20 High Paying Jobs For People Who Don't Like Stress

Cheryl Brite May 20th 2016 Education
Stress is a part of your life when it comes to your job, and you can’t handle it anymore. There are jobs out there that pay well where stress is not a factor. Everyone dreams about having a stress free job. Now all you have to do is find the career or job that matches who you are and stress will be nothing but a memory. We also took the time to list the average salary for each job. Be sure to check out #20 - great salary and it looks very stress free!
1. Food Scientists
Estimated Yearly Salary: $65,000

Food and science are a big part of your life now. You’re involved in making sure that the food being sent out to the public is safe for consumption. This is an important job. You also ensure that agricultural establishments are doing their job when it comes to this process. If the process isn't done correctly, then the food is not safe for consumption. Safety is a priority in your line of work, and your salary is an added bonus.
You're educated in nutrition, biology, and chemistry. You use what you know to benefit the process of canning, freezing, storing, packaging, and distributing food. As a food scientist you also find a way to preserve food without losing its nutrients. You're also concerned with there being enough food for our ever growing population. You not only pay attention to the nutritional value of food, but you recognize the flavor, appearance, and texture of processed foods. To be a food scientist you need a bachelors degree in food technology.
2. Audiologists
Estimated Yearly Salary: $70,000

You improve people’s hearing using technologies that are advanced. Diagnosing the problem is where you start on your path to making people hear well again. Treating hearing and balancing problems is the end result to making your patients happy. You change your patients' lives. Being a people person is required in this line of work because you work with patients everyday. To become an Audiologist you need a doctoral degree and must be licensed to work in the state where you intend to practice.
As a audiologist you focus on communication science and disorders. With a variety of instruments you diagnose hearing disabilities as well as balance disorders. You find the cause of your patient's hearing loss and come to a diagnosis. Once this happens, you create a treatment plan that helps your patient manage their disability. Whether it's a hearing aid or a cochlear implant, you're responsible for giving your patients their lives back. You work full time and sometimes evenings and weekends to suit your patient's needs.
3. Geographers
Estimated Yearly Salary: $76,000

You've always been interested about the world as a whole. The world is your oyster as a Geographer. You study specific aspects of the earth. Also, you measure a person’s relationship with a given area of the earth. How interesting is that? You need a master’s degree to pursue this line of work but some entry-level jobs accept a bachelor’s degree.
As a geographer you focus on the earth's natural environment and human society and their reciprocal relationship. You also practice the geographic information system, which is a way to work with geographic data. You are also employed by local, state, and the federal government agencies. There are certain areas of study you can pursue as a geographer. Physical, human, and regional geography are subjects you can explore in your career. Being a geographer you know that location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and regions are areas of this field that you should be aware of.
4. Statisticians
Estimated Yearly Salary: $83,000

Working with statistics is your job. You use methods in this field to solve real world problems. Business, engineering, and the sciences are just some of the fields you use when it comes to statistics. No stress right? It’s simple work, and it pays well. A graduate career is required for you to pursue this career.
As a statistician you are needed in fields like journalism and finances. You'll work with medical researchers, financiers, insurance agencies, and government officials in order to apply statistics to these fields of study. This results in predicting outcomes, analyzing data, and coming up with business models for these fields. You not only work for the government, but you also work for a private sector, most likely in the medical field. You need at least a Master's degree in statistics or a PhD to be a statistician. When your clients require something to be quantified, modeled, and predicted, you'll be there to steer them in the right direction.
5. Marine Engineer and Naval Architect
Estimated Yearly Salary: $94,000

The sea and machinery is your life. You design and build ships and other equipment that belong to the sea. Marine engineers use mechanical machines to operate equipment used on the sea. Naval Architects create the designs of the equipment, so ships, aircraft carriers, submarines, sailboats, and tankers can be built. You're responsible for making sure the measurements are right and that everything is accurate in design before a ship is built. Obviously you need experience in this field before it becomes you job, and a bachelor’s degree is a step in the right direction.
As a marine engineer and a naval architect you not only design machinery but you supervise the construction of boats, submarines, aircrafts, etc. You're involved in the propulsion system of ships as well as taking the knowledge you have of different fields to the whole design and production process of water vehicles. Being a marine engineer you select the machinery for what is going to be built. Diesel engines, steam turbines, gas turbines, as well as nuclear reactors are just some of the types of machinery you use to build boats. To be in this line of work you should look over programs that are accredited by ABET, Inc. You also need to go to undergraduate school in engineering and make sure you take mathematics, science, english, social studies, humanities, and computer and information technology.
6. Material Scientists
Estimated Yearly Salary: $94,000

