Busted! 50 Celebrities Who Were Arrested For Serious Crimes

Charlie Blacks II June 7th 2016 Entertainment
Getting arrested probably isn’t anyone’s finest hour, so it’s not so surprising that most people look like complete crap in their booking photo. But why do famous people seem to look especially bad? Maybe it’s the fact that we’re used to seeing them so glam, or maybe it’s because a lot of times they’re drunk or hopped up on crazy expensive illicit drugs unavailable to us normal people. Anyway, here are the top 50 drunken, smugly smirkin', cross-eyed celebrity mug shots and the outrageous stories behind them.
Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey ruled the 2000s with chick flicks like "The Wedding Planner" and "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days". Currently, he's put out even better work like "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Interstellar". But with his magnificent movie roles comes his outrageous lifestyle and what he did to receive this mug shot might prove that… sort of.
In October 1999, a neighbor to the superstar actor called the police complaining about loud music. When they showed up to the home of Mr. McConaughey they discovered that he was loudly playing the bongos… naked. They also discovered marijuana, pipes, and bongs with weed residue. This doesn't exactly prove his greatness but it does prove that he has a weird boho side. What was he thinking?
Justin Bieber
Pop Star Justin Bieber had several run-ins with the law around the world before his first arrest in 2014. On January 23, 2014, Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, together with singer Khalil on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an over six month expired license, and resisting arrest without violence.Police said that Bieber told authorities he had consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana, and taken prescription drugs
On July 9, 2014, Bieber was charged with one misdemeanor count of vandalism in California for throwing eggs at his Calabasas neighbour's home in January. Police earlier claimed that they had video footage of him high-fiving friends after the eggs were thrown. On September 1, 2014, Bieber was arrested and charged with assault and dangerous driving near his hometown of Stratford, Ontario after a collision between a minivan and Bieber's all-terrain vehicle on August 29. Ontario police said that he then "engaged in a physical altercation" with an occupant of the minivan.
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. has had one of the most up-and-down acting careers of all time. He's won an Academy Award for his work in 1992's "Chaplin", and fell off the deep end only to become "Sherlock Holmes", do great work in "Tropic Thunder", and become the "Iron Man". Unfortunately, this mug shot was from a time during a darker time in his career, a really really dark time.
This particular mug shot comes from an August 1999 stint where he was serving time for his narcotic drug arrest. Unfortunately, he was arrested two more times for drug possession in 2000 and in 2001. Do you think any of these young whippersnappers would believe that Iron Man was a dopehead? We highly doubt it.
Jay Z
Jay Z is the epitome of hip hop success. He's known as one of the best MCs to ever grace the mic and he's never portrayed something that he wasn't just for public notoriety. These days, he's one of the smartest businessmen we've ever seen emerge from the ashes of a 1980s Brooklyn scene that only bred debauchery and crab in a barrel mindsets. From his own sports agency in Roc Nation Sports to his philanthropic work in Africa, Jay Z reigns supreme in the hip hop community.
But in order for him to reach this status, he had to hit some bumps in the road including his December 1999 arrest. Sean "Jay Z' Carter got to smile for the cameras after he allegedly stabbed a record executive, Lance Riveria, in a New York nightclub. Jay was able to maintain his freedom but he did plead guilty to lesser charges that resulted in him receiving three years probation. Riveria did file a civil suit against Carter and it was settled for $500,000 to $1 million. These days that kind of money is nothing but mere pocket change to the empire he has built.
Welp, I guess we all know why Ne-Yo, who's government name is, Shaffer Smith, always wears a hat now. He definitely could be the 5th member of the Ninja Turtles but none of that matters right now. The singer/songwriter was busted during the peak of his popularity in February 2008.
What was his crime you might ask? He was pulled over after doing over 100mph in his Range Rover in Georgia. The Cobb County cops booked him for reckless driving and driving without a license. He looks pretty pissed, but unfortunately we never got any NWA style songs from the R&B singer about his dislike for law enforcement. This isn't a huge crime, obviously with Ne-Yo's personality we know he wouldn't hurt a fly, but we hope Ne-Yo no longer has the need for speed.
John Mayer
John Mayer has sold over 20 million albums and has worked with legends like BB King and Eric Clapton but many people didn't know about the singer/songwriter's dark past. John's lived a life crime before his fame, he didn't get caught a lot for his dirtbag lifestyle, and many don't know that this was fact… As a matter of fact, Mayer challenged TMZ to find his only mug shot and if they did, he would donate $25,000 to a charity of TMZ head editor, Harvey Levin's choice.
