Top 20 Universities To Earn A College Degree

Cheryl Brite May 20th 2016 Education
Where should you go to college? That is the real question. In most cases you don’t want to apply to just any college in the world. Some colleges have better curriculums than others. Many other factors are also involved such as location, scholarships, and even party atmospheres. After some tough research, we listed out the 20 universities to earn a college degree. With everything mathematically added together, #20 seems like the best bet!
1. Princeton University, New Jersey
Princeton is a prestigious school that gives community to scholarships and learning, which contribute to serving the nation. This fourth oldest, independent, coeducational, nondenominational university gives undergraduates and graduates like yourself the education of your dreams. It’s well known for its research and goes to great heights to be at the top when it comes to discovery and knowledge. Princeton also sets itself a part by providing undergraduate teaching. Consider Princeton when you're looking to earn your college degree. It will be the best educational experience you will ever have.
If you're interested in joining any sports team during your education, tennis, water polo, track and field, hockey, softball, and so many more sports are available to become a part of a team. Art majors will be impressed by Princeton University's art museum. Their watercolors and contemporary art is something you definitely don't want to miss as you can draw inspiration from these works of art. Knowing more about your future campus is important to feeling comfortable in this new environment so join the tour at Frist Campus Center and walk around campus and remember why you chose Princeton in the first place. The Tiger Transit bus is at your service as it makes stops within the campus and around the community. It's a convenient way to get around campus and to relax after a long week of classes.
2. Harvard University, Massachusetts
It’s a university of excellence where teaching, learning, research, and developing leaders are at the core of what Harvard represents. The faculty is determined to instill knowledge in their students that push the normal boundaries. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional student programs are available for students in different places in their education. You decide what education is best for you. When you're successful here, the sky is the limit anywhere you go in your future career. With an enrollment of 20,000 students you need to make sure you are a part of this number because a degree at this university will impress not only your family but also future employers.
With 12 schools of degree you have the opportunity to find out what path you want to pursue in order to not only be happy but benefit from the quality education you will receive. This includes the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Libraries, laboratories, museums, and research centers are alive and well at Harvard. These resources will be all you need to reach your full potential in your education. The possibilities are endless at Harvard. You can be anything you want to be.
3. Yale University, Connecticut
It’s a well-known university that you would be crazy not to earn a degree from. If you’re interested in helping people through research and education when you leave the world of school, then Yale is the university for you. Yale College, the undergraduate program, the graduate school of Arts and Sciences, and professional schools are three components that make up Yale University. With approximately 11,250 students at this university, you can become one of those students who are a part of a medical world that contributes to research and education that will benefit you when you enter the doors into medical schoo
You will be a part of one of the most prestigious medical universities in America. The school of medicine, the school of nursing, and the school of public health are areas of education you can dive into as someone who is interested in the well being of people. It's important to get the best quality education out there but getting to know your new community has its benefits. You can enjoy the culture, taste the food, and visit the shops when you take a break from your studies. You can also involve yourself in the community by being a volunteer in providing community service through educating public schools in the area and so much more. Traveling aboard to expand your horizons and your education is an experience every student should have in their lifetime.
4. Columbia University, New York
In the city of New York Columbia is a great place to earn your degree. Their self guided tours, which are available online and in person, will give you a good idea of what Columbia is all about for the first time. It will make you feel more at ease to know your way around campus on your first day. Their medical center, art, and sports programs are available for you to decide whether you want to be a doctor, artist, or athlete. With faculty and staff dedicated to giving you the best possible education, you will earn you degree in no time. You'll be off to bigger and better things once you leave Columbia.
With more than 20 schools within Columbia to receive your education, you will find just what you need to pursue your career. Their research programs will give you a hands on experience within your interested area of study. Columbia's library is a great place to study and do research for papers. It also features exciting events like exhibitions and educational lectures that will expand your knowledge of the world. The university's medical center is not only a place for patients to get better, but it is a learning experience for students to learn from their professors. Possibly the professors can also learn from their students.
5. Stanford University, California
Teaching and research is what Stanford is known for in the heart of Silicon Valley. If you want to be a leader, Stanford will prepare you to find your voice in this crazy world. It will not only benefit you in your education, but it will benefit you in the world when you take a leadership role in your career. Don’t miss the university’s oval as you walk among the campus because it’s a beautiful sight to see the red “S” surrounded by flowers. Standford gives you the tools to be successful and all you need to do is know how to use those tools when you step into life. The Stanford farm has more than 150,00 visitors, and you need to be one of them in order to get your degree.
