20 Fun and Relaxing Activities To Do In The Summer

Cheryl Brite September 7th 2016 Travel
Summer is the time to enjoy the weather. Whether you spend your time inside or outside, this warm season is your chance to have fun. Let loose! So what are you planning to do during the summer? Well if you can't think of anything, here are some ideas to get your summer started. Have a nice summer!
1. The Beach
This is the first thing you should think about in the summer. Pack up the car with beach gear, and you'll be on your way to beach paradise. It's hot and what better way to cool off then taking a swim? Make sure you put on that sunscreen, or you will get burned. The sun is shining, the water feels great, and watch out for that shark! Just kidding.
You can lie out on the sand as the rhythm of the waves leaves you in a relaxed state. Building sand castles is another way to enjoy your time at the beach. Surfing, diving, swimming, and riding a jet ski are some of the ways you can fuel your adrenaline rush. You can't get enough of your time at the beach. So don't be a stranger. Get here when you can during the summer and have the time of your life.
2. BBQ
Set up the grill in your backyard and give your guests the food and fun times they've been craving all summer. Nothing tastes better then food right from the grill. The smell will draw you in and make your mouth water. Friends and family will be flocking to the grill to take a look at your mad grilling skills. Burgers and hotdogs are just some the things you can grill. The summer is the perfect time to BBQ outside, especially with friends and family.
When you think of a BBQ, you don't only have to use meat. There are some great fruits and vegetables that will taste delicious after they've been cooked on the grill. Pineapple and watermelon are great summertime fruits that will go well with your burger or hotdog. Peppers and corn on the cob are also desirable options to have on the grill because the char only enhances their flavor. Plus these foods are a healthier option then having a side of fries. Maybe you're not looking for healthy foods during the summer but whatever you choose to grill, you can't go wrong.
3. Music Concerts
Listening to your favorite artists, what could be better? Great music pounding through your ears sounds like a great way to spend your summer. Screaming at the top of your lungs sounds even greater. It's a time for you to let loose and leave your worries at home. Dancing and singing along with the music is a freeing experience that you can't get anywhere else. The nice summer weather doesn't hurt either.
Bring good shoes because it's practically a guarantee that you'll be standing for the majority of the concert. You'll have a transcendent moment when one of the members of the band touches your hand. Well you're never washing that hand again. Even the drunk guy throwing up next to you can't ruin your good time. What could make your summer even better? Having backstage passes to see the band!
4. Balloon Rides
Experiencing the world from high above the ground is an adrenaline rush you can't pass up. Everything looks so small that it makes you feel unreal. Summer is a perfect time to go balloon riding. With friends or family you'll have a great time in the air. The clear blue sky, the breathtaking views, and the refreshing breeze work together to make this activity something you will never forget. Especially when you've captured these moments on film.
The views seem endless from the sky. You could be seeing a forest, a field, a ocean, and other forms of land depending on where your floating over. You can be proposed to in a balloon, or you can be enjoying a romantic moment with that special someone. If you're deathly afraid of heights, this summer activity isn't for you unless you're trying to get over your fear. You know you've picked the right person to work the air balloon because you've done your research. You'll have the time of your life floating higher then you ever have in your life.
5. Winery
The vineyards are truly a beautiful sight to see in the summertime. As you taste different types of wine, you can learn how wine is made. It's also a great opportunity to spend time with your significant other in a romantic setting. Who knows, you may even be proposed to? It's even a great place to get married if you're thinking about a summer wedding. What better way to spend your summer with the drink you love the most?
Sipping wine while overlooking the winery fields, it doesn't get any better then this. Your miles away from your place of work, and you couldn't be happier. You can really find peace here as you walk through the winery. Maybe it gives you ideas to start your own winery someday. The sky's the limit. Drink wine and be merry!
6. Shopping
You need to be wearing the latest summer trends, and the mall is calling your name. Getting in the car you bring your friends along for the ride. You're ready to burn through your credit cards and go into debt but at least you're wearing the most up to date trend. If this is your idea of how to spend your summer, that's fine but you don't need to go into debt. Shopping should be fun and on a reasonable budget not a financial burden. Shop till you drop!
From Macy's to Nordstrom and Kohl's to Marshall's they are so many stores to meet your clothing needs. It's exciting when a store has that cute top you want that matches the skirt that you just have to get. You'll even throw shoes into the mix of your summer shopping experience. Don't go overboard with your shopping spree. You want to have enough money to enjoy the rest of your vacation. You can still have fun, but it's still smart to shop on a budget.
