The 10 Most Unique and Coolest Malls In The World

Cheryl Brite August 30th 2016 Travel
The mall is where you love to spend your time shopping and hanging out with friends, but you crave more than just the ordinary mall you go to day in and day out. The world is full of malls for you to discover, and you can't wait to explore all the possibilities. So get going! What could be more excited then traveling the world? Nothing! These unique malls will make your everyday mall look insignificant.
1. Siam Paragon, Bangkok
It is 2.5 million square feet in size, so you have a lot of ground to cover. So get started! Your feet may hurt by the end but going to see a movie, going bowling, singing karoke, going to the art gallery, and going to the aquarium is so worth the trip. Who knew you could do all these activities in a mall? You haven't even gotten to their grocery store yet. Their selection of food is from all over from places like Europe.
When you explore the main floor of the mall, luxury is there to greet you. Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Versace are just some of the stores where you can purchase quality clothes, shoes, purses, etc. The first floor has more cutting edge fashion like The Gap and H&M for price conscious customers. The second and third floors cater towards customers who are interested in lifestyle and leisure brands like Bose and Blackberry. Onto the fourth floor the world of technology will be there for all your electronic needs along with some places to eat. The fifth and final floor is full of entertaining activities like going to the movies at the Cineplex, which include IMAX, the Blue-O Rhythm, bowling, and the Royal Paragon Exhibition Hall.
2. Mall Of America, Bloomington, Minnesota
There's nothing interesting about the name of this mall, but the 2.77 million square feet opens its doors to couples who are interested in getting married in their mall. How romantic? Who could blame couples when this place is built like a theme park. It's the mall where most people go to and good luck looking at everything the Mall Of America has to offer because it will take you 86 hours. This mall is a great place for adults and children alike because it includes a Nickelodeon Theme Park for kids and a comedy house for adults and so much more. There's nothing you wouldn't find in this mall that wouldn't suit your needs.
When you're done exploring your inner child with your child, you and your family are starving. The American Girl Bistro is a perfect place for mother and daughter to bond. The American Girl Doll is also invited to dinner where you all enjoy the rich foods and being girls. For more of an adult dinning experience, you can make your way to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. where they only serve the most fresh and most delicious shrimp to ever touch your taste buds. The Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, yes I said the aquarium, will amaze your kids and be difficult for you to pull them away from the sea creatures in the glass. There's a LEGO store that you must checkout with your kids because they will enjoy building with the legos while you wonder how long it took for someone to put together their huge legos models.
3. Mall Of Emirates, Dubai
Dubai's 2.4 million square feet is truly something to marvel at when you step inside this mall. Where to start? Sure it has all the ordinary things every mall has, but what makes the Mall of Emirates so unique is its indoor ski slope. You don't even have to go outside to enjoy this winter activity. It also contains a theme park called Magic Planet where you can see 4-D movies as well as a roller coaster called the RoboCoaster. Did you even know there was such a thing as 4-D movies?
Well there's so much more you haven't explored yet. Borders is a great bookstore where you sit down and enjoy a book and relax. Chanel caters to your every perfume needs, and it's high quality perfume is something that you just can't leave the store without buying. Crate & Barrel is a great simplistic but quality store where you can purchase furniture and accessories to make your rooms at home shine. From sweets to cafes to fast food and restaurants, you'll find all you need to satisfy your taste buds and your stomach. When you've worn your feet out and need a place to stay for a few nights, the Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel is a great place by the water where you can rest your head on your comfortable bed.
4. The Kitai-Gorod GUM, Moscow
The breathtaking architecture of this 861,000 square feet is something you will have a hard time taking your eyes off of but the beauty of the circular roof of glass inside the mall is another feature you will never forget. GUM is a department store within the mall you should checkout as well. Tourists travel to this mall from all over the world. All the more reason for you to find out what all the fuss is about. They have brand names that exist in the west that will make you feel right at home. You want to feel like there's a part of home with you wherever you go.
Its history starts with its construction. It was built by Alexander Pomerantsev between 1890 and 1893. The building was inspired by Russian Medieval architecture as well as steel and glass materials to bring this grand building together. When the Russian Revolution came to a close, 1,200 stores were added in 1917. In 1953 this building became a department store and was one of the rare stores where the Soviet Union didn't run out of consumer goods. In 2005 it was sold to a distributor and became a private shopping mall and today you can see the history of the mall in its architecture.
5. Ala Moana Shopping Center, Honolulu
Hawaii's Ala Moana Shopping center is a large open air, 200 million square foot mall with an impressive food court the world will ever see. Its contains more than 290 places to shop and eat. You know you'll be able to taste different foods you have never experienced before. They market towards tourists from all over the world. This is important because they want people from all over the world to come and enjoy what Hawaii truly has to offer and purchase their goods. It's no wonder their occupancy rates are high.
If you're staying at Waikiki's Hotel, you are practically in walking distance of the mall, or you can take the bus. You can admire this mall's size as you can find any place within the mall that caters to your taste buds as well as your bank account. Returning customers will be able to see how the mall has changed in order to reinvent and improve their mall. It's a great environment for families to get out of the sun and have some fun in an indoor world of amazing stores and restaurants. From men's apparel to women's apparel to child's wear, jewelry, shoes, electronics, and health stores, there is nothing you won't find to suit your needs. The mall's newest set up in the mall is called Centertainment where professionals will showcase cultural, fashion, and community performances every year.
