Top 20 Travel And Vacation Destinations In The World

Cheryl Brite September 7th 2016 Travel
The whole world is a big place to explore. You have so many places to choose from and no idea where to start. Think about where you’d really love to travel. There are many travel destinations on this planet that are absolutely beautiful. You only live once, so why not visit these beautiful places before you kick the bucket? #20 should be your first visit since it is most likely close to home!
1. San Juan, Puerto Rico
It’s the perfect place to learn all about Puerto Rico’s history. El Viejo San Juan is a neighborhood you should visit to see the Old Spanish colonial buildings. The El Castillo San Felipe del Moro is a citadel from the 16th century and a great representation of Puerto Rico’s history. After you’ve learned the history and culture of San Juan, you can take a dip into the waters of Luqillo followed by a tour of Bacardi Rum Planet. Sounds like paradise, right? Well book your trip to San Juan and find out.
In San Juan you can walk along the San Juan National Historic Site where you'll take a step back in time and see the history of San Juan. You can also walk the neighborhood of Old San Juan where the buildings are colorful and the atmosphere is a live with history and great places to shop and eat. If you're interested in paying your respects to the dead, San Juan Cemetery is a lovely place near the coast where your tour guide will give you a history of the grounds. The Poet's Passage is another interesting place where you can see really cool artwork, sip great coffee, and eat quiche and salads. When dinner rolls around, 1919 Restaurant is a comfortable and classy atmosphere to have Caribbean, International, Puerto Rican, and seafood. To turn in for the night the Coral Princess Hotel is where you want to spend your vacation because the service is great and you'll rest comfortably and in peace on your bed.
2. Sydney, Australia
The Sydney Opera House is a place where you can experience the musical, creative culture of Sydney. This iconic opera house sits upon the harbor, and it’s sailboat like architecture is so dynamic and modern. After the opera house you walk the streets of The Rocks and take in the street performers on Circular Quay. If you haven’t got enough of art, you should make your way to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Book your trip now! Sydney is waiting.
In Sydney you can hike along the trails from Bondi to Coogee Beach Costal Walk where you'll see beautiful scenes, trees, birds, rocks, and so much more. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is a landmark you can make your way to the top of and see the amazing city. Experience Sydney from the water on the Sydney Ferries where the service is great and you can get to the zoo and beaches very easily. You should also experience the Royal Botanic Gardens because the flowers are so lovely and the trees and water fountains around the garden make you feel at peace. When you need nourishment, Twenty 8 Acres is the perfect place for you to indulge your taste buds in Irish, cafe, European, British, and Australian cuisine. For a view of the water as well as the Opera House you'll choose Park Hyatt Sydney during your stay in Sydney.
3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This isn’t just a place known for warm weather and beaches like Copacabana. The statue of Christ the Redeemer stands over his kingdom. It is truly an amazing site to see for tourists, who are new to the area. If the view of Christ isn’t amazing enough, the Rio Carnival is a great place to explore the lively side of Brazil’s culture. Plan your trip to Brazil today. You'll have so much fun you'll never want to leave.
In Rio de Janeiro you can see the Sugarloaf Mountain from your cable car and other amazing views at sunset. For entertainment you'll make your way to Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro where the architecture is so breathtaking you can't believe it's real and the performances transport you to another world. The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil natural history museum will blow you away with their Picasso exhibit and beautiful atmosphere. The grandiosity of the Maracana Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho will blow your mind and it holds a lot of history for Brazil when it comes to soccer. When food is on your mind, the simple family atmosphere of Restaurante Visual is the perfect place to taste delicious dishes of Brazilian cuisine. When it's time to rest, the Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel is the prefect place to sit out by the pool and take in the view of the beach.
4. Bora Bora
Jungles and Volcanoes make Bora Bora an ideal place to explore. When you step outside your sandy resort, you’re in the mood to hike Mount Otemanu. The Bora Bora Lagoonarium aquarium is your next stop for the day to see the sea life. Don’t forget to end the day with a relaxing dip in the sandy beaches of Bora Bora. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it's all within your reach when you book your trip to Bora Bora today!
In Bora Bora you can go on a Quasafari in the water where you'll wear a cool helmet and discover lagoons and other wildlife that make this vacation really worth while. Kiteboarding is also a popular sport you'll want to try on the southern tip of Matira. You can also race around Bora Bora on your very own ATV where you'll see breathtaking views of the area. When you're done getting an adrenaline rush, you can go shopping at art galleries, studios, and jewelry stories that have an abundance of the product as well as black pearls. Dine at Aloe Cafe where the French and International cuisine will leave your taste buds satisfied. Stay at the Bora Bora Eden Beach Hotel where you'll feel right at peace.
