20 Reasons Why People Hate Going To The Dentist

Cheryl Brite May 25th 2016 Health
Your hatred for the dentist is strong, but your teeth depend on them to be healthy and happy. Going to the dentist is also something you fear because long, painful procedures and money out of your pocket may be your inevitable future. How awful is that? It’s nothing but a place of misery, and you’d rather do anything else on the planet then step foot into a dental office. Your mouth will need them in the long run, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. #3 is totally annoying!
1. The Needle
To pull baby teeth out of your mouth, a needle is injected into your gums so you can’t feel the pain of your teeth being pulled. The pressure of the needle against your gums is unpleasant and painful. If you’re dentist doesn’t let the liquid from the needle set for a certain amount of time, you will feel your teeth being ripped from your mouth. Oh the horror! Oh the pain! Your mouth will never be the same.
It's hard to imagine a needle pressed up against your gums, and the numbing effect is so weird. You feel like you're drooling when you're not. After this procedure you can't eat or drink for an hour because you're still numb. Make sure you have a full meal before this procedure so you're not starving afterwards. The numbing can take more than an hour depending on how many teeth you have pulled from your mouth. It's a waiting game that you'd rather not be a part of.
2. Pain
There's nothing like it. This is what going to the dentist is all about. It’s your greatest fear as you enter the dentist office. Every procedure gives you some amount of pain that makes your visit to the dentist unpleasant. Sensitivity, tooth pain, and the needle are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pain. You never ever want to go back.
You don't take care of your mouth, and that's why you feel pain. You're teeth are rotting and the longer they stay in your mouth, the longer you will experience pain and discomfort. When the water hits your teeth during your cleaning, you jump a little because the cold water is hitting the nerves in your teeth. When you're being fitted for a retainer, the dentist puts this clay like substance around your teeth to make the mold and you feel like you're throat is on fire because it feel like the mold is choking you. Pain is a part of life, but you shouldn't have to suffer every time you go to the dentist. It's just not right.
3. Anxiety
Do I have cavities? Do I have to wear braces? Do I need implants? How much is this all going to cost? You’re mind is spinning, and you don’t know if your teeth will ever be completely healthy. Anxiety is no way to life.
You can't help the way you feel about going to the dentist. Your thoughts are constantly racing, and you have no way to control them. You cause your own anxiety about going to the dentist before you even get to the dentist office. So much anxiety will leave your life in danger. You may just be carried out of the dentist by an ambulance because you're having an anxiety attack. Well you got your wish you're out of the dentist office.
4. The Drill
It doesn’t look menacing when a dentist holds this tool but when it makes contact with your mouth, that’s when the real pain begins. Yikes! The sensitivity of your teeth coupled with the uncomfortable activity of keeping your mouth open makes you wish someone would just knock you out. You want it to be over so bad, but they keep drilling away in your mouth. When it is over, you hope you will never have to encounter the drill ever again. You can't wait to leave the dentist office.
The sound of the drill is far from pleasant. It sounds like it will do a lot of damage in your mouth. You want to turn away. You want to keep your mouth shut tightly, but you can't escape the inevitable. The jack hammer sounding drill works to get rid of the cavities rotting away in your mouth. While you're appreciative that it does so, the sound is unnerving as well as the dentist hovering over your dentist chair.
5. Invasiveness
Talk about personal space. It is totally violated in this instance. The dentist is right up in your face. You feel your personal space is being invaded, and you can’t explain how uncomfortable you are as eyes look down into your mouth. Your eyes try to avoid any interaction with the dentist as you look to the ceiling for salvation. You will cherish your personal space as you leave the dentist office.
The procedures aren't the only things that are invasive. You can feel their observing and focused eyes on your mouth. To tell you the truth it's very unnerving. It's like they're looking into the soul of your mouth, and that makes you feel uncomfortable. When they put their fingers in your mouth, it's just too much. Well, how else will they know how to fix your mouth?
6. Sounds and Smells
The terrible smells will make you pray for death. Your dentist appointment feels like it has gone on forever, and you can’t wait to smell the outside world. If you think the smells are bad, the sounds aren’t any better. The menacing sound of the drill makes you nervous as it approaches your mouth. You just want to escape. The suction tube sucks up the water in your mouth but be careful not to choke or spill the water on yourself.
There are pleasant smells like the toothpaste and the mouthwash. The sound of the TV playing while you're having a procedure done isn't bad either. The sterile like smell makes you feel like something serious is about to go down, causing you to feel uneasy. The sound of the x-ray machine gives you a creepy feeling as it takes pictures of your mouth. When will the madness stop? The smells and sounds are all you know when you come to the dentist, and you want to try your best to keep your mouth healthy, so you will never have to experience them again.
