20 Jobs and Careers For People Who Like To Help Others

Cheryl Brite May 25th 2016 Education
The world is full of jobs that are rewarding but no job is more rewarding than helping others. It’s not any easy job by any means, but it’s worth it when you know you’ve helped someone get back on their feet. If you can just help one person, then life is worth living. There are different ways to help people. It’s not always about saving the world. #15 takes a lot of hard work, but it's by far the best!
1. Peace Corps Volunteer
Estimated Yearly Salary: $5,000

You want to make the world a better place. You want to make a difference. Well the Peace Corps is the right job for you to help those in need. You’ll feel great satisfaction giving back to people what they’ve lost. They may even be forever grateful for your help. Start today!
As a volunteer you can go abroad anywhere from 1 week to 6 months. You could be in countries like Costa Rica, Bali, Nepal, Cambodia, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, and Fiji. There are over 30 countries you can give your assistance to. It's one of the top leading organizations for volunteers that offer them the chance to teach, take care of children, help in renovations, conserve wildlife, and so much more. You can afford to be a volunteer for $180 a week. So what are you waiting for?
2. Au Pair
Estimated Yearly Salary: $18,000

Nothing gives you more joy then improving the lives of children by instilling them with your knowledge of the world. You become a part of not only their lives, but also you become part of the family as you live with them and learn about their culture. You help the kids with their schoolwork, and you feel a sense of satisfaction that you have something to offer young minds. The parents are most appreciative by all your help. Not to mention it looks good for colleges and even your resume. What could be better?
Some restrictions apply for this job like the au pair has to be between the ages of mid to late teens and mid to late twenties, but this restriction is changing. Other countries prefer only female au pairs. In Europe they only work part time and in the US they work full time. Au pairs are required to do housework that only pertains to the children. As an au pair you wake up the children, take and pick up the kids from school and other activities, play with the kids, cook, do the laundry, and clean up after the children. It's a lot of responsibility to take care of children so take it seriously.
3. Salesperson
Estimated Yearly Salary: $41,000

Customer service is the center of your life. You take great joy in helping people buy the top of the line products in the market today. With creative taglines and an upbeat personality you sell people what you know they need and can’t do without. You know your customers well, and you help them improve their lives with next best products out there. In the end you're only trying to get the sale. Nothing else matters.
It's about selling the lifestyle of the product. You make the customer feel important. How well sales people do is dependent on convincing customers that they need to buy the product. When you work for a company, you have the potential to have an increase in compensation based on how much product you sell. Sales can occur directly from seller to customer, telemarketing, and door to door sales. If you choose this profession, you really need to know how to work people and convince them to but the product by any means necessary.
4. Social Service Worker
Estimated Yearly Salary: $41,000

This is by no means an easy job. You see people suffering on a daily basis, and it is your job to help people fix what is broken. It can take a toll on you and change the way you see the world. Patience and perseverance is required to get through this job in one piece. You have to believe things can get better. You don’t always know what you’re walking into as a social worker, but you know you want to help people get better.
You work in different settings like mental health clinics, schools, child welfare, human service agencies, hospitals, and private practices. To become a social worker you need a bachelors degree in social work. The demand for this position is high because more and more people require their assistance. As a social worker you find out what your client needs, develop plans to help them, help clients adjust to the changes in their lives, refer them to great resources, have the government's involvement in getting them on their feet, respond to bad situations like child abuse, be there for them, and follow up with how your clients are doing. You'll work with children, people with disabilities, serious illness, and addictions, but it can vary. You need to have thick skin of you really want to work in this environment.
5. Philanthropist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $45,000

You travel the world and help people in need. What could be greater then this? Money is given from your own pocket to supply places with the tools they need to build better schools, stoves, medicine, and so much more. You don't necessarily have to give your money, but you can find sponsorship if you need to. You don’t care what it takes you’re not going to give up on people. While you’re changing the lives of people in need, you’re changing your own life as well.
Being a philanthropist is about trying to solve the problems at the root of their cause. Helping Hands Around the World, an organization run by philanthropist Jeanie Martins, does just that. They help places that have been struck by natural disaster, poverty, and other major hardships. Helping Hands purchased school uniforms for a school in Cambodia, supplied healthy stoves for people in Honduras, supplied fans and new doors to a school in the Philippines, gave money so single mothers in Pakistan can support their children, and so much more. If you have money to give, capital to invest, and you want to sponsor social entrepreneurs, think about Philanthropy as the best way to invest yourself in planet earth. You won't regret it!
6. Real Estate Agent
Estimated Yearly Salary: $45,000

