20 Jobs and Careers For People Who Like To Travel

Cheryl Brite July 19th 2016 Education
If you don’t wish to stay in one place for your job, then maybe it’s time to find another job or career that you will be satisfied with in the long run. You love to travel, and you’re looking for a job that will make you happy. Just thinking about a new career move is an exciting feeling for you. Sure it's a big step in your life but risk, no reward. There are some great jobs in beautiful places out there for you to discover. What are you waiting for?
1. Cruise Line Worker
Estimated Yearly Salary: $3,000

The open sea is calling to you. Sailing the seas is the life. Working on a cruise ship surrounded by excited vacationers is even better. You never know where you’ll be sailing to next, and that’s what’s most exciting about this job. You work hard, make a good living, and enjoy traveling along the way. What a freeing way to work!
The captain is in charge of you and the other staff and crew aboard the ship. It's a strict place to work because it is run like the military. As a cruise line worker, you're working in a hotel like environment, just on the sea. You work to serve your guests upon the ship. Whatever they need, you are required to get for your guests so they will be happy. You work seven days a week with no days off but if you love the sea, people, and travel, then nothing else matters.
2. Peace Corps Volunteer
Estimated Yearly Salary: $5,000

The world is your career. Nothing feels better than giving back to the world you live in. You travel to where you’re needed to make a difference. You may not be making six figures, but you’re helping people in need. Not to mention it looks good on your resume when you’re ready to pursue a career. You'll feel so good about yourself as a human being when you volunteer.
It's run by the U.S. government and as a volunteer you provide your assistance to cultures other then your own about American culture. You also learn all about other cultures outside the U.S. Your concentration is on social and economic development. You also have a college degree and volunteer abroad for two years. Of course there is three months of training before then to get use to the process. When you're a peace corps volunteer, you also work with schools, non-profit organizations, the environment, and so much more.
3. Au Pair
Estimated Yearly Salary: $18,000

Giving knowledge to young minds is your passion. You love children and want to pursue this as a job. As an Au Pair you live with the family in a different country and take care of the children through babysitting and assisting with schoolwork. You’re supplied with room and board and can immerse yourself in the culture. You become a part of a new family and make a connection that will last soon after you leave. Nothing will broaden your horizons more then being an Au Pair.
You receive an allowance for personal use outside the family's home. You don't necessarily have to be a female to get this job but most families are more comfortable with a female who is a teenager or a young adult in her twenties. As an au pair you work part time and the other part of your time is spent studying. You have many duties during this career such as waking the kids, picking them up and dropping them off at school, helping with homework, playing with the kids, and so much more. You're also have cleaning duties like doing the kids laundry, making their beds, cleaning the kid's bathroom, and cleaning the kid's rooms. Your job is to take care of the kids, not manage the household.
4. Travel Tour Guide
Estimated Yearly Salary: $24,000

You love people and talking about the culture of where you live. You spend your days showing people around amazing places and landmarks that show the history of the culture. Destinations always need happy, bubbly, tour guides to make the tour exciting and memorable to tourists. It's not an easy job because some people can be difficult, but you take it all in stride. Make sure you brush up on your history and languages. You want to dazzle those tourists with your abundant knowledge.
To be a tour guide you have to live in the area where you want to work. Your customer service skills have to be phenomenal because you're a dynamic, self-motivated individual. You're ability to speak clearly and confidently lets your tourist know that you're competent. Training is given before you go out in the field to prepare yourself for the lifestyle of a tour guide. As a travel tour guide you provide tours whether they're on foot or by transportation, provide relevant info about the area, and displays a happy and positive attitude on the trip to keep the tourist excited an on their feet. To be considered for this position you need to be the right age to work, be able to take on the physical demands of the job, work long hours, have experience with guiding and educating people, and demonstrate a passion for the job.
5. International Aid Worker
Estimated Yearly Salary: $30,000

