15 Reasons Why The Sun Is Good For Your Health

Cheryl Brite September 7th 2016 Health
The sun is your friend so don't hide away in the shadows. It may cause your skin to burn, but it's your responsibility to protect your skin from the sun's rays. The sun does a lot of good for you that you may not know about. You will not only happy to be in the sun, but it can save your life as well. So get your butt outside. Spend some time in the sun and find out what it has to offer your life.
1. Makes You Happy
Happiness is important in life. While there are people who make you feel this way, the sun also has this superpower. The serotonin inside your body is brought out by the sunshine. It's your body's natural happy hormone. You not only happier but more energetic to take on the world. Sounds like a good time to go outside.
Being outside with the sun can also keep depression away. Along with exercise you'll will feel great as you take a walk in the park. When you exercise outdoors, you create more endorphins than you create if you exercise indoors. Run, walk, or just hangout in the sun with friends and you will feel the difference in your behavior. It's all because of the sun. So make plans to go outside today and be happy.
2. Decreases Heart Disease
Your heart will thank you for your time spent in the sun. Your vitamin D levels rise when you're outdoors. When you spend time inside, your cholesterol levels rise. As a result your vitamin D levels fall. What are you waiting for? Get outside immediately!
If you have high blood pressure, you should be outside in the UVB rays of the sun. The rays lowers your blood pressure and decreases your cholesterol. You will only benefit from the sun and so will your health. If you know you have high blood pressure, it is as simple as stepping outside your door to save your life. You'll not only be happy, but you'll be so much healthier when to comes to your heart. Don't you want your heart to be happy?
3. Diabetes Prevention
Diabetes is the worst. If you can prevent this condition from ruling your life, you would do anything. Now you can because the sun is coming to your rescue. Getting the necessary vitamin D may prevent the on set of diabetes. How great is that? It can't hurt to spend time in the sun when preventing diabetes is on your side.
When you don't have the right amount of vitamin D in your body, diabetes can creep up on you. Lacking vitamin D is thought to have something to do with Type II Diabetes. Don't let diabetes happen to you. Let the sun save your life. You shouldn't have to live with diabetes. It's better to be in the sun and to never experience diabetes.
4. Gets Rid Of Seasonal Affective Disorder
Preventing any kind of disorder is good news for you. Especially Seasonal Affective disorder, which has plagued your life. It's also called winter blues because you experience depression because of lack of sunlight. If you're not too keen about the outdoors, a light box may be the answer to your prayers. It's not natural light, but it's one way to get out of your depression. Take it or leave it!
Natural, outdoor light is the best light for your depression. Take a walk in the morning light for an hour in the fall and winter seasons. It may be cold so dress accordingly. Make sure you sit outside for at least 15 minutes a day in the summertime. You'll feel happier. You'll feel your depression melt away when you spend your days in the sun.
5. Multiple Sclerosis Prevention
Multiple Sclerosis occurs in the nervous system that results in tremors and paralysis. The cause is not known, which is unfortunate. It's such a debilitating disease to live with. You shouldn't have to, and the sun can help you. Exposing your children to the sun early in life can prevent the disease later in life. Let your children play outside because it might just save their lives from this horrible disease.
It is also known that the rate of Multiple Sclerosis is less if you live in a sunnier country. Wouldn't you rather be able to move your body outdoors in the sun then being stuck inside not being able to move? You don't want a wheelchair to be your life. You want to be able to take care of yourself. The sun will make this possible for you. Let the sun change your life.
6. Cavity Prevention
You hate getting cavities. You've tried everything you can think of to protect your mouth from them. What else could there possibly be? The sun is something you've never thought of. It keeps your teeth strong and prevents your cavities from forming. That doesn't mean you can slack off on your dental routine.
The sun is only an added bonus to your dental routine. Its rays shines on your teeth and make those dark and ugly cavities disappear. If this doesn't get you outside, nothing will. Don't be ashamed of your cavities. Make your way into the sunlight. It will change your life. A tooth abscess is a complication of tooth decay. Bacteria get into the pulp of the tooth through the cavity and cause infection. Pus then collects in the center of the tooth, causing an abscess.
7. Lessens Aches And Pains
They're a pain to have on any day of the week. Aspirin hasn't helped. What are your options? Aches and pains be gone with the sun. The warmth of the sun helps your body. It not only feels good, but your body benefits from the rays of the sun in many ways.
The muscles in your body are warmed up by the sun. It eases stiffness, which decreases the pain. Inflammatory conditions like arthritis are less painful when you are exposed to the sun. You'll feel more relaxed in the sun and being in less pain is always a bonus. Don't live with aches and pains to the extreme. If you could have less pain, wouldn't you do anything to ease it?