7. Expensive
When you get your bill, you’ll feel like crying. You want to yell and scream because this doesn't seem right. The prices make you feel like you will never be able to pay for all the work needed to have the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. How depressing is that? You could buy a house and car for less with how much they are charging you. Dental insurance helps a little but, but it barely makes a dent in how much you’ll have to pay overall to have a healthy smile.
To have one cavity filled can cost more than $200.00. That's insane? How do they even come to that price when they give you the bill? They just use a drill and some filing substance to protect the tooth along with shining a light on the tooth. It doesn't look that expensive. They just charge what they want to without regard for your wallet.
8. The Lecture
You feel bad all ready that you have cavities, terrible gums, and awful teeth. You don’t need the dentist to rub it in and make you feel even worse then you do all ready. It's not right. They make you feel like you’re not even trying to take care of your teeth, which isn’t the case. You work really hard to maintain a healthy mouth. Dentist then recommend a specialized toothbrush for a healthier smile that you can’t afford, and the coupon they give doesn’t even put a dent on how much the electric toothbrush really costs.
They have some nerve giving you a lecture when they don't know what you do to keep your teeth healthy. Some things just can't be helped. You can do every thing right, and the dentist will always find something to scold you about. It's enough to make you never want to go to the dentist again. If they're only going to put you down, is it really worth going to the dentist? Is attacking your character really going to help you keep your mouth healthy?
9. Poor Service
Miscommunication often happens between patient and the person at the desk. It’s their job to deal with your insurance, and they make you deal with it when there’s a problem. When you reach out to the insurance, they say they will fix the problem. A miscommunication occurs now between the person at the desk and the insurance company. It’s poor service when you have to be put in the middle of something that was a big mistake in the first place. What a disaster!
Sending you someone else's bill with your name on it can be a real problem. You know you haven't had the procedures on the bill, and it just makes you feel the they're incompetent in doing their job. When they don't even return your call to set up your next appointment, that's just laziness on their part. It shows that they're not on top of their job and cannot handle the simple job of being a receptionist. Pretending like they care about your well being is not doing a service to you. You need a dental assistant or even a dentist who genuinely cares about you because it makes your experience at the dentist a little more pleasant.
10. Bad Memories
It’s not like you hoped to make great memories at the dentist, but you hope you can have a semi-pleasant experience. If every memory you think about is bad, you’ll never enjoy going to the dentist, not even a little bit. How awful! You’re discouraged from even setting foot in a dentist office ever again. You shouldn’t have to have an unpleasant time at the dentist, but that’s just the way it is. You just have to grin and bare it until it's over.
You've had the experience of having a procedure incomplete. The next day you've found out that your dentist was found out to be a criminal and has been taken by the police for fraud. It's enough not to trust another dentist ever again. You've also experienced damage to your mouth because the instruments weren't sterilized and now your mouth is infected with bacteria from god knows how many mouths. Ew, gross! It's unforgivable.
11. Too Busy
With the dentist’s unpredictable schedule, you don’t have time to make an appointment because you’re busy. You work, and the dentist’s hours don’t coincide with your schedule. Lets face it the dentist is never as busy as you are. It’s not like you can set your own schedule. It's their time or nothing at all. You're too busy to care about going to the dentist.
If they're too busy for you, it's time to find a new dentist. It's not worth the frustration of trying to find a time to get your mouth taken care of. You're just talking in circles on the phone. Let's face it you're not getting anywhere. It's just so easy to put off going to the dentist to the wayside and months turn into years. It doesn't benefit the health of your mouth, but you're glad you don't have to deal with so much chaos anymore.
12. Waiting Too Long
You could be waiting in the waiting room for an hour or two after your dentist appointment was suppose to begin. And lets face it you're not the most patient person. You don’t have all the time in the world but apparently the dentist does. When they finally get to you, you’re in a bad mood. All you want to do is leave and say forget it. They take your money and put you through painful procedures, and they have the nerve to make you wait, unbelievable!
Waiting forever in the dentist office may not even be the worst of it. Sometimes it takes forever for the dental assistant to get back to you or even the dentist when you're waiting on the dental chair. You feel like your time is just wasting away. What the heck is taking so long? It doesn't take more than two hours to fix someone's mouth unless they're getting every procedure under the sun in one day. There's no excuse for keeping you waiting for longer than a few minutes.
13. Waste Of Time
They take your money and hardly any improvement has been made to your mouth. You feel like it’s a waste of time, and it probably is on some level. You could be doing more important things. Where else can you go to fix your mouth? It looks like you’ll have to grin and bare it. Sorry.