7. Museum
You want to stay cultured and educated even when school's out. The museum is the perfect place to be during the summer, and it's not because of the indoor air conditioning. Well that's a part of it. Every exhibit makes you excited to learn and be a part of the history on the walls with each room you step into. It's a great experience to enjoy with friends and family. Get your tickets today!
The tour guides are more than happy to answer any questions you have about any of the exhibits. While you like to be part of a crowd, you also like to go off on your own and discover things for yourself. It's fun and exciting to learn things you've never known before. You're only expanding your mind. It's a good thing! After you've seen the whole museum, the gift shop is calling your name.
8. Luxury Spa
You need to relax and pamper yourself. You work hard, and you need a little you time away from your family. A spa day is what you deserve to forget your stresses at home. Massages, facials, mud baths, and so much more are available to make you a whole person again. What are you waiting for? Get to your nearest spa today and take a load off!
Their spa treatments not only leave you feeling good, but you leave with your skin looking a lot healthier. With clear skin and rejuvenation you feel like you can take on the world again. Your head's on straight, and you're more relaxed then you've ever been. Especially when you bring your friends with you. You can even bring home a part of the spa with you as you purchase the spa's creams, facial moisturizer, and other products. It's the perfect place to take care of yourself and enjoy your summer.
9. Family Vacation
Family vacation is always a must in the summer. It's a way for family members to reconnect with each other. You're spending time with the ones that know you best. Yes, it's your family. You can go on a cruise, a theme park, a ski resort, or anywhere else in the world. It's not about the place so much, but it's about being with your family.
Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and more are perfect places to spend with your family. You can rediscover the kid in you and give your children the time of their lives. A cruise is also the perfect vacation because they have kid as well as adult activities on the boat. You can all go on your separate adventures and come back together as a family. This is your chance to learn more about the members of your family and have a good time. You'll only become stronger as a family and come back from vacation a stronger unit.
10. Out To Eat
It's nice when you don't feel obligated to cook. The pressure can be overwhelming. Going out to eat is a great way to experience different foods and enjoy the company of your friends and family. You can enjoy your food outside as well as the views. It's a time to kick back, relax, and eat food that you could never dream of making at home. Your taste buds will enjoy the experience.
Burgers, BBQ, Chinese, Italian, desserts, and other places in your area are available to just go wild. You're not concerned with healthy food but the satisfaction of your taste buds. Eating out ranges from cheap to expensive, and that's the best part. You have so many choices to choose from. Your head will spin. Throw your diet out the window just this once and live a little!
11. Clubbing
You love to party. You can let off some steam and dance to the beat of the music. You're getting lost in the beat of the music. You can forget for a moment about going back to work the next day. Alcohol will do that to you. For now you're having the time of your life with your friends and drinking like you don't have work the next day.
Beer to fruit drinks you have an array of alcohol to try. Clubbing isn't all about getting drunk. You may find that person your destined to spend the rest of your life with. Well maybe you'll just find someone to have a good time with. Anything can happen! That's what makes partying fun.
12. Picnic
The great outdoors, a blanket, and a picnic basket is a great way to spend your summer. You can relax and enjoy the food you prepared. You're one with nature and the ants that are trying to get into your basket. You don't care because the weather is is just wonderful. The sun is shinning, the sky is blue, and the food you prepared is perfect for a picnic. Nothing can go wrong with summer weather!
There are a plethora of activities you can fun playing as well. Frisbee, kite flying, or just walking are great ways to enjoy the summer. After you have worked up an appetite, you take out your picnic basket. Sandwiches, salad, fruit, chips, soda, and other foods are an options on this nice summer day. Bring whatever suits your needs. All that matters is that you're having fun.
13. Golf
You get to wear cute, summer outfits on the green as you prepare yourself to get a hole in one. Whether your professional or just starting out, there's no reason you can't have fun on the green in the summertime. There's a peace you get from this environment that you can't get anywhere else. You also get to ride those cool golf carts around the green to each hole. You not only get to practice your game, but you can enjoy the weather. What a great way to spend your summer!
You have to get up early to get the best spot, but you don't mind. If golf on the green is too much for you, miniature golf is a great way to have fun with friends and family. There are so many different creative themes for each golfing hole you approach. You have to use strategy to win the game because each hole has its challenge. Be careful not to get your ball in the water! You'll be looking for it the whole day, but you'll be having fun doing it.
