Top 20 Travel And Vacation Destinations In The Caribbean

Cheryl Brite September 7th 2016 Travel
You can go anywhere in the world, and you choose the Caribbean. The hard part is over, right? Wrong, there are so many places in the Caribbean you could travel to or spend your vacation. You would be lucky to spend time in any part of the Caribbean. Travel to any of these 20 places in the Caribbean. You feel like you're in paradise.
1. The Cayman Islands
Paradise is what you think of as you sink your feet into the white sand and smell the ocean air. Swimming in the clear waters of the Cayman Islands, you know there’s no other place you’d rather spend your vacation. This archipelago has some of the best diving sites that are ready for you to explore. Not only will you enjoy this underwater activity but when all is said and done, at the end of the day you’ll relax in a great hotel that you got for a great deal. Book your trip to the islands today. You won't regret it.
In the Cayman Islands you can come by Stingray City and swim with the stingrays as well as learn all about the sea life around you. When you're feeling like a drink, you should stop by Cayman Spirits Spirits Co. Distillery where the samples of Seven Fathoms rum are great, and the tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable about the distillery. See the beautiful reef of Bloody Bay Wall where the sharks, stingrays, turtles, and other sea creatures come out to play. On land you can stop by the art gallery Pure Art where the art is made by the owner of sea life, cottages, and so much more. When you feel like eating, the Kaibo-Upstairs Restaurant is where you can taste the cuisine of the Caribbean, especially the jerk chicken, which is simply delicious. The Turtle Nest Inn is where you want to stay during your time in the Caribbean because of its luxurious environment and its easy access to the beach.
2. St. Kitts & Nevis
The soft sand will astound your feet as you walk along the beach of St. Kitts. After you’ve spent time enjoying the ocean views, the nightlife beckons you to Frigate Beach and eventually to the festivals, which St. Kitts has a great reputation for. Nevis is the opposite of the sophisticated buzz of St. Kitts, yet they are twin islands. A ferry will take you to the quite, peaceful island of Nevis to experience an environment unlike its twin. Either of these island you can't go wrong with vacationing at. Book your vacation today!
At St. Kitts & Nevis you can come by Clay Villa Plantation House & Gardens and see the lovely lush gardens and view the memorabilia from many generations where the owner Philip gives you a tour of the place. Hike the national park of Brimstone Hill Fortress where you can see the amazing vistas as well as the historical sites. Experience an adventure you will never forget on Greg's Safari where the tour guides are friendly and the wildlife is exciting to the eyes. Nevis Peak Hike is another great place to hike the trails and see the peak of Mt Nevis in all its glory as well as the beach. Eat at Coconut Grove where French, Caribbean, and Fusion cuisine are available to taste and enjoy while watching the sunset. Stay at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino where the island environment will make you relax and enjoy the view.
3. Barbados
It’s one of the more luxurious areas of the Caribbean. Beaches, golf courses, and palatial resorts are the activities you can expect to explore on your vacation. It’s flair lies in the Mountain Gay Rum, the horse races, and dancing to the sound of a calypso tune. Explore your wild side on the island of Barbados. Book your trip today! You'll have the time of your life.
In Barbados you can explore the exotic gardens of Hunte's Gardens. Swim in the refreshing and clear waters of Carlisle Bay and relax on the soft sands while watching the waves roll in. Come by St. Nicholas Abbey where you will learn the history of the plantation from their very outgoing tour guide while you sip your delicious rum. Visit the historic site of Stavronikta where you can view the sea life up close and personal as you dive with the vibrant sea creatures. For Caribbean cuisine The Cliff is the best place to taste fresh food from not only the Caribbean but you'll taste French, International, and Asian food as well. If you want to stay at a simple yet beautiful island hotel, The House is the perfect place to enjoy your stay.
4. St. Martin
This Island is known for its first class beaches that you will want to swim in for the whole day. Before you can even experience the waters of St. Martin, you need to find a hotel that suits your budget. Luckily, the island offers an assortment of choices for any budget you have. When you’ve finally settled into your hotel, it’s time for lunch and what better place than Lolos, which you can find along the shore of St. Martin. Book your trip today and enjoy the island life. What are you waiting for?