What type of heinous crime did Mayer commit? He was busted for driving without a license back in 2001. The youth in his face says it all, that was probably his first driving offense ever and he probably cried while in court. TMZ was able to find the mug shot in less than 24 hours and Mayer paid $12,500 apiece to pet rescue non-profits Pet Orphans of Southern California and Ace of Heart. Oh, and we're joking about John Mayer's life of crime… seriously look at the guy? Plus, his music doesn't give off that bad boy edge that a hardened criminal would probably produce.
Eminem has killed his girlfriend and mother in songs… multiple times at that, so we could expect at least one arrest from one of the most popular rappers in existence. Luckily, he didn't actually go through with any of the actions he rapped about throughout his career. Even though at times, a lot us were thinking that this could become a reality, when custody battles over his daughter were at an all time high.
In June 2000, Eminem was arrested on gun charges and at that point in his life, he took this experience and made it a turning point to ensure his longevity on this earth. These days Eminem is drug free, has an insane compound estate in Michigan, and runs a successful record label in Shady Records. This mug shot is classic Slim Shady though and Em deserves credit for always being himself, and this mug shot proves it.
Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard is one of the most versatile actors of our time. From his country accent in the critically acclaimed movie "Hustle & Flow," to his polished CEO demeanor on Fox's "Empire", Terrence Howard can shape shift making any character he plays believable and accurate. But sometimes the guy's off camera antics are a little bizarre and a little much to swallow at one time.
In August of 2000, the actor was arrested after an incident took place on a Continental Airlines flight. While on board, Terrence Howard supposedly assaulted a flight attendant after they told him to be seated while the seat belt sign was on. The charges were dropped at a later date, but from the looks of this mug shot Howard looks nervously guilty. We could see him scarily staring down a flight attendant and smacking them up like a pimp in a blaxploitation movie.
Paris Hilton
The socialite that changed the face of fame forever and the heiress to the Hilton hotel throne, Ms. Paris Hilton, has made the list. From the creepy Blair Witch Project style sex tape that she "released", to the horribly produced reality show that didn't last too long, Paris took the world by storm. You'd think that spoiled brat billionaire kid would get in trouble from time to time and Paris didn't hesitate to get herself locked up behind bars.
These particularly glammed up and puppy-eyed mug shots were from an incident that took place in June of 2007, after Hilton turned herself in after violating parole for a drunk driving arrest by driving with a suspended license. Hilton's original sentence was a total of 45 days in jail but got out early due to good behavior and "overcrowding." There are obviously advantages to being a trust fund baby billionaire.
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson will forever be engrained into our minds for his art. The blue face paint, long hair, and kilt in the movie "Braveheart" and his directing credits for movies like "The Passion of the Christ" and "Apocalypto" have proven to have an impact on film culture. Unfortunately, he's also famous for one of the more comical celebrity arrests of all time.
In July of 2006, Gibson was pulled over in Los Angeles after the authorities recognized that the actor/director was driving erratically. This is where the magic happened… Gibson drunkenly spewed anti-Semitic racial slurs at the cop and also called the female cop "sugar tits." Personally, we think that this exchange would have been funnier if he would have called an obese male cop "sugar tits" but hey, we'll take this instead.
Vince Vaughn
Vince Vaughn is definitely one of our favorite Chicago-based thespians. He's down to earth, loves sports, and doesn't think too highly of himself. His comedic timing and acting chops have pushed him into the forefront of the romantic comedy and cult classic comedies. Unfortunately, he lived his "Wedding Crashers" role a little too literally back in 2001.
In April 2001, Vince was in North Carolina shooting the film, "Domestic Disturbance", and went to a bar with Steve Buscemi and things took a turn for the worse. Vaughn and another bar patron had gotten into a heated discussion, but things got ugly when a brawl erupted and Buscemi was stabbed six times and Vaughn was arrested outside of the New Hanover County bar for fighting in public. From the looks of his mug shot, Vaughn does look pretty plastered, but not too badly beaten up. Can't say the same for Buscemi unfortunately...
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has officially become one of those child star actors that has officially spiraled out of control. Lohan grew fondly in our hearts after the release of "Parent Trap" and continued to do into her teens and twenties with movies like Mean Girls. Unfortunately, it seems like the Hollywood lifestyle got a hold of her, which resulted in glossy-eyed mug shots like these.
Lindsay has been arrested a couple times for crimes like theft to drug possession, but this particular instance stems from an incident that took place in July of 2007. She was arrested in Santa Monica for driving under the influence, but one thing that happened during her arrest made things twice as serious. As she was being patted down before entering the police vehicle, the authorities found what appeared to be cocaine on her. We haven't heard too much about her shenanigans as of late, and we're hoping she's doing better these days.
