20 Foods You Eat Everyday That Can End Up Killing You

Cheryl Brite June 9th 2016 Health
There are foods out there that will kill you, but you can avoid them. Everyday you wonder if what you’re putting in your mouth is putting you at risk. Don’t be afraid, just take the time to think about what foods are harmful and make better options when it comes to your diet. Look at the nutrition labels on the back of your food and choose wisely. Only you can prevent foods from harming you. Start today!
1. Fast Food
It tastes so good, but it's so bad for you. If having this type of food on a daily basis won’t kill you, nothing will. The trans fat and additives make this food unhealthy for your body. The portion sizes that you consume are not normal as your body sits with a week’s worth of trans fats in one day. Whatever you do, don’t order a large fries because it has 4 days of trans fat in them alone. Just say no to fast food!
You know it's bad for you, so why do you can continue to eat fast food? Well it's cheap for one thing. It's something easy to pick up on the go. Avoid fast food at all costs because it will cause you to gain weight and make you at risk for type 2 diabetes. It's an addicting food and the more you eat it, the more you crave it. It can lead to childhood obesity, and it has only increased in the past 30 years.
2. Packaged Cookies
So many to choose from and so little time. They’re delicious taste beckons you but make no mistake these cookies will kill you. The trans fat is harmful to your health. When you look on the cookie box, hydrogenated cooking oils are just some of the ingredients that make these cookies kill. So the next time you even think about picking up cookies during your shopping trip, put the cookies back on the shelf and walk away. They may be delicious, but they’re not worth your life.
They're high in calories, fat, and sugar. Eating these packaged cookies in excess is harmful to your body because you're at risk for not only gaining weight but diabetes. 100 to 150 calories per ounce are in a cookie. Brands like the Girl Scout Cookies, Chips Ahoy, and Keebler are now using high oleic oils, so they are able to sell their cookies at a good price. Some labels may say trans fat free, so that companies can just sell their cookies. In this case you can't trust the label so the best thing to do is to forget the packaged cookies and find healthier alternatives.
3. Cake Frosting
Birthdays, job promotions, and other holidays practically require cake and all its sweet frosting. You love cake, and the frosting is your favorite part. What you don’t know is that this part of the cake can kill. You’re store bought frosting contains trans fat and partially hydrogenated oils. These ingredients inside your body are a ticking time bomb waiting to go off at any minute. Having one serving of cake frosting is a full day of harming your body.
The butter, sugar, and food coloring within the frosting is enough to send you into a downward spiral towards diabetes. Just because you don't have that much frosting, doesn't mean it still isn't bad for you. Betty Crocker's Rich and Creamy Dark Chocolate Frosting has ingredients like corn syrup as well as processed cocoa that are harmful chemicals that can damage the body in excess. There are alternative ways to make healthier frosting like using mashed sweet potato, cinnamon and honey, shredded coconut, and many more options. When you're feeling bad, cake frosting is often what you turn to in order to feel better. In the long run you're slowly killing yourself.
4. Pancakes
Their fluffy, warm goodness cannot be denied. It’s a part of your daily breakfast, and you can’t get through a day without it. If you knew pancakes were harmful, would you give them up? Your pancake mix is in a box, and it includes trans fat in its powdered form. There is a better solution to your pancake dilemma. Make your own batter so you know what ingredients are involved.
They're high in carbs and if you're not active, it will sit in your stomach and cause you to gain weight. When you add maple syrup and butter, you're increasing the harmful risks to your body. The calories can only increase as you add these ingredients to your meal. If you can't see yourself giving up pancakes anytime soon, you have them in moderation. The sodium is high as well and for people who require a certain amount of salt in their diet, pancakes are not the right food to you. It will cause your joints to swell up and feel not only heavy but painful.
5. Popcorn
Whether it’s microwave or movie popcorn, both are harmful. Microwave popcorn has trans fat that more than double when you consume it daily. If you must have popcorn, you should reduce your serving to one and don’t consume it daily. Movie popcorn has a lot of calories, saturated fat, MSG, hydrogenated oil, and carbs, yet the butter hasn’t even touched your popcorn yet. A big bucket of carbs plus the butter makes this movie snack a deadly combination. Choose healthy alternative foods, and your body will thank you.
