15 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Universal Orlando Resort For a Vacation

Cheryl Brite April 20th 2016 Travel
Don’t think of any other place but Universal Orlando Resort for any occasion. It's the perfect place for all kinds of people. It's not just a theme park to bring kids. I’ve traveled and vacationed four times at Universal, and I would go more if I could. No other place can compare to thrill and adventure that awaits you as you enter this place I call home. Read on and book a flight to Orlando for a vacation today!
1. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville
Nothing gets your stomach growling and eyes wandering like this relaxing, paradise themed environment. The music along with the lyrics of Jimmy Buffet will really make you feel like your vacation has truly begun. Every inch of this restaurant was inspired by this musician. Sure they have plastic fish on the walls, a plane, and many other accessories that make this place unique but don’t let this fool you; their food is the best your mouth will ever taste. Their burgers are to die for. In City Walk you will find island like environment where your taste bud's dreams will come true.
At Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville there is outdoor seating for you as well to enjoy the views of the park and the people passing by. It's called the Porch of Indecision where you can listen to live music from their very own guitarist. They're open from 11:30AM-2AM, so you can come anytime of the day or night. They call their food "Floribbean Cuisine" because it combines the food of Key West with Caribbean food. You have to admit that's clever. From Jamaican Wings, to Grilled Fish Tacos, and Key Lime Pie Margaritaville has everything you will ever need to make your stomach happy when you leave.
2. AMC Universal Cineplex 20
In City Walk you will see this spectacular cinematic greatness that is a movie theatre. A movie theatre included in a theme park, what other place on earth offers this? Well I don’t know but this huge Cineplex has twenty movie screens with IMAX and comfortable seats that will make you never want to leave this place. Their stadium like environment is the perfect way to view movies. Not to mention the variety of snack that will keep you entertained in the theatre during the coming attractions. Set back, relax, and enjoy the show!
The AMC Universal Cineplex serve different foods from your ordinary theatre. Pizza, fries, and liquor make this theatre the place to be. There's even a meal and movie deal where you can enjoy City Walk's plethora of restaurants, pick one, and enjoy your meal with a movie for just $21.95! You can purchase this deal at the ticket window. If you're not attracted by this deal, then you're crazy. You'll enjoy great cinematic performances on their big screens while your taste buds enjoy a meal or snacks.
3. Emeril’s Restaurant Orlando
In City Walk you will find Emeril. No not Emeril himself but his restaurant. A classy environment awaits you as you sink your teeth into Emeril’s masterful dishes. He really "kicks it up a notch" with his use of diverse flavors. Of course you’ll need a reservation but it’s a reservation you’ll never regret or forget. Especially since you get to watch the chefs cook the dish your ordered.
Emeril's Restaurant Orlando has only the best service provided for you that is also top notch because your needs are the most important. Creole gourmet is at the center of this celebrity Food Network Star's inspiration. Roasted Texas Redfish, Crawfish, and many more delectable dishes are available to try at Emeril's. They offer a lunch, dinner, kids, and happy hour menu to attract every kind of person. Entrees may range in price from $21.00 to $42.00 and may seem expensive, but it's so worth the money. How often do you treat yourself to something this good?
4. Loews Royal Pacific Hotel
A tropical, beach themed paradise greets your eyes as you take your bags inside and relax in your room with a view of the pool. The front desk employees will check you in, help you with your bags, and answer any question you have about the hotel as well as the park. Taste the island cuisine because your mouth craves it. When you walk into the lobby, their beautiful zen like fountains will catch your eye. Oh, did I mention it’s an onsite hotel where a water taxi takes you directly to the theme park? Yes, dreams do really come true at your stay at this hotel.
Loews Royal Pacific Resort's environment draws you in with the South Seas. As a guest at this magnificent hotel you can skip the long lines with the Universal Express Pass in both Universal Studios as well as Islands of Adventure. You also receive early admission to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You'll be there a whole hour before guests who decided to stay at off site hotels. How cool is that? Now you have no reason to say no to this on site hotel.
5. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
Harry Potter fans will be amazed when they step into Hogwarts castle and ride along with Harry and his friends in this highflying virtual adventure. You will enjoy the journey inside the castle as well as its impressive features even before you reach your destination. The classrooms and corridors are so well constructed that you feel like you're actually a part of something magical. Once you follow Harry and his friends around Hogwarts, your life will never be the same as you see all the magical creatures that surround the castle. The technology of this ride is truly something to marvel at. People of every age can enjoy this thrilling ride.