5. Vancouver, Canada
Parks, galleries, and outdoor activities make this city a great place for tourists like you to explore. Its history is lacking, but the scenery is unforgettable. Vancouver’s mountains, beaches, and unique atmosphere will keep you occupied for days. It’s fashion boutiques and health conscious cuisine will keep you coming back to shop and taste the food until your time in Canada is done. Book your trip to Canada now! Vancouver is waiting for you.
In Vancouver you can see the Seawall of Vancouver as well as ride a bike, run, and take a carriage over the wall. Stanley Park is a great place for families to spend time together as well as walk around and experience the scenery of the park. The Museum of Anthropology is a speciality museum where you can see The Cesnam exhibit, the amazing global displays, and so much more. See the lush green nature of VanDusen Botanical Garden where everything is well maintained and is a romantic atmosphere for couples. Experience Canadian cuisine at The Oakwood Canadian Bistro where the ingredients are fresh, the company is great, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Enjoy your stay in the city at Times Square Suites Hotel where you'll rest comfortably in your room and convenience is what you crave.
6. Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich has many activities that will keep tourists interested year round. In the summer you can swim Zurich Lake and in the winter you can ski the Alps. When you’ve built up an appetite for something sweet, Zurich’s delectable pastry shops are on your mind. Museums, churches, and shops in Bahnofstrasse are great sites to explore while you spend your time in Zurich. Stop by the area of Zurich West when you crave a nice, cold beer at the end of the day. Book your trip today and you'll never look back.
In Zurich you can sail along the beautiful clear blue waters of Limmat River and enjoy the sites around you. Visit the Old Town neighborhood and see the history unfold before your very eyes. If you love art, you'll make your way into the Museum of Art where the outside doesn't look like much but the inside has masterpieces from artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Bonnard, and so much more. Zoo Zurich is where you can see the elephants, penguins, flamingos, and other wildlife in a relaxed and peaceful environment. To satisfy your appetite Lindenhofkeller is a warm and classy place to taste Swiss and European cuisine. Storchen Zurich is a great hotel to stay at if you want to be close to the water.
7. Montreal, Canada
Tourists love Montreal’s quaint cafes. The busy marketplaces and Old World architecture keep tourists coming back on their next vacation. St. Joseph’s Oratory and Vieux-Montréal are sites you cannot miss for the world. If you’re interested in nature, the Mont Royal Park has beautiful, scenic views. Now you have to book your trip to Canada. Montreal is waiting for you.
In Montreal you can walk into the religious site of Notre-Dame Basilica and wonder how something of such beauty was created. You can also see the lush plants and flowers of Montreal Botanical Gardens that will make you feel like you're in paradise. If you love art, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is beckoning you inside its doors with Inuit art, contemporary art, The Thinker, and so much more. The music of Montreal is waiting for you at L'Orchestre Symphonique where the venue is great and the music is so magical that you can't believe you're lucky enough to witness the performances. It's true that Le Club Chasse et Peche is a costly restaurant, but it is so worth splurging on because the French cuisine will take your taste buds to heaven. Hotel Gault is the perfect place to stay in Montreal because you love the city and the history it holds when you look out your window
8. Cape Town Central, South Africa
It’s best known for earning a World Cup and has now attracted the attention of tourists. Table Mountain will satisfy your active lifestyle. After your rigorous climb, sunbathing on the Clifton beach sounds like a dream come true. A wine tour of the Vineyards of Constantia Valley sounds great after you’ve relaxed on the beach. What are you waiting for? Book your trip to South Africa today!
At Cape Town Central you can be at peace at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens where you'll feel like you're in a dream because of how beautiful the flowers are and how green and lively the atmosphere is. The Cape Point Nature Preserve is where you'll learn the history of the nature, birds, and other animals that live on the preserve. Climb the mountains of Lion Head and take a camera to capture the view down below because its a view you never want to forget. The Heart of Cape Town Museum is where you want to be if you want to know the history of where the first human heart transplant happened. When you're feeling famished, Stardust is a great restaurant to taste African and Mediterranean cuisine. An African Villa is where you want to rest your head for the night because you can experience not only comfort but the simple yet beautiful design aesthetic of the room.