When you microwave your popcorn, the chemicals in the bag are bad for you. The sodium is at a dangerously high level and add that with artificial flavoring, and you're body is in for a rude awakening. This toxic ticking time bomb has not only butter but the ink and glue of the bag itself that you are ingesting. Movie theatre popcorn is not any better because it contains diacetyl, which is added to the butter and makes your popcorn a toxic food that can kill. Popcorn can cause you to have trouble with your intestines. If you suffer from regular problems with digestion like irritable bowel syndrome, it worsens your symptoms.
6. Frozen Meals
Its addicting taste only makes you buy more of these meals. They have variety you’ll give them that, but they also kill. At the end of the day you want a quick and easy meal and frozen meals meet that need. When you microwave these dinners, they become unhealthier because the microwave processes the food, getting rid of the nutrients it once had. Hydrogenated oils and trans fat live in your frozen dinner, and you begin to rethink your food choices. To avoid frozen meals, avoid these ingredients at all costs.
The sodium is just ridiculous in this frozen meal with 25% of your daily recommendation. The odor is gross and the taste is fake because most of the ingredients are not something you would recognize. If you don't recognize the ingredients on the back of the label, you need to put it back where you found it in the frozen section. Not to mention that they're expensive and that should clue you in that they're not worth your money and the damage to your body. If you're looking for a long term healthy solution to your diet, frozen meals are not for you. These meals require little effort and no fresh ingredients.
7. Soda
It's a refreshing cold drink that you can't do without. Your taste buds love the feeling of this carbonated drink, but this drink is far from all natural. This starts to give you pause. Its high fructose corn syrup is bad for your health and can kill you in the end. Soda is put upon the shelves because it is cheap to make, has a sweet taste, and it is easy to find a place for in grocery stores. Despite these attractive qualities of soda, it’s time to walk away from that aisle and choose a healthier drink to consume.
Obesity has increased because of this drink by the calories in the sugar immediately turning into fat. With each can or bottle you consume, you're risk for becoming overweight increases by 41 percent. Osteoporosis is another way soft drinks can kill by taking the calcium from the bones and leaving people vulnerable to more fractures. Cancer is another possibility when it comes to pancreatic, uterine, and esophageal cancer. Drinking soda also contributes to Alzheimer's because it changes your brain chemistry and effects the way we make decisions. Diabetes, rotting teeth, and heart disease are other ways soda can kill you.
8. Ketchup
You put it on your hamburgers, hot dogs and fries, and it enhances the taste of your food. This sounds great to you. What could go wrong? What you don’t realize is that it only makes these foods unhealthier for you. Its high fructose corn syrup is a harmful ingredient that will kill you in the end. So really think about what condiment you’re putting on your food because it could be the last thing you ever do.
The ingredients within the bottle are truly something to fear. Tomato concentrate is a process where the tomato is stripped of all its good nutrients that make a tomato healthy in the first place. It contains too much salt that can be harmful to your cholesterol levels. This condiment doesn't only have high fructose corn syrup, but it also has another added layer of corn syrup. Can you say diabetes? The generically modified organisms in ketchup will keep you up at night.
9. Ranch Dressing
You dip your chicken and vegetables into the delectable taste of ranch dressing. What's so wrong with that? Why does it taste so good and make our food taste so much better? Its artificial flavors like maltodextrin, modified food starch, and sweeteners make this dressing a hazard to your health. Odds are you don't know what those ingredients are so avoid this dressing at any cost. Think about what you’re really dipping your food into the next time you think buying ranch dressing is a good idea.
Its MSG and high saturated fat content makes ranch dressing a harmful food for your weight. It contains whole fat milk, sour cream, butter, and other ingredients that give you that creamy taste you desire. The trans fats are also a deadly part of your life when you add it to your salad. You're basically pouring excessive amounts of sugar on your vegetables. Diabetes is definitely in your future if you continue down this path. Ranch dressing's refining oils and prevention of vitamins and nutrients will only harm you in the end so through out your dressing.
