10 Reasons Why Cloning Is Bad For Humanity

Cheryl Brite August 18th 2016 Technology
The idea should have never come to the surface, but it exists in our world. It's a reality. It's dangerous in the hands of people who have motives that are far from honorable. It impacts our world, and you must be aware of this because it will have an effect on how you live. There's nothing good that can come out of cloning a human being. NOTHING!
1. Unknown Consequences
Cloning has not yet been perfected and problems are likely to occur. It's a good reason why cloning shouldn't exist in the first place. Genetic abnormalities and diseases within the clone are known to happen through experimentation. When cloning becomes successful, the life span is still shortened. There's no point in cloning since scientists really don't have a handle on the right way to deal with genes. Since they don't have the proper knowledge, it would be wise to let it go yet at the same time scientists are always looking for the nest best way to change humanity.
When "Dolly" was created, many embryos and newborns died. Finally Dolly came into existence from the 227th fused egg. Dolly's case represents how unsuccessful cloning really is. You don't know what the results will be when cloning occurs. Anything can happen and the uncertainty is frightening when it comes to cloning humans. Genes are a tricky thing and when the recessive genes show up too late, the life of a clone and of people will never be the same.
2. Economy Takes A Hit
The economy is unstable as it is but throwing cloning into the mix is just irresponsible. Cloning is expensive. It's a complex process that requires high tech equipment and a lot of money is put into getting the best quality possible. Again cloning has not been successful and money is wasted on trying to improve on something that will never be 100% perfect. What a waste of time. The economy could be focused on more important matters.
Around 1% is the the success rate of cloning. That's not very high. It's not high enough to practice cloning and putting out excessive amounts of money on an uncertain thing. It will take a big chunk out of the economy that it can't get back. It's another good reason to leave cloning alone. It doesn't benefit anyone in the long run.
3. Population Increase
The world isn't big enough. Do you really think cloning more people is the solution? Its humans against clones when it comes to competing for natural resources. Violence is a potential outcome as well as death in the fight for survival. There isn't enough resources in the world for the both of us, and everyone will suffer because of scientists' brilliant idea in thinking cloning is a good idea. The world will turn into chaos.
Because you're fighting for natural resources, the resources will not replenish. Eventually there will not be enough for everyone to survive. The population will suffer either way. It's pointless to create clones when we live in an all ready unstable world. Adding clones to the mix is only asking for disaster. The world doesn't need clones.
4. No Difference In The World
We're all unique. There's no diversity in human cloning. The world needs diversity. It's what makes our world great. If cloning occurs successfully, we will have difficulty adapting to this strange, new world we live in. Disease and the lack of growth in evolution will stunt the growth of the human race.
The world will exist with clones who have identical genes. The beauty of the world will be no more as the unpredictability of the human race will now become predictable. Every clone will look the same, and the world will becomes an ideal place for them because of their perfection. The human race will never thrive. Clones will take over, and humanity will become nothing but a distant memory. All the more reason to not clone human beings.
5. Its Against Religion
God created humans. God did not create cloning. Cloning is against everything that God stands for. If you believe that cloning is a good thing, then you're against God. This is what religious people believe in, and they're really onto something. Cloning is better left buried in a deep grave where no one can recover it.
Cloning degrades and mocks human dignity. You have grown up to worship God, and this entity's amazing ability to create people on earth. When cloning comes into the picture, it challenges every way of humanity. Does God really exist? Why would God allow this abomination? Cloning really changes the way religious people see the world, and it may create disillusion in their minds. People take religion very seriously and something like that can cause total chaos within certain religious communities.
6. Who Am I?
It's something we as human beings are always striving to find. If you were to ever have a clone, your very identity could be threatened. You're no longer unique, and you don't know where you fit into the world. Just how does this clone relate to you? Is it your child, sister, or brother? The stress is enough to make you think that having yourself cloned was a bad idea.
Your clone can make you look bad and tarnish your reputation. Your life will never be the same. It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but you're eating your words now. Cloning is unpredictable, and you don't really know what you're clone is capable of. Cloning is cruel not only to the world, but you're identity. The thought alone of not being unique in your own way can put you into serious depression.
7. The World Is Not So Accepting
You think being a normal human being in the world is hard enough well try being a clone. You could be considered nothing but a vessel for carrying human organs. You're a second class citizen, but you're more perfect than your human counter part. It's possible the original human could be rejected socially because they don't compare to the perfection of the clone. A clone can also not be accepted because it is too perfect. Human beings are insecure about their appearance as it is, but clones can only make you feel like there's something wrong with you as a human being.
The world will never fully understand cloning and as a result they will never be accepted. When something is different, people tend to be less accepting of it. Clones are born to serve the human race. Nothing more, right? Rejection is a harsh reality for clones as well as human beings. A clone's perfection can very well kill off the human race because people feel they are no longer needed, no longer a valuable part of the world.
8. Life Means Nothing When It Comes To Family
Family is everything for the human race. It's an artificial love between parent and so called clone child. You're not giving birth to your own child. You're giving birth to you or to someone else who all ready exists in the world as an adult. Parents are taking home a child that is far from unique, but they will pick a clone that has certain qualities that they want in a child. This is no way to build a family.
An unbalance will be created in society if cloning becomes a normal way of life. Families will be devastated and torn apart by the change in their family structure. You're bringing a cloned child into your family to make it perfect. It only makes your family insecure and unworthy of your love. The clone child is everything you've ever wanted because you were able to pick out its qualities. Your human children feel like they don't matter or measure up to the clone child and as a result your perfect family comes crashing down.
9. Used For Evil
Evil exists in the world, but this is just messed up. Yes clones can be used for evil. They can be bought and sold to bring destruction upon the world. They will only be seen as property and tools to do evil people's bidding. Armies will rise and take over the world so don't even think about cloning humans. It will be the worst mistake you ever made.
Ethics are thrown out the window when clones are created to do the bidding of power hungry people. A black market may appear where clones are sold to commit crimes for people who don't want to be linked back to their crimes. It's all a big fraud when clones are thrown into the mix. Clones are objects and nothing more. They look like people, and the human race is using them to shape the world how they see fit by any means necessary. What does it really saying about the human race?
10. It's Unnatural
The laws of nature are completely turned upside down if cloning becomes successful. Cloning should never exist because it's unnatural. Clones are made artificially and are not born naturally like human beings. The whole process messes with our world's ecosystem. The world is in danger if scientists ever perfect the process of cloning. Lets hope that never happens.
The way humans are conceived is no matter of importance anymore. Reproduction of human life is used as an instrument for selfish purposes. When the laws of nature are manipulated in the interests of scientist who think they can change the world for the better, havoc erupts because they don't understand the full extent of what they're doing to the world. It's all about succeeding in cloning, not how they will impact the world we live in. If too many successful clones are made, its unnatural process will result in some serious problems for the human race. Cloning is wrong and is a practice that should stay buried, FOREVER!

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