20 Reasons Men Won't Step Foot In A Doctor's Office

Cheryl Brite September 7th 2016 Health
The doctor's office can be a scary place, especially for men. The last thing they want to do is admit that they need a doctor. They're use to being tough and in control but going to the doctor is like admitting your weak and out of control of yourself. Lets face it no one wants to go to the doctor but in the end it may just save your life. Put aside your pride and go today! You'll be happy you did.
1. A Prostate Exam
As a doctor you're invading their personal space. They feel like they are being violated by your finger. It's an uncomfortable experience that a man doesn't want to think about or even go through. It has to do with giving their power away to someone else. That's never a great feeling. It may be an unpleasant procedure to go through, but it could make a big difference in their lives when it comes to their health.
If a man is 50 years old and older, he should get a prostate exam. The exam only takes a minute or two. It's over before you know it, and it's a painless procedure. The doctor will tell you when they are starting the exam, so there are no surprises. You'll stand feet apart in a hospital gown, bend over, and with a surgical glove, the doctor will insert his or her finger inside you, feeling for anything unusual. This may seem like the most degrading thing a man can do but if there's something wrong with your prostate, this is the best procedure to find out.
2. Examine Balls
What an uncomfortable experience this must be for a man. The doctor's examination of your balls makes you feel nervous and exposed. It also makes you feel vulnerable and powerless. It's for your own good, but you don't see it at the time. This procedure could save your life one day. Man up and got to the doctor's.
The reason doctors feel your balls is to make sure you don't have cancer or a hernia. They're here to help you. The last thing they want you to feel is uncomfortable. Your health is the most important priority to them. It should be to you. The last thing you should do is walk around with a medical condition that can be treated right away because it will only get worse the more time you don't go to the doctor's.
3. Believe Their Fine
There's nothing wrong. You don't need to go to the doctor. You feel fine. You say this as you throw your back out again. You'd rather try and walk it off then admit that you're in terrible agony, which can be dangerous in the long run if you're not treated for the pain. That makes no sense at all!
Most men say they won't go to the doctor unless they're really sick. As a man your health conditions won't be spotted until it's too late. Don't ignore things like high cholesterol or high blood pressure because you might just find out too late that you have heart disease. You could have done something about it, but you were too much of a coward to go to the doctor. It's even worse if you don't go to the doctor for your sexual health. You may have contracted an STD and not know it for a long time.
4. Going To The Doctor Is Showing Weakness
Your body is falling apart before you and your family's very eyes. You can't show how vulnerable you are, so you keep it all inside. You can deal with it all on your own. When someone even suggests you going to the doctor, you say that's for weaklings. You're a strong man, nothing can hurt you, right? WRONG!
You won't feel so strong when you find yourself in the emergency room. A doctor reveals to you that you have something devastating. You're putting your life at risk by not admitting when you need help. It's not weak! It's the smart thing to do to go to the doctor's. You've only got one life, and it's a waste to prevent your body the care it needs to survive because you're afraid you'll be judged by your male friends that you go to the doctor.
5. Embarrassed To Talk About What Going On With You
The last thing you want your doctor or loved ones to know is something is wrong with you. You're invulnerable! If you don't talk about your condition, it's like it doesn't exist. What kind of logic is that? Eventually it will catch up with you and you will have nowhere to hide. You can be responsible for your own death but do you every think about that, no?
You don't like to talk about your feelings. Talking about your medical problems is just plain embarrassing. You're leaving yourself open to judgement and ridicule. You're left feeling vulnerable. It's important that your loved ones know as well as your doctor, so you can have the support and healthcare you need to live a happy and healthy life. Doctor's have come across almost any kind of medical condition in their profession and now all they want to do is help and the first step is letting them.
6. Office Hours Are Not Convenient
Office hours are always inconvenient. This is just an excuse to avoid going to the doctor. You could make time if you really wanted to, but the truth is that you don't. Just admit that you're scared of going to the doctor. It's not like you're the only one. Time may be running out for you, and you don't even know it.
You spend most of your time doing pointless things in your life. Spending your life in front of a TV for hours on end won't improve your health. The best way to spend your time is going to the doctor's on a regular basis. The office might not be close by and the hours may feel inconvenient to you, but your health should be your number one priority. It shouldn't matter how far you go. Get up and go all ready!