Bill Gates
Bill Gates is one of the most recognized tech revolutionists in the world, but it took many years of trial and error projects, failed ideas, and non-profitable projects before he was able to successfully build the Microsoft conglomerate. Drives like his are unmatched and rare to find these days, which is why there is only one Bill Gates. But before the fame and the glory he was a regular citizen like the rest of us and sometimes, he too would end up in trouble with the law.
This 1977 mug shot was taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico after the cops pulled him over for speeding in his Porsche 911. This wasn't the last of his speeding fiascos either, Gates was caught a total of three times speeding around New Mexico. This picture was taken before the billions started rolling in, but from the looks of the smile on his face, he knew something big was coming.
Woody Harrelson
Woody Harrelson is best known for his role on "Cheers", as the lovable bartender, Woody Boyd. Since then he hasn't had such an impact role but he has had roles in recent movies like "Zombieland" and "The Hunger Games" series. Unfortunately, Harrelson took his Woody Boyd character a little too literally and became a living, walking, and breathing Mardi Gras party.
In October of 1982, Woody was caught in Columbus, Ohio dancing in the streets after one too many cocktails. When the police arrived on the scene Woody jumped atop of a moving police van and kicked at one of the officers who was trying to get him down. It was a struggle but he ended up in police custody and he was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and resisting arrest. From the looks of this mug shot we'd say Woody felt it was worth it.
Nick Nolte
Nick Nolte has been in the entertainment business since the late 60s and his career hasn't slowed down to this very day. From picking up Golden Globes to Academy Awards, Nick has accomplished everything and received every accolade that any actor or actress could ever imagine. And luckily him being arrested in Malibu in September 2002 hasn't stopped him from getting work or really damaging his reputation.
Nolte was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, and clear cut evidence of his Mercedes swerving in between lanes and him drooling at the time of his arrest can conclude that he was under the influence. In December 2002, he plead no contest to driving under the influence and received three years probation, he was required to attend all the necessary alcohol and drug counseling, as well as random testing. From the looks of his mug shot instead of Malibu, he looks like a skid row resident. The greasy hair and low eyes could get him a guaranteed spot at any homeless shelter. Glad he's doing better these days though.
Shia Labeouf
Shia Labeouf has had a consistent acting career, starting all the way back to his quirky Even Stevens days. But as he's grown over the years we've noticed how weird this guy can truly be. From him pulling his own teeth out and not showering in order to capture the essence of an acting role to watching him awkwardly stretch in public while wearing purple tights, Shia is a strange guy, and his November 2007 mug shot says exactly that.
While in Chicago, The Transformers lead actor drunkenly refused to leave a Walgreen's drug store and had to be carried out by the authorities. The talent apparently didn't learn his lesson because he was arrested for driving under the influence only a couple of months after his Chicago arrest. We wonder what happened in that Walgreen's that caused the entire incident. He probably knocked over a chip rack for not having the flavor of Doritos he wanted and refused to leave… Shia get it together.
Michael Jackson
Mike Jack is probably the most famous entertainer of all time and with that comes people trying to get any and everything out of and from him. We're not saying that his very wide and known molestation allegations are all false, but from the outside looking in, it appears to be that he was taken advantage of because of his infatuation with children, which in itself is strange.
In November of 2003, Michael Jackson was arrested for child molestation allegations by the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department. He wasn't jailed for long and his widely publicized trial led to him being acquitted of all charges. Unfortunately, Mike's NeverLand Ranch was seized and he never really settled back down in the United States. Can you imagine if Mike did end up going to jail? We can see him running the entire prison, like his "Bad" music video and ordering hits on people for not making their cigarette payments on time.
R. Kelly
R. Kelly is an amazing songwriter and live performer but no matter how remixes of "Ignition" he puts out, it will never erase the sex tape that was floating around the country in the early 2000s. From barber shops to random grocery store parking lots, getting your hands on the R. Kelly sex tape was as easy as buying gum. But the main debate about the entire tape was surrounded by these three questions; how old is the girl in the video, is that really R. Kelly, and why did he pee on the young woman in the video?
Anyways, in June of 2002, he was arrested in his hometown of Chicago and was charged with 21 counts of child pornography. The videotape was played for the jury and court officials and everyone was able to witness "a man" in which looked extremely familiar to R. Kelly urinate on the face of a very young looking girl. Fortunately, for Robert Kelly, he wasn't found guilty of any of any of those 21 counts of child pornography. We're not saying Kelz is guilty or innocent, but we'd never leave our nieces around this guy.