Travel and helping people are your passions in life. Being an international aid worker allows you to do both. You travel to parts of the world where you can help people recover from life threatening situations. With this job you need to have some experience in health, agriculture, education, and social work. Wow, that sure is a lot of experience! It's not the most easiest job in the world but if you have a passion for helping people, then you're in the right line of work.
You meet the needs of communities in developing worlds. As and international aid worker you work with countries to find a solution to their current problems. You're involved with fields like education, sanitation, health, and agriculture. Urban, rural, and small businesses are also places you work in. Being a part of different sectors allows you to be fully immersed in the culture you're helping. The activities include giving out the day to day work for your team, looking over projects, fundraising, coming up with plans to solve problems, managing resources, recruiting new staff, and so much more rewarding work.
6. Athletic Recruiter
Estimated Yearly Salary: $35,000

You make sports legends. Colleges and professional sports organizations employ you. Your job is to recruit some of the best athletes in the world. No pressure! You travel from state to state to find the next success story. You’re responsible for changing a person’s life in a really good way.
To be an athletic recruiter you have to be familiar with the sport you're interested in. You also have to have experience as being a sports coach and have a passion for the players on your team. Your world should revolve around sports before you even consider this career. You need an education with a degree in kinesiology as well as a degree in sport management to understand the inner workings of the business world of sports. Have an eye for talent and look for the skills that make players great. Let your players know that you believe in their talent and that you can take them all the way to the top.
7. Travel Agent
Estimated Yearly Salary: $36,000

You love the world and to help people travel the globe. It may be an archaic profession to some but for people who love to travel, this job is a perfect match. You help people with their travel plans. To get experience you travel to certain places to give your clients a realistic view of where they will be traveling. Because your competent in your field, people will not only take you seriously but use you again for their traveling needs. Business and leisure clients will thank you for your insight.
As a travel agent you provide whatever your clients need to travel through suppliers like airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, and package tours. You may also work for agencies that specialize in business and commercial travel. You can be a travel agent, or you can work freelance. You're a people person who can also sell in house insurance, travel guide books, public transport timetables, etc. Being a travel agent means you must be impartial when giving traveling advice. It's also important to connect to your customer on a personal level, so you can sell the world of travel.
8. Event Coordinator
Estimated Yearly Salary: $38,000

You're organized and like to be in control of people. Large-scale events are your forte. Festivals and trade shows are events you coordinate. You meet vendors to get what you need and travel to the spot where the event is held to make sure everything is running smoothly. You make the event what it is, and your clients appreciate all the work you’ve put in to planning their events. Because you're competent, customers will come back to have you organize more events.
To be an event coordinator you first need an education. Obtain a bachelor's degree in hospitality or tourism management. It shows that you know what you're doing when it comes to your career. Finding an internship is the next step on your road to this career. It will help you build knowledge and experience in the field. Finally apply for jobs where you know you are more than qualified to give potential customers the best of your skills as an event coordinator.
9. Archaeologist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $47,000

Ancient cultures and their histories have always fascinated you. Who knows what you’ll discover in the earth as you dig up artifacts from past cultures. Traveling the world is just an added bonus to your job. You can preserve a part of history that no one else has discovered. A lot of travel is required and you have no problem with that. All you need is the earth beneath your feet.
You dig up the history of the world. As an archaeologist you use certain tools to excavate, recover, an analyze artifacts. Tools, cave paintings, building ruins, and pottery are some of the things you find. Long hours and the physical demands are no joke. To become an archaeologist and see the world you need a degree in archaeology whether it's a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree. You must also be able to write and speak clearly since you will have to present your work, and you must be able to think logically and methodically in order to persevere in this line of work.
10. Truck Driver
Estimated Yearly Salary: $48,000

You get to drive an awesome truck. What could be better than that? The open road is your job. You travel from one place to another delivering whatever is required of you by your employer. It can be lonely at times, but it's worth it to you. Of course you need to obtain a commercial driver’s license but once you have that, nothing is going to stop you from hitting the open road.
You carry product from one place to another. Typically you drop goods off to manufacturing plants, retail, and distribution centers. You're also responsible for inspecting your vehicle and making sure it's safe for transport. You can be employed as a owner-operator driver, a company driver, or an independent owner-operator driver. The hours are long as drivers must keep track of your hours with a logbook, but the pay is worth the effort. The conditions can be hazardous on the road with iced roads, heavy rains and other weather conditions, and it's important to be cautious on the road because if you don't transport goods effectively on a regular basis, you could loose your job.
11. English Teacher
Estimated Yearly Salary: $49,000