To enjoy Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey you have to be 48 inches tall. Dumbledore's Office, the Defense Against the Arts Classroom, and the Gryffindor Common Room are just some of the place you will see on your way to your forbidden journey. You'll really feel like you're flying high above the ground as Harry and his friends defeat the forces of evil. It's something you'll never forget. You'll have the time of your life in Hogwarts. Don't be a stranger and come back to this ride as often as possible.
6. Jurassic Park River Adventure
You loved the movie now enjoy the ride come to life. Standing in line, the anticipation is just too much to bare. Once you get into the raft like ride, your life will truly begin. Jurassic Park fans and Paleontologists alike won’t believe their eyes as they sail along in this thrilling water ride and meet the dinosaurs, especially the T-rex, roaring ferociously at the end before the thrilling drop. Yes, you will be drenched in water. If you don't want to get wet, you're on the wrong ride.
Located at Islands of Adventure the Jurassic Park River Ride Adventure lets you experience the world of dinosaurs like you never have before. It's up close and personal that's for sure. You have to be at least 42 inches to ride this water ride and if you have a child between 42-48 inches, you must ride with them. It takes 1.5 million gallons of water to fill up the ride. It also has an 85 foot plunge down, which is the largest constructed drop for a theme park. So bring on the dinosaurs and the water, you're ready!
7. Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls
This well constructed water ride brings this old cartoon back to life. You're in the Canadian North Woods. Snidely Whiplash, the villian, has take the fair maiden Nell Fenwick, and it's up to the hero, Dudley Do-Right to save her from the saw mill she is tied to. You will see how this story unfolds as you ride this water ride. It is the most thrilling water ride you’ll ever go on as every twist and turn makes you wonder when you’ll drop. The suspense gets me every time! Don't let it get you!
Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls, located at Islands of Adventure, is where adults and kids alike will have the time of their lives down a 75 foot drop. If you're child is between 44-48 inches tall, you must accompany them on this ride no matter how scared you are. Into the log you sit as you wait for the ride to begin. You wonder if you'll get wet and if Dudley can save Nell. Well you'll find out very soon. In the end you're soaking and Nell has been saved and so it's a great day on both ends.
8. Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges
This bumpy, Popeye the sailor man rapids ride is fun for friends and family alike. You never know who will get wet but when it happens, you can’t help but laugh at the person who’s soaked to the bone, hoping you’re not next on the water ride’s hit list. You're on a rescue mission along with Popeye to save Olive from the evil Bluto, who has captured her. You'll risk life and limb, or in this case stomach, to bring Olive back safely. The white water rapids will keep you on your toes until the very end. If you didn't bring a poncho, you're out of luck because the water will get you.
Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges is a ride where you must be 42 inches tall to ride. Sweet Haven is where you are as you spin your way through comic scenes of this old cartoon. They are so many ways to get wet that you won't know where to look before it's too late. The water will refresh you on a sunny day. They'll be so much action on the ride that you'll scream in excitement. Enjoy this time with your family or people you just met because you can all agree that this is a ride that you'll never forget.
9. The Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman
You love 3D. What a coincidence this ride has 3D t0o? Superhero fans will love this virtual reality ride with Spiderman as he fights the forces of evil and gets you back home safe and sound. What a relief! Every villain he faces will make you feel like you’re right there with him as you go up, down, and around trying to dodge every attack while Spiderman saves your life. He truly is earth's greatest comic hero.
The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman is a ride that once you step into it, you'll never be the same. Given 3-D classes, you're ready to be a part of something amazing. The classes are in high definition that enhance the audio, lighting, and so much more. You're on a rescue mission to help Spiderman rescue the Statue of liberty from the Sinister Syndicate. Along the way there will be danger but you're willing to follow Spiderman to any lengths to save the day. You will be amazed by Islands of Adventure's Spiderman.
10. The Incredible Hulk Coaster
You can tell a lot of rage went into building this mean green hulking machine roller coaster. Thrill seekers worship this ride of loop de loops and apparently this ride is very angry with the amount of times you go upside down. It won't stop you from enjoying the rush this coaster gives you every time you come back. You're in the laboratory of Dr. Bruce Banner before you take off into the unknown. You become the Incredible Hulk as you shoot of the ride. You are unstoppable as you go through the loops of life.