Billie Joe Armstrong
Green Day is one of the last standing mainstream rock bands out there and this mug shot of the band's frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, is only going to solidify the band's legacy. Like really think about it… When's the last time you heard about a legit rockstar going on a drug bender and wrecking a hotel room? Or crashing their Mercedes through the front glass of a mini-mall? No real, true rockstar bada**-ness ever really happens anymore… until Billie that is.
The deadness of those droopy heroine eyes and the slick back hair give off all the signs of a wild night. Billie Joe was arrested for driving under the influence after Berkeley police stopped him for driving recklessly in his BMW. Armstrong's blood-alcohol level was a whooping .18, double the legal limit. We're just glad he didn't hurt himself or anyone else. He's doing great these days by the way.
Lil Kim
Lil' Kim is one of the most respected and beloved women in the hip-hop community. She might have exposed her birth canal on the controversial cover of her Hardcore album, but she's just as important to the community as Lauryn Hill or Queen Latifah. Anyways, Lil' Kim has had a troubled past and this is just one of a couple mug shots she's had over the years.
This particular mugshot came after the 1996 raid of the Notorious B.I.G's Teaneck, New Jersey home. We're not sure what they were looking for but they found Kim and some weed. The drug charges never stuck, but Kim was later arrested in 2001 and spent one year in prison after lying about her friend's involvement in a shooting in front of the famed New York radio station, Hot 97. We wonder what they were really raiding Biggie's house for… because marijuana is not a good enough reason.
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn is one of the strangest musicians ever to grace the stage, if he's not flaunting a single blue contact or removing several ribs in order to fallace himself, he's doing some other strange stuff that probably involves pig's blood. So sooner or later what would you expect from the shock performer other than to get arrested for doing something weird and inappropriate?
This eyebrow-less mug shot was taken in January of 2001 after the singer dry humped the back of a security guard's neck during a concert outside of Detroit. The security guard, Joshua Keasler, claimed that the singer pantomimed masterbation, approached him, spat on the back of his head, wrapped his legs around the guard, and Marilyn grinded crotch on his the guard's head and neck. Some people would call that a good time, obviously Keasler didn't, and probably still goes to therapy about the session to this very day.
Jack White
Musically Jack White is one of the first people you would want in your studio sessions, the fact that he was photographed with Andre 3000 and Chris Rock in the studio is iconic in itself. He might be a musical genius, but we would suggest that he isn't the person to go to when dealing with conflict, especially ever since this mug shot surfaced.
In December of 2003, Jack White was arrested after beating up the Von Bondies frontman, Jason Stollsteimer. He was charged with aggravated assault and pled guilty to charges of assault and battery which resulted in him having probation and requiring anger management classes. Who knew that the rock scene could get so gangsta.
Axl Rose
The Guns N' Roses frontman, Axl Rose, is one of the most praised and respected rock vocalists of all time. He was a sex symbol in his prime, these days, eh… not so much. Anyway, we're glad to still have the rock star in our lives functioning and not scramble-brained like a lot of other rock n' roll greats. With all that being said, of course Axl had to go downtown for something since his late 80s career took off.
In February of 1998, Axl Rose was forcibly removed from an airport in Phoenix after an employee asked to check his bags. Rose freaked out, cursing and throwing a tantrum like a 6 year old in Toys R' Us, and was arrested at the scene for disturbing the peace. We wonder if he used the corny cliche "do you know who I am?" while being dragged out of the airport. Also, by the looks of his mugshot his looks have drastically changed over the years, he went from rockstar to Home Depot employee in a matter of a decade.
50 Cent
50 Cent single-handedly punked the music industry and forced himself to be recognized by all of the top music executives and became one of the richest men in the music business. His business acumen and ruthless approach to the corporate world was taught to him by another world… the streets, the reason for this very mug shot and the path that led him to where he is today.
This particular mugshot was taken in August of 1994 after he was charged with felony possession of heroin and crack cocaine with intent to sell. Not many would have thought that this face would belong to someone who would go on to become a philanthropist and a charitable member of society. Anyway, without 50 Cent we wouldn't have an updated happy birthday song with out his hit "In Da Club."
Lil Wayne
If there's anyone who looks like they should be in jail, it's Lil Wayne… And we're not here to judge a book by it's cover but would you initially trust a man with a face full of tattoos and diamond encrusted teeth? Exactly. Anyway, despite the guy's looks he's actually a very intellectual individual, but what he did in Arizona wasn't that bright of him at all.
