50 Shocking Photos of Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

Jay Dawson October 26th 2016 Entertainment
Here's a quick question: are you comfortable in your own skin? If you shouted yes, then congratulations: you are the 1%. For the rest of us, we have two options. Option one is to struggle through life, trying to make do with what we've got. Option two, if you've got the money for it, is to get a better face. These Hollywood celebrities have certainly got the money. And in an industry that values looks over anything else, who can blame them for taking the easier route? We've rounded up 50 stars who have had plastic surgery. Who's had some subtle enhancements, and who's ended up looking like Batman villain? Time to find out!
1. Cameron Diaz
From the fresh-faced young actress in The Mask, to a mask of her very own, Cameron Diaz has worked hard to keep herself looking young and staying relevant. At 44 years old, she's still snapping up role after role, and she still looks as young and hot as ever. Looking at these pictures, you can tell: the cheeks might be more pronounced, and the smile a bit wider, but apart from that it looks like she hasn't aged a bit.
According to reports, Diaz has had a number of surgical operations to maintain her youthful vigor. Apart from regular Botox injections, she has also undergone a face-lift or two. Maybe the only part she hasn't touched are the laughter lines around her eyes. But we think that they make her look a little more distinguished.
2. Tyra Banks
It must be hard hosting America's Next Top Model. As you age naturally from season to season, the pretty young things around you just seem to stay the same age. It's understandable, then, that you'd start to feel like less of a mentor and more of a concerned grandparent. Somehow, though, in every appearance on our screens Tyra manages to look smashing.
Some of it, no doubt, can be attributed to a rigorous diet, fitness, and skincare regime. But Tyra has another ace up her sleeve: regular visits to the face fixers. Not that she looked bad before, mind you. But face-lifts have made her cheeks more defined and given her eyes a boost, to accentuate that innocent-yet-hot look. Added to that is a minor nose correction, which has slimmed it without making it look weird. Maybe she's hoping to be discovered on her own show.
3. Daryl Hannah
From Blade Runner, to Wall Street, to Kill Bill, we've all grown up with Daryl Hannah over the years. Although we're now toothless old crones, Hannah is still looking just as good as she did back then. She's still acting, too, and using her sizable influence to fight hard for a number of worthwhile environmental issues.
She's not just opposed to climate change and it's clear that she's against any change to her face, too. It's true that there's been a bit of puffiness, most likely stress-related, that's been added over the years, but apart from that the Botox injections and face-lifts have done their work well. We're thinking there might have been some neck and forehead work done as well. Ours certainly aren't that smooth and supple.
4. Heather Locklear
The same age as Daryl Hannah, Heather Locklear has a string of TV and film credits as long as her arm. We've seen her in Melrose Place, Spin City, and Scrubs, but now it you'd be hard pressed to recognize her. It's not that her looks have changed that much, but more that she seems to have gotten younger. If we didn't know better, we'd think that some of the more recent shots were of her daughter.
Her new-old look has had a lot of help from her local plastic surgeons, of course. You can tell from the smooth,, wrinkle-free face (and slightly surprised expression) that she's a fan of the Botox. It also looks like she's had a bit of collagen work done, to plump up those tired lips. Whatever it is (and however much it cost, though it's best not to think about that) she's looking natural and fabulous. And about 22 years old.
5. Jessica Lange
Jessica Lange is an actor's actor, a tireless star who brings class and quality to every role she plays. While she may never be the household name like many others, or be in big-budget blockbusters, she's quietly won two Oscars, a handful of Golden Globes, and even a couple of Emmys. From her first breakout role four decades ago (the 1976 version of