At St. Martin you can take a tour of the island by speed boat and discover all the sea life you've never seen before. Visit The Butterfly farm where you can see all the colorful butterflies you want, hold them, and listen to the tour guides talk about these flying creatures. The Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit is a speciality museum where being a fan of Star Wars and special effects will keep you interested for good while. Get some souvenirs before you head home at Shopper's Haven where you can purchase beautiful jewelry for that certain someone you want to propose to. At the Lazy Lizard Beach Bar & Grill you can taste the delectable dishes of American, Caribbean, and seafood. Les Balcons d'Oyster Pond is a great place to stay because from the balcony you can see the beach as well as the boats coming in and out from their adventure.
5. St. Lucia
This Island is truly the whole package when it comes to vacationing in the Caribbean. Beaches, mountains, resorts, and bungalows cover the main essentials for any person who wants to be active in the daytime and rest and relax in the evenings. Hikers will love to start their day out at Piton Mountains while beach lovers will get a tan in Reduit Beach. Both hikers and beach lovers alike will enjoy the sun sitting over the Caribbean Sea after a satisfying day. How nice does that sound? Book your trip to St. Lucia today!
At St. Lucia you can have fun at Treetop Adventure Park as you zip line along the trees at high speeds and take a dip at the waterfall. Hike the roads of Tet Paul Nature Trail where you'll get camera worthy shots of the island. The Lucian Style Experience Center is where your segway tour begins and by the end you'll feel the refreshing waters of St. Lucia relax you. The Diamond Botanical Gardens is where you'll see some of the most exotic flowers, waterfalls, and rocks. After a long day The Pink Plantation House is the perfect place to taste Caribbean cuisine that will satisfy your taste buds as you sit back in your seat and enjoy the view of St. Lucia. The Jade Mountain Resort is where you rest your head at night because it brings paradise right into your cozy hotel room.
6. British Virgin Islands
Posh is one way to describe these Islands. The Cane Garden Bay is a site you need to explore because of how exquisite it appears to the eyes. The Bay isn’t the only site that will impress you. The baths are quite a site to see in the British Virgin Islands because it’s a great way to relax your troubles away. With a touch of British culture this archipelago is what luxury is all about. So book your trip today and your vacation begins!
In the British Virgin Islands you can enjoy The Baths as you snorkel, sunbathe, and enjoy the tropical drinks at the Tiki Hut. You can also surf the waves, windsurf, and kite surf for fun. Rhone National Marine Park is another part of the beach where you can see the ship wrecks and breathtaking sea life. If you love Dolphins, you should make your way to the Dolphin Discovery Tortola where you can see the dolphins do tricks as well as swimming with the dolphins. For fresh and delicious food you can make your way to Anegada Beach Club Restaurant where American, sushi, Caribbean, and seafood is waiting for you. If you want to stay in a villa near the ocean, the Surfsong Villa Resort is the perfect place to experience paradise.
7. Turks & Caicos
These Islands have some of the most breathtaking views you will ever see. Their white beaches are not the only view you need to explore. Grace Bay will have you bringing your camera with you to take so many pictures that you will run out of film before the trip is over. If tropical comfort is what you seek, then you’ve come to the right place. Don't wait another minute. Book your trip today!
At Turks & Caicos you can lie out on the sand of Grace Bay and enjoy the sun as well as step into the water, swimming the clear, beautiful waters of the beach. Explore the national park of Chalk Sound where the water is amazing in color and you can enjoy the views of Turks & Caicos. Our Lady of Divine Province is a church landmark where the people are welcoming, and the sermons are quite entertaining and inspiring. For a horseback riding tour Provo Ponies is a great time for tourist and pony alike because the horses are well take care of. When you're hungry, Daniel's Cafe by the Sea is the perfect place to watch the view of Turks & Caicos while you eat fresh Caribbean cuisine. The Tuscany is the perfect hotel to stay at during your vacation because you love privacy, luxury, and the intimate atmosphere.
8. Bonaire
The water will mesmerize you like a shiny jewel as the sun’s rays rests upon the water. The sailing winds will attract people to explore the beach by boat. This laid back paradise will leave you settling under your umbrella for the whole day. If you’re feeling like you want to experience a more active vacation, hiking, biking, and horseback riding are activities you will surly enjoy. It's sounds so exciting! Book your trip to this island today!
