20 Reasons Why Mindful Meditation Is Good For You

Cheryl Brite September 7th 2016 Health
What is mindful meditation? It involves being aware of what’s going on in your mind. It’s about being in tune with your thoughts and action as well as not judging your thoughts and actions. In the end your attitude and how you feel about yourself impacts how you live your life. Mindful meditation has its benefits that can only improve your life. How can you say no to that?
1. It Lowers Stress
Any technique that lowers stress is worth exploring. In the journal of Health Psychology this type of meditation is not only linked with a decrease in stress but it also lowers the stress hormone cortisol. Stress can contribute to weight gain and other health problems. By practicing mindful meditation, you’re taking back your health and letting the stress melt away. You’re aware that your health comes first. You know how to take care of yourself so that stress does not rule your life.
Through mindful meditation you will find out how less stress will change your life. It’s no way to live to carry your stress with you. Maybe you don’t think you have time for this meditation. It’s just an excuse. Why wouldn’t you want to lessen your stress? Take some time out of your day for mindful meditation.
2. Know Whom You Are
You’ve always wanted to get to know yourself better. Mindful meditation allows you to do just that. It helps you see beyond what’s in front of you and see who you really are by objectively analyzing yourself. The Psychological Science journal shows you a study in which this meditation helps you get over the obstacles in your mind and open a door to recognize what you are really capable of. Why wouldn’t you want to discover a clearer picture of who you are? The more you know yourself, the happier you’ll be.
It’s true. Mindful meditation will open your eyes to a better you. There’s always room for improvement. A clear mind is a happy mind. Try mindful meditation and come out the other side in better shape. Become a whole person.
3. Improve Grades
Better grades are always a plus in any student’s education. Students who experienced mindful meditation did better on the GRE says researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The memory is improved, and this technique results in better cognitive functions in the brain. The consequences are better grades in school. Parents are happy as well as students. Your mind becomes more of a tool to improve your education.
Don’t miss an opportunity to get better grades in school. Maybe your kids don’t care about grades. They will care about them when they’re looking for a career. Mindful meditation is a great place to start. This meditation technique will work for you. The benefits are plentiful and you will be extremely pleased with the wonderful results. Next: Helps Troops.
4. Helps Troops
Troops have a hard enough time as it is on the field. With everything they see on a daily basis, they need your support when they come back home. Mindful meditation is in the process of being used on soldiers. Hopefully they will be able to perform and deal with stress in more constructive ways. What a great way to use this technique? Troops need all the help they can get in order to deal with war.
There are enough soliders that come back from war damaged. It affects not only the solider but also their family. Mindful meditation is a potential technique that could prevent soldiers from being effected by war and bringing that home to their families. A lot of lives can be saved. Soldiers will know how to deal with their stress from war and channeling it in a healthy way. The troops will have a better head on their shoulder.
5. Helps Manage Stress For People With Arthritis
Arthritis is an awful condition to live with depending on its severity. When you add stress to the mix, disaster is inevitable. Mindful meditation has come to the rescue. It may not lessen the pain of your arthritis, but it will lower your stress. You’ll be able to deal with your arthritis in a more relaxed and alert state of mind. Any way to help your arthritis is a positive step forward in your life.
You don’t want to deal with arthritis on top of the stress it creates. Take some time out of your day to meditate. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your arthritis may never go away, but you’re stress might. You can live your life stress free. Arthritis will be something you can handle better.
6. Helps the Brain
It’s essential to protect your brain, and mindful meditation has its role. This technique helps your brain change in order to protect it from mental illness says researchers at the University of Oregon. It improves connections in the brain called axonal density. It also increases protective tissue called myelin, which covers the axons within the anterior cingulated area of the brain. Well now you have to consider mindful meditation. This mind training technique protects your brain, and that’s a good thing for not only your mind but also your well being.
Your brain is sacred. Treat your brain right. Mindful meditation will open doors in your brain you never thought possible. You have no excuse not to protect your brain. It’s a simple technique that will change your life. Don’t miss out on helping your brain because it might just help you.
7. Better Brain Processing
When you can improve the processing of information in your brain, mindful meditation is behind it. Feeling at peace and alert is a part of this meditation. You have more control over how you feel. The cortical alpha rhythms have the control to process information effectively through your brain. When you feel more in control, you know you’re mind is working correctly. Mindful meditation is the key to turning up the volume on your brain.