9. Jerusalem
Religion and history are the heart of the city of Jerusalem. People come to Jerusalem because of its ancient ties to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Western Trail, Temple Mount, and the Church of Holy Sepulchre are sites that represent what Jerusalem is all about, and you need to visit these sites because they are amazing. This Holy City will inspire you. All the more reason to come to Jerusalem today! Now!
In Jerusalem you can see the Western Wall Tunnels where the last remnants of the Jerusalem Temple are that Jesus knew. This place inspires not only awe in tourists but prayer as well. At Davidson Center you will see the past of Jerusalem hit you through the visual aids of technology and ancient archaeological art that you'll learn a lot from. The City of David is where Jerusalem was born, where King David created his kingdom, and the history of Israeli people was made. When you feel like eating the cuisine of Jerusalem, Mantra Restaurant & Wine Bar is the perfect place to introduce your taste buds to knew flavors as well as Italian, French, and International cuisine. When you're feeling tired, you can rest your head on the comfortable pillows of Arthur Hotel Jerusalem-an Atlas Boutique Hotel.
10. Marrakech, Morocco
Markets, gardens, palaces, and mosques are among some of the sites in Morocco that are exciting to explore as a tourist. If you love old architecture, Medina is a great area to experience the past of Marrakech. The Jardin Majorelle is beautiful garden where you’ll find your inner piece and will inspire you to create a better garden back home. While you may want to enter the mosque, you can only step inside if you’re Muslim. You’ll just have to admire the mosques from outside. So book your trip today! Experience what Morocco has to offer you on vacation.
In Marrakech you can go to the museum Maison de la Photographie and see photographs that are at least 100 years old. You can take a camel tour in the hot sun of Marrakech and sea the beauty of the sites around you. Go to flea and street markets at Marrakech Souk and purchase souvenirs you can't find anywhere else in the world. Take an exciting and romantic balloon ride over Marrakech and the see the world below from high up. Moroccan cuisine is what you want, and you'll get it at La Table du Palais where the natural environment of the outside will make you enjoy your food more. Relax in the calming atmosphere of Riad Dar Anika where your vacation has just begun.
11. Buenos Aries, Argentina
Do you love to Tango? Will Buenos Aries happens to be the birthplace of the Tango. So dance the night away with your special someone. Café Tortoni is your next stop after an exciting time of dancing. It’s the city’s oldest bar, and its appearance will bring you back to the past of 1858 and when the morning comes and the night has worn off, stroll through Recoleta, where French like mansions stand tall and beautiful. Come to Argentina today!
In Buenos Aires you can experience entertainment at its finest at Teatro Colon. Walk the neighborhoods of Puerto Madero and learn from the locals about the history of the area. The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires is where you'll see modern art as well as art from Rivera, Berni, Kahlo, and so much more. Enter the church of Basilica del Santisimo Sacramento where the tall ceilings and religious art make you feel so small, insignificant, and awed all at the same time. I Latina is the perfect restaurant to keep your taste buds satisfied through Latin, Spanish, Argentinean, and South American cuisine. If you want class and sophistication along with your comfort, Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt Buenos Aires is the perfect hotel to rest your head after a long day.
12. Zermatt, Switzerland
The Matterhorn is an iconic site in Zermatt that people first think of when they think of Switzerland. The village is another place in Zermatt to explore with its brown chalets and winding roads. Vehicles and horse drawn cabs will keep your feet from hurting. The slopes are calling your name as you ski freely down the mountains of Switzerland. Once the cold has gotten to you, you make your way inside a cozy, mountain restaurant to enjoy some tasty fondue. You'll love your time spent in Switzerland so book your trip today.
In Zermatt you can see the railroads of Gornergrat Bahn and ride along the rails to see the amazing sites of Switzerland. The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is refreshing to you because of the altitude, and you love the high views of the sites below. You'll learn all about skiing and snowboarding at Stoked Swiss Ski and Snowboard School where the instructors are friendly and make you feel comfortable when you're nervous. Visit the speciality Matterhorn Museum where you'll learn about the first climbers who reached the summit and the climbers who lost their lives. The comfortable and classy Parkhotel Beau Site Restaurant is where you want to eat after a long day because the International, European, and Swiss cuisine will satisfy your soul. You're so close to the mountains when you stay at Hotel Matterhorn Focus and the snowfall you'll see in the winter is just priceless.