You’re not the typical scientist. As a material scientist you study and research the materials of atoms or molecules. You also are involved with how substances react to each other. Using your knowledge and research, you create products. It's tedious but fulfilling work. Don’t forget that you need a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or a PhD to be a material scientist.
As a material scientist you involve yourself in research and you turn that research into structures and properties of materials like metals, alloys, polymers, and ceramics, which results in turning these materials into products. Testing is how your products come to life by observing how the conditions of materials effect each other. Experimentation is the next step to confirm what you're doing is correct. Afterwards you write up reports about your findings. Presenting what you do is also important for people to understand why your job is significant. This job doesn't sound stressful at all.
7. Application Software Developer
Estimated Yearly Salary: $96,000

Technology is your friend. The computer is your friend, and you sit in front of it when you’re working with application software. You’re responsible for the creation and development of this software. Your computer programming skills need to be through the roof when it comes to being an application software developer. It may sound like a boring job to you, but stress won't even be a factor. A bachelor’s degree is another requirement you will need to do well at this job.
As a software developer you are also known as a computer programmer, software developer: applications, and software developer: systems software. You're involved in the development of stand alone software, which encompasses design and code. Software design, core implementation, installation, configuration, customization, integration, and data migration are some of the actions you are required to do as a developer. You also participate in software product definition as well as business case and gap analysis. The release of the software is also your responsibility by showing how it works. Maintenance is also a big part of being a developer because you always want to be sure you keep the software up to date.
8. Art Directors
Estimated Yearly Salary:$97,000

An artistic and creative path is what you want to go towards. Well being an art director fulfills both of these aspects in your life. You are responsible for the visual world of magazines, newspapers, movies, TV productions, etc. You also have to have some knowledge of the world of advertising. No stress is required! Some experience in this field wouldn’t hurt as well as a bachelor’s degree.
As a art director you can be involved in jobs like theater, advertising, marketing, publishing, fashion, film, TV, the internet, and video games. You supervise and bring together your vision through art. Through visual elements, artistic style, and motion, you bring the product to the forefront. You stimulate moods, have contrasting features, and psychologically appeal to your audience through your art. You make sure your art communicates to your audience what you want to express. It's not always the easiest thing to do but through brainstorming and the help of your crew, your vision can come to life
9. Political Scientists
Estimated Yearly Salary: $101,000

The world of politics can be stressful but as a political scientist you study this world and its trends. Nothing stressful about it. You’re not the one making decisions when it comes to politics. You are behind the scenes, observing how this world works. You only want to better the world you live in. A political scientist’s education starts with earning a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s degree or a PhD in a related field.
As a political scientist you analyze political behavior in the areas of voting, public opinion, taxation, and public administration. You should know the history of the government and look further into the theories of democracies, republics, and monarchies. You also study how the government effects the people as well as political power. Research is a critical part of this job, so you can better understand the way politics and government works. You work in a certain area of study like foreign affairs, the government of a specific country. You can be employed by colleges, universities, the government, and many other places around the world.
10. Mathematician
Estimated Yearly Salary: $103,000

Why would anybody want to be involved with math as a job? You have to love it in order to be in this line of work. It’s also a low stress job that involves research in mathematical techniques that are fundamental to solving problems in many different fields. Who knows how many of the world's problems can be solved by math? A bachelor’s degree or a doctorate degree is required depending on what career path you want to pursue as a mathematician. The salary doesn’t hurt either.
As a mathematician you deal with numbers, data, quantity, structure, space, models, and change. In the world of mathematics you can be involved with applied mathematics, which is solving the problems of real life through math. You can also pursue abstract mathematics, which involves studying abstract concepts of math. Being a math teacher is another way you can use your mathematician skills in order to create potential mathematicians. You may even be called in to consult with different companies using your mathematical skills. Mathematicians are always needed and can be involved in jobs like being an actuary, weight analyst, mathematical technician, and other jobs that require your expertise.
11. Economists
Estimated Yearly Salary: $104,000