8. Decreases Risk Of Cancer
Cancer is a painful disease in your life that will become your whole life. If you could prevent yourself from getting cancer, you'd do anything. Being in the sun is no exception. How can the sun lower the risk of cancer? The vitamin D in the sunlight dramatically reduces the risk of cancer. Make sure you use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.
Exposing yourself to high levels of sunlight will make it less likely that you'll die from breast and colon cancer. Bladder, womb, oesophagus, and stomach cancer were also found to have the same effect. How incredible is that? Something so simple as being out in the sun can have such a dramatic effect on your life. At the same time you don't want to spend so much time in the sun if you're not wearing sun protection. Be smart, protect yourself, and let the sun shine through you and reduce your chances of cancer.
9. Increases Fertility
Women who want children listen up! Spending time in the sun increases fertility. The hormone melatonin is reduced because of the sun. It suppresses the hormone and makes it more likely that you'll conceive in the summertime. There is hope for you. Just step into the sun and you'll become a mother in no time.
You not only become more fertile because of the sun but the time you're fertile is longer. The sunlight also benefits your man when you're trying to get pregnant. It increases the testosterone, making the summer the perfect time for making a baby. So don't waste another minute. Enjoy the sun with your husband and be the proud parents of a baby in no time. The sun really does equal happiness.
10. More Energy
You need energy to get through everyday. When you're feeling sluggish and tired, what can you do? The sun will give you what you need. Lower levels of melatonin will make you feel like you can get up and go at anytime of the day. It also regulates sleep, so you have the energy you need for the day. Let the sun make you feel alive.
You require less sleep in the summer, and you feel livelier because of the sun. It's also better to be woken up by sunlight rather then an alarm clock because it makes you feel more positive. Having energy is essential for the things you have to do everyday. When you don't have energy, you feel like you can't function or get anything done. Take a few minutes in the sun and you'll feel like a whole new person. Energy makes your world go around and so does the sun.
11. Eases Inflammatory Bowel Disorders (IBD)
When your bowels make you feel uncomfortable, can you find relief? The sun eases IBD. You have low levels of vitamin D if you have this disorder. The sun will boost your levels of vitamin D, making your condition easier to deal with. What are you waiting for? Get out into the sun and ease your pain.
You can try to absorb vitamin D in foods like meat, eggs, and oily fish. The problem with this is these foods are poor in absorbing fat. This is a complication when it comes to IBD. It makes it difficult to take in vitamin D as a part of your diet. Stick with the sun, and you can't go wrong. Be more comfortable and more at ease with your IBD.
12. Deals With Period Problems
Having your period is so awful every month. The cramps make you want to curl up in a ball and die. Aspirin takes a while to help with the cramps. What else can you do? Spend some time in the sun and your period problems will disappear. How happy does that make you?
Women who get vitamin D and calcium from the sun have a normal menstrual flow. The pain and heavy feeling makes you feel like crap. The sun makes you feel better when it comes to your menstrual flow. You'll be happy and able to face the day comfortable and energetic. Get out into the sun. Face your period head on.
13. Helps With Skin Conditions
Your skin has been a nuisance since puberty. It continues to frustrate you in your adult years. You feel like you've tried everything to treat your skin. What else can their possibly be to help your skin condition? The sun can save the day. Step into the sun and see what it can do for you.
Psoriasis, acne, and eczema are skin conditions when exposed to the sun can heal your skin. It is recommended that you get controlled exposure in the sun if you suffer regularly from one of these skin conditions. If you have a minor case when it comes to your skin, you can expose your body to the sun. Make sure it's only for 30 minutes. The last thing you want to do is burn. After 30 minutes is up, you should apply sunscreen to affected areas so you're protected from the sun.
14. Increases Immune System
Your immune system is an essential part of you that you need to keep healthy or else you'll get sick. What can you do to keep your immune system in tip top shape? The sun is the answer. Spending time in the sun will boost your immune system. That's great but how? You're about to find out.
The light of the sun encourages the creation of white blood cells. These white blood cells not only fight infection but boost your immune system. The sun will keep you in good health and keep your immune system on the right track. Treat your body right and it will reward you. The sun is your salvation. Use it to your advantage for a long and healthy life.
15. Lose Weight
It's the toughest thing to overcome in your life. Diet, exercise, and sleep help you lose weight but what else can you do? The sun will help you shed those unwanted pounds. Your skeptical at this point. How can the sun do that? The high levels of serotonin you get from the sun not only make you feel happy but suppress your appetite, especially in the summertime.
For 3 times a week you should be out in the sun not only to lose weight but to absorb some of that good old vitamin D. Put on sunscreen before you leave the house because you want to lose weight. You also don't want to be sunburned doing it. Staying indoors won't help you suppress your hunger and will only make you want to eat more because of your sedentary lifestyle. There are foods that help to curb your hunger but nothing is more powerful than the sun. The sun will always be your friend when you treat and protect your body the right way.

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