Business, earth sciences, education, engineering, humanities and sciences, law, and medicine are schools within Stanford you can choose from to start your education. An experienced guide will show you around campus. First time visitors will have a great time as the guide highlights the best places on campus. Campus maps are available for first time students who are worried about getting to the right building in time for class. After class you can find over 30 places to eat from thai to italian, california cuisine to sandwiches and espresso. Stop by the Stanford Student Store, bookstore, or athletic shop to do a little shopping for books, supplies, sports gear, and so much more.
6. University of Chicago
You love Chicago’s pizza, but you want to earn a college degree. The University of Chicago draws you in because it challenges the way you think in a way that will help you change the world. Research is at the core of this university, and it will contribute to the way you see the world. If that doesn’t intrigue you, nothing will. It's important to learn how to be independent in your thinking, and this university is preparing you for life. You will earn a degree as a free thinker and a better human being.
The library is a place in this university where your independent studies begin. Homework, papers, and studying for tests is hopefully what you spend most of your time doing in the library. You can use the computer and book a room to study in piece and quite. When you want to experience the arts, the creative and innovative energy is transcendent in this department. If physical education, health, exercise, and teamwork are important to you, then the athletics department is the place for you. Diversity will always be a part of the world, and the University of Chicago welcomes it with open arms to makes sure everyone is included and no one is left out.
7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT is a school where you will learn about science and technology in order to make an impact in the world. Study and the discovery of knowledge in the world of science and technology will come to you through the words of your teachers and fellow students and even yourself. Through community service, you will be able to contribute your knowledge of science and technology to your community. With the support of faculty and staff you will leave this institute with a college degree and as a better human being, who wants to improve our world. If you want to make a difference in the world through technological innovation, MIT is the best place to start. You will move onto better things once you leave the doors of MIT.
MIT's focus is on bettering the world by putting their focus on cancer, energy, economics, and literature. At MIT you can enter this school as a freshmen, transfer student, graduate student, and professional who is looking to further their education. MIT has five schools to choose from to pursue your education, and they are the school of architecture and planning, the school of engineering, the school of humanities, arts, and social sciences, sloan school of management, and the school of science. MIT's research center is working towards solving the world's problems through innovative and cutting edge technology. Get involved in your community by joining after school clubs to learn more about each other and the world outside of the classroom. The MIT Initiative is a great organization to join if you're passionate about solving the world's problems.
8. Duke University, North Carolina
Business, divinity, engineering, the environment, law, medicine, nursing, and public policy are among the best schooling you will ever receive at Duke. You can choose your own field of study and know you will get the best education possible. You will use what you learn to better not only yourself but society as well. Duke is well known for their fundraising to better improve not only the school but also its students. This university is geared toward the excellence of its students and leadership through knowledge. Why wouldn't you want to earn a college degree at Duke?
Duke's humanities network is always looking towards understanding human curiosity. This department is always looking to broaden its horizons by bringing in more resources to increase students and faculties' understanding of this network. Duke concentrates on innovation through the practice of entrepreneurship in order to know what society needs as a whole. Working together and including others of all cultures is what the Duke community does. It's how people learn and live together in a better world and make this campus an ideal place to begin your education. Duke Forward is a way for students, faculty, staff, and others to figure out how to keep this university moving forward on its continued successful path.
9. University of Pennsylvania
This Ivy league school is about pursuing knowledge in non-traditional ways through education, scholarship, and research. Penn is the perfect university for you if you want to learn through unconventional ways. Penn is dedicated to sustainability through research, teaching, and operational practices. If you want to make a difference in climate change, Penn is the perfect place to change the world by developing policies that have a positive effect on the environment. You're becoming interested, aren't you? The University of Pennsylvania is an innovative, educational institution where you should earn your degree.
Recently Penn has been involved in a project called the Dark Energy Survey where researchers are trying to find the answers to the universe. The Penn initiatives focus on knowledge, university, and professors. When these areas of the initiative are integrated, there is nothing Penn can't do. The university also has Penn Compact 2020, which takes the initial success of Penn and builds on it by coming up with the next steps to progress the school in the right direction. Open Learning is another aspect of Penn that is innovative and helpful towards students. It's online education is a way for Penn to expand globally and impact its students through knowledge.
10. California Institute of Technology
California and technology come together to make this school an ideal place for you to earn your degree. You will benefit by expanding your mind through research integrated along with education. This institute of technology’s purpose is to advance science and engineering. You will learn as you discover your place as a scientist at Caltech. If you want to make a difference in the world of technology, Caltech is a good start. Earn your college degree today!