You want the volume up. When your brain processes better, you feel better. This should be your incentive to keep your brain in tiptop shape. The meditation can’t hurt you. It can only help you brain reach its full potential. You can only benefit from this meditation and you will not be disappointed with the results.
8. The Sound Of Music Is Better
You love to listen to music. Mindful meditation improves the sound of what you’re listening to. Now you’re interested. How is this possible? The Psychology of Music says our focus in music become more heightened according to their study. You will truly enjoy experiencing music more when you give into the powers of mindful meditation.
By giving into meditation, the sound of music can only get better. Who wouldn’t want their music experience to be improved upon? It’s like waking up and realizing that you’ve been missing something essential in your life. Don’t let this technique pass you by. If you’re in the music business, this meditation is especially useful for you. You become a better artist, producer, and so much more.
9. Helps When You’re Not Practicing It
You may not be practicing this technique all the time, but it’s still working for you. In a study by the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, the amygdala is impacted by the emotional stimuli it takes from the meditation. This process takes place when you’re not even meditating. Your brain is making sure you realize that the meditation is helping you in ways you can’t imagine. Because you’ve participated in mindful meditation, your brain is giving back to you when you’re not meditating. There’s no way you can’t benefit from this meditation.
It’s a simple technique. You don’t have to do it all the time reap the benefits. It’s gives you more of an incentive to mediate. Your health improves. Your mind improves. It’s a win win situation.
10. Four Elements
Body awareness, self-awareness, regulation of emotions, and regulation of attention are four elements that will improve your health through mindful meditation. There’s not one thing that this technique doesn’t cover when it comes to the health of your mind and body. You want to be more in tune with these elements because your life will change in unexpected ways. You will no longer be limited in your way of seeing the world. Everything will become clear. There’s nothing better then a clear state of mind.
When you’re aware of your body, you’re aware of what it needs to be healthy. Being self-aware makes you more in control of yourself. Emotional control is always a good thing to have a handle on. When you’re able to use your focus in a beneficial way, there’s nothing you can’t do. Make sure to mediate. These elements can only be enhanced through mindful meditation.
11. Helps Your Doctor
It’s a much better experience at the doctor’s office if the doctor can improve him or herself in their profession. As a doctor you can use this kind of mediation to help patients. Doctors who use this technique treat their patients with more respect because they are more open and understanding to their needs according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. The patient also benefits because they feel appreciated and not just someone the doctor can make money off of. It is possible not to dread going to the doctor. You can be relaxed and at ease knowing your doctor is looking out for your best interest.
Wouldn’t it be nice for a change? To have a doctor who cares about your health. You’re not just another patient coming though the doors. You’re a person of value. If your doctor doesn’t practice mindful meditation, you should suggest this technique. Both of your lives will be better in the long run.
12. Better Person
You could always improve in who you are as a person. You know this meditation has many benefits to you, but it also has benefits to the people around you. You are more compassionate towards others says the journal of Psychological Science according to their study. You’re behavior is better and filled with good intent towards others. Being a better person sounds good to you. You’ll feel so much better about yourself.
You’ll do anything to be better. Start with mindful meditation. It’s all about looking into yourself and seeing who you are now. You want to change. Once you know what you want to change, you’ll know what to do to be the person you and others can be proud of. It won’t be easy but nothing in life is so if you want to change for the better, you have to work at it everyday.
13. Having Cancer Less Stressful
Cancer is such a debilitating and painful condition and any relief is something you would welcome. Mindful meditation lessens your stress throughout the process. When you add art therapy to the mix, your symptoms of stress will decrease, especially with women who have breast cancer says researchers at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine. Testing has been done to show changes in the brain have occurred when it comes to stress, emotions, and reward. Mindful meditation will help you though your cancer. It may not cure your cancer, but you will feel more at ease because you are not stressing out, which only worsens your condition.
You want to be as stress free as you can be when you have cancer. You don’t want both factors to make your experience with cancer more harmful. You may be stuck in hospitals for most of your life, but you want to make your visits as few as possible. You want to be able to live comfortably and worry free. Meditation is harmless. Stress with cancer will hurt, but meditation can help.
14. Old People Less Lonely
No one ever wants to feel lonely, including the elderly. It’s dangerous towards their health. How does mindful meditation help? It decreases their feelings of loneliness says researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles. Elderly people’s health increases by taking away some of the genes with regards to inflammation. Mindful meditation is clearly for people of all ages.
