20 Fashion Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

Cheryl Brite September 7th 2016 Fashion
You're looking through your closet and wondering what you're going to wear today. There are so many choices, and you don't know where to start. Think about this. What's in and what's out? There are some trends that never go out of style. Don't worry so about much about what to wear and look to these trends to figure out what will always be in style.
1. Diamonds
They are truly a girl's best friend no matter how she decides to wear them. Whether she wears them as ring, bracelet, or earrings, she will feel elegant and sophisticated. Diamonds are everywhere and are always in fashion. Diamonds match anything you decide to wear them with. That is what's so great about them. You and your diamonds will shine no matter the weather.
She can receive it as a gift and accept it as an engagement ring. She can even buy it herself if she feels like she's deserving. There are so many quality jewelry stores like Jared's and Tiffany's to purchase diamonds. She also has the option of customizing her diamond to her liking. Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes like ovals, pears, princess, etc. Make sure you only get her the best quality diamond out there or you'll be sorry.
2. Little Black Dress
Like the diamond the little black dress is a classic fashion trend. You feel classy and sophisticated in your black dress. When you don't know what to wear, the little black dress is always there. Whether it's short, long, or in the middle, this dress will work for you. Accessories only enhance the sophistication of this dress. This stylish dress will stand the test of time.
It can be worn for any occasion as evening wear, a sexy cocktail dress, a bridesmaid dress, a wedding dress, and so much more. Stores like Dillard's, Bebe, Nordstrom, Macy's, and other high end stores have high quality dresses that will appeal to any customer who is looking for the right black dress. From simple to dramatic there is no limit to what the little black dress can do for you. You can be anything you want to be in this dress. You can be professional, sexy, a bride, a bridesmaid, and simply beautiful. You're excited just thinking about the possibilities.
3. Huge Sunglasses
They cover most of your face, but you love them. Not only do these oversized sunglasses protect you from the sun but they also hide imperfections on your face like dark circles, awful tan, and breakouts. They're also great when you want to hide your emotions from the world. Are these glasses a lifesaver or what? Wear them with anything while you look chic and classy. If celebrities are wearing them, then these glasses will truly never go out of style.
There's a mysterious air to you when you wear these glasses. When you wear these oversized glasses, you feel like a million bucks. They go with every outfit you wear. Well that's a load off your mind. You can select from all different styles like aviators, wayfarers, square frames, and round frames. Choose the style that best fits your face.
4. Buttoned Shirts
It can be casual, or you can create a sophisticated look with a tie and suit. Skirts, pants, and blazers work with the buttoned down shirt to enhance the look you're going for. Be smart about which colors you mix and match together. You want to make this trend work for you instead of against you. Accessories work with this shirt to make your outfit more chic and sophisticated. This trend will never go away so think twice before you throw this shirt away.
Places like Jockey, Chico's, Kohl's, and J. Crew sell these simple but trendy shirts. You can wear the buttoned shirt to work, on a date, to a wedding, or just something casual to wear around the house. Traditionally this shirt was only worn by men. In the 1800's women started wearing the buttoned shirts. Today, men and women wear these shirts. It may take some time to button up these shirts, but they will make you look professional as well as casual depending on what you wear this shirt with.
5. Fitted Jeans
You see so many commercials for these pants it isn't even funny. They'll never ever go out of style. You can wear these fitted pants with anything under the sun. Every woman and girl has them in their closet, so there's no denying that fitted jeans aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Lets not leave the men out. Jeans are for everyone!
Men, women, and children can wear these jeans. Places like American Eagle, Levi's, and Zappos sell these pants. Sure they may be a pain to get on sometimes but it's so worth it when you break them in and wear them more often. You're going to love how they enhance your body. In some stores like Levi's, you can find jeans that fit your size by using the "Curve ID Fit Finder" to customize your size to fit your body in the best way possible. They come in any shape, size, and color, so it's no wonder they will always be in style.
6. T-Shirts with Slogans
You have to know this trend will never go out of style. They make a statement to the people around you. You can wear your opinions on your shirt with style. Everybody loves these shirts because they can be paired up with anything from jeans to a mini-skirt. Wear them with pride and if anyone has a problem with your shirt, that's their problem and not yours. You love to make a statement, and you won't stop for anyone or anything.
You can make them yourself, or you can have them customized by a reputable company. They can be made for any occasion like someone's birthday, a bridal party, a sporting event, a company, miscellaneous, etc. Zazzle and Cafe Press are a couple of the websites that sell these shirts. There are so many t-shirt slogans to choose from that it will be hard to pick one that best describes how you feel. Men, women, and children can wear these thought provoking shirts. Whether funny, offensive, or gross, slogan t-shirts will always stay in style because it's a form of expression that you can't possibly ignore.