You help people find a home. You keep the client’s wants in mind when you show them different properties. You’re giving a family a new place to start their own memories. You also want to make a profit from your sell. You have to put food on your table to, right? You feel a sense of accomplishment when you sell a house but nothing can compare to the smiles on your client’s faces when they enter their life long home.
As a real estate agent you are in the middle between sellers and buyers. You help sellers make a home appealing for buyers. It's important to sell a house for the best price possible depending on the neighborhood, curb appeal, location, and other factors. Every state has their own laws for real estate. As an agent you need to do your research and become familiar with the area you're trying to sell in. You want to appear competent and knowledgeable to your buyers because they will be more likely to buy.
7. Self-Improvement Coach
Estimated Yearly Salary: $45,000

Improving people’s lives are your job. When people have barriers in their personality that prevents them from being the best person they can be, you guide them in the right direction to happiness and a sense of self worth. You're molding your clients to success. How great is that? Your coaching can change people’s lives for the better. No longer will your clients feel that they are not good enough.
A coach is a guiding compass in people's lives. You're giving them the tools to transform into the person they always wanted to be. Diet, exercise, and therapy are just some of the things a coach concentrates on. Helping your clients identify what's blocking them to success is a great way for them to progress in their lives. When they identify the problem, they can work on it with the assistance of the coach and move towards a better lifestyle. There's nothing like the support of a coach to help people in the world become more secure as human beings.
8. Guidance Counselor
Estimated Yearly Salary: $46,000

You’re guiding young minds to their future outside of school. With your encouragement, they will be on their way to big and better things. You can make a difference in a student’s life just by believing they can do anything they set their mind to. It's not always easy because resistance from students is always possible. You’re responsible for many students leaving school and pursuing their careers. It's a job you can be proud of.
You work in elementary, middle, and high schools. As a counselor you provide academic, career, and college advice to students. You talk about how they are doing in school and what they can do to improve. You may even suggest joining a sports team or get more involved in school activities, so colleges will take notice. Sometimes you may have to deal with a student who just needs to talk about their life outside of school. Be prepared to guide your student the best you can to success.
9. Teacher
Estimated Yearly Salary: $48,000

If you love molding young minds, then being a teacher can be a rewarding job. Sure it’s not always rewarding when some of your students give you a hard time but you believe that your knowledge will give students what they need to be successful in life. Nothing will give you more pleasure then knowing a student of yours has made it in the world. You may not work in the best school but if you can help one student make it to the next step towards college, you've done your job. You can be proud. You may be underappreciated sometimes, but you know you’re making a difference for the students you teach.
You don't get paid enough for this job. You have to have a passion for teaching to survive. To be a teacher you need a degree. It might also require studying pedagogy, which is the science of teaching. Afterwards you have to go through continuing professional development to become prepared for the students you will have to educate. A role of a teacher is far from singular because you could be a tutor, a homeschool teacher, a religious and spiritual teacher, and so much more in many different subjects.
10. Image Consultants
Estimated Yearly Salary: $51,000

For people who have a low self-esteem and are insecure about their appearance, you’re here to help them get their self-confidence back. You work not only on their appearance, but their personality. You build them back up. You create their ideal image and give them their life back. You leave your clients happy and confident about themselves when they leave your office. How many people can say they do this in their job?
Being an image consultant means giving advice when it comes to a new job or making a great first impression. As an consultant you offer services such as image analysis, fashion styling, and a makeup analysis. People don't just require a attractive appearance. It's all about how you teach them to talk. You provide vocal communication, nonverbal communication, and proper etiquette. You'll work with women, job seekers, executives, lawyers and their clients, TV personalities, politicians, people seeking a partner, and cancer survivors to make their lives better.
11. Dietician
Estimated Yearly Salary: $55,000