English is your passion. Nothing is more satisfying than molding young minds with your knowledge of the English language. You can even travel to foreign lands teach those who want to learn English. You have to make sure you’re certified before you step foot into a foreign country. Traveling is what you love, and teaching is a passion of yours. All your dreams are coming true.
As an english teacher you teach proper english typically in middle schools, highs schools, and post secondary schools. You teach grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and understanding books. You make lesson plans and implement them to the class. You also let the parents know how they're are progressing. Creating tests, teaching students the rules, and preparing standardize testing are just some of the duties as an english teacher. To be a great english teacher you must be able to speak, instruct, write, be creative, be patient, and have people skills.
12. Executive Assistant
Estimated Yearly Salary: $50,000

It’s not the most exciting job serving your boss, but there is a plus side to having this job. You get to travel along side your boss and see new places. What could be better than that? You're responsible for getting your boss the necessary materials in order for him/her to do their job successfully. Once you’re out of client meetings, the world is yours to explore. You can relax and enjoy the perks of your job.
As an executive assistant you would work your way to this position from the bottom in order to gain the necessary experience to do your job successfully. Because you're successful, you ensure your job is secure, which leaves you the opportunity to climb the ladder to higher up positions in the company you work for. To be great at this job you need to develop your computer skills as well as communication skills. As an assistant you need to be good at anticipating your boss's needs. You need to be able to deal with office politics and be able to handle conflict for your boss in a dignified and respectful manner. If you're organization skills are not up to par as an assistant, chaos is likely to ensue because you're boss doesn't know where to be at a particular time.
13. Retail Buyer
Estimated Yearly Salary: $50,000

Shopping has always been your first love accept for traveling of course. As a retail buyer you monitor in store inventory as well as attend vendor meetings, trade shows, and conferences across the world. It's hard work, but it is worth it. What an exciting life you led? You influence the world of retail. It's a great way to put your love of clothes and business together in one perfect career.
Being a retail buyer means you buy clothes that are sold at stores. You study the trends of consumers who buy the clothes, observe the market, and you determine the most popular styles out there. Research is a big part of this job. You need to understand what people are interested in buying today and purchase clothes that best fit the demographic. Your negotiation skills need to be great because you need to convince a wholesaler that their product will benefit them as well as yourself in your store. Keeping your clothes in stock is probably the most important part of your job because if a particular product of yours is in demand, then it benefits you to have the products available so you can make a profit.
14. Auditor
Estimated Yearly Salary: $52,000

It's the perfect job if you like to work with people. No one likes auditors, but you love it because you like to travel. Sure you may never travel to the most exotic places but you do have the time to explore your surroundings. It's not always easy because you're away from friends and family for a certain amount of time. Your job is not the most pleasant when you have to deal with difficult clients, but you can let your stress go as you explore different places. It may be weeks or more depending on where you’re going, but you never have to sit behind a desk.
You're appointed by your company to audit people. To be an auditor you need to be certified by the regulatory authority of accounting and auditing. You can be a external auditor or an internal auditor. As an external auditor you work in an independent firm where you determine whether a company's financial statements are accurate and free of misstatements. As an internal auditor you are working for an organization where you're responsible for auditing. You work for government agencies, which works at improving the way your organization functions.
15. Civil Servant
Estimated Yearly Salary: $52,000

America and travel are what you love. It's a great responsibility to take on. Being a civil servant brings these two worlds together. There are plenty of job opportunities in this field and over 250 embassies, so you have the chance to travel and impact America all at the same time. You can't beat that! You're taking on America!
You work for a government agency, and your salary is paid by taxpayers. National, state, and local levels are how civil service is conducted. The president, civil engineers, teachers, mayors, and people who work for the DMV are considered civil servants. All these people contribute to the way America functions. They all move America forward in its plight to be a successful country. There's nothing like making your imprint in America.
16. Field Service Engineer
Estimated Yearly Salary: $62,000