7. Hourglass Frame
It's the ideal shape for women. Men also find this shape attractive. You are bombarded with images of women with the hourglass figure, and this is the shape you want. This frame is used to represent femininity and is the most desirable body type. Don't hide this shape, flaunt your shape and be proud of your body. It's the only body you've got.
It's the shape you always see in the media, TV shows, cartoons, and magazines. It's so popular. It's no wonder this trend never goes out of style. Certain clothes only enhance this figure like dresses and form fitting clothes. This form is the most proportional out of all the other figures that women possess, and the curves are in all the right places. The skinny torso and the wide hips are in, and you don't see it going away anytime soon.
8. Bob Hairstyle
You see it on a lot of celebrities, so it must still be in fashion. You want this classic look, and you must have it. Your hair salon down the street should suit you just fine. The bob haircut has so many styles that you can find one that suits your face. Hopefully you know what bob hairstyle will work well with your look or else you're looking at a bad hair day for a while. It is perhaps one of the most oldest hairstyles, and it's not going away.
The bob hairstyle can range from feminine to masculine, modern to traditional, neat to messy, and so much more. They can also be sexy, cool, and classy. The bob can make or break your face, so it's important to get this hairstyle from a professional. Not everyone can pull this style off. Celebrities even wear this hairstyle like Jennifer Lawrence. When celebrities wear this hairstyle, you wear this hairstyle.
9. Leather Handbags
So many to choose from but which one will you pick? Pick a bag that fits the style you are wearing today whether you're wearing a dress, skirt, jeans, or trousers. Not only are they great accessories with your outfit but they hold the things you need to function throughout the day. It can only be a win-win situation when you can use a bag in more then one way. Leather handbags are stylish and classy, and that's why you have a closet full of these bags. They will last you forever if you treat them right.
Big, small, and anywhere in between, you can use the handbag that works for you. Fossil and Michael Kors are stores that offer a variety of bags for women. Leather can be expensive, but you know you're getting a good quality handbag that will last for a long time. From tote bags to shopper bags and cross body bags, you can find the one that best fits your personality and the occasion. Women of all ages will love the leather bag. The textures differ from pebbled to crinkled, glazed, distressed, or patent and stand up well to the elements because of their durability.
10. Nice Smile
A beautiful smile is always in style. You can wear it with anything, yes everything! It attracts the opposite sex and shows the world how good and confident you feel. In this case the dentist is your friend. The smile can only enhance your face. So smile until your face hurts.
It can come naturally, or it may require a lot of work. You may have to go through braces, retainers, and implants in order to get that nice smile you want. The bill may be high but at the end of the day, your smile will thank you. Your nice smile can brighten anyone's day. A smile shows when you're being caring, open, and genuine towards others. It can only bring about positive things in your life.
11. Suede Pumps
There are more colors to this shoe then black. This means you have more a variety of clothes to wear with these stylish pumps. It's an elegant shoe that shows off your legs in a great way. Yes these shoes are in fact comfortable to wear and aren't going out of style anytime soon. If you wear them in the rain, you will ruin them. Otherwise wear these classy pumps to your heart's content.
Nordstrom, DSW, Zappos, and J. Crew are just some of the places were you can find high quality suede pumps. These shoes come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns to accentuate your body. They come with straps, bows, and other accessories that can only make your feet look good. All ages of women can wear suede shows. They especially work for short women who want to appear taller. Suede shoes can be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts, and casual pants.
12. Handmade Jewelry
You bought it handmade, or you made it yourself. It's not only a great gift to give someone, but it's a trendy piece of jewelry that will never go out of style because of how unique they are. No one else will be wearing the same piece of jewelry as you. Beads and metalwork go together and make your jewelry collection something special. You can find this jewelry in places like fairs, small shops, flea markets, etc. Wherever you find handmade jewelry, the quality must be good.
When people think of handmade jewelry, they often associate it with low quality and cheap in appearance. This is far from the truth. While hands are used instead of machines to make the jewelry, it doesn't mean the best materials aren't used. Jewelers make sure they find the best quality materials to make their jewelry, so they can make a profit. Any kind of materials can be used to make the jewelry. From necklaces to earrings and bracelets to rings you have a variety to choose from. The sky is the limit when it comes to the jewelry you wear.
13. Trench Coats
They keep you warm and come in different styles. The comfort, elegance, and class of the trench coat is unmistakeable. It works with any kind of outfit you wear. This coat will also protect you against the elements. The trend is not gone, and you can see it wherever you go. Just look at the pages of magazines.
From short to long you can't go wrong with the trench coat. Nordstrom, The Banana Republic, and Bloomingdale's are just a few stores where the trench coat is available. Red, black, beige, and gray are just some of the colors you can wear outside. It's a raincoat that has material within the fiber that make it waterproof. The trench coat was originally worn by soldiers in the army. The traditional trench coat is double breasted with 10 buttons down the middle and wide lapels, a storm flap, pockets, and a belt around the waist.