In January of 2008, his charter bus was pulled over and searched. On the bus there was cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana, all of which are felonious charges in Arizona. Dwayne Carter then took this awkward mug shot, but the end of the 2000s weren't a great time for Wayne as he was arrested in New York the next year for gun possession. Luckily, he's doing better these days and took up skateboarding as a hobby.
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg went from a shy kid from Long Beach to one of the most recognizable faces in music. He can virtually smoke anywhere in the world and rock thousands of people to this very day. But during his journey to superstardom he's had a few hiccups along the way that has caused him to have multiple mug shots.
This particular mug shot was taken in November 2006 when he tried to get a collapsible baton through the John Wayne Airport in Orange County. He pleaded guilty to charges and luckily the judge was lenient with him by only giving him three probation and 160 hours of community service, which would be easily gathered due to the fact he runs his own football league. To this day, he's one of the most respected members in the hip hop community. Plus, who cares about batons…
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash is probably more bada** than any rock n' roll legend or hip hop rap superstar you could think of. Even though he had a troubled past, he had one of the best music careers of all time that lasted several decades, and during the time that he was here with us, he had his issues but always triumphantly conquered his problems. But this mug shot here is just one of many for the legend Johnny Cash himself.
In October of 1965, Cash was caught with a suitcase full of speed and pain pills in El Paso, Texas. Anybody that knows Cash knows that he struggled with drugs and alcohol throughout his career and this is just one of the many instances that got him one of these lovely photos. Even though he's no longer with us today, he is remembered for his impact on music and less about his drug use.
Vanilla Ice
We don't know what's cornier, the fact that Vanilla Ice goes by Rob Van Winkle now, or the name he originally had as a hip hop entertainer. Seriously though… how can one person get cheesier as they age? Anyway from the looks of things, after Suge Knight and his goons held Vanilla Ice over that balcony, he's never been the same. We have a feeling he takes out his anger on people and things around him that are much smaller and weaker than he is.
For instance, this bowl-cut mug shot was taken in January 2001, after he was arrested for domestic abuse of his then wife. Apparently during the incident, Ice ripped out a chunk of her hair and the entire ordeal was resolved in court as he was ordered to enter family counseling. Obviously, it didn't help because he was arrested again in 2008 for similar domestic abuse charges. Seriously… this guy's as corny as it gets. This hair cut, plus he's abusive to women, the guy's gotta be miserable.
Kid Rock
Kid Rock has lived up to his bad boy persona ever since he came on to the scene as an MC. That's right… Kid Rock was originally a rapper, but when he bumped into a kid while in his hometown of Detroit and attempted to battle him, his rap dreams were destroyed. You might know the kid who destroyed Rock's dreams, he goes by Eminem. Regardless, Kid Rock has had a prosperous and long music career.
Anyway, this cheesing mug shot took place in October 2007 after Kid Rock and his crew got into a brawl. Not at some southern dive bar, but at the Georgia Waffle House. Rock and five others beat the hell out of some guy, who probably was a little too big for his britches and they were all charged with battery. Luckily, there was cameras at the waffle house and you can catch the fight on YouTube. Thank God for YouTube.
Tim Allen
From the outside looking in, Tim Allen the Tool Man appears to have a squeaky clean lifestyle. From the looks of the show, he had the perfect wife and children, and even had the friendliest neighbor ever. Seriously, we watched Tim Allen raise three boys before our very eyes with a clean-hearted sitcom comedy, but in reality things are darker for the Home Improvement star.
During the peak of the Tool Man's success, he was arrested in May of 1997 for driving under the influence. During the sobriety test, Allen failed to count backwards from ten and even toppled over during the test. This isn't the first time Allen was in trouble with the law. Back in 1978 he was arrested for possession of half a pound of pure cocaine. Allen spent a total of two and a half years in prison… maybe the Tool Man is more bada** than we think.
David Bowie
First and foremost, we'd like to say rest in peace to the musical great that opened up the doors for not only musicians but for people to be themselves in David Bowie. We've never seen anybody successfully transform their sound and look throughout their musical career and maintain such a high amount stardom. With all that being said, Bowie couldn't exit this world without leaving behind this gem of a mug shot.
In March 1978, David Bowie was arrested for possession of marijuana. He was arrested with rocker, Iggy Pop, and two other individuals. If something like this was to happen today, this mug shot probably wouldn't exist. The slick back hair and perfect facial structure let's you know that David Bowie was a different caliber of human being. Once again, rest in peace David Bowie.
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson was one of those comedians that always kept his hand in something. If he wasn't touring, he had a pivotal role on a TV show or movie. But after years of grinding these days, Anthony Anderson is at the peak of his career starring with Tracee Ellis Ross in the hit ABC sitcom, "Black-ish". It took Anderson a lot of work to get to this point, but this mug shot could have been the last we've seen of Anderson in the public eye.
