your romantic, honeymoon winter adventure starts here. Down hill and cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and dog sledding are activities you and your loved will make memories from. The fireplace inside the chateau is a perfect place to curl by the fire with your spouse. When you’ve had enough of the fire, you can both enjoy the hotel’s spa and think about coming back to the Fairmont Chateau on your anniversary.
Go on the guided Mountain Adventure Program to learn more about the history of the area surrounding Louise Lake. You can also enjoy the scenic views of the landscape where you will no doubt take tons of pictures to post on your Facebook page. After you've experienced the outdoors, couples can come back into the hotel to dine on a variety of different foods. Try the fondue at The Walliser Stube and enjoy italian food at the Lago Italian Kitchen. If you're both in the mood for tea after your meal, you can enjoy Afternoon Tea as you look at the view of the lake. You can even see the views of the Rocky Mountains that you'll both inevitably climb the next day.
12. Amankila
The stunning views will make you never want to leave your honeymoon destination. Its three-tiered pool will keep your and your spouse close for all of time. When you leave your hotel room, together you will step into Amakila’s culture and experience their traditions through the island’s 10,000 temples. There's so much to explore! After you're explorations, you'll both relax in Amankila's beaches. This relaxing paradise will enchant honeymooners in coming back time after time.
The peaceful serenity of this destination is unlike any place you've ever been. While you want some peace and quiet on your honeymoon, you also want to be active. Mountain biking and driving to cultural excursions are just some of the activities you can experience as a couple. Taking tours of the island is where you'll both get your daily dose of education. When the day is done you have so many suites on the resort to choose from that you won't know which one to pick. Asian and western foods are on the menu, so you as couple can enjoy a variety of foods and eat off each other's plates.
13. Grand Florence Hotel
Florence screams the word romantic, and honeymooners know it. Its hotel has so much culture in its architectural filled rooms of frescos and marble. It views the Duomo cathedral, the Uffizi gallery, and Ponte Vecchio. You don’t even need to leave your hotel room because you not only have the romantic views but each other. In case that isn’t enough, you can travel the popular spots of Rome, Venice, and the Amalfi coast. You'll have a great time taking in all the cultural.
The rooms are fit for a king and his queen. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling adds to the class of this room. If you happen to have enough frequent flyer miles, you can get this $300-$500 room for free. Fresh towels, soaps, shampoos, lotions, and so much more are available in your room to make your stay comfortable. When you make your way to breakfast, the hotel offers a buffet of quality pastries and delicious fruits. The Grand Florence Hotel's location is ideal for couples who are looking to step outside and view the sites of Italy.
14. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai
Newlyweds can lounge by the adult only Palm Grove Pool without loud, obnoxious kids bothering them on their honeymoon. There’s nothing more romantic then that. Of course a relaxing couples message is romantic as well. Couples can experience the ultimate, romantic package as you get a rental car, have a romantic dinner, and have breakfast daily. What a great deal? Day and night activities will attract couples to this place of paradise.
The culture of this hotel is deeply rooted in pleasing its guests. As honeymooners, this makes you feel comfortable and well taken care of. Their reputation as reliable, trustworthy, and making connections with their guests is very well known, especially to returning guests. Your luxury room and comfortable bed will make you and your spouse never want to leave the room. You'll be flying like a celebrity in a private jet flown around the hotel to see all the breathtaking views from the sky as your sip champagne and lean up against your spouse and relax. You'll be really thankful you choose the Four Seasons to spend your honeymoon.
15. Caneel Bay Resort
Seven beaches surround you, but that’s not all you and your spouse will be interested in exploring. Their resort views range from beach to cottage views but either way you’re in paradise. Scuba diving, kayaking, and yoga classes for two will bring you closer as a couple. Your relationship can only blossom at this stage. After these exciting activities, you will want to taste the resort’s amazing food and if you happen to come on a Monday, you can enjoy their grand buffet overlooking Caneel Bay. A buffet and a great view, you can't beat that kind of honeymoon.
Luxury is what honeymooners should think of when they first step inside their room. You can relax and unwind as you drop your luggage to the ground and lie on the bed together. Digital distractions don't exist on this island. You will see no telephones in the rooms to bother you with its constant ringing. Televisions are also nonexistent so couples can concentrate on each other and not do what they do at home. The influences of native design are recognizable in the resort's architecture and will make you feel at peace while on your honeymoon.
16. Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa
Enjoy your privacy in your very own bungalow on stilts. It's like a dream come true. Your very own hotel on the water. The white sand and blue lagoon will attract the adventurer in you. Snorkel with your spouse right from the platform of your bungalow, and you can watch the fish swim by the clear glass. Prepared to be pampered in the resort’s spa as you enjoy the romantic view of the sunset.
It's located on the French Polynesia cluster of islands on the Pacific Ocean. Not to mention it is pretty close to the Vaitape Village where you and your spouse can explore. You can arrive to this luxury hotel by boat that the hotel provides. Once you get set into your hotel, you can enjoy cocktails with your spouse at the bar. Mediterranean cuisine is the food you enjoy as a couple while viewing the island setting. Relax by the pool with a refreshing, cold drink and enjoy the time you have at the Hilton while you can.
17. Hyatt Regency Aruba Beach Resort and Spa
You can relax and experience some action in this beautiful, romantic paradise. Beaches, restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos will make you enjoy the day together as newlyweds. If you win money from the casino, you will enjoy your time even more at the Hyatt. If not, you can still enjoy the beach. You may even decide to stay longer on your honeymoon. With all these exciting activities available at the Hyatt, you may never want to go back home to regular lives.
As a couple you can enjoy an underwater sea expedition and see all the amazing sea life that surrounds you. You can also take a ride on a banana boat to enjoy the ride itself and play a nice round of golf. If you want to be less active, you can have a couple's massage at the Hyatt's spa. The pool is also a place where you can relax with your spouse and watch the views of Aruba. The video arcade will bring out the child in you as you are determined to beat your spouse at any game you come across. You'll have the time of your life!
18. The Rosseau in Ontario
The Rosseau can compete with any tropical retreat any day. It’s resort and spa at the Marriott will make you happy and relaxed as a couple. The stress of the wedding makes this honeymoon so worth it. Ontario’s breathtaking landscape and lively, lush greenery creates a place for couples that they will remember forever. It's paradise. The sparks will fly!
The surroundings are definitely not over the top but natural and simple luxury. You'll be over looking Lake Rosseau from your window and wondering how you got so lucky to have such an amazing view. You feel like your away from the hustle and bustle of the city and can relax with your partner in peace and quite. Couples have the option of dinning on a variety of different foods in a variety of different dinning settings. Wherever you decided to go, you won't be disappointed by the food or the atmosphere. End your day with a spa treatment where you can enjoy the pools as well as experience eleven treatment rooms to make you feel revitalized.
19. The Lodge In Vail
This warm and cozy lodge will keep you snuggled up together in your room as the snow falls outside. The fire will keep you warm. When snuggling isn’t enough, skiing is a great way to have fun together in the winter. For you summer honeymooners the flowers and sun’s rays will keep you walking hand in hand in Vail, Colorado. In any kind of weather you can enjoy The Lodge and the activities that are provided. The views aren't bad either.
The snowfall is just magical in the winter. It's especially ideal for honeymooners to come during the month of December to get in the holiday spirit. Rock climbing is a great experience for couples to get closer and rely on each other to reach the top of the mountain. When the cold is just too much, you can experience relaxing massages at the Rock Resorts Spa. Golf, rafting, and mountain biking are available in the summer if you're thinking of honeymooning in Vail in the summer. The dinning experience is superb as they concentrate on good, quality food as well as award winning wine that hits the taste bud nicely.
20. The Pagosa Springs Resort Spa
You've had an exhausting but exciting day doing activities outside the resort. What can a couple do to unwind? The springs will soothe and relax you as you snuggle up to your love. They are available year round for all you romantic honeymooners. Their bubbling warmth will make you never want to leave the spring as you hold your spouse tight. It’s a steamy experience you will never forget.
Within the town of Pagosa Springs they have springs beside the San Juan River Walk, which use mineralized geothermal water. When you're trying to find a place to stay, bed and breakfast, cabins, ranches, hotel/motels, vacation rentals, and time shares are always an option to find just what you need to enjoy your time in Pagosa. Besides enjoying the springs, you can have a romantic balloon ride where you can stare into each others eyes the whole time or look at the views down below. White water rafting and kayaking are exciting activities to really get the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Horseback riding is a great way to spend time as a couple and enjoy the scenery from the ground. Skiing and snowboarding are what you're both passionate, and Pagosa is the perfect place to enjoy the slopes.

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