You provide customer service to those in need of installation and repair of a product. You need to be a people person, so you know how to work effectively with your customers. Travel is a part of your profession, and you help people. It's a great benefit to the job when you know you're customers are satisfied with your work. Worldwide travel can be required based on your employment with worldwide clients. It may not be the most glamorous job, but the traveling makes up for most of it.
As a field service engineer you provide technical support for customers in need. You install and make sure their instruments are working properly. If you don't make sure your customers are satisfied, your services may no longer be required. Make sure your complete your system checks and the software is up to date. When other engineers need assistance, you are required to step in. Spread your knowledge of your career by going to conventions and trade shows for new potential engineers who are interested in pursuing this career.
17. Flight Attendant
Estimated Yearly Salary: $68,000

The air is where you feel most at home. The plane is your office, and the sky is your way to travel. Customer service is what you provide as well as demonstrating safety procedures. Sure it’s not the most glamorous job dealing with crying babies and difficult flyers but once you land at your destination, the world is yours to explore if you have the time. You can have the time of your life. The salary doesn't hurt either.
Make sure your passengers are comfortable and following the rules. As a flight attendant you can work for commercial airlines, corporation, or chartered flight companies. You work typically 12 to 14 hours but if you work on an international flight, expect longer hours of flight time. If you're new to this career, you can expect to be called in at any time. Also, you get 3-6 weeks of training from your employer when you're first starting out. A high school diploma is is acceptable for this job, but airlines prefer people with college degrees.
18. Consultant
Estimated Yearly Salary: $78,000

You are hired by companies to fix specific problems. You’re knowledge is specialized as you have clients all over the world who look to you for help. It’s important for you to maintain positive relationships when you travel to your client’s place. You want to make sure they will use you in the future if they ever need another consultation. This job is a huge responsibility. If you feel you can't handle it, then this is not the job for you.
You provide expert advice in areas like management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, finance, engineering, science, and many more fields. As a consultant your knowledge is limitless to those you speak to on a regular basis. You can be an internal or an external consultant. As an internal consultant you work within an organization when you consult. As an external consultant you're employed by a company where provide expertise on a temporary basis. The knowledge given by consultants is at a deeper level that people won't be able to get anywhere else.
19. Exploration Geologist
Estimated Yearly Salary: $94,000

The earth beneath your feet and around you has always been fascinating. You identify and extract natural resources that will profit companies. Travel is a must, as extraction tends to be located in locations that are less populated. You will be a way from home at months at a time, which is no problem for you because you love your job. It may require long hours in the feel and require a lot of physical demands, but you love this job. Finding the most profitable spot to extract natural resources will benefit your bank account.
You're knowledge of the earth's surface and what it has to offer when it comes to resources is what this job is all about. Oil exploration is usually what you're doing but exploring natural gas is another part of the job. Success isn't always possible but with the right exploration geologist, success may happen sooner then you think because companies are bringing in experts. An advanced degree in geology is what you need to be a part of this career. You also need years of experience in the field. It's not the most easiest job to have because it's not mainstream but through internships and obtaining a job through your college, anything is possible.
20. Wedding Photographer
Estimated Yearly Salary: $102,000

Taking photographs of the bride, groom, and their loved ones are not all you do. You create memories for the happy couple to look back on for years to come. Traveling is also a big part of what you do, especially for destination weddings. As a talented photographer you produce high quality photos for your clients that put smiles on their faces. You become inspired by the people and the environment around you. Plus you get to enjoy wherever you are when your job is done for the day.
As a wedding photographer you are specialized in this field and you take pictures of the wedding ceremony. It's not just about snapping pictures, it's about providing the highest quality of pictures to your clients. You also take pictures of inanimate objects like the cake, chapel, gown, and rings. The bride may also want pictures taken of her in the environment around her as she trashes the dress. Before you start photographing the wedding, you start by meeting with your clients, discussing the wedding, and talking about what kind of pictures they want for the wedding. As a wedding photographer you may own your own place to do your business but you can't just become a photographer overnight, you need to go to school to learn the basics and familiarize yourself with what a camera can really do to bring you success in your career.

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