A food plan and the right amount of exercise is what you suggest to your clients, who are not living a healthy lifestyle. Their mind and body will improve greatly because of your knowledge of what the human body needs in order to be happy. Their putting their well being in your hands. You don't want to disappoint your clients. Their confidence will skyrocket, and they will thank you for changing their lives. This job will make you feel good.
You're an expert in human nutrition and regulating diets. As a dietician you work in places like clinics, communities, and in the public eye. To become a dietician you have to get a bachelors degree along with a nutrition curriculum. You also need to do well on the registration exam and move towards a internship in a health care facility or foodservice organization. When you're a dietician, you gather info about the patient's health, history, eating, and exercise habits so you can set goals for your patient. You follow up with your patients to make sure they're progressing in their diets.
12. Fitness Trainer
Estimated Yearly Salary: $55,000

Exercise is important. There’s no denying this, and that’s where you come in. You help people who want to get in shape and being healthy. You plan activities that will help you clients shed those pounds. The best part is that you might just be able to work with your favorite celebrities. It's not really about that, but it's about making this world a more healthy place.
Fitness trainers need a high school diploma to do this job. They also require training in this field. As a trainer you instruct and motivate your clients individually or in a group in exercises like cardio, strength training, and stretching. Your clients can rage in age and the amount of skill they have. You work in health clubs, recreation centers, gyms, country clubs, hospitals, universities, resorts, people's homes, and yoga/pilates studios. There will always be a need for trainers because a lot of people these days feel like they can't get fit on their own and need the motivation to become healthy.
13. Physical Therapist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $66,000

You help people get their lives back. You’re the reason why your patient can walk after being in a bad accident. It's not always easy because some patients can be difficult to deal with. Working closely with your patients, you give them the confidence to get out of their wheelchair and step into real life with both feet. There has to be some pride in that. You change not only their lives, but you change their families’ lives as well.
People with low back pain, arthritis, heart disease, fractures, and cerebral palsy look to you to help them heal. A technique called modalities is what you use to give patients back their mobility, relieve their pain, and to prevent further damage. You also consult with doctors and surgeons to aid a patient into recovery. You work in hospitals and at people's homes. To become a physical therapist you must graduate from their educational program in this field. Biology, chemistry, and physics are the course you're required to take as well as becoming licensed in whatever area of the world you desire to work in.
14. Veterinarian
Estimated Yearly Salary: $71,000

Helping animals are your calling and now it’s your job. Nothing gives you greater joy then healing sick animals. You identify the problem, cure the animal, and send them on their way. You give your client’s pets back to them in tiptop form. For that your clients will always be grateful. Sometimes you have the difficult job of putting animals down when there's nothing more you can do.
You have to have tough skin to see what you see day in and day out. Sometimes you may be dealing with pleasant owners who only want the best for their pet. Other times you may be dealing with an abused animal. As a vet you may just concentrate on treating small animals, large farm animals, or wild animals. You may specialize in veterinary dermatologist, or a vet who works on finding research on animal diseases. To be a vet you must got to college for 2-3 years along with taking required courses in your field of study, apply to vet school for 4 years, get a degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and you have to pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam in order to practice.
15. Psychologist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $72,000

You are a therapist that studies the human mind through your clients as you evaluate, diagnose, and treat them. The range of people you deal with on a daily basis can really affect you. You give your clients their lives back, so they can live happy, healthy, and normal lives. Nothing beats the satisfaction on your patient’s face as they leave your office better then when they came in. You may not always successfully help patients, but you can take consolation in the patients you could save. It feels good to get people back on track with their lives.
Within the world of psychology their are different areas to immerse yourself in when it comes to your career. Applied, research, and mental health psychology are branches of this career you can consider. To become a psychologist you need to have a master's degree in industrial-organizational psychology or a doctorate in clinical psychology with 1-3 years of clinical experience if you're going down one of these paths. When you have a license, you can work in clinical, counseling, or school psychology. You also need to not only have a doctorate degree, but you need an internship, and 1-2 years of professional experience before you can even get licensed. As a psychologist you can work in hospitals, health clinics, mental health facilities, and psychiatric institutions.
16. Nurse
Estimated Yearly Salary:$75,000