10. Fried Foods
Nothing tastes better to your taste buds like fried foods. You feel like you're floating on air, but there's a down side. Its trans fat, saturated fat, high calories, and cholesterol come together when foods are tossed into the fryer. You want to avoid fried foods because they contain MSG. MSG will kill you. Avoid fried foods at all costs!
These foods clog your body and hurt your digestive system. This type of food doesn't break down very well and as a result can sit in your kidneys, liver, prostate, and colon for a long, long time. Obesity is an obvious effect of fried foods. Your body is carrying around the fried foods in your body as well as the carbohydrates as body fat. You're at risk for strokes, Alzheimer's, clogged veins/arteries, heart attacks, and aneurysms. A GMO called canola oil is involved in fried foods and causes emphysema, respiratory distress, and cancer.
11. Packaged Chips
It’s the ultimate feel good snack that you can’t picture your life without. End of story, right? You may want to rethink that because of how much MSG one bag of chips contains. It’s not listed on the back where the nutrition facts are listed and that in itself is dangerous. It is in fact integrated into the back of the label through different ingredient names. If you don’t recognize the ingredients on the back of your chip bag, it’s best to put it back on the shelf and find a healthier snack option.
The butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) is a chemical within the chips that can causes cancer. Its trans fats will put you at risk for heart disease by clogging your arteries and increasing your cholesterol levels. The packaged chips' empty calories only make you want to eat more and as a result, you gain weight. The salt can lead to hypertension, which can result in stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. If this isn't enough to make you never pick up another bag of chips again, then you have serious problems. It's time to look out for your health.
12. Cheese
It's one of the greatest foods out there. It goes great on so many foods like pizza, sandwiches, and burgers, but what is it really doing to your food? Saturated fat and cholesterol makes this dairy food deadly and should not be a part of your daily diet. Its sodium is through the roof so put it back and find healthier alternatives. How can you avoid cheese? It’s practically everywhere you turn but if you want to live, you’ll think twice before you put it into your cart and into your body.
Its saturated fat has become quiet popular with Americans. Obesity had become quite popular as well because of it is processed cheese. Rennet is an enzyme from a calf's stomach that makes cheese. It is manufactured using this substance as well as bacteria and GMO's. When cheese is created wrong, pus can be inside your cheese from a cow's bladder infection. People who eat the cheese are at risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other harmful health conditions.
13. Salty Snacks
You love salted pretzels and chips, but these snacks can kill. You’re addicted to them and can’t seem to put them down. Why do you think that is? It’s the salty taste that keeps you coming back for more. You think sodium is the only thing you have to worry about well you’d be wrong about that. Partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and artificial flavors are other ingredients found in salty snacks that should make your turn away from the snack aisle and never look back.
The salt in salty snacks is harmful because just one teaspoon has 2,325 milligrams, which is more than is recommended for your daily salt intake. High blood pressure will lead to heart disease with salty snacks. Your kidneys are in danger as well because kidney stones can form in the body, which can result in excruciating pain. Heart attack and stroke are also possible when eating these snacks because it can decrease blood flow and lead to a heart attack. It can also lead to a stroke by reducing blood flow to the brain. Cancer is possible when the bacteria H. plylori infects the body, leading to gastric cancer.
14. Pizza
What's so wrong with pizza? It’s the ultimate indulgent food to people all over the U.S. Little do you know that this wonderful, tasty, pie is harmful to your health. When you eat just one slice of pizza, you’ve all ready eaten a full day’s worth of sodium. The cheese and the meat you add to your pizza add more sodium, making pizza the ultimate health hazard. Frozen pizza is especially hazardous with all its toxic chemicals.
The cheese on top is so fattening and will only increase your stomach size. Its MSG and artificial flavors can lead to obesity. Avoiding the grease, refined flour, and processed meat on pizzas seems impossible when it comes to pizza. The calories are high and can range from 200 to 1,800 calories depending on what you add to the pizza. Heart disease is a serious risk if pizza becomes a part of your diet. Pizza's sodium can go from 500 to 700 milligrams per slice, which can lead to water retention, and an increased risk for high blood pressure.
15. Ice Cream
It’s a cold, tasty treat that you indulge in over the summer. The cholesterol is high, and it is dangerous to eat more than one serving, especially if you’re eating ice cream for emotional reasons. The pint is not your friend. Eating too much can also upset your stomach. So when you’re feeling blue, think about how ice cream is really damaging to your health. It’s not worth it!
