10 Ways To Spend Your Grocery Budget Effectively

Cheryl Brite August 10th 2016 Health
Grocery shopping is a time to get everything you need for the week. Sure it sounds easy when you say it like that but groceries can be expensive. You need to find a way to get nutritious groceries on a realistic budget. How would you even begin to accomplish this? How can you be happy with what you bought and spend within your set budget. Well these 10 ways will show you how.
1. Plan Your Meals
If you're prepared to grocery shop, you can't go wrong. Have a meal plan made so you can figure out your budget. It takes away the stress of just going to the grocery store and shopping blindly without a list. That's a scary thought! Your grocery list helps you not only stick to the list but not spend so much money. It's like a security blanket that protects you from going into debt.
Going off the list is not an option. Be thorough and practical when you make your list so you're not adding items to it after you get to the store. Planning meals also brings families together. You can sit down and plan what you think is best for your family. A well budgeted list equals a happy life. Why wouldn't you be smart about this and make a list?
2. Have Knowledge About Prices
You can't escape prices. They're everywhere. Confront grocery prices by knowing your prices. It will make you feel at ease and comfortable when you shop. Look through your grocery flyers and write down the prices so you're prepared for your shopping trip. You won't be sorry you did.
Be aware of the size and price of what you want so you can compare the item to other stores. You could probably get what you want cheaper at another store. The marketers know what they're doing when it comes to price. You have to be smart and take the time to get the best price you can. Prices change all the time, but your budget is forever. Your budget will be over the moon happy when you know how to play the game of grocery shopping.
3. Take Account of What's In Your Freezer
When you go into your freezer, you take stock of the items that are all ready in your freezer or pantry. Keep what you know hasn't expired yet because that can be one less item you have to buy at the store. By keeping a list you'll know what you need and what you don't need for your next grocery shopping adventure. If you don't keep track of what is in your freezer and pantry, you only end up buying extra stuff that won't even be used. They may go bad before you even get to use it. What a waste of food!
Keep your freezer and pantry list in easy access. The last thing you want to do is lose it or accidently throw it away. You'll have to start from scratch either way. You may remember some things on your list but not others. Get a magnet list on your fridge so you'll never lose your list again. It may seem like a lot of work but in the long run your budget will be happy and so will you.
4. Coupons
You love coupons. They're a great way to stretch your budget. Think of them as free money to use at checkout. There are some people who think it's for people with little money, but it can benefit every kind of person. You'll save more money. How can any part of that sentence be bad?
You'll save thousands of dollars in the long run on items like mouthwash, toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, and dental floss. Your whole routine for protecting your mouth is practically free. You can find coupons online, in weekly flyers in your newspaper, or get them from the company when you ask nicely. Next you'll have to cut up your coupons. It may be a long and addicting process but again YOU'RE SAVING MONEY! You're ready to shop and save now.
5. Cook Your Meals
Nothing is more healthy and enjoyable like homemade cooking. It may require using pots, pans, and other kitchen cookware, but your budget will be saved. There are items in the store you pay a lot for that you can make at home. Find recipes you'll be happy to cook and adds are the items you buy from the recipe you can use in other recipes so that you can save money. You'll be cooking so many recipes that all your money troubles will be solved. Well maybe not all your money troubles but you'll be a lot smarter and happier in the future.
Sure it may take a long time to prepare the recipes you have collected but they can be used for other days of meals. You may have to wash all your cookware afterwards, but you've still saved money. All your hard work is worth the hours of working in your kitchen. So bring your recipes to the store, pick out your ingredients, and leave the store knowing you've made your wallet a little lighter. You can't beat that logic. Save today so you can save for the rest of your life with home cooked meals.
6. Reduced Prices Aisle
Stop by your reduced sales rack and pick out what you need to fit your budget. Who says you can't find anything there? If you're determined to save, you'll make items on this rack work to your advantage. It's so convenient for your budget it isn't even funny. Don't pass this rack by or your budget could really suffer. Just take a look and you'll never know what you might find to stretch your grocery budget.
Yesterday's fresh items are waiting for you at half the price. The bakery, produce, and the meat departments may just have what you're looking for when it comes to sales. So fill your cart and leave the store knowing you not only stayed on budget but selected food that will only benefit you and your family. This is your chance! The rack won't be around forever because other people are taking advantage of this opportunity. Don't be an idiot, save your budget from disaster!
7. Batch Cooking
Your first thought is cookies. In a way this type of cooking follows that idea in that you're cooking a batch of food like meatloaf or lasagnas. You're setting up portions within these big dishes to have for a week or two. This type of cooking also controls the portions you eat, which is good for your health. It's also a quick meal to heat up, eat, and go. You have to admit this a great way to keep your grocery budget on track.
This way of cooking is important to families that are always on go. It's also important for families who need a healthy meal and can't cook one everyday. Batch cooking allows you to not have to cook every night. You can be lazy and relax because you only have to pop your portion of food in the microwave and enjoy. You have to be able to set one day to do this kind of cooking. It sounds easy enough and smart for your budget and how you want to spend your time.
8. Buy And Eat Foods In Season
Eating local is convenient and buying in season is good for your health. The food is fresh and ready for you to cook. You can get some great deals on organic produce. Buying what's in season will not only make you spend less money, but your food will taste even better. You know that this food has been handled well by professionals. You can see your budget becoming lighter.
You're not only supporting your local farms, but they may give you a discount on what you buy. Being a regular customer has its benefits on your budget. In season food will blow your mind when it comes to your wallet. You have to be willing to go to any lengths to save money. You won't regret this choice in stretching your budget. Find your local in season store or farm today for the greatest deals of your grocery life.
9. Cultivate Your Own Food
If you love to grow your own food, you know it's a great way to save on your grocery budget. Anything from fruits like tomatoes, apples to vegetables like peppers, corn, and other foods are available to grow in your very own backyard. Amazing, isn't it! You can even freeze or store your foods after they've grown to their full potential. Not to mention this way of growing your food is much more healthier and convenient. You're job is to maintain your garden so saving on your grocery budget is possible.
It may take a lot of work, but it's so worth it in the long run. You have to be dedicated to the upkeep of your garden or else you won't be able to stretch your grocery budget. If you don't have time to maintain a garden, there are other ways to save your budget. Otherwise enjoy your garden of freshness, taste, and happiness. It not only looks good, but it will make you feel so good in the long run. Start your herb, vegetable, and fruit gardens today!
10. Buy In Large Amounts
Buying in bulk sounds good to you but how does it effect your budget? When you find great prices for foods in bulk, it's your lucky day. Comparing the lower price package to bulk, you may find that buying in bulk will save you so much more then a small package ever could. A fraction of the cost may be what you're faced with. In this situation it is not hard to choose the bulk as the best way to go. Be smart, choose bulk!
Foods like beans, rice, and nuts are not the only items in bulk. You can buy meat in bulk as well. You can buy a big piece of meat that is not only cheaper, but you can divide it into many days of meals. It will save you from buying more than one package of meat that will add up to a ridiculous price in the end. The bulk purchased isn't always the same in amount. Know your math and select the proper amount of bulk in order to save on your grocery budget.

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