Caltech's online map will help you make your way to your classes on time. In other news they have discovered a new way to detect Colorectal cancer. One day this discovery may even lead to finding tumors in their early stage and hopefully less invasive procedures. Visit the The Caltech-managed Jet Propulsion Laboratory when you have free time. When you're ready to eat, Caltech's dinning services are here to provide you with the best quality food and service. The library is a great place to study, do homework, and work on projects.
11. Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
Global learning happens here at Dartmouth. Their study aboard programs is where you will learn about global awareness by learning about different cultures. You're missing out if you don't even consider going abroad. Dartmouth is a green college that brings a sense of community to the students, faculty, and staff on campus. You feel right at home whether you’re living as an undergraduate or graduate student on campus. Think about Dartmouth as your college of choice to earn a degree.
Don't get lost on your first day of classes, print your campus map online. Dartmouth Today is a great way for you as a student to catch up on the latest news written by other Dartmouth students. You have the option of touring this college from your very own computer, or you can be led by a tour guide around campus. Their athletic department has more then 30 sports to choose from if you're interested in being a part of a team. Their mission is to educate students to be the best leaders of today they can be through knowledge and learning. Dartmouth is a diverse school where students have the ability to learn from each other.
12. John Hopkins University, Maryland
Research and scholars are encouraged at John Hopkins to advance the sciences. Knowledge and success go hand in hand at this university where leaders in the sciences will flourish. Its hospital gives student a chance to start a career, and it gives more than $10 billion a year to the economy of Maryland. Students get a more hands on learning experience as future nurses and doctors. If you want to become a doctor or nurse, this is no doubt the best university to earn a degree. You'll get the best education possible in the medical field of your dreams.
John Hopkins was the first research university in America. Its vision was and still is to finding new ideas, sharing them, and learning from them to better the world. It has nine schools for undergraduates and graduates to pursue their interested areas of study. This university puts more money then any U.S. university for research. What John Hopkins is best know for is there scholarships as well as their past and present researchers earning Nobel Prizes. Globally this university is a success, reaching out to every area of the world with their research and training.
13. Northwestern University, Illinois
Its dedication to great teaching, research, and the growth of students is essential to what Northwestern is really about. The diverse community of students allows you to get to know different cultures and points of view that you’ve never known before. Everyone is included in the quest to learn. You can stay up to date on your university by reading their news. You can be a part of giving back to the community with your faculty and staff to change the world. Why wouldn't you want to be a part of this?
If you want to experience the culture of art, Northwestern University offers music, theater, dance, and visual art to inspire your creative side and pursue your dreams. Sports may be your passion, and there are many varsity sports to choose from. If you're more interested in getting fit and staying healthy, this university has a recreation center that will help you with your weight loss goals. Diversity is existent on every campus, but this university educates its students about the subject by having events like the "Martin Luther King Jr.'s Visit to Northwestern Commemorated" to have speeches and discussions. To expand your horizons globally, undergraduate and graduate students can study abroad. As an innovative university, Northwestern has research institutes to inspire forward thinking in its students.
14. Washington University in St. Louis
Knowledge is the cornerstone of any university but every mission isn't the same. Their mission statement is to dissect knowledge and allow freedom to flourish through research, teaching, and learning. This university gives you the chance to use what you’ve learned to better your life and the lives of those around you, in the country, and in the world. This diverse community welcomes people of every background to nurture and teach them to be active members of society. Everyone is equal in the eyes of education. Why wouldn’t you want to earn a degree here?
Washington University has more than 90 programs and 1,500 courses that will aid you in your quest to your career. Its a research university that has been challenging students for years and expanding their knowledge of the world. You will feel productive as you work beside other students and professors in the pursuit of knowledge. Their research in medicine will change the way you see the medical world by improving human health. The arts is a great way to expand your cultural horizons and to become a part of a world of creative expression. The library is a great place for academic success as you study hard to earn your degree.
15. Cornell University, New York
Cornell is dedicated to what made this university what it is today. This university is all about challenging different ways of thinking in order to make an impact in the world. In this ever changing world, new ways of thinking are needed to make the world a better place. Their diverse culture is apparent, but Cornell’s commitment to include every culture together is what makes this university unique. No one deserves to be excluded from getting a quality education. It’s a great environment to earn a college degree.
