20 Easy Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month

Cheryl Brite July 26th 2016 Health
Everyone including you wants to know the secret to losing weight in a short amount of time. There are a lot of dangerous things out there you can try but in the end you’re putting yourself in harm’s way. Don't do it, it's not worth it. If you want to lose 10 pounds in a month, then follow these easy, healthy ways to weight loss. Yes, it is possible! Just believe!
1. Control Portion Sizes
It’s important for you to eat your food groups in moderation. The size of you’re your fist is one way to measure your food by. When you put the right amount of food in your body, it will definitely thank you in the long run. You should only being eating servings that measure two cupped human hands. This is the amount your stomach should hold and if you eat more than this, then you’re not treating your body well. Just say yes to portion control.
Portion sizes should be a big part of your diet plan. This isn't the usual way Americans eat, but it's time to change all of that. If you exceed the two cupped hand portion, you should only do this when you eat lunch because that is when the digestive juice are the strongest. Large portions are only going to help you gain weight. You don't want that. When you eat small portions, it will help your body get use to this process and as a result you'll lose weight because you're eating the right amount of food groups for your body.
2. Part With Unhealthy Traditions
Don’t eat everything on your plate because the portions may be too big and you may be full all ready. When you keep eating when you're full, that's dangerous. You're overstuffing your body with food it doesn't need. Move away from unhealthy ingredients in your meals and change this tradition to healthy foods. Some people need three meals a day, but it might be better for your health and weight if you switch to four or five meals throughout the day. Stick with the tradition that will help you lose weight.
Unhealthy traditions leads to dysfunctional eating behavior and extreme obesity. Move away from the bad fats and find something better for your body. The five healthy meals per day includes breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack. The snack in the middle of the main meals help you stay satisfied and prevent overeating during your main meals. Make sure each meal is healthy and gives you what you need to lose weight. It's time to change the way you eat and what better time then now?
3. Increase Exercise
This activity is universal knowledge as a way to lose weight. You have so many programs to choose from, and you can choose whatever suits you best. The body has to move more than it ever has in order to lose 10 pounds in a month. It’s a commitment but if you stick with exercise, then you’ll lose those pounds in no time. Whether you exercise at the gym or at home, you'll be happy with the results because you stuck to a routine that works for you. No more excuses, get your butt moving!
Increasing exercise is getting your body moving more then it usually is. When your life is mostly sedentary, you can't just exercise to the extreme because you'll end up burned out quicker. You may potentially hurt yourself and as a result prevent you from exercising for a while. If you're use to the world of exercise, you need to bring your routine to the next level. You need to exercise three times a week no matter how intense or moderate the exercise is, so the blood is flowing as well as the circulation in your body, and you're burning fat and calories. Being healthy is important and losing weight is everything to being a more happy person.
4. Don’t Keep Eating When You’re Full
You don’t want to force more than is necessary down your throat. You'll make yourself sick. Your stomach is only supposed to carry a required amount in order to be healthy. You’re just adding more weight to your body, which obviously doesn’t help you lose weight. It’s important to eat when you’re hungry but not to eat emotionally or overeat because you’re only adding more weight to your body. Eat smart and weight loss will come.
Eating when your full is never, ever a good idea. The junk foods you ingest have chemicals within them that make you want to keep eating past what your stomach needs. When you realize you're just eating for all the wrong reasons, you will see that your eating behavior is far from healthy. You'll be able to fix the problem and move on with your life. This all comes down to choosing the right foods for your body. Notice when you're full and stop eating immediately because your body is telling you to stop and now it's time to listen.
5. Don’t Buy Junk
This should be an obvious rule in your quest to lose 10 pounds in a month. Junk food has chemicals that will convince you that you need to eat more even though that’s far from the truth. They're evil! You’ll gain so much weight so avoid junk food at all costs. To start a new day clean of junk food, you should get rid of it all and restock your fridge and pantry with healthier foods. You'll be much happier in the long run.
