15 Strange Museums Around The World You Must See To Believe

Cheryl Brite August 30th 2016 Travel
When you travel to a new place, it's always good to check out some of the local museums. And when you've had your fill of art, science, and history, it's also good to check out some of the lesser known museums - places that are full of oddities, peculiarities, and downright weirdness. Below are 15 of the world's weirdest and wackiest museums, compiled for your wide-eyed, slack-jawed viewing pleasure. If a trip around the globe isn't in the cards for you any time soon, you can check out this list and pretend you're on a wonderfully weird world tour.
1. ABBA The Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
It's a whole museum dedicated to to the musical group ABBA. No way! You can't believe it. If you're a big fan of ABBA, you can't possibly pass up the opportunity to explore this place of musical history. The creepy looking dolls of the members of the group behind a glass case will give you nightmares, but that hasn't changed your opinion that ABBA is awesome with such hits as Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia. What are you waiting for?
The ABBA Museum is not just about showing off their hits. The museum also has paraphernalia like the helicopter on the cover of one of their albums "Arrival." It also had holographic images of the band members. Can you say amazing? There's also a phone where ABBA members have promised to speak to visitors. The museum really gets into the band members personal lives like their divorces because this museum is not just about the highs of their lives but the lows as well, so fans can get an idea of who ABBA really was.
2. Paris Sewer Museum, Paris, France
Talk about something you won't believe until you see it. It's a sewer museum. Who would want to go to a sewer museum? Well you do as you explore the sewers of paris and learn about their history. Ok, now you have to come to Paris. It's been open for people to explore since 1867.
The Paris Sewer Museum is located at the Pont de l'Alma in the 7th arrondissement in France. You can get there by metro on line 9 at Alma-Marceau Station, by RER train line C, and by bus on lines 63 and 80. Tours were offered twice a month by boats and wagons. The sewers came to life in the 14th century by developer Hugues Aubriot. The new design was created by Eugene Belgrand in the 19th century. You learn about what the sewer worker did underground as well as the methods of water treatment.
3. Spam Museum, Austin, Minnesota (USA)
You buy Spam and you eat Spam but never in your wildest dreams did you ever think a Spam Museum existed. Of all the foods to dedicate a museum to, they choose Spam. Why? You'll learn the story of Spam and how it came to be. You'll even be able to taste dishes with Spam incorporated creatively. There's even a gift shop if exploring this museum was not enough for you.
The Spam Museum has been open for over 12 years to people all over the world. It first opened in 2002 for Spam enthusiasts. As you tour the place you will discover entertaining videos about Spam as well as a towering wall of Spam. It even has its own radio station and live cooking demonstrations of the different ways of preparing Spam. You also can become interactive with this meat as you attempt to put it into the can on an assembly line. It is scheduled to reopen on May 2016, but this museum is so worth the wait.
4. House Of Marbles, Bovey Tracey, Devon, England
Marbles, really? A museum full of marbles. You're just trying to get this through your head. It's an old school museum that also has chess sets, spinning tops, and so much more. The House of Marbles will bring out the child in you as you buy games that remind you of more simple times in your life. What can be better then letting go of being an adult and becoming a child again?
The House of Marbles is dedicated to producing high quality toys, marbles, games, and so much more to their customers. You can enjoy the museum of marbles as well as browse the gift shop to bring home memories from your time in Devon. There's also a coffee shop and a restaurant where you can relax after your time at the marble museum. The collection of marble runs and the giant floating marbles will amaze and excite your inner child. Marbles aren't the only thing you can experience at the House of Marbles. Glass Making, the Pottery Museum, the Game Museum, and the Games Garden are places you can also explore.
5. Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, Riga, Latvia
The name makes you wonder what kind of museum you're about to step into. Well you're stepping back in time that's for sure. Latvian Houses and other sites in this forest date back to the 17th century to the 1930's. It's a physical place where the history is right before your eyes. You love history! You're in a forest near Lake Jugla.
The Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum started in 1924 and was inspired by open air museums in Scandinavia. Four regions were planned on being established by a farm. Courland, Zemgale, Vidzeme, and Latgale were regions that would represent different crafts of the Latvia. 1932 was when the museum was finally opened to the public. By 1939 40 buildings stood in the museum and today 118 are on display. The Latvia groups are represented with over 3,000 item and 114,000 collections.
6. Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets, New Delhi, India
Yes you've heard this museum correctly. It's a museum of unique looking toilets. Why would you go to a place to look at toilets? Pure curiosity is all you can think of. How many different ways can toilets possibly look? Plus the invention has been a big part of your life and you just want to thank the toilets for everything they've done for you over the year
The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets is a place where you can learn all about the history of sanitation and hygiene of toilets. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak is the founder of this fine establishment. You can tour the museum and see the history of toilets unfold from the past in 2500 BC to the present. The facts, pictures, and objects tell an interesting story. Ancient, Medieval, and Modern are three sections the museum is divided into in order to see the progression of toilets throughout history. People from all over the world have visited this museum, even dignitaries, so why haven't you?
7. Cat Museum, Kuching, Malaysia
Cats are so cute and cuddly and now they are a part of the museum world. Awesome, right! The cat is considered a lucky animal in Malaysia and as you enter the huge cat head into the museum, you'll begin to understand why there are more than 2,000 exhibits to explore. You better prepare yourself. You'll learn all about mummy cats in Egypt to the ever popular Hello Kitty. Once you exit through the huge kitty, you'll learn more about cats then you've ever thought you could and become an even better cat lady.
The Cat Museum was inspired by the owner's love of cats. It has inspired cat lovers from all over to come and learn what they didn't know about their favorite feline. You'll learn about the Malayan cat and how it came to be. You will also look through the World art, craft, and photography of different cats all over the world. You will even see some of the world's famous cats like Puss in Boots and Garfield. You won't be able to get over the cuteness as well as the history of this prominent feline.
8. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Tours, London
It's a tennis museum. If you're a fan of tennis, then it's understandable why you would step foot into this museum. You'll see impressive displays with tennis memorabilia and historical films that will keep you watching until it's over. Tennis racquets, balls, outfits, trophies, and so much more significant objects hold so much history where some of them date back to 1555. Wow, that's amazing! No wonder sports fans from all over visit this museum.
The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum was established in 1977 at the AELTCC Wimbledon SW 19. It is also one of the largest tennis museums in the world. You have the chance of exploring the CentreCourt 360 where you can see the atmosphere of Centre Court. You can also take a tour and see behind the scenes of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. The Kenneth Wimbledon Library is available for visitors to make an appointment and see the collection of books, periodicals, videos, and DVDs that have to do with tennis. At the end of the day you can visit the souvenir shop where you can purchase tennis rackets, DVDS, books, and more.
9. One Direction Museum, Mullingar, Ireland
A museum dedicated to a boy band. It's every fan girl's dream. What a useless way to spend time even contemplating to build? Well it hasn't been built yet, so there's still a chance to think of something better to build in its place. It was a plan to be created in honor of one of the band members Niall Horan, who was born in Mullingar. Wow, what a great idea, not!
The One Direction Museum has plans to be built. A building has all ready been chosen apparently. The address hasn't been given out either. Niall Horan thinks it's a great idea. It's not only a stupid idea, but it's a strange idea. He hasn't been in One Direction long enough for a museum to be built in his honor and what has he done that is so great?
10. Barbie Doll Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
Plastic dolls align the walls of this museum. It's a museum dedicated to a plastic toy, a PLASTIC TOY! Barbie is a classic doll who can be anything she wants to be as long as the manufacturers make her that way. It's the perfect place to take your daughters and learn the history of Barbie. You'll teach them that they can be anything, and you'll buy them a Barbie before the day is done. She's a great role mode for girls.
The Barbie Doll Museum is a privately owned building. It is also a place where you can remember when you were a little girl playing with Barbie dolls. The nostalgia is so overwhelming! All over the world people visit this museum to see the history of Barbie throughout the years. From 1959 to the present you can tour the walls and displays of Barbie. It's truly the evolution of Barbie!
11. UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell, New Mexico
They are among us. You'll learn exactly what happened with the UFO's in Roswell or will you? The facts will be presented to you along with cool, visual displays. One exhibit you can't let pass you by is the "Flying Saucer," which occurred in Roswell in 1947. Your experience at the UFO Museum will make you wonder whether aliens really do exist. What else exists out there?
The International UFO Museum and Research Center is located at 114 North Main Street. From 9AM to 5PM your life will change forever on your perception of aliens. In the 1990's Walter Haut, who had been a part of Roswell, decided to find a home for the UFO Museum. People want to know what happened at Roswell, and this museum provides them with what they need to know. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The guides are more than happy to answer your questions about Roswell and aliens.
12. British Lawnmower Museum, Southport, England
Just when you think there can't be anymore museums dedicated to unusual objects, the lawnmower museum is born. A lawnmower! There's not only one but two museums dedicated to this grass eating device. Why two? What could you possibly learn from one that you can't learn from the other museum? If you're an avid lawnmower, the British Lawnmower Museum is the perfect place for you to learn about how this device has changed overtime and what celebrity owned what lawnmower.
The British Lawnmower Museum is located at 106-114 Shakespeare Street, Southport PR8 5AJ. You can visit over 300 exhibits of lawnmowers over the last 200 years. Prince Charles and Princess Diana are just some of the celebrities that lawnmowers are named after. Why would royalty be named after lawnmowers? The museum has a collection of lawnmowers that are restored from all over the world. They even have patents and blue prints dating back from 1799.
13. Museum Of Bad Art, Massachusetts
Do you love bad art? Well the Museum of Bad Art is a great place to decide whether you think the art is bad or not, and it's a great way to spend your time and critique art like a professional. How would anyone know the difference between good or bad art anyway? This museum started off with a few pieces of art and grew to show more than 500 pieces of artwork that are bad. So get started you have a long day ahead of you. Let the bad art begin!
The Museum of Bad Art was established in 1994 in Dedham, Massachusetts. It is a privately owned museum to celebrate artist's work that would be seen no matter how bad it is. 25 to 35 works of art are shown at one time. To even been considered bad art the works provided have to be original, have serious thought put into it, have flaws, and not be boring. Of course the museum has been said to be a place of anti-art but this is not the case says the co-founder of the museum Marie Jackson. They have some stand out pieces like Lucy in the Field with Flowers, Sunday on the Pot with George, and Juggling Dog in Hula Skirt that are popular among visitors.
14. Comic Strip Museum, Brussels, Belgium
Comic books are your life, and they've finally answered your prayers by building a museum in Belgium. You'll learn about the journey of comic books and why they are still successful today. When you want to read your comic books, there's a reading room in the museum where you can relax and get lost in the world of your favorite comic book characters. Doesn't that sound nice? This is clearly a great idea for a museum. It makes sense!
The Comic Strip Museum was made in 1984. It is located at Rue des Sables 20, 1000 Brussels. With more than 700 comic strips to see you'll be reading for a while. Ninth Art and Art Nouveau combine to make this museum a true masterpiece of art. Tintin, Spirou, Bob and Bobette, the Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Blake and Mortimer are just some of the comic strips you will see on your visit. From 10AM to 6PM everyday you can admire the hard work and creativity that went into each and every comic strip.
15. The Lunchbox Museum, Columbus, Georgia (USA)
Lunch boxes are still relevant today, and you don't care what anyone says. If this isn't an unusual thing to build a museum around, then you don't know what is. It's a sea of metal lunch boxes that greet your eyes as you walk right in. The Lunchbox Museum is also the home of the largest lunchbox. It will make you feel like a child again. Seeing your favorite characters on lunch boxes will make you smile.
The Lunch Box Museum is located at River Market Antiques and Art Center in Columbus, Georgia. You can touch the lunch boxes and let nostalgia take over your brain. The Knight Rider and Superman are just some of the iconic lunch boxes you will find at this museum. From 10AM-6PM on Wednesday through Saturday and Sun from 11AM-5PM your childhood can come alive again. It's only a $5.00 admission fee to get in, and it's so worth the trip if you're in the area. What are you waiting for?

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