While it is for all ages, the elderly need to feel comfortable and well taken care of. They need to be social to feel like they’re not alone. Mindful meditation is a way for the elderly to feel secure in whom they are as an individual and just not part of a group. Loneliness is forgotten. Meditation has a lot of benefits for the elderly. Don’t let this useful technique pass you by.
15. Decrease In Health Bill
Going to the doctor is expensive. When you see the bill, you can’t help but be overwhelmed. How can you avoid this financial problem? Mindful meditation is the key to better health and a lighter wallet. Practicing Transcendental meditation is a better solution to a decrease in your health bill costs as opposed to not practicing meditation at all says the research in the American Journal of Health Promotion. When you can save on cost on any health bill, you feel good about mindful meditation.
You’d rather not have a bill at all. This technique is the next best thing. It does benefit people who require more doctor visits than others. Meditation can only better your condition. There’s no harm in meditation. It’s not only simple, but you can do it anywhere.
16. Cold Season
This season can be filled with things like the flu and other sickness. Mindful meditation along with exercise could prevent you from illness. You not only miss fewer days of work, but your symptoms don’t last as long as they usually do say researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Health. You don’t need to be sick during the cold season, so think about mindful meditation as a solution to fight the cold season’s wrath. You won’t be sorry that’s for sure. Say goodbye to being sick and hello to a better life.
More days without sickness in your life sounds great. You can’t possibly pass this opportunity up. Meditate right away and good changes will come to you. Being healthy is important. Add meditation to your healthy lifestyle. You will truly be a force to be reckoned with.
17. Decrease in Depression in Pregnant Women
Pregnant women have a hard enough time carrying a child inside them. When depression is added to the situation, it makes pregnancy more difficult for women. Is there a solution? Mindfulness yoga is the answer. Dr. Maria Muzik, M.D. and assistant professor at the University of Michigan, says this type of yoga give women a more positive outlook on their pregnancy. Any way a pregnant woman can benefit through her pregnancy is a step toward a happy and healthy life for mother and child. Yoga solves everything.
Yoga along with mindful mediation is a powerful force. Pregnant women will not only feel better but be empowered because of how in control they feel when it comes to their mind and body. What a great way to bring your child into the world? When the mother feels good, she’ll feel better about her pregnancy and giving birth. Don’t suffer in silence with depression. Use meditation to your advantage to feel more secure about yourself and the bundle of joy inside you.
18. Decreases Depression in Teens
Being a teen is hard these days. Depression doesn’t help. School programs involving mindful meditation can help a great deal. When teens feel like they have no one to turn to, this program could benefit in ways they could never imagine. Stress, anxiety, and depression are lessened because of this technique says researchers at the University of Leuven. Parents should require their teens to mediate to better their health.
Pay attention to your teen and know the signs of depression. Do your research. Mindful meditation might just come up and be the solution to your teen’s depression. Educate your kids in this technique. Why not join them to show your support? There’s nothing better then letting your child know that they’re not alone and that you’re in this together.
19. Weight Loss Goals
It’s not easy to take off the pounds, but it’s important to your health. Losing weight is good for you. Exercise and eating right aren’t the only ways to lose weight. Mindful meditation will help you shed the pounds say the Consumer Reports and the American Psychological Association. 7 out 10 psychologists regarded mindful meditation as a great way to lose weight. The professionals believe in this technique and so should you.
Since the professionals acclaim this technique so highly, you have to give into the power of meditation. Your healthy is on the line. You can’t afford not to give mindful meditation a chance. You have weight loss goals to reach. Don’t let this meditation pass you by. Trust in the process of mindful meditation.
20. Sleep Better
Sleep is the most important part of being healthy. Mindful meditation will help you get a good night sleep. When you use this technique to get a good night’s sleep, you will have more control over your emotions during the day says a study conducted by the University of Utah. Sleep, along with mindful meditation, will lessen your stress and improve your sleep quality. Don’t take sleep for granted. Let mindful meditation give you back the sleep that you deserve and need to stay healthy.
You have to get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t, you can’t possibly function properly in your life. Your health will deteriorate. Mindful meditation, along with taking the time to get proper sleep, will make you feel better then you ever imagined. Less stress and more rest is what you need to be the best person you can be. Give into the power of mediation and you will never be sorry a day in your life.

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