The economy is yours to work with on a daily basis. Sure it doesn't sound like the best job but someone has to do it. In your line of work you study goods and services and how they are produced and distributed. Math is also involved in this line of work. It sounds like a pretty boring job to you, but your salary helps. Not to mention it is a low stress job that requires a bachelor’s degree.
As an economist you have a PhD in economics, teach economic science, and have successfully published works in the field of economics. Being an economist means you have a background in mathematics, business, political science, law, sociology, or history. You can decide what path you want to go down in this career. Whether you choose scholastic orientation, which focuses on mathematical technique or public discourse, which is communicating to people about the world of economics, you can't go wrong. Academia, government, and in a private sector are places you can work in as an economist. You can be employed in banking, finance, accountancy, commerce, marketing, business administration, and so much more.
12. Computer Hardware Engineer
Estimated Yearly Salary: $107,000

Computers are yours to experiment with in your daily life. You know the inner workings of your hardware. They become tools for the use of the military, scientists, and people in the industrial and commercial world. You make sure the computer equipment is ready to be used for anyone who is in need of its services. Being accurate is important. A bachelor’s degree is required to be employed in this low stress job.
As a computer hardware engineer you work with computer parts and their systems. You also watch over the manufacture and installation process of computer systems, servers, chips, and circuit boards. Being a engineer means you have to be included in the design, development, and testing of the hardware. To get an engineering degree you need to look for ABET, an accredited program. You are an inquisitive person who is analytical and detail oriented, and great at communicating whether it's written or oral. When you become more successful in this field of work, you can work independently and supervise your workers.
13. Actuaries
Estimated Yearly Salary: $108,000

A realistic view of the world of finances is what your job requires. Risk and uncertainty are factors you are involved in when it comes to the cost of finances. You have to be ready for anything. This job can be unpredictable at times. A bachelor’s degree and exams are required to become certified as an actuary. Not to mention it’s a low stress, well paid job that will make you more aware of your own financial situation.
As an actuary you provide an assessment of financial security systems. You need to be analytical, have knowledge of the business world, and understand human behavior when it comes to designing programs involving risk. You use your skills in mathematics as well as economics to be an effective actuary. Insurance industries and government agencies require your expertise in order to be successful. You also address financial questions specifically to risk. Being an actuary means you're shaping the financial world in a positive way when it comes to risk.
14. Geoscientists
Estimated Yearly Salary: $108,000

The earth has always been a field of interest that you’ve always wanted to pursue. Now you can! Becoming a geoscientist allows you to study the structure of the earth. You will learn more about why certain parts of the earth are different then others by the condition they are in. How interesting is that? A bachelor’s degree is required for this outdoor, low stress job, but some geoscientists will need a license in certain states.
As a geoscientist you search for resources like groundwater, metals, and petroleum. You also may help environmental scientist clean up the environment. The laboratory, office, and the field is how you spend your time. As someone who searches for different kinds of resources, you spend your time in remote environments. It's not always pleasant working as a geoscientist because you have to deal with unpredictable weather conditions and rough travel conditions. You're a team player, know how to communicate, be analytical, and have knowledge of foreign languages.
15. Astronomers
Estimated Yearly Salary: $110,000

You look up at the stars every night and wonder why you’re not pursuing your dream. What are you waiting for? You’re an astronomer that not only observes the night sky but also does research to find out why certain phenomenon exists. You also solve problems with the knowledge and research you accumulate as an astronomer. To pursue your dream as an astronomer you need a bachelor’s degree, a master’s, and a PhD. What could be less stressful than studying the night sky?
As an astronomer you study black holes, moons, planets, stars, asteroids, comets, and other celestial bodies of the sky. It's the world beyond the earth. You focus on classifying and describing the phenomena in the sky. You work commonly at research facilities or universities. The majority of your time is spent doing research but you also have the option of teaching, building instruments, or helping in the workings of an observatory. Being an astronomer also means looking through a telescope but it's mostly about analyzing phenomena and making predictions of what you observe in the sky.
16. Optometrist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $112,000