In July of 2004, Anderson was arrested for aggravated rape charges, after a movie extra claimed that he and another man on set lured the young woman into a production trailer and had their way with her. Fortunately for Anthony Anderson the charges were dropped as a judge claimed that the case was "suspicious" and things didn't add up. We're glad Anderson's with us today and we can appreciate his art… As for those that cry wolf, find another way to make a dollar.
Diddy, who these days has gone back to his original stage name, Puffy, has always been the life of the party and one of the biggest musical entrepreneurs of all time. He's done everything imaginable to insert himself into conglomerates and all types of businesses. From his deal with the grape-based codka company, Ciroc, to his partnership with Mark Wahlberg for the water company, AQUAhydrate, to his own high quality clothing company in Sean John, Puff does it all.
With all that being said, in 1999, Diddy was involved in a shootout in the front of Bronx nightclub that resulted in a bystander being non-fatally shot in the head. At the time he was with his ex-girlfriend in Jennifer Lopez and an entourage with a rapper known as Shyne, who did ten years behind the shooting. Diddy was charged with weapon charges, and J-Lo ended up breaking up with the Bad Boy Records CEO. We wonder what really happened that night…
Tupac Shakur
Tupac has always been filled with a dichotomy of theories and philosophies. Many of which were filled with positive messages for the benefits of human relationships, health issues, and social injustices. Unfortunately, Tupac also had a dark side that resulted in violence, harsh treatment of women, and admitting to stomping out movie directors during live show tapings. He wasn't always right, but his positive message has outlived the negative aspects of his life.
Unfortunately, this chapter of Pac's life wasn't the brightest. In March of 1995, he was arrested for sexually assaulting a female fan of his. Shakur was found guilty and spent seven months behind bars before Death Row Records CEO, Suge Knight bailed the rapper out of prison. While Pac sat behind bars, his album, Me Against The World, was released and he became the first musician to release a number one album while in prison.
Kiefer Sutherland
Kiefer's movie career was one of the biggest in the mid 1980s with movies like "The Bad Boy", "Stand By Me", and "Young Guns". With those movies under his belt his agent's phone hasn't stopped ringing to this very day. Unfortunately, during his multi-decade career he's had some hiccups along the way.
For instance this mug shot which looks like he's mentally preparing himself to pick a fight with the largest guy in jail was taken in December of 2007. The Canadian-born actor pled no contest to a drunk driving charge that landed him in the bing for 48 days. Even worse, this was the second time he had been caught by the authorities for driving intoxicated.
Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton got her big break in 1996 as she made a guest appearance on the hit soap opera "All My Children." Afterwards the roles started rolling in from the thriller, "The Sixth Sense", to her widely publicized role on Fox's, "The O.C.". Mischa had an amazing run in the spotlight. Unfortunately, at the peak of her success she was hauled in by the authorities for this side-smirking mug shot.
In December of 2007, Mischa was pulled over by Los Angeles police after the fuzz noticed that the actress was straddling two lanes of traffic in the midst of the night. Doing the just thing, the authorities pulled Barton over and discovered that she was not only intoxicated, but she had marijuana in her possession. Since then, she has cleaned up her act, but we find it weird that she played a character on "The O.C." that died from a car wreck. Mischa… you're smarter than this.
Heather Locklear
Heather Locklear has one of the most beautiful smiles in Hollywood. From her early days of 80s TV work like her role as Sammy Jo on "Dynasty", Locklear has had steady onscreen work for decades. Unfortunately, the blonde bombshell hasn't been the best decision maker in Hollywood, mainly due to the fact that she married Tommy Lee, and the other being this mug shot.
How did this dazed and confused mug shot come to be? In September of 2008, she was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription pills after a worried pedestrian called the authorities to warn them about a woman who exited her vehicle and started to stumble throughout the traffic lanes. Police came to find Locklear, stunned and wide-eyed in her car, blocking a full lane of traffic, which resulted in this deer in the headlights mug shot. We can definitely see the highness as well as the fear in her eyes.
Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie is one of the bubbliest and most spontaneous of the modern day socialites around. It doesn't hurt that she's pocket-sized and has one of the smoothest and charismatic adopted fathers of all time in Lionel Richie. The shi**y part is that with her rock star father, she inherited a rock star lifestyle and has gotten into some trouble during her journey.