Coming to Cornell, you have the opportunity to study whatever your heart desires. To visit the campus schedule a time and the staff will be more then happy to show you and your family around campus. With 14 colleges and schools to choose from, you'll have no problem finding an area of study that peaks your interest. Unique faculty and diverse students are who you will be interacting with on a daily basis to push you in the best possible way towards an effective education. You'll start in the lab, move to the hospital, and into the research that may potentially change the way you see the world and your education in the medical field. Learning will become a big part of your life at Cornell University.
16. Brown University, Rhode Island
This top research university includes undergraduate as well as graduate programs with a diverse group of students. There is no exclusion when it comes to diversity at Brown. Brown has more than 70 concentrations for you to choose from. You will definitely not have a hard time choosing a major. They even allow high school students to experience on campus life whether it’s online or aboard. Their community service programs offer students a way to give back to the community.
Brown allows their students to be in charge of where their education goes. They support free thinkers and independence to make their own choices when it comes to cultivating their education. This is the kind of freedom you want in a university. Brown is known for their academic excellence as well as innovative research practices. Their success in research is known from their past experiences, and it has to do with their dedication in furthering knowledge that impacts the world. Brown students are not only active inside the classroom, but they find activities outside the classroom to better themselves and the people around them.
17. University of Notre Dame, Indiana
This religious mural isn't the only thing that attracts students to this university. The alumni of undergraduates are known for having more doctorates than any other catholic university. If this doesn't attract you to this school, what will? Its high rank of acceptance brings a lot of interested students to this 1,250-acre campus. Their athletic, Irish team has participated in the NCAA division. The signature gold dome stands proudly on this Indiana campus.
It's one of the top research facilities in America with a unique way of teaching their students. The history of this school teaches students cultural tradition that promotes great teaching. You'll work together with students and teachers to keep the Catholic mission of Notre Dame alive. You will have many majors, minors, and programs to choose from in your academic career. When you become a graduate student, you'll be working with the top quality minds in the sciences and arts. The world of art is spiritual at Notre Dame where they promote self expression through art of the human spirit.
18. Vanderbilt University, Tennessee
Its on campus activities are impressive but take a step off campus and explore the dinning, shopping, music, and entertainment options available to you. Greek Life is a big organization on campus that includes 40% of student body. If Greek Life isn’t for you, studying aboard in more than 35 countries is an experience you will never forget. Vanderbilt also has one of the best medical programs for students who are interested in going into this field of study. Its medical university is ranked one of the best in the nation. Now you're just running out of reasons to say no so say yes to Vanderbilt.
This university is great for undergraduate, graduate, and even transfer students to pursue their education. There are 10 schools to choose from within the college as your area of study. You should have no problem finding a major that suits you. Vanderbilt is at the head in its research when it comes to innovation. They're determined to answer life's questions. When you live on campus, you get the full college experience and nothing could be better then living with people who share the same common goal of getting a great education.
19. Rice University, Texas
The food and drink will keep you relaxed as you take a break between classes at Valhalla Pub or Willy’s club, two student run institutions that serve great coffee. Housing, dinning, academic, and social events make you a part of this Houston University. If you’re interested in Architecture as a potential career, Rice University is well known for this field. Their teaching skills are a unconventional, but you still get the best education. This university is passionate about their committment to undergraduate education and research to improve the world. How can you not be interested in Rice?
You can be an undergraduate, graduate, or even earn your MBA at Rice. They have more than 50 undergraduate programs, and you can choose from architecture, engineering, humanities, music, and natural and social sciences. Their research is major because people from all over the world seek Rice for its innovative environment and collaborations. Your life on campus will be pleasant for you as you interact with students and faculty, making connections that can last a lifetime. Rice University is all about improving the excellence of their teams to the next level. When you become an alumni, you have resources and can still be involved in campus life.
20. University of California Berkeley
You’ve always wanted to go to school in California, and Berkeley is a great university to earn your degree. You’ve can be a part of this university by joining Berkeley’s 1,200 student organizations. You can be a part of any team at Berkeley. If you love to be involved in social activities and making a difference in the world, their fraternities and sororities are waiting for you. Plus it looks good on your resume. Their graduate programs are highly ranked if you decide to continue your education at Berkeley.
Undergraduates and graduates alike will enjoy their time on campus. With 14 schools and colleges to choose from, students will receive the best education. Their research programs vary and well cater to the area of study you have chosen as your career path. Events on campus occur often and if you miss an opportunity to expand your horizons, you're missing out on the true college experience. After you exercise in their spacious recreation center, you can enjoy your meals in the dinning halls in their self-operated, full service dinning rooms. Their housing options are many, and you can find out the rates online to fit your ideal living situation.

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