6. Villagio Mall, Doha
This semi-outdoor mall is no ordinary mall with a canal running through this 1.4 million square foot mall. The atmosphere is relaxing, and you'll feel the stress of shopping melt away. When your feet can't take walking anymore, an amazing gondola ride awaits you. You can see night and day from different parts of the Villagio Mall. Other activities include enjoying a movie on a 13 inch IMAX screen, ice skating, and eventually you will be able to ride their roller coaster. You'll never want to leave this mall and go back to your mall at home.
Located between the Hyatt Plaza and Sport City on Al Waab Street, the Villagio mall is the epitome of italian architecture. Luxury brands are available for you to splurge your money. There are foods from all over the global that you can introduce to your taste buds like Thai food. They even have an area of the mall for kids to play bumper cars, sky loop, horror street ride, bowling, and so much more. This is called the Gondolania theme park where your kids can have the time of their lives. Just because you're not a kid doesn't mean you can't enjoy theme park.
7. Tokyo Midtown
You've always wanted to go to Japan, and this mall is your first stop in exploring Tokyo. Surrounded by other developed buildings, this 786,000 square foot mall exudes classy and style. It fits perfectly with your personality. This mall is unique in that it contains hotel rooms, offices, a museum and not only restaurants and shopping malls. You can enjoy wine from Coppola's Vinoteca and shop at american fashion retailer Dean & DeLuca. It's a mall and hotel wrapped into one convenient stay.
Japanese fashion has always been your passion and now you finally get to shop for clothes that have never been in your closet before. When you've worked up an appetite, your taste buds will be interested to the most fresh and high quality cuisine you will ever taste in Tokyo. Their pastries will blow your taste buds out of the water. Health and Beauty, flower shops, pet care, bookstores, drugstores, and so much more are available to take care of yourself, your pets, and your need to shop. Its warm and modern environment makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The Tokyo Midtown's design is geared towards high quality and appreciation of beautiful things that will stand the test of time.
8. GPO, Melbourne
A three lettered word is the name of this mall, but that's not what is so unique about this mall. It use to be a post office but now its an architectural marvel in Australia. You would have never though that this mall use to be a post office by the way its designed. GPO means General Post Office, but it is now better off as a mall. Its 50 stores stand on three levels you can explore and enjoy. With this many stores, you will find what you are looking for to make this trip worthwhile.
Its museum like atmosphere gives you an unique experience as a tourist that you've never seen before. Try the sushi rolls once you have had enough walking. It's fresh taste and sea weed goodness will make you enjoy this mall so much more. Plus it's inexpensive so your taste buds get to enjoy japanese cuisine without worrying how expensive your meal will come to. Its H&M store will cater to your shopping needs. Larsen Jewelry is a luxury brand where you will only find the most high quality jewelry that you can buy for that special someone.
9. West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta
There's a water park inside the mall. Yes, you heard me correctly. If this isn't unique enough for you, then nothing ever will be. Its a 3.77 million square foot mall with the biggest indoor water park and wave pool in the world. Now you'll never be able to get your child to leave. With over 800 stores you will find something that peaks your interest besides clothing stores like the Galaxyland Theme Park, a lake of sea lions, a shooting range, zoo, and so much more that will make your head spin.
When you need to sit and eat, the mall's dinning options will make you want to stay, enjoy the food, laugh, and drink until the night is over. In the morning you can head over to Beach Hut where you can purchase souvenirs to bring home to your friends and family. If you desire a nice dark and quiet place, the West Edmonton movie theatre is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a film or two. The Disney Store and Build-A-Bear Workshop will excite your kids while the Apple Store will remind you how old your computer is and that you should really get a new one. The Fantasyland Hotel and the West Edmonton Mall Inn are great places to rest after a long day at the mall. The Fantasyland Hotel, inside the mall, has rooms that are designed specifically after an era or place while the inn is your classic hotel room but high quality.
10. The Dubai Mall
You know it's obviously in Dubai by the name alone, and it is the largest mall when it comes to area of about 12.1 million square feet. 1,200 stores exist within this massive mall, and you can definitely not ignore the large aquarium. It even has an ice skating rink you can practice all your cool moves. When you get tired of this, you can rest in your hotel which is actually inside the Dubai Mall. How convenient, right? The mall within a mall theme is something you'll notice when you're enjoying your time at this mall, and you know you won't have enough time to explore all in one day, but you're determined to anyway.
You can shop at the anchor stores like Bloomingdale's for hours because their clothes are fashion forward and stylish. Make your way over to Galaries Lafayette where men and women's fashion, jewelry, watches will make you never want to leave. When you're in the mood for electronics, The Virgin Megastores has CDs, DVDS, Blu-ray discs, books and so much more to choose from like purchasing concert tickets for your favorite bands. They have a toy store that will definitely impress the kids called Hamleys. Hershey's Chocolate world is a true treat for adults and kids alike. You can purchase every hershey brand they have as well as gifts and souvenirs but even better you can have your picture printed on a Hershey bar.

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