13. Goreme, Turkey
If you’ve never seen cave churches in your life, Goreme National Park is perfect place to see them. Backpackers love these unique caves, and history buffs will be amazed to know that these church caves date back to the 10th and 11th century. Turkish cuisines and wine are a must in Goreme after you’ve spent time exploring the cave churches. Hikers will find the Rose Valley an interesting site to see with its pink cliffs. Turkey’s traditional pottery is something you’ll want to take with you to remember this trip. There's so much to do when you book your trip to Turkey today!
In Goreme you can take a calm flight over Turkey on a balloon ride. If you're interested in geological formations, Fairy Chimneys is where you'll find rocks formed by erosion. The Zelve Open Air Museum is a place of peace and quiet where you can walk in the valley and see the history before your eyes. The Tribal Collections Nomadic Rugs and Textiles is a shop you must stop by and buy a beautifully made rug. For Turkish cuisine the Topdeck Cave Restaurant has just what you need to eat quality lamb, meat, and chicken dishes. To have the full cave environment you must stay at Kelebek Special Cave Hotel and enjoy the views from the comfort of your room and when you walk the grounds of the hotel.
14. Ubud, Indonesia
If you love a good spa and massage place, the village cluster of Ubud is a great place to experience a Balinese massage. Treatments like acupuncture, reflexology, stretching, and aromatherapy may be new to you but they are worth the trip to Ubud to make your body feel relaxed. Once you’re relaxed, you’re ready to see the Jatiluwih Green Land terraces because of its geometric architectural beauty. Now you’re in the mood to swim as you head over to Sindhu beach to float on the surface until you become a prune. When the sun does go down, you want to be at Pura Tanah Lot to see how amazing the sunset view is in Indonesia. You have to book your trip today!
In Ubud you can take a day tour through the hiking trails of Authentik Bali and learn about all the amazing sites along the way. You can also see the monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary where the monkeys really know how to entertain an audience and the dragon like rail on the stairs shows just how special this place really is to tourists and locals alike. The art of Ubud is calling you as you make your way to the Agung Rai Museum of Art where the history of the art comes alive. At Widya's Batik you can learn how to make batik art and bring home your own creation with you. For delicious food and a calm environment to eat, Swept Away at The Samaya is where you want to be to experience International, Asian, and Indonesian cuisine. You'll rest comfortably at Viceroy Bali where the mountain views and island like environment will make you never want to leave.
15. Cusco, Peru
If you like to wander in a new place, the streets of San Blas are a good way to travel. When you’re done wandering, you set your eyes on exploring the Inca complex of Sacsayhuman. You have a good view of people walking by in the Plaza de Armas. Palaces, churches, and the festivals in the summer are other activities to consider while you stay in Cusco. Book your trip now to Cusco! You'll have the time of your life.
In Cusco you can see the ancient ruins of Centro Historico de Cusco and learn about the history of the Incas to the colonial period. The Faces of Cusco is a speciality museum where you can participate in chocolate and pottery painting class as well as enjoy the refreshing drinks at the bar. The Planetarium Cusco is a wonderful place to go on a tour and learn about how the Incas used astrology in their daily lives and see the constellations in their dome room. Stop by the Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary where you'll see the amazing wildlife of Peru like the condor, pumas, monkeys and learn more about them. Experience the taste of Peru at Cafe Morena Peruvian Kitchen where the prices are great, the food is delicious, and the modern environment is beautiful. If you can't get enough of the nature of Peru, you can enjoy your stay at The Garden House where the bushes and flowers are the first thing you see as you look out your window.
16. Athens, Greece
Because Greece held the Olympics in 2004, Athens has become a reformed city. The Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the National Archaeological Museum are iconic sites in Athens that are significant to western history. The steps of Socrates, located in the Agora, are another must see site in Greece that you have to experience for yourself as you go up the steps. Once the steps have exhausted you, Kolonaki has cafes where you can rest your feet and taste the food of Athens. Doesn't that sound great? Well book your trip to Athens and find out for yourself.
In Athens you can see the popular iconic landmark of the Parthenon and see the history in its ruins and architecture. The Temple of Hephaestus is a religious and historical site where you can walk along the grounds and wonder how such beautiful architecture was ever created. Walk the neighborhood of Plaka and shop until you drop as you enjoy the scenery that surrounds you. To see the art of Athens you can enter the Museum of Cycladic Art where you can view films explaining certain rituals performed in Athens, antiques, and so much more art history. Dine at Dinner in the Sky Greece where the food is fresh and high quality and the environment is celestial like in design. At the AVA Hotel Athens you get a great view of the mountains and rest comfortably in your modernly beautiful room.