At Bonaire you can explore the sea life and the beautiful reefs of Bonaire National Marine Park by snorkeling and diving. Get a drink at Cadushy Distillery where you can get a tour of the place and learn how liquors are made. See the donkeys at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire where they are naturally curious about you and get the help they need to be strong again. The Washington-Slagbaai National Park Visitor Center Museum is a great place where you can see the parrots, flamingos, and the stunning seascape. When you feel your stomach rumble, Kite City is a great place to eat healthy Spanish, Fusion, and seafood as well as tapas. For beachfront luxury The Bellafonte Luxury Oceanfront Hotel is where you want to stay while you're at Bonaire.
9. St. Barts
This Island is one of the more expensive places to vacation so be ready to spend some money or plan your vacation in advance. Of course if you were a celebrity, you wouldn’t have to worry about how much you spend. Despite the price of St. Barts it has beautiful, turquoise beaches and impressive landscape that will make your money troubles disappear. Hey, you might even spot a famous celebrity walking on the beach. Now you're interested. So book your trip to St. Barts today!
At St. Barts you can sunbathe on one of 22 beaches to choose from. You can shop for designer clothes at the beautiful area of Gustavia. View the breathtaking sunset at Lurin from a hill top cafe. Taste the French cuisine at any one of St. Barts Restaurants where the food is fresh and the service makes you feel valued as a customer. Relax on a yacht ride in the morning or in the afternoon. You can find hotels in the area of Baie de St. John that are of great quality and luxury that you'll never want to leave.
10. Antigua & Barbuda
The coral reef is an underwater world that you must explore because you won’t believe the sea life that exists down there. Bird watching, Kayaking, and a Zip Line Canopy Tour are just some of the exciting activities to do in Antigua & Barbuda. After these activities, you’re craving some Caribbean flavor as you settle down at Caribbean Taste Restaurant where your taste buds will never be the same. Coconut Beach Club is the perfect place to relax after a long and exciting day. You’re right near the water and the views are to die for. Book your vacation today!
At Antigua & Barbuda you can relax on the beach as well as on the sand at Valley Church Beach where when you're done sunbathing, the water is calling your name. Nelson's Dockyard is a national park where you get a tour of the area, learn about the history, and see the beautiful boats at their docks. At Shirley Heights you can lookout at the beautiful beach and enjoy the sunset. See the geological formations of the Devil's Bridge as the waves brush against the rock and the pelicans, who walk among the rocks. When hunger is calling your name, you can dine at Sheer Rocks, a Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine restaurant, where you can enjoy the food as well as the views of Antigua & Barbuda. Enjoy your stay at Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort where you'll experience luxury and comfort at its best.
11. Curacao
This Island is out of range of the hurricane belt, which means the island will have good weather year round. Well you’ve dodged a bullet right there. Curacao was made for water lovers. Divers and snorkelers will love to explore the coral reefs and who knows when they’ll come back up for air? All the more reason to come to Curacao. Book your vacation now!
At Curacao you have to swim in the beach of Kenepa and lie out on the white sand to have the full island experience. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also great activities to do in order to see the amazing sea life. Experience the beach views of Curacao from the Queen Emma Pontoon bridge where you can see people sailing and enjoying the sunshine. The Curacao Dolphin Academy is an experience you can't miss because you can swim with the dolphins and watch the sea lions perform amazing tricks. For American, pizza, and barbecue food you can make your way to Sol Food where the service is fantastic and food satisfies your taste buds at any time of the day. To be at one with the sea life during your stay in Curacao, you must stay at The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort.
12. Grenada
45 beaches to choose from! Can you believe it? How will you ever choose? You can experience the vibrant colors St. George’s harbor first and then choose to explore the popular Grand Anse beach. If you love the beach life, you have to come to Grenada. Book your trip and have fun!
In Grenada you can visit the farm of Belmont Estate where you can take a chocolate tour, taste the chocolate, and see the animals around the farm. There are many underwater sculptures that will amaze you when you dive for free as well as many different shapes, sizes, and colors of fish swimming by. See the Seven Sisters Falls where every waterfall is beautiful and unique in its own way. If you love nature, you'll love the Hyde Park Tropical Garden where the vibrant flowers and green leaves and trees highlight how amazing Grenada really is on your tour. When pizza, pasta, and Caribbean food is calling your name, Lazy Turtle Pizzeria & Bar is a simple but relaxing place to have lunch or dinner. For an island paradise experience Spice Island Beach Resort is where you'll step outside your room and see nothing but beach before your eyes.
13. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Every traveler will enjoy their time in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which is comprised of 32 islands. So start exploring because it’s going to take a while or you can take a boat to any of the islands. Diving and snorkeling are exciting underwater activities that you’ll always remember. If underwater activities are not your style, sailing is a great way to feel the sea breeze rush through your hair. Experience this for yourself when you book your trip. What are you waiting for?
At St. Vincent and the Grenadines you can explore Tobago Cays Marine Park and see the turtles and stingrays swimming pass you and the colorful birds watching you from the trees. See the mountains and volcanoes at La Soufriere Cross Country Trail as well as the breathtaking views that surround you. Experience nature at its best at Montreal Gardens where everything is so lush and vibrant that you can't believe it's real. When you come to the Firefly Plantation Bequia, you'll see the small but uniquely beautiful fireflies and it's especially amazing at night when they glow. Give your body the fuel it needs at Sugar Reef Cafe where the views are not the only amazing thing, but the food is so fresh and tasty that you'll never want to leave. When the day is done, the Firefly Hotel Mustique is just what to you need to feel luxurious and comfortable for the night.
14. St. Thomas
So many activities lie at your feet on the island of St. Thomas. Sightseeing, boat charters, sailing, fishing, island tours, snorkeling, and diving are just a few of activities you can experience on the island. Land and water enthusiasts will be very pleased. This beautiful paradise is also a great place to get married and have the honeymoon of your dreams. Well get going! There's no better time then the present to book your vacation to St. Thomas today.
At St. Thomas you can swim the waters of Magens Bay and sunbathe in the daytime and at night you can see the beautiful colors of the sunset. Find the St. Thomas Synagogue where you can learn all about its history and see people pray during one of their services. See the beautiful nature and wildlife at Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden where the orchids are in bloom and the birds are vibrant, especially the lovely peacocks. Have a high flying adventure on the Tree Limin' Extreme Zipline where your adrenaline is so high that you'll want to go on again and again. If you want off the grid food, you should stop by Off The Grid food truck for bar, barbecue, grill, and pub cuisine. When you're finally ready to rest for the day, the Point Pleasant Resort is the perfect place to be lulled to sleep by the waves of the beach.
15. Dominica, West Indies
What a beautiful waterfall? Of course this isn’t the only view you’ll marvel at on your vacation. You may marvel at the fact that you can afford this trip to Dominica. Morne Trois Pitons National Park is for all you hikers out there who love to explore nature. If you’re a diver, then Scotts Head Pinnacle is the place for you to dive deeper into sea life. Dive deeper into this experience by booking your trip today!
In Dominica you can see the most beautiful coral reefs, explore the mountain ranges, and enjoy the underwater hot springs. You can even see amazing waterfalls as you walk the rainforest. The wildlife consists of birds, iguanas, tree lizards, butterflies, and so much more. Watch the whales and dolphins year round in Dominica as they move around your boat, exploring unknown territory. When you feel hungry, you can have delicious pizza, salads, and other vegetarian dishes at Sunshine Cottage Restaurant. At Dominica you can stay in any of the island's resorts, hotels, and cottage and apartments.
16. Varadero, Cuba
If you’re interested in resorts, then Varadero is the place for you. This Caribbean destination has many resorts to choose from in order for you to enjoy your stay. Resorts aren’t the only appealing places to be. The white and turquoise beaches are a sight for interested eyes. Don't miss out on this opportunity for a vacation in paradise. Book you trip to Varadero today!
In Varadero you can bring your beach chair and umbrella to Varadero beach where you can have some shelter from the sun and enjoy the view of the waves crashing onto the sand. If you require more shade then that, the Saturno Cave is a great place to experience the cold and refreshing water and see the intricate details of the cave. Walk through the nice park of Josone Park where you can relax and see the beautiful gardens. Visit the speciality museum Casa del Ron (House of Rum) if you like rum and other liquors as well as learning about the Cuban Rum Trade. For Caribbean and Cuban cuisine you should stop at La Rampa where the exotic spices along with the fresh food make this restaurant a great experience for your taste buds. When rest is what you require, you'll want to stay at the Starfish Cuatro Palmas where you not only get a view of the big pool but the comfort you've always desired on vacation.