Richie has had a troubled past involving both drugs and alcohol, both of which have resulted in her running into some trouble with the law. But this unconvincing puppy-eyed mug shot was taken in August of 2007 after turning herself in to serve a four day sentence for drunk driving. Her fake innocence in the photo isn't fooling us, but luckily she's cleaned up her act and is a mother of two these days.
Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra and his voice are permanently ingrained in our societal entertainment. From movies to public events we all know the voice as soon as we hear it. But before all the glory, spotlights, and big band music, Frank was a kid like the rest of us and this mug shot definitely proves that he was a handsome one at that. What he did to get this snapshot is quite dumbfounding.
This mug shot was taken when Sinatra was only 23 years of age in the year 1938, making this mug shot the oldest on our list. Unfortunately, while in Bergan, New Jersey Sinatra was arrested for allegedly "seducing" another man's wife… Yep, that was something that could land you behind bars back then. Can you imagine if this law was upheld today? Can you imagine how full the prison system would be, because of infidelity? Scary… Anyway, can you blame this young Frank Sinatra?! He was one well put together youngster.
T.I. has had a roller coaster of a career, but fortunately from the looks of things he's just getting started. From his music career that took off so quickly as he became the self-proclaimed "King of the South" to his acting career that got him pivotal roles like the one he played in "Ant Man", he has been quite successful. On the other side of things, he has taken some sabbaticals during his career due to legal troubles…
This mug shot that was taken in September of 2003 after T.I. and his entourage were charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, trespassing, and disorderly conduct. T.I. was in Florida and reportedly started to cause a little too much attention to himself in a Florida mall, things got ugly and T.I. ended up wearing silver bracelets. This isn't the first time he's ran into trouble, years after this incident T.I. was arrested for gun possession and a drug possession incident, both incidents at two different times. Plus… the guy punched Floyd Mayweather, hopefully his days behind bars are a thing of a past, he has too much to lose these days.
George Clinton
The fact that George Clinton is 74 years old and still touring like he's in his 20s is proof that doing what you love to do will keep you as youthful as the day you discovered it. The leader of Parliament-Funkadelic did everything that he wanted to do, from creating his own funky lane to getting inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, an honor many musicians will never get to experience. But with his funky lifestyle comes along rules that he refuses to follow.
This mug shot, which may be the greatest mug shot of all time, proves that George Clinton is far ahead of his time. F or all we know he might not even be human. This GOAT mug shot was taken in December of 2003, when he was busted for cocaine possession and drug paraphernalia. Fortunately, George Clinton being who he is was able to post bond within the hour of taking this classic flick. Hey, with a rainbow weave life that, do you think he wouldn't be into anything a little harder than the usual pot or alcohol cases listed amongst these celebrity mug shots?
Nick Carter
Imagine your top of the world in the late 90s and early 2000s and then all of the sudden all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that you put into your music career is suddenly a joke… Ok, that was harsh but unfortunately we don't see the Backstreet Boys making a huge comeback anytime soon. Then again, who would have thought that Nick Carter would take on the role as the bad boy in the group.
With that being said, the blonde-locked frontman ended up taking this picture in March of 2005, after he was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. Carter tried to prove his innocence by performing a field sobriety test but failed miserably as the police determined that he was clearly intoxicated. His publicist supposedly claimed that this all a misunderstanding due to prescribed medication. Suuuure…
Andre 3000
Andre 3000 is known as one of the innovative hip hop artists of all time. He's sharply yet quirkily dressed at all times, he's one of the complex and smooth rhymers in the hip hop community, and he's also the most sought after talent wanted on record. But not even all of accolades and praising in the world could save him from this mug shot.
Andre's hair cut is the first thing that we notice that doesn't really scream hardened criminal, but more like a 1930s college student. What did he do to earn this photo you might ask? 3000 was driving extremely fast at 109mph in his Porsche, and when the Georgia police asked him why he was driving so fast in a 65mph zone, he replied that he had missed the exit he wanted and was forced to turn around. Whoa there speed racer… Andre's not known for rushing anything, especially his creative process, but apparently during his day to day routine he can get frustrated.
Young Jeezy
When it comes to gangsta rap a lot of what you're hearing is actually made up rhetoric in order to impress the masses and the rapper's peers, but when it comes to Young Jeezy, he really lives that life. The Atlanta-born rapper might appear to be hardened by the streets in which he was raised, but in all actuality he is an aggressive businessman who's broken down barriers for people who were raised in similar situations that helped mold Jeezy to become himself. Unfortunately, sometimes things get too real.