The Incredible Hulk Coaster lives in the world of Islands of Adventure. From 0 to 40 mph you're practically in a jet that takes off of a aircraft carrier. When you're upside down, you feel weightless and free as you pick up speed. The power and rage is clearly expressed in this ride and within you as you have no choice but to go through the chaos and coming out the other side. When you're going up, you'll reach 150 ft and the speed of the ride is up to 67 mph. The inversions and subterranean trenches will give you the adrenaline rush you've always craved at 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
11. Loews Portofino Bay Hotel
This is where the "sweet life" truly begins. If you love Italy, this onsite, colorful hotel has the environment you’re looking for. It has a romantic air that you can’t ignore and a huge pool you can dive right into. Its luxurious environment by the man made sea side recreates the village of Portofino, Italy in every inch of its design. Guest can hangout in the lobby, rely on quality customer service, relax in their spa, swim in the pool, and eat delicious Italian food. you need to book this hotel today!
Loews Portofino Hotel offers you a great opportunity to skip the lines of the theme park. The Universal Express Pass will get you to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure lines first. This experience is $89.00 per person, per day. It's worth the extra expense to beat the long lines. You'll also be the first in line at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter a whole hour before anyone else. You can't beat this kind of deal!
12. Hard Rock Hotel
The rocker in you just can't deny staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. Rock and Roll! With the guitar fountain outside this onsite hotel and rock music playing 24/7, musicians will bang their heads to great music all day long as they enjoy the history of rock and roll musicians. You'll never get sick of the music, that's for sure. You'll be treated like a rock and roll star by employees of the hotel. Relax and live the life as a rock star.
The Hard Rock Hotel's environment is laid back and relaxed because that's how rock stars live. It classy and at the same time casual as you immerse yourself in their beach like pool. You can even have a high quality meal at The Palm. Their steak is to die for. It's so delicious that other places with steak are put to shame. This onsite hotel shares in the same theme park benefits of the other onsite hotels so rock and roll your way over to the Hard Rock Hotel.
13. Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket
This thriller ride was in the third installment of Sharknado 3 Hell No! It's a very high thriller ride where the speed makes you scream your lungs out. At 65 mph and 17 stories high you'll have the time of your life. By the time you get your bearings, you’ll want to come back until you lose your voice. The adrenaline junkie in you will be glad you came. The pulsating music will get you into the mood to ride this monster of a coaster.
You have to be 51 inches and taller to ride the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket. Being strapped in can be nerve wracking but once you know you're secure, it's time to shoot out like a rocket. Its innovative audio as well as special effects will give you a one of a kind roller coaster experience. It's Orlando's tallest roller coaster in Universal Studios, which should excite and intimidate you at the same time. There's so much entertainment on this ride that you won't know what to do with yourself accept hanging onto your seat. Its record breaking loop will impress people of all ages.
14. Revenge Of The Mummy
The Mummy movie has come to life in this fast pace, thriller ride. Escaping Imhotep’s wrath is no easy task as this coaster ride takes you inside his lair where you never know where he’ll take his revenge with every twist and turn of the ride. You've escaped. You've survived another day at Universal Studios. By the end it will all be worth it when you get back in line again and again and again. It's just so addicting that you can't get enough.
Revenge of the Mummy will plague you with darkness, fireballs, beetles, and warrior mummies. That's enough to scare you the first time. It's you versus Imhotep in the battle of survival to the end. Who will win? You, that's who. By the end of the ride Brendan Fraser meets you on a screen to tell you that you've made it through the other side.
15. Men In Black Alien Attack
You've been waiting for the Men in Black film to become a ride and now it has. All your dreams have come true. You can finally kill aliens! You are officially a part of the Men and Black team as you take down aliens, threatening to take over the Earth. The scum of the earth better watch out for you! Be competitive with friends and family as you wrack up points and make the world safe again.
In Men in Black Alien Attack you are the rookie in the black and white suit fighting aliens. In the streets of New York you are king as you send that alien scum back to where they belong. Watch your back because they will fight back, causing your car like ride into a spinning frenzy. You'll go through Men in Black headquarters before you make your way to the mean streets of NY where the aliens have escaped transport and are running wild. The ride is unpredictable based on the points your wrack up. You may become a full fledged member of the Men in Black team.

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