17. Negril, Jamaica
A laid back environment appeals to you, and that’s exactly what Negril has to offer you. The colors and beauty of the nature in this part of Jamaica will make you wish you had brought your camera to capture and remember the beauty. The cheap hotel accommodations are not the only thing you will love about Jamaica. You’ll horseback ride, kayak, and snorkel until it’s not fun anymore or until you have to go back home. Don't forget to visit the lighthouse. Book your trip to Jamaica and have a great time.
In Negril you can rest your feet within the sand of Seven Mile Beach and let the sun bathe your body before you swim in the clear waters of paradise. Lean over the Negril Cliffs and enjoy the geologic formation as well as the view but be careful not to fall because the shallow water below will hurt you. The Mary, Gate of Heaven Catholic Church is the perfect place for you to pray and listen to the inspiring service of the preacher. See the beauty and the simplicity of the hummingbird at Barney's Hummingbird Garden Jamaica. For succulent lobster, caribbean, Jamaican, and seafood the Fireman's Lobster Pit is the place you want to eat at. If you want a spa like environment near the beach for your hotel, The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to spend your time in Negril.
18. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
It is known for its sandy beaches and clear water. If you’re looking to go on vacation with your family, Punta Cana is the place to be. Resorts, restaurants, and bars are among the amenities offered to families. You’re really into water sports, and Puna Cana happens to have activities like surfing, waterskiing, sport fishing, sailing, and wakeboarding to keep you in the water until the sun comes down. You can't miss out on this opportunity. Book your trip to Punta Cana today!
At Punta Cana you can swim the clear blue waters of Bavaro Beach and sit out in the sun and let the raise shine on your skin. If you're feeling lucky, the Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana is where you can win it all or lose it all but the excitement is addicting. You can also see the exotic wildlife of Punta Cana at Outback Adventures-Outback Safari. Another way to see the wildlife is to explore Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park where fish and turtles reside. To satisfy your hunger you can make your way to La Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant to experience not only the delicious Italian food but Caribbean, International, and European food as well. When the day ends, you'll rest comfortably and peacefully at The Reserve at Paradisus Punta Cuna.
19. Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau is best known for filming the James Bond Movie Casino Royale. Well that’s a good enough reason to travel to the Bahamas. It draws in many tourists every year with its lovely beaches. Beaches aren’t the only main attraction in the Bahamas. Shops, hotels, casinos, and the Junkanoo Street Parade are other exciting activities that will keep tourists coming back for more. You'll have so much fun. All the more reason to book your trip to Nassau today!
At Nassau you can sip refreshing, tropical fruity drinks at The Tiki Bikini Hut while you enjoy the amazing view of the beach. If you love extreme water parks, Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island is the perfect place for you, your friends, and family to scream until your lungs hurt. The Cloisters Nassau is a landmark in the Bahamas where you really need to take your camera with you and take pictures of not only the beautiful piece of architecture but the beautiful gardens as well. Explore the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center where the vibrant colors of the garden will make you feel at peace and the flamingos will amaze you. For cheese and saucy goodness on your pizza and delicious wings Daiquiri Shack is a great laid back place to eat. When you crave rest and relaxation at the end of the day, the Graycliff Hotel gives you the peace you need to be happy.
20. Oranjestad, Aruba
Vibrant, fun, and lively are a few words to describe Oranjestad. All year long Aruba throws festivals and street parades to bring tourists and residents alike to enjoy the celebration. Colonial buildings and landmarks are lovely architecture to the eyes. You will enjoy the museums and shopping, especially if you’re interested in buying handmade products. Sounds like a dream to you. So book your trip today to Oranjestad and enjoy your vacation!
At Oranjestad you can see the beautiful multi-colored butterflies at Butterfly Farm and learn all about them from your tour guide. When you come to Aruba Glass Ceramics, you can take their bead making class and come out wearing your very own bracelet, necklace, or keychain. Walk, horseback ride, and so much more on the grounds of Rancho Daimari where you can enjoy the views of Oranjestad. Learn from the National Archaeological Museum Aruba and see how the Arowac Indians came to Aruba as well as their lifestyle and the influence of colonialism. In the luxurious dinning room of Barefoot Restaurant you will eat the best Caribbean, International, and Seafood of your life. Stay at the beach like paradise of Talk of the Town Hotel & Beach Club and enjoy your time at Oranjestad.

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