You could find better things to do then waste a way in a dental office for the rest of your life. An experience at the dentist office should make you feel like progress is being made and that there's hope for your mouth. The next step in the health of your mouth is within reach. Think again. Just when you think you're moving forward, you take two steps back. It's very discouraging, and you feel like all the procedures you've had and paid for are thrown right out the window.
14. Unpleasant Procedures
Cleanings, pulling teeth, removing cavities, applying braces, and putting in implants are just some of the unpleasant procedures you may have to go through in your lifetime. Can you say, awful? A sense of dread fills you as you wonder if you will ever make it to the other side where your teeth are happy and healthy. These procedures are daunting to all patients who come to the dentist, but you know they are what you need to have a great smile in the end. Hang in there!
Having braces are the worst. The procedure is so long and tedious that you're wondering if it will ever be over. They feel sore on your teeth for a while. It's also unpleasant to clean the food out of them. The wire can poke the back of your mouth, creating sores that are uncomfortable. This happens because the dental assistant doesn't cut the wire short enough, and you're left feeling discomfort until they can fit you into their busy schedule.
15. Office Environment
Whether it’s an all white design or a more home like appearance, you will never feel completely welcome at the dentist. Just knowing you have to leave the office in an uncomfortable chair to sit in any even bigger, uncomfortable chair makes the environment in the office constricting. The anxiety you feel is enough to make you want to run out of the office and never look back. Plus the outdated magazines are terrible. You hate it with a burning passion. Why do you want to go to the dentist again?
The office environment is worse when you have to set there and hear crying children. The person texting next to you is just getting on your nerves. The office is so small and being this close to so many people makes you feel uncomfortable. There's nothing to do but stew in your own thoughts because there's nothing to do at the dentist accept waiting for your impending doom in the dental chair. There's no possible way they can make your experience any better. Well that is until you leave the dental office.
16. They Make More Money Than You Do
Doesn't that just make your blood boil? You wish you could be a dentist and take people’s money, but you’re not. You’re stuck in a job behind a cubicle, and you hate the people you work with. Your jealousy consumes you, causing you to hate the dentist. You think about how long it would take you to even become a dentist, and you realize you don’t have that much time to even make the money you want. How stuck do you feel right now?
Why do dentist make so much money? They do very little for a lot of money, and it doesn't seem fair. There are people out there that work hard all their lives and don't make as much as a dentist. Yet they have to pay a fortune to the dentist who hardly does anything to keep your mouth healthy. What do dentists do to deserve all this money? Nothing, absolutely nothing!
17. Dental Insurance
You think it's going to be great. Boy were you wrong. It’s useless. It barely takes a chunk out of your dental bill but what other choice do you have? It’s either insurance or no insurance. You even have to pay a monthly fee for your insurance plus what the insurance doesn’t cover when it comes to the procedures you’ve had.
Is insurance really worth it? Is going to the dentist really worth it? These are just a couple of questions that go through your mind. If you can't buy insurance, you dental bill will cost a fortune and even if you do have insurance, the outcome is still the same. You still have to pay out of pocket no matter what. Talk about a lose lose situation.
18. Dentist Talks During Procedure
You just want the whole process to be over. What makes the dentist think you want to talk during a very delicate and unpleasant procedure? If they’re not talking to you, they’re talking to the dental assistant. You don’t care about what they’re talking about, and you just want them to stop. Just shut up! You can’t say anything because their hand is in your mouth.
The worst is when they decide to sing. You didn't ask for a show. You just want to be in and out without any annoyances. What is asking about your day going to accomplish in the long run? Nothing, that's what! Just do your job and stop talking unless it's about your mouth because that's the most important thing in the end.
19. Interns Watching
You think the dentist and dental assitant's eyes on you are uncomfortable. Well imagine multiple pairs of eyes on you during your procedure. Can you say creepy? Interns are observing for educational purposes, but you start to feel like you’re some kind of experiment gone wrong. Why can’t they just go away? You didn't ask for this.
Maybe you did when the dental assistant asked you if it was ok to have people observing your procedure. You're beginning to regret it once the procedure begins. It's an embarrassing experience when they watch you with tubes in your mouth. You don't want to appear gross to the interns or any other people for that matter. It's especially unpleasant when all your faults are being pointed out in front of everyone. You don't feel good after the whole experience.
20. Only Care About Money
They don’t care about you. No, they only care about your money, which makes the whole experience even worse. It's just so awful. If you don't feel insignificant at this point, then something's wrong. You’re nothing but a cash cow to them. If this doesn’t make you hate the dentist, nothing will.
It's all about the dentist, and their money. Nothing is more important to them. Any dentist who says he or she is not doing this for the money has to be lying. Why would you want to stick your hands in stranger's mouths on a daily basis? It's rare to find a dentist who loves what they do and if you know one, you're the only one. For now you'll continue to hate going to the dentist office.

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