14. The Movies
A cool, air conditioned sanctuary is where you can watch movies to escape the blistering heat. What a relief! You can enjoy snacks, relax, and watch movies previews. Sure there maybe not be much talking in the theatre but you can be entertained by the film you paid to see. You can also snuggle up to that special someone as they put their arm around you. Sinking back into your comfortable seat, you're glad you're not spending your summer in the heat.
Action, adventure, comedy, horror, romance, and everything under the sun are available for you to watch at the movies. You can try and sneak in your snacks, but you will get caught. Popcorn, candy, soda, and more are at the concession stands for you to purchase. You're definitely not looking to be healthy this time around. Junk food rules! Once you sit in your seat, put your drink in the cup holder, and settle down with your snack, you're ready for the movie to begin.
15. Watching Shark Week
Sharks and the Discovery Channel is your life. You put that together, and shark week was born. You get to watch one week of horrific shark attack stories, experts wanting to learn more about these cold blooded animals, and so much more stuff that will make your head spin. It's a can't miss week that will make you learn things about sharks that you never knew before. They're not monsters. They're amazing sea creatures that deserve to exist in the sea without worrying about being captured for meat.
There are more than 365 species of shark in the world. You may never see all of them, but shark week is a way for you to learn about species you have never been aware of. Whether they live in the clear water or in the darker, deeper parts of the ocean, every shark has a story and a history. See how man and animals exist together under the sea. The great white shark is your favorite. Sharks may have been given a bad rap, but shark week sets out to dispel those myths, so we can see sharks for the majestic creatures they truly are.
16. Hiking
Nature is like home to you. Anytime you can be one with nature is a worthwhile experience. You leave your electronics behind as well as your life back home and enjoy all the earth has to offer. Just make sure you're well prepared for anything that comes your way because nature can be unpredictable. Mountains, waterfalls, wild animals, and so much more make this adventure something you will never ever forget. Take a hike!
Places like Redwood National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Yosemite National Park are iconic parks where you can enjoy time with your friends and family. When you hike the trails, you should wear comfortable shoes so you don't have to worry about your feet hurting. Even take a hiking stick to seem more rugged. Bring a hat to hide your face from the sun and some sunscreen wouldn't hurt either. You love the sun, but the sun isn't your friend. Don't let this opportunity pass you by in the summer because you'll have the time of your life when you reconnect with mother earth.
17. Camp
Summer camp is fun for kids. Boating, horseback riding, swimming, and so many more activities make kids excited every time summer rolls around. It's about camp spirit and making memories. Don't forget the smores! It's an experience that every kid should have growing up. Camp spirit!
Camp Yomechas, the YMCA, and Maplewood are some of the camps you can send your kids to during the summer. They'll learn about camp and team spirit. They'll make new friendships that will last a lifetime. They will also learn survival skills in the wild. You'll learn all about your kids' fun adventures at camp and send them back next year. Your kids not only have fun, but you get some time to yourself to enjoy the summer.
18. Visit Relatives
You haven't seen your family in a long time. The summer is the perfect time to spend with loved ones. You laugh, reminisce, and enjoy each other's company. What could be better then that? Your kids being spoiled by your relatives sounds great to them. You hope you can visit more often in the future but for now you're glad to be home.
You'll learn new things about your relatives from the stories they tell. It's a great way to reconnect with family that you haven't seen for some time. Sure it's expensive to bring the whole family together but if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen. There's nothing better then having family around you that cares about you. It's important to make time when you can because you don't know what can happen in the next few months or years. Family spirit!
19. A Nice Drive
Let the top down on your convertible and drive with the summer wind in your hair. It will feel good in the moment. Sometimes you just need to get away in your car and drive. Far, far away is preferable. The views aren't half bad either. Sure you may need more gas after your trip but it was so worth the drive.
Make sure you fill up your tank before you take a drive. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road. Sure the weather is warm but when night falls, the creeps come out. You don't want to be picked up by a stranger. With a full tank you're ready to take on the open road with some good friends riding in the back. You are the warrior of the road!
20. Watching the Sunset
At the end of the day nothing beats seeing the sunset. The sky shows its colors, and you are there to see how amazing the sky is. You can't take your eyes off of it. It's the ending of the day, and you want to be there to see it end. You know the summer season can't last forever, but the sunset will always be something you want to watch. It's so beautiful!
Having patience is crucial when you're waiting for the sun to set. You may become restless and bored, but it's so worth the wait. Sit back, relax and enjoy the other views around you while you wait. Talk to the people around you and have a beer. Just chill! The sun finally begins to set and you're at peace even when you know summertime is coming to an end.

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