7. Going To The Doctor Means Your Wife Is Right
You hate when your wife is right. It's the last thing you want to admit to yourself and your friends who make fun of you. She is saving your life. She only wants what is best for you, and she wants you to be around for a long time. Your wife is always right so man up and go to the doctor. It will all be over before you know it.
You're always right. She can't be right about this. You won't go to the doctor's because your pride will be hurt that your wife cares about your health. When you can put this petty idea to the side, you may be able to realize that it doesn't matter who was right. The only thing that matters is that you're around, so you can be with your wife for years to come. Doesn't that sound nice?
8. Doctors Available To Help You And You Don't Realize This
Your doctor is here for you. They want to help you get better no matter what you're going through. They only have the best intentions, yet you don't realize everything they've done for you. You're just making up excuses not go to the doctor. Please let your doctor take care of you. They're trying to prolong your life.
The prevention of sickness is why doctors got into this field of work. Don't mistake their behavior as not caring about what you're going through. They take the time to talk to you about your condition and how to manage it. They're also there for you if you have any questions. Their job is to keep you healthy by the time you leave their office. You're alive because of them.
9. Relationship With Physician Is Non-existent
Well whose fault is that? You're just not feeling the relationship with your doctor. It's important to find a doctor you can build a relationship with, so there's trust that can be built. You may feel like it will take a lot of work to find the perfect match for you but in the end the only thing that matters is maintaining your health. Find a doctor! Get your health back!
Friends and family can help you find the doctor for you. You want someone who has a great education and a lot of years experience as a doctor. If you don't form a relationship with your doctor by 40 years old, you're in trouble. Maybe you don't want to form a relationship with a doctor. You want to be in and out of the doctor's office as quickly as you can. This is not a great attitude to have because it will deter you from finding someone you can be comfortable with to make your experience at the doctor's a little bit more pleasant.
10. Afraid You Will Be Judged
People can be judgmental and if you're doctor is this way when it comes to your health, maybe they're not the doctor for you. You know it won't help you if your doctor is constantly putting you down for doing the wrong thing. It may make you feel like you never want to go back to the doctor's. If you're doctor is doing their job right, they know how to encourage you instead of insult you. It will make your experience at the doctor's much more easier. The judgement will just melt away.
The last thing you want is judgmental eyes on you. You're looking for understanding and support. You want your doctor to say cut back on that 12 pack on the weekends. You don't want your doctor to say you're getting fat so drop that 12 pack. From your family it can't be easy to be judged. They're constant belittling your weight and the way you're not taking care of yourself, and it's not helping you want to get healthy because it just hurts your feelings, making you want to eat more.
11. No Doctor
You don't have a doctor. Yet another excuse in your book of excuses not to go to the doctor. You're only hurting yourself. You do realize that, right? Get up and go find a doctor! You will not only live longer, but your body will be happy as well that you're finally giving it the care it deserves.
You're only shortening your life by not having a doctor. How do you think that makes your friends and family feel? Ignoring all your problems won't make them go away. Having a doctor is probably one of the most important people you will ever have in your life. They are looking out for YOU! Listen to your body and get your butt to a doctor, pronto!
12. No Insurance
Get insurance and get your butt to the doctor. No more excuses because I'm sure your friends and family are sick of them by now. If they haven't bound and gagged you into the car and drove you to the doctor's office by now, you should make your way to the doctors before this traumatic event happens. Insurance will lower how much you have to spend on your health, so it's worth investing your time into. Your body will feel better and so will your wallet. What are you waiting for?
Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shields, and other health insurance companies will work for you to get the best plan for you when it comes to your health. You can go onto their websites and find out more information about what best fits your health needs. Despite what you think, not all health insurance plans are expensive. Your health bill will be if you just continue to pay out of pocket. You may not like spending money, but there's not better way to spend money then on your well being. You won't have money to spend if you're dead.
13. Don't Want to Spend Your Money
You're cheap. You're afraid the doctor will take all your money, and you'll never see it again. You think your money could be used for more important things. Your health is important and if you have to spend some money to stay in good health, then it will all be worth it. Plus your insurance will help you out with your expenses. Your health is on the line, and you can't afford to be hesitant with your money.
The way you spend your money is important. Material things may seem important to you but in the long run they can't help your health. You need to get your priorities straightened out. Money keeps you alive and on the right track when it comes to your health. It should take priority above everything else. Everything else is just insignificant.