17. Queenstown, New Zealand
Active vacationers will love Queenstown because it offers them kayaking, bungee jumping, jet boating, white-water rafting, hiking, and skiing. If you can do all this in one day, then you’re crazy. For vacationers who want to experience a more calming atmosphere, a cruise near Milford Sound or a sip of wine at the South Island pinot noir is just what you need to really enjoy yourself. If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Queenstown is an area where some of the film was shot. Now you have to come to New Zealand. No more excuses!
In Queenstown you can hike the beautiful, snowy trails of Queenstown Hill and see the breathtaking mountain views. Queenstown Garden is where you'll experience peace because the beauty of the trees, the clear water, and the colorful folliage are so calming. Visit the Walter Peak High Country Farm and see the sheep dog run after the sheep. At Kiwi Birdlife Park you can watch all different types of birds sit in the trees and fly away if you're into bird watching. At Pedro's House of Lamb you'll have the best lamb in the area as well as Spanish cuisine that will make your taste buds come alive. Matakauri Lodge is the perfect place to stay in Queenstown because of the view of the water and the snow peaked mountains.
18. Dubai
A cosmopolitan atmospheres is what you’re in for when you travel to Dubai. Make your way up to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Stop and smell the 45 million flowers in the Dubai Miracle Garden. When you’re aching for adventure outside the city, a dune buggy will take you among the wide-open desert. What are you waiting for? Book your trip to Dubai today!
In Dubai you have to see the Dubai Fountains where the water moves in mysterious ways. You're need to shop is answered by the Dubai Mall where you won't know where to go first because every store is more unique then the next. See the modern architecture of the Burj Al Arab building where the arch gives the building a futuristic appeal that you have to take a picture of. Go on a safari in Dubai and camp, camel ride, and enjoy the scenery of Dubai while you eat a lovely dinner that the tour has provided for you. For the best Indian cuisine in Dubai you'll go to Indego by Vineet and let your taste buds enjoy the taste of the spices in your mouth. To have surrounding views of Dubai from your window, Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah is the perfect place to rest your head at night.
19. Cancun, Mexico
Spring Break is a popular occurrence in Cancun. It’s beaches and luxurious environment makes this any ideal place to party. It’s also a great place to relax when spring break ends. Cancun’s cuisine will blow your mind because your taste buds will experience unique flavors that they can’t get anywhere else in the world. You can't beat that logic. So now it's time to come to Cancun not today, not tomorrow, but right now!
In Cancun you can rest your feet in the sands of Playa Delfines and swim in the clear blue waters of the beach. Visit the modern yet peaceful environment of the church of Parroquia de Cristo Resucitado where you can pray and reflect on your life. See the dolphins perform tricks and get in the water with them and enjoy your time together at Dolphin Discovery. Museo Maya de Cancun is a speciality museum where you can see the ruins of Cancun underwater as well as artwork. For Mexican cuisine Peter's Restaurante is where you want to be to taste the fresh salmon and salad with high quality ingredients that will make your taste buds smile. You want a hotel with a spa and sea like environment, and Secrets The Vine Cancun Resort & Spa is a match made in heaven for you because paradise never looked this good.
20. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
South Carolina isn’t the first place you think of when you want to go on vacation but when someone mentions Myrtle Beach, you’re on your way to South Carolina. It’s the ultimate vacation spot for beach lovers, but there are other attractions like amusement parks, water parks, restaurants, and live entertainment to keep you coming back to Myrtle Beach. Hotels are more than happy to accommodate you after your long day of fun. Don’t forget to watch the sunset over the water because it’s a view you will never forget. Book your trip to Myrtle Beach today! You'll never miss a sunset.
At Myrtle Beach you can go to New South Brewing where the beer is handmade, refreshing and delicious in taste while the tour guide explains the history behind the brewery. If you love theme parks, Myrtle Beach Skywheel is the place for you to ride the ferris wheel where you'll get over your fear of heights because the views are so breathtaking. Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum is where you'll see local artists display their work for the world to see, and the art is quite impressive because of how vibrant and professional the art looks. For souvenirs to remember your trip by, The Market Common is the perfect place to be because after a long day of shopping you can have lunch at one of the many restaurants and relax. Fire & Smoke is the good place to have American, barbecue, fusion, pub, gastropub, and seafood. If you want the island like experience, Island Vista is where you want to staying during your time in South Carolina.

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