This mug shot was from an arrest in March 2006, after the stern-faced Jeezy was pulled over in Florida with concealed firearms in his vehicle. Supposedly, a shootout that occurred in Miami's South Beach sparked the idea that Jeezy was involved. From his perspective, we assume that he was just trying to protect himself. Luckily these days he's too busy running his own record label and working with some of the largest companies/distributors in the music business.
Macaulay Culkin
If you think about it, the kid from "Home Alone" probably would have ended up behind bars sooner or later. He was able to sneak off away from his family, find his way home, and beat the crap out of two burglars… He was a little too smart, if you know what we mean. Anyway, Macaulay Culkin isn't the same adorable little blonde child… He grew up to be the guy in this mug shot.
In September 2004, Culkin was pulled over in his friend's car while in Oklahoma during a routine traffic stop, marijuana and prescription pills were found. Unfortunately, for the child actor he had no prescription for the pills found, and he ended up in the clink temporarily. From the looks of his mug shot, he probably has popped a few pills in his day.
Rush Limbaugh
Well what do we have here… We hear a lot of talk coming from right wing Limbaugh about the hard drugs that plague the streets of America and how he wants to lock up every "drug dealer" in America, but from what it looks like, he's a huge fan of "drug dealers," which is the reason for this cheesing mug shot that we have before us today.
Limbaugh turned himself into Palm Beach police in April 2006, after investigators determined that he was fishing for prescription pills. Supposedly, Rush was bouncing from doctor to doctor racking up powerful prescription pills from whoever would give them to him. From our perspective he looks like the drug addicts and the doctors look like the drug dealers. What a coincidence. Maybe Limbaugh should rethink his theories on the war on drugs.
Larry King
From the looks of things, Larry King appears to be one of the most patient, thoughtful, and intellectual media personalities to ever live. He's been in the entertainment industry longer than the millennials have been alive and the day that Larry King Live went off of air, we were heart broken. But overall, we do have a clear understanding that he's done more for journalism than we can think of and he deserves his time off to spend with his family and friends. With all that being said, even Larry King himself has fallen victim to the mug shot.
From the looks on his face, Larry King was just caught in a wrong place, wrong time situation, and he was. King was working with a big bank financier and ended up on the wrong end of a deal, in which he ended up in massive debt. He was originally charged with grand larceny, which would have landed King in prison for years, but fortunately for him, the judge threw the charges out and King ended up taking the wrap for writing a bad check. Thank God, because we probably would have lost the greatest interviewer of all time.
Heidi Fleiss
There's a lot you can say about Heidi Fleiss, you can call her a pimp, or madam if you want to get technical, you can call her a true criminal if you'd like, or you could call a true businesswoman in which all three are accurate depending on what angle you'd like to tackle. She's known as the "Hollywood Madam" and ran a prostitution ring in Los Angeles. Makes sense she would have a mug shot or two floating around out there, eh?
Alright, let's get to it here… Let's start with the sloppy drunken photo, the unkempt hair and stressed smile which shows us that she clearly doesn't give two sh**s about being incarcerated. As for her charges, she was caught in Nevada driving under the influence, in the possession of prescription drugs, and driving without a license. Ladies and gentlemen, this is perfect example of someone who is living as recklessly as possible. Parents, please don't raise your daughters to become a Heidi Fleiss…
Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke has been in the spotlight for years from his actual professional boxing career to his leading role in the 1982 film, "Diner. Mickey has carved out one crazy lane in entertainment for himself. We think his biggest film didn't come out until recently when he starred in the critically acclaimed film, "The Wrestler", in which he received a Golden Globe for in 2009. Unfortunately, he's had a few hiccups on the way to stardom.
Rourke was arrested after the police noticed he made an illegal U-turn on his Vespa scooter. The cop instantly noticed that he reeked of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot red, which earned him a trip to the bing. From the looks of his mug shot though, the guy doesn't seem too bummed. Greater things did come after he was booked for drinking and driving, we just think it's funny Mickey Rourke owns a Vespa.
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker has been in hiding in recent years, but we can never forget the classics that he's given us over the years from "Friday" to all of the "Rush Hour[s]". Tucker has provided us with uncountable laughs but now he has stepped back from the limelight and has been doing his thing in Georgia. Unfortunately, one of the things involved an incident with the police.
The clean cut Chris Tucker was pulled over in McDuffie, Georgia after local police clocked him doing 109mph on the highway in his Bentley. When he was told to stop, the actor kept driving, eventually he pulled over and he was charged with reckless driving and fleeing to elude authority figures when he refused to stop initially. The funny thing is, is that when he asked why he didn't pull over, he told the police that he was late for church, which explains the collared shirt. Looks like we'll never get Smokey back for another Friday film, if he's that invested into getting to church on time.

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