Patience is key in this not so easy job. There will be a lot of difficult patients to deal with, but you are there to assure and comfort your patients. Your feet will hurt, and you will see things that may keep you up at night. It's a job you have to love to get through all the bad experiences. You want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible while they’re staying in the hospital. Compassion is needed to do your job well because it makes a difference if your patients know that someone cares about their well being.
You care for individuals, families, and communities. Nurses work with the doctors, therapists, the patient, and their families in treating their illness and improving their quality of life. They not only work with doctors, but they work independently as a nursing professional. As a nurse you have to follow the code of ethics of the environment you work in. The education of a nurse is not easy but you need a lot of study in nursing theory, practice, and training in clinical skills. Education can vary when it comes to being a nurse because some professions in nursing require an associates degree and other professions require an bachelor of science in nursing.
17. Lawyer
Estimated Yearly Salary: $113,000

You defend the defenseless. Your client relies on you to make a strong case, so they can be found innocent of a crime they didn’t commit. This isn't always the case. You win some and you lose some, and that's just the life a lawyer. Your voice can make a difference in your client’s life. With your knowledge of your client’s situation, you could be responsible for getting your innocent client back to their normal life.
You practice law as an attorney, barrister, counsel, or solicitor. As a lawyer you must come up with theories and knowledge to win your case. You also advise your client, argue your case, use your research and court papers to your advantage, and advocate strongly for your client. To become a lawyer you have to go to college, earn a bachelor or master's degree depending on what type of law you want to practice, and go to law school. The most important thing is to pass the bar in order to practice law. You need to love this work because it can eat you alive.
18. Dentist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $123,000

A healthy mouth is your responsibility. It can be difficult for the patient to maintain their mouth, but they do their best. You create happy, healthy smiles for people who have struggled a long time with a difficult mouth. Through cleanings, braces, and implants, your patients will have a full mouth of teeth that will sparkle and shine. You make smiles happen. In the end they will be forever grateful.
You are qualified to treat the diseases and other conditions that affect the mouth and gums. You make great money giving people their smiles back. Your team aids in providing patients with dental care and include dental assistants, hygienists, technicians, and sometimes dental therapists. To be a dentist you must graduate high school, complete the required courses in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and statistics/calculus. Four years of college is also required with a bachelors degree as well as taking the Dental Admissions Test in order to get into dental school. To be licensed you have to complete a dental curriculum and master clinical competencies and national board exams.
19. Psychiatrist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $178,000

You are physician that diagnoses and treats mental disorders. First you assess your patients in order to find out more about their medical history. Then you delve deeper into what makes your client tick. Psychotherapy along with medicine is then given to the patient. Medicine is prescribed to your patients in order to make them feel better and manage their disorder. When they feel better, you feel better.
You are a medical doctor that must evaluate your patients in order to determine if their symptoms are a result and physical or mental illness. Your tests include a mental status examination, a physical examination, brain imaging with CAT, an MRI, or at PET scan, and blood testing. Psychiatry also has some areas that you may be interested in specializing in. Clinical neurophysiology, forensic psychiatry addiction psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry are just some of the things you can pursue in your career. These specialities do require additional training and certification along with your general education in psychiatry. To be a psychiatrist you need a master's degree, practice at a medical residence for 4 years, another 4 years in post-graduate education, and take a board exam to become certified.
20. Doctor
Estimated Yearly Salary: $350,000

It's one of the most rewarding careers you will ever have. You diagnose, treat, and hopefully save the people who come into your hospital day in and day out. It’s not an easy job with every horrific situation you see, but you handle it with strength and courage. Not every situation ends with a happy ending but for those people you do save, its worth going to work everyday. Being a doctor can be the best as well as the worst job you can ever have on your feet. You'll make a good living, and you make people very happy.
You can be any doctor you want to be. You can be a chiropractor, optometrist, and so much more. Of course your education to becoming a doctor is far from easy with that amount of years you have to put in to get to this point. To be a doctor you need to undergo 11-15 years of training to get a license. You also need 4 years of undergraduate schooling with 2 years in the classroom training in medicine and 2 years of clinical training. You have to really work hard, and you need to be dedicated and passionate about choosing to be a doctor for your career.

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