14. You Feel Like Doctors Don't Do A Thing
You feel the same whether you go to the doctor's or not. You don't want to spend your money on your health if you feel like your doctor is doing nothing to improve it. You think they're cold and uncaring as they move onto the next patient. You think they only want your money. It's a big waste of time, and you feel like you can take care of yourself better then any doctor can because you know you're body. Again, make sure you find a reputable doctor.
They read your chart, hand you pills, and send you on your way. You feel like they're trying to get rid of you. To you they're a waste of a white lab coat and a degree. You throw your money at them, and you get nothing back. Despite what you've heard about doctors, they're not all the same. They are doctors out there that are passionate about their job and want to help you get the best care possible.
15. You Don't Want To Know If Something's Wrong
Living blissfully unaware sounds good to you. You'd rather be in the dark then know if there's something wrong with you. It's scary to know that your life is about to change. Isn't it more frightening not knowing if there's something wrong with you? Trust me you're better off knowing so you can be given treatment. Your life is important.
It's like living your life as a ticking time bomb. You never know when you're going to go off and hurt the people around because you couldn't face up to your demons. Not knowing if you're sick is dangerous. You could spend the rest of your life in the hospital and wonder why you got there. You'll be kicking yourself that you didn't find out sooner rather then later. You've probably cut your quality of life short because you think it's better not to know anything bad about your health.
16. You Just Don't Want To Go
You don't feel like it. It's a simple explanation, but it is an unsatisfactory answer for your wife. What a stupid reason not to go? You couldn't think of anything better? It's like saying you could care less about your health. Quit making up excuses and go to the doctor!
This excuse is how you get out of everything you don't want to do. This isn't just anything you make an excuse to get out of. Your life may depend on going to the doctor's. Not wanting to go to the doctor's is not good enough anymore. What is it going to take to get you to the doctor? You may end up in a body bag before you can even answer the question.
17. Doctor's Office Makes You Feel Uncomfortable
The atmosphere feels constricting, and you feel like you can't breathe. Your nerves are getting the best of you, and you haven't even seen the doctor yet. Try to calm down and realize that this is what is best for your health. Trust in your doctor and the process. You can't go wrong! You may never like the doctor's office, but you'll be grateful that you know that you're in good health.
You hate feeling uncomfortable, but you need to put this feeling aside for your health. Let your doctor know how you're feeling. They will be understanding and make you feel as comfortable as possible. You feel more at ease the next time you come in. The doctor's office won't seem so menacing anymore. You'll find it's not so bad after all.
18. Lack of Encouragement
You're from a family who fears doctor, so you've never been encouraged to go to the doctor's. This could be very dangerous. One day you could drop dead and never know why. What a frightening thought? So disregard your family's beliefs and if you think something is wrong, go to the doctor. Trust your body to tell you what's wrong.
The worst thing that can happen is not getting the encouragement you need to get your health back on track. You feel alone and that no one cares about you. As a result you don't get the care you need to live a long life. This is no way to live. Realize you're worth saving and that your life has meaning. Be your own encouragement and live long and happy.
19. Have Had Bad Experiences In The Past
You've had cold, incompetent doctors and procedures gone wrong. You're afraid to open yourself up to that kind of pain again. How do you ever trust a doctor ever again? Research is the best way to find a good doctor for you. It wouldn't hurt for you to also look around your local area and visit some doctor's office to get a better idea of what they represent when it comes to health. Friends and family are another great source.
Bad experiences at the doctor's office are unfortunate. The way you see doctors, nurses, and other staff has ruined your for life. You want to be treated like you matter. Your health should be top priority to your medical team. You'll feel more at ease when it comes to your health and going to the doctor's on a regular basis. No one should have a horrible experience at the doctor's so avoid it if you can and find health professionals who care about your well being.
20. Tough It Out
You don't need a doctor. You know yourself better then any doctor ever will, so you'll just tough it out. Hopefully your pride won't lead to your downfall. Don't let your pride get in the way of what's best for your health. Now what your body needs. Go to the doctor's today.
As a result of being tough your kidney could burst, you could get a heart attack, or you could just drop dead. A doctor could tell you to get checked out regularly, eat right, and exercise. You may never get this worth while health advice as you suffer in silence with your sickness. You're not so tough when you're dead. What point are you truly trying to make by ignoring the problem and thinking you know better than a trained professional? Don't be stupid and see a doctor before death happens to you.

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