15 Fashion Mistakes Men Make That Turn Women Off

Caroline Heasley September 7th 2016 Fashion
Guys, most likely you want to come across as well dressed and stylish to impress a particular woman. But just like women, you are destined to make fashion errors every now and then. Read through this slideshow to find out some fashion mistakes that men tend to repeat that result in turning women off.
1. Socks with Sandals
Men constantly make this fashion mistake. Even though wearing socks with sandals may be comfortable, it will never be acceptable or sexy to a woman. There is honestly no practical purpose for pairing socks with sandals. And no, you cannot pull this look off while looking sexy. People have tried numerous times, and have failed miserably.
The sole purpose of wearing sandals is for comfort and ventilation. Wearing socks with your sandals defeats this purpose and will make you look tacky. Many people consider sandals a summer fashion, so why would you need to wear socks with them in extremely warm weather? According to thebrunettediaries.com, wearing socks with sandals is the "biggest insult to fashion and all those who have worked hard to bring fashionable styles into the industry."
2. Character Tops
Most women despise when men walk around wearing characters, such as Iron Man, on their t-shirts. Why? For women, it makes them feel that you're a child. In addition, it comes across to them that you are going to need mothering. A lot of women will get the impression that you are immature because you still want to be involved with superheroes. They are also are very unlikely to get the reference.
However, even though many women don't like these shirts on men, some do! Some women don't mind their partner wearing a shirt with a character on it. Not surprisingly, this is commonly also the same woman who wears Barbie on her t- shirt. But, when you are going on the first date, it is best to not wear a character shirt because you don't know the woman's taste in style yet.
3. Anything Containing Naked Ladies
Absolutely no woman is ever going to fancy you if you have a naked woman on your shirt. When seeing it, woman often will think that they are being objectified. It is also not very classy either. When a man wears one of these shirts, it is extremely hard for a female to picture a future with him.
According to a woman on thoughtcatalog.com, "they're the ultimate clothing accessory if you want to look like a man who'd use girls as sex objects." Another woman commented on reddit.com that walking around with half naked women on your shirt will make you look shallow and stupid. Seriously, imagine a man going to meet his girlfriend's parents for the first time, while wearing a shirt with a nude girl on it. Chances are, her parents are not going to approve of him.
4. Ill-fitted Jeans
Women HATE when men were low rise jeans, baggy jeans, overly long jeans, and any jeans that don't fit him correctly. But surprisingly, most men make this fashion mistake repeatedly. A man will never look like a good dresser if he is wearing ill-fitting clothes.
Low-waist jeans on a man can and most likely will end up looking unnecessarily baggy, while showing off your builder's bum. There is no reason what-so-ever to wear your jeans so low! Remember to also never wear overly skinny jeans either. Skinny jeans are a huge turnoff to women because they can literally see everything on you.
5. Ill-fitting Suits
The easiest way for a man to seduce a woman is to wear a tailored suit. These suits constantly yell poise and sex appeal. You will definitely turn a woman off by wearing a suit that is too big or too small for you. Men, you need to look sharp and comfortable in suits in all occasions. In conclusion, your suit should fit properly!
According to joe.ie, 90% of men own a suit, but a quarter of these men have never been fitted for one. So they key here is to simply get yourself measured! Getting measured only takes about ten minutes and an advisor can also suggest a color and style depending on the reason you are purchasing the suit.
6. Wrinkled Shirt
Almost every woman despises when men wear wrinkled clothing. Wearing something that is wrinkled is a cue to women that you are only wearing it because you have to. When going on a date or an interview, never wear a wrinkled shirt, because chances are, you will be judged for it. All you need to do is iron your clothing, which only takes a few minutes. If you don't want to spend the time ironing, you can get your clothing professionally ironed. Ironed shirts in particular always look more dignified.
Most men are attracted to women who wear clothes that are not wrinkled or sloppy. So it makes sense that women are no different. Having freshly ironed shirts sends a message to women that you are the kind of man they want.
7. Too Tight Shirts
Flaunting your muscles through a tight fitting t-shirt is not a great way to charm a lady. The overly tight t-shirt look will make you come across as a cocky playboy to many girls because a person's style often reflects their attitude. Too tight shirts also tend to make a person look like a stuffed sausage.