Put the bad stuff back on the grocery shelves. They won't help you. When you end up buying it, you know you'll eat it but don't give into temptation. The last thing you want to do is shop when you're hungry because you're not thinking rationally for your body. The store places certain products in specific places for a reason because your eyes will be attracted to the junk, and you can't help but buy it. If you can't bare to throw out your junk food, you can take a day and indulge in these foods and start a healthy diet and exercise the next day.
6. Rehydration Therapy
Water is key to losing weight. It not only keeps your body hydrated, but it also keeps you from thinking you’re hungry. You’re organs will thank you. Obviously you don’t want to have too much water because it will overload your kidneys. Also, make sure you drink water before, when you’re working out, and after you workout. You'll feel refresh and rejuvenated to face the day.
With rehydration therapy start with adding one glass of water a day to the regular amount of glasses you drink. Your body will progressive adjust to your intake. You're goal is to get to 8 classes of water today. You can get there! When you do exercise, you have water during your workout, but it doesn't count towards the 8 classes a day. Water rules!
7. Better Sleep
You know how important sleep is to your health. If you’re off you’re normal sleeping cycle, you are more likely to not be able to function at your best. Stay on your normal sleep cycle for better results. Sleep is a time where your body cleanses itself from all the impurities of the day. Now you finally know the real reason why sleep is so important! Sleep rules!
When you sleep to get slimmer, you'll have more energy in the morning. You will also be able to exercise better, have a clearer head to stand up against food cravings, and a positive attitude. 8 hours a night is the best way to get the good night's sleep you need to lose weight. Going to sleep before midnight and waking up early is the best way for you to lose weight. Midnight to 8AM is less beneficial because this time frame exists on the same day, which means you didn't sleep the day before. It's just an unusual time to go to sleep, and you need the balance of the late night and the next day into your sleeping cycle because it's healthy for your body.
8. An Increase In Alkaline Food Intake
Your body works its best when its pH levels are good. There are foods out there like super foods and alkaline foods that will keep your pH level in the right place. It will get rid of that pesky body fat that you’ve been trying to get rid of. That's great news! Broccoli, pumpkin, almonds, strawberries, and apples are just some of the foods you should consider on your path to losing 10 pounds in a month. You will find something that you can enjoy and will benefit your body in the long run.
Alkaline food will not only help with weight loss, but it also helps with preventing cancer, arthritis, and many more chronic diseases. You'll be looking for foods with less acid and more alkaline. Acidic foods to avoid are corn, noodles, ice cream, cheese, meat, sugar, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs. You don't want to get rid of acidic food completely. Stay within a 80/20 ratio in order to make acid a part of your diet. You're pH level will be happy about that.
9. Flush Out The Body
You’re body needs a reboot. What better way then to cleanse the body? When you plan to begin a new healthy regiment, you have many cleanses to choose from based on what you think your body needs. Colon, liver, kidney, parasite, and heavy metal cleanses are some options to consider. Cleansing your organs is the best way to get the toxins out of your body, and you will start to lose weight as soon as your start your healthy diet. Cleansing rules!
With colon hydrotherapy your colon is no longer relying on laxative or stimulant. Your colon will become stronger and be able to do its function in your body better. When there are a lot of toxins in your liver, it will make your goal towards weight loss harder. You may be hesitant at first when getting a cleanse, but you won't know if weight loss is possible without it. Your body will feel better and so will you. Try a cleanse today!
10. Focus On Good Fats
Bad fats won’t help you lose weight obviously, but good fats will. You need to be able to separate the good from the bad in order to live a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight. Olive oil, peanut butter, avocados, walnuts, and safflower oil are some of the good fats you should include in your daily diet. Sounds good, right? Be smart when it comes to the food you choose. You want to be healthy, but you also want to be happy.
Good fats over bad fats are the key to weight loss. You can't just get rid of fat all together because your body needs it to survive. Maintaining a healthy way of life and feeling fuller longer is all because of eating good fats. Trans Fats should be avoided in your diet, including margarine, butter, cheese, fried foods, and packaged foods. Read the labels on the back of foods and do research to find what you should add and takeaway from your diet. You'll be much better off.