Ice cream is filled with sugar and can become addictive. Its high calories can lead to obesity. Your are prone to more body fat if you continue to eat ice cream regularly. Diabetes is also a factor when ingesting this killer food. It occurs when two much of this food enters the bloodstream. If you're trying to maintain a healthy weight, ice cream is not the food for you.
16. Donuts
Homer Simpson loves donuts, and you do to. Their taste makes your taste buds feel good. How can that be bad? Well fat, sugar, cholesterol, MSG, and trans fat make this breakfast treat a danger to your health. There are healthy alternatives out there so go look for them. Is a donut really worth your life?
Donuts have white flour and carbs that are harmful. The carbs make you gain weight while the flour has its nutrients stripped from it even before it makes its way to the donut. Its bad fats from the oil it is dipped in will make you think twice before you buy or order another donut. The high fructose corn syrup is hazardous as well when it lives in the frosting as well as the glaze of a donut. Your arteries will suffer as well because donuts will clog them, leading to digestive problems. The frying of the donut, coupled with the frosting, glaze, and other toppings, makes this food a deadly combination for your health.
17. Whipped Cream
It's heaven to your taste buds. You put it on your coffee, ice cream, and hot chocolate. It only enhances the flavor of whatever you add it to. You can’t get enough of whipped cream, but you may want to take a step back. Trans fat and high fructose corn syrup makes whip cream a food you will literally die for. Don’t think about putting whipped cream on any kind of food everyday because it will only make your life worse down the line.
Its artery clogging properties are enough to keep whip cream off your favorite foods. Cholesterol can increase because of the saturated fat in the cream. If you eat it in excess, your waistline will pay dearly. Have it in moderation if you can't see yourself giving it up completely. It is processed and full of bad sugar and fat. It seems so light and harmless at first glance, but looks can be deceiving.
18. Milkshakes
It’s a refreshing, cold, and tasty treat that you just can’t put down. So why should you? Its saturated fat is what you ingest for a half-day’s worth. You don’t control the portion size of the milkshake when you go out to eat. The higher the serving, the more saturated fat you are consuming. It’s a dairy treat that is sure to kill.
Milkshakes containing ice cream are higher in fat and sugar. Too many milkshakes can lead to digestive problems in your urinary tract. It's also bad for your bones because it increases calcium loss. The milk in the milkshake can lead to a calcium deficiency and a vulnerability to fractures. Osteoporosis is another harmful effect to drinking milkshakes. Some milk is processed and drinking the milkshake has risks like breast cancer.
19. Chocolate
It's pure heaven in your mouth. No treat tastes better than chocolate. You all ready now it’s not exactly a healthy treat to indulge in, but you never expected that it could possibly harm your life. Its calories are through the roof so if you must indulge, indulge in moderation by counting calories. Everyday is not a good idea. Be smart about your health.
Did you know that chocolate is toxic? It's an additive, and you can't stop eating it, which is bad. The more chocolate you eat, the more weight you gain and the more at risk you are for diabetes. Terrible things exist in chocolate that are a real killer to your health. Sugar is obvious, and it also contains caffeine, which stresses your body and makes you tired. Phenylethylamine, high oxalate content, anandamide, and lead are also dangerous ingredients within what looks like a harmful chocolate bar.
20. Bagels
They're light and tasty with butter or cream cheese on top. They contain empty calories, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have ingredients that are not harmful to your health. Its carbohydrates make this bagel dangerous. What’s even more dangerous is adding cream cheese, butter, or jelly to a bagel. It just makes the bagel less healthy for you. Looks can be so deceiving in this case but if it isn't helping you, it's only bringing harm to your health
Just one bagel is all the carbohydrates you body requires for the whole day. It's made out of white flour that is refined, meaning the nutrients in the flour are gone. Your blood sugar will spike as well as drop, leaving you with no energy. There are healthier options to consider. Eat a whole wheat bagel, only eat half of your bagel, include a protein with this food, and skip carbs for the rest of the day after your bagel. If you can't see yourself sticking to this alternative, bagels are just not the food for you.

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