A shirt should fit you properly all around. It should be be slighted fitted and not skin tight! In addition, tight shirts will restrict your movement. They are also extremely uncomfortable anyway. But overall, the most important thing is being confident and happy with what you are wearing.
8. Crop Tops
We're not talking about crop tops for women, but shirts that are so short that they end up stretching over a man's belly. Honestly, no women wants to see your stomach, especially if you have a beer gut. However, it certainly isn't about your size that turns women off. It is simply about how you present yourself, and showing the world your stomach isn't a good presentation. Your goal is to wear clothes that are best suited for you, including shirts, pants, and jackets.
Try to wear something that is going to flatter you and get a woman's attention in a good way. Of course, any man wearing a "crop top" like shirt is going to get attention, but it definitely isn't going to be out of lust from women.
9. White Briefs
If there is a chance that a woman is going to see your underwear, you may not want to be wearing tighty-whiteys. Why? Because the average woman under 35 does not find briefs sexy. Tighty whiteys are often considered dorky and childish because many young children wear them.
Some women don't have any problems with briefs in general. The issue specifically involves white briefs. According to a commenter on reddit.com, "nothing says 'my mom still buys my underwear for me' quite like a man in tighty whiteys." Overall, this type of underwear is simply unattractive. Of course, it is ultimately your decision whether or not you wear white briefs, especially if no woman is going to see your underwear in a million years. But, if your goal is to charm a woman, your best bet is to wear either colored briefs or boxers.
10. Mixed and Matched Outfits
Anyone can be tempted to blend various styles and looks. Guys do it when they are trying to copy looks that they see in magazines. The common reason for this is because they can't decide which style they like the best, and so, they put them all together. Even though you may think you look fashionable and stylish, this isn't the truth.
To women, you will look silly and look like you got dressed in the dark. Wearing clothing pieces that don't go well together will send a message to women that you don't know what you're doing at all.
11. Socks That Don't Match
Even if you don't realize it, socks are very important. The main rule in the fashion industry regarding socks is that the color of your socks should match the color of your pants. For example, black socks with black pants, dark gray socks with charcoal pants, or blue socks with blue jeans. Even though this may seem boring, it will keep you and your male friends looking sharp. Additionally, it socks that match your attire will always be appropriate for business settings.
Many men wear white socks all of the time. But, it is best to wear white socks for sporting events only. Women definitely won't be turned on if they see a carefully groomed man, wearing a sharp black suit and black dress shoes, sporting 2 inches of white socks. In addition, dress shoes require dress socks, not athletic socks!
12. Faded clothes
Faded clothing will make you look like you've been wearing those particular clothes for 30 years. Faded clothing comes off as a shapeless, baggy disappointment to women. Wearing faded clothes that look ancient are also not very fashionable.
Faded clothes that look old will make you look old as well. Do yourself a favor and get rid of any clothing articles that are extremely faded and have been in your closet for decades. Go to the store and buy yourself some vibrant colored clothes that will bring out your youth to women.
13. Wearing Exercise Shoes
While wearing exercise shoes is fine for when you are exercising, it is not acceptable or attractive to women if you are wearing them for anything other than exercising. Guys, how would you react if you saw a woman wearing sport appearing shoes with her business suit?
Women will definitely be looking at you if you are walking around wearing exercise shoes anywhere other than the gym. Overall, no guy should wear exercise shoes with chinos, jeans, or dress pants.
14. Deep V-Necks
Wearing deep v-necks is one of the most common men's style mistakes, according to menprovement.com. Although there are various types of v-neck shirts, we are talking about the type of v-neck that goes half way down the chest.
Wearing a deep v-neck will make it appear that you are vain in the eyes of women. Why? Because it appears like you are wearing such an unattractive shirt for the sole purpose of showing off your body. Women also would rather not see your chest hair.
15. Tucked-in Shirts
Men, do not tuck in your shirt unless you are in a business setting and wearing a collared shirt. If you are wearing a dress shirt that has long tails, then you should absolutely tuck it in. However, never in any circumstance tuck in a t-shirt, Hawaiian shirt, or jersey.
Wearing a tucked-in t-shirt will often make you come across to women as a nerd. Even though some subcultures love it, don't tuck in your t-shirt unless you are trying to make a deliberate style statement. Hawaiian shirts and any other loud-print shirts cannot be tucked in as well no matter what.

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