The eyes are definitely the windows to the soul. You want to stare into the eyes of a stranger and make their eyes healthy again. Eye exams are essential to figuring out if your patients have any kind of eye disease or any other problems with their eyes. You will prescribe glasses or contact lenses depending on the severity of a patient’s eye condition. It's a comfortable job that you can be happy with. A bachelor’s degree, a four-year program in optometry, and a license is required to make a difference in the world of people’s eyes.
As an optometrist you are involved in various eye therapies to treat abnormalities. You can also prescribe drugs for your patient's eyes. You work with noninvasive procedures rather then surgery. When surgery is required, you send your patients to an opthalmologist. You can work in a shopping mall or even have your own private practice. You recommend that your patients see you once a year for eye exams to make sure there are no problems.
17. Physicist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $117,000

The life of a physicist is actually a low stress, well-paid job, researching and applying the phenomena and theories of physics. Through observation and experiments you could change the world of physics forever. How exciting! If achieving greatness in this field isn’t good enough, your salary will keep you resting comfortable for possibly the rest of you life. Being secure in your career is a great perk of the job. A PhD is required for physicist in a research job.
As a physicist you need a post secondary education and graduate studies. The educational path you choose to go down depends on what career as a physicist you want to pursue. You've studied motion, light, sounds, and waves. Physics programs are available to get a more in depth experience in the world of physics through research. You can find work in government agencies, private firms, and universities. While working in one of these sectors, you're time is spent doing research and product development.
18. Law Teachers
Estimated Yearly Salary: $122,000

Being a lawyer is a high stress job. It requires a lot of long hours and hard work. It's not a job you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. The next best thing is to teach law in classrooms. You are molding young minds to potentially become lawyers. A bachelor’s degree as well as a law degree is required to teach students.
As a law teacher you teach the concepts of law to students who want to pursue a career in law. You must be able to communicate the concepts of law clearly and effectively to your students. Being a teacher means you have to be a people person. Research is also a part of your job, so your students know that your competent in your field. You create tests, assign homework, and essays. You also track the progress of your students so you know whose improving.
19. Computer and Information Systems Manager
Estimated Yearly Salary: $132,000

Your job is to find out the goals of an organization through their technology and implement what needs to be done in order to make that goal a reality. How interesting is that? Through their computer systems you will help these workers make their organization not only better but also successful. You have to feel good about that. A bachelor’s degree is required for this low stress job. Being a computer and information systems manager may not be the most glamorous job, but the salary is another story.
As a computer and information systems manager you watch over the entity's technology strategy. You also evaluate new technology to find out how it can do good for an organization. You work mostly in the design of the computer system, finance, insurance, and information industries. Working full time and overtime is your life. In this field of work you need to have strong interpersonal skills, communication, and leadership skills. Analytical and decision making skills are also required to be a successful manager.
20. Orthodontist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $196,000

This job is the life when it comes to your salary. You'll be financially comfortable for life. Dealing with teeth is not exactly a glamorous experience, but you’re changing people’s mouths for the better. You make people’s mouths healthy by getting to the root of the problem and fixing the problem by creating appliances to reshape people’s mouths into great, healthy smiles. It’s a low stressful job that not only makes your patients smile, but you smile as well. A bachelor’s degree, four years in dental school, and two years of training in a dental office will help you get a job as an orthodontist.
As an orthodontist you straighten patient's teeth with braces. Head gear may also be required depending on the severity of the patient's mouth. Retainers are also given by you to patients to keep their teeth in place. You also have the unpleasant task of pulling teeth from your patients as well as performing oral surgery to remove unwanted teeth. Before you can become an orthodontist, you have to go to dentistry school. After dentistry school you need 3-4 years more school to have this job.

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