14. Denim Trousers
The summer and winter seasons are great times to wear these trousers. They come short, long, and everything in between when it comes to the length of the pants. Denim trousers are great to wear at a party or even at work. You just have to find the right style that fits your personality. It's true the denim trousers will never go out of style because of their simplicity. They will continue to be worn by you and celebrities alike.
Macy's, Levi's, The Gap, and Old Navy are some of the clothing stores were denim trousers are alive and well. From light blue to dark blue and black to red, you have a variety of styles to choose from that will only compliment your body. You can even wear patterned denim trousers. From Robert Cavalli to Dolce & Gabbana, and Valentino these designers only produce the best quality denim for your needs. They think about what their women customers want and create trousers women want to buy. Wherever you wear these pants, you can find every possible style to fit your needs.
15. Pencil Skirt
It hugs your body in all the right places. It's a must wear that every women should have. You feel feminine, confident, and attractive when wearing this skirt. A pencil skirt is great for occasions like a party or even a job interview. It can even be worn just because you feel like it. Pick your color based on how you feel along with the right accessories and you're ready for anything.
Charlotte Russe, Macy's, and Nordstrom are just a few of the high end stores where the pencil skirt is on display. They can be bold in one color and stylish in a pattern design. They can fall below the knees, rest right on them, or lay above the knees. It's slim fitting design with a straight, narrow cut makes this skirt modern as well as dynamic in style. The pencil skirt was named for its shape. It is long and slim like a pencil.
16. Leather Jacket
It makes you look cool, and it will continue to make you look cool for years to come. This comfy and casual trend keeps you warm and makes you feel good. It's for men, women, and sometimes parents put them on their kids. Even some pets are following this trend. The classic black leather jacket is not the only style you have to choose from so pick the right jacket for you. It will last you a long, long time.
Chico's, Macy's, and Nordstrom are clothing stores that sell the leather jacket. Leather jackets are coming in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors these days. They're not just black jackets with zippers and snap on buttons anymore. Leather jackets have evolved into stylish, modern, and fashion forward designs that women will love. Yes, these jacket are not just for men anymore. Everyone can wear a leather jacket.
17. The Watch
This will never ever go out of style. You need the watch to to dictate your nine to five life. The watch is also an accessory that your wear on your wrist that you can match with any outfit. Plus its design is ever changing. It has to in order to keep people interested in buying. It's a universal trend that you just can't live without.
The apple watch is perfect for people who love to do multiple tasks at once on their watch. It shows not only the time, but it's similar to your Mac or iPhone. It has a map, iTunes, email, photos, and more to entertain you and keep track of the world around you. The digital watches as well as the manual watches are still relevant, and everyone needs to know what time it is. How can we live in a world without watches? Can you even imagine it?
18. Lace Camisole
It's a sexy and elegant top that almost every women has in their closet. The colors are endless which is good news for you since you can never have enough lace camisoles. Each camisole has its own style and you just have to pick the ones that represent your personality. You can wear it with a jean jacket or a suit when you're working. Be sensible with how you mix and match clothes. The lace camisole will attract some attention that's for sure.
Chico's, Kohl's, and Jockey are stores that have the lace camisole. Your camisole can go with a good pair of matching shorts. Their styles range from classic to modest and exotic patterns. It's a great summer top as well as great sleepwear at night. It's see through style feels light on your body. The weightlessness make you feel comfortable and trendy at the same time.
19. Animal Print
Chairs, scarves, tops, bottoms, underwear, and so much more come in this print. The variety is endless. It's a natural and refreshing look that continues to be in style. They work with every season, and you can wear this print with almost anything. Plus this style adds a certain edge to your closet. It's still in trend because designers have found new ways to use this material that attracts customers.
Websites and stores use the inspiration of animals nowadays to design not only a nursery but a whole house. The material is made to closely resemble the animals of the wild. Leopard, cheetah, tiger, and giraffe are just some of the print used to give the illusion of the wild outdoors. Faux fur as well as real fur is used to make handbags, footwear, and even jewelry. Art is another way animal prints are used. Animal print will always be in trend.
20. Floral Print
Paintings, scarves, dresses, skirts, tops, and so much more things come in this print. The floral print's attraction is in its different patterns. It fits in with the natural world around you. Don't overdo the style in one outfit because it will just look like you're wearing a garden of flowers on your body. You want to wear the outfit and make sure the outfit doesn't wear you. Floral prints will always be in trend because of its popularity and multiple uses.
You can find floral dresses on Amazon and floral prints on Zazzle. They're everywhere, and they're not going away anytime soon. So embrace the floral print and make it your own whether you're wearing it or it's wearing your wall. Floral prints don't flatter every person. They also don't always work with the design of your home. Whatever you do, you shouldn't match floral with another pattern because it will look too busy.

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