11. 10,000 Steps Everyday
This is another way to lose 10 pounds in a month. Your burn calories, and the weight melts off your body. A pedometer is crucial to measure how many steps you have taken. As a result of taking 10,000 steps, you will become more active in your life, make the right choices when it comes to food, and your attitude about life will greatly improve. The journey to weight loss begins with 10,000 steps everyday. So get going and start stepping up to weight loss.
10,000 steps will change your life when everything else in your life stays the same. Grab your pedometer, clip it to your waist, and forget about it as you walk. Record you're steps after you're done for the day. You can even make a graph to see the progress you've made. It requires a lot of hard work and determination, but you can do it. Once you set your goal on 10,000 steps a day, there's nothing you can't do.
12. Positive Attitude Towards Success
The mind is a powerful thing. Believe you can lose 10 pounds in a month. It will make a difference in a good way. Having the right frame of mind when it comes to your health will help you in ways you can’t even imagine. Think about all the things you have too look forward to when you lose weight like wearing a bikini or finally fitting into those pair of jeans you bought. You can only go up from here!
Having positive expectations of success won't work for losing weight if you have a negative mind set. You'll never get the results you want in general with a negative attitude. Get into the mindset of showing off your new and improved body by booking a cruise and buying a new wardrobe. These actions will help you get towards your weight loss goals because you're looking forward to them. You're putting out a whole new energy to your mind and body when you're focused on success with a positive attitude. Happy doesn't begin to express how you'll feel when the weight comes off.
13. Fads And Gimmicks Don’t Work
The diets on TV don’t work so don’t even think about wasting your money on a hopeless dream. you're spending a fortune on something that can't help you. Diets like eating only green foods, eliminating carbs, or the 7-day diet plan won’t help you reach your weight loss goals. It’s important to stick to the weight loss methods that will help you shed 10 pounds like eating foods that have vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as well as your regular exercise regiment. Don’t waste your time on the fads and gimmicks that are out there because they’ll never give you the body you want. Make fads and gimmicks a thing of your past.
Fads and gimmicks will never work when you hop from diet to diet. You should concentrate on the foods that help you lose weight and increase the amount of exercise you do during the week. You'll crash less, waste no time, and feel confident that your healthy routine is getting you from point a to point b effectively. When you stick to a healthy routine, you can't go wrong. Throw out your crazy diet plans and replace the diet with something so much more beneficial to your life. Weight loss.
14. A Reason To Change
Why do you want to lose 10 pounds in a month? You’ve looked in the mirror day after day, and you don’t like whom you see. Maybe your life depends on changing your current lifestyle. Living a longer life so you can see your grandkids grow up is another reason for you to change so you can also be able to play with them when they’re little. Another great reason is that you’re planning to go on a trip that requires a lot of physical activity and you want to be ready but don’t set a short-term goal like trying to fit into that prom dress or that pair of jeans because that doesn’t help you in the long run. Whatever reason you have to lose weight, you need to make sure it's a good one.
Changes need to be made in your life to lose weight. It's hard to get through the start of your diet. Getting through the obstacle inertia is something you will have to overcome because you want to. You want to be able to stick to a routine to benefit your weight. Your motivation and reasons have to be in the right places in order to get to where you want to be weight wise. When you set a goal and meet that goal, you will feel good in the long run
15. Slow and Steady
You need to create changes when it comes to your weight and slow and steady will definitely help you win the race of life. If you start severe when you exercise, your body will make little changes and then it will regress back to what it was before you started to lose weight. When you start small, your body will be able to adapt to the changes going on as well as your mind. You can start with little things like having drinks with no calories like water. Over time the changes you make will make your body happy. Happy body equals happy life.
The last thing you want to do is relapse on your diet. The progress you have made will all be lost. You will be devastated, and it will be harder to get back on the wagon to weight loss. Remove what you want and replace it with what you need to healthy. All the positive changes your are making will add up in the end to your happiness. Do new and healthy things to your body and your body will get use to it and continue this path with no relapse to weight loss enlightenment.
16. Good Support System
Support is everything. People who believe in your weight loss goals are a powerful thing. It’s even better if they are losing weight right along with you because you can support each other. You can stop your friend from eating something bad, and they can drag you to the gym even though you don’t feel like going. It’s a win, win situation if you really think about it. Motivation from others can move mountains in your life you thought you never could on your own.
With no support it is easy to fall back into your old patterns. It's even worse when others make fun of your weight. That doesn't help your self-esteem or support what you're trying to work towards. When you do have support, it can be a fun thing because you have someone who is going through the same things you are, and you can learn to have a good time together and shed those pounds. A personal trainer is a great motivational tool to get you back on track on your way to healthy nutrition and weight loss. Get rid of negative support systems in your life because they aren't helping you survive, they're only bringing you down and compromising your health.
17. Health In A Holistic Way
The whole body matters when you take weight into consideration. Now you're listening. Everything works together to keep you functioning as a human being, so you really need to take care of yourself when it comes to your weight loss goals. Think about what you’re eating and drinking. Know what you need to make your body the best it can be. The whole body is greater than the sum of its parts so treat it like a temple and worship the ground it walks on.
Taking a holistic approach to health is all about seeing the big picture when it comes to your body. You're not just a mouth and a stomach. Every organ in your body was created so they could work together to make your body better. The last thing you want to do is sacrifice the health of your organs in place of your outer body appearance. Everything is connected and the better you treat your body, the better you will feel. Weight loss is connected to having good oral hygiene, taking care of your skin, nails, and hair because the way you feel about yourself is dependent on how much weight you lose and a positive attitude goes a long way.
18. Cultural Tips
When you're bored with the same old food everyday, there is a solution. Look outwards to a different culture to discover new and innovative ways to lose weight. You will not only learn a lot about how different cultures function but what you discover could help you live a healthier and happier life in the long run. How great is that? Places like Japan and the people of nomadic tribes live a certain lifestyle that benefits their health. It wouldn’t hurt to look into their ways of living a better life when it comes to their bodies.
We are an obese nation, and it benefits you to look to simpler and healthier ways of losing weight by looking at different cultures. Okinawa, Japan has this rule of eating until you're 80% full. The prevention of overeating, long life spans, and healthy BMI's are some of the benefits of eating the way of the Japanese. Lower obesity and fewer diseases are possible by changing your eating lifestyle into a more natural lifestyle. How can you say no to this way of losing weight? You can't so look to different regions of the world today and select foods and traditions of eating that benefit your health.
19. Lose Or Use Scale Daily
Which choice will it be? The scale can very well deter you from losing weight based on the pounds it shows you when you look down. For some the scale is a way to keep track of what you need to lose in order to reach your weight loss goal. What kind of person are you? Either way the scale can be your enemy or your friend depending on your perception of your body. Make a decision now and stick to it.
You're first thought is to get rid of the scale because you can feel out your weight loss. By looking in the mirror and seeing how your body feels is the way you'll lose weight effectively. Then you're thinking maybe I need the scale after all because you're not good at judging your progress by feeling it out. Charts and numbers help you feel at ease that you're making some progress when you use the scale and make sure you weigh yourself everyday at the same time to keep the data you collect controlled. You need to be sure either way what you want to do. This constant chaos back and forth is only stressing you out. Stress equals weight gain.
20. Don’t Feel Guilty About What You Eat
Guilt is a negative emotion, and this negative emotion won’t help you lose weight because it can cause you to emotionally eat. Your guilt about what you eat will only help you remain fat. Stewing in this fact won’t help you lose weight. A positive attitude is more important then you’ll ever know when it comes to losing weight and living happy and healthy life. It's important that your happy with what you're putting in your body or else you'll never be happy with yourself. Choose wisely when it comes to food and be happy while you're doing it.
You're not alone when it comes to feeling guilty when eating. This alone should help you realize that you don't have to live this way anymore. Society has made it okay to eat bad foods and not exercise by bombarding you with advertising for fast food, soda, and other junk foods. It's no wonder you've fallen off the wagon. You should be determined now more than ever to get back on track and be the healthy person you once was. With a good support system and a positive attitude you can do anything you set your mind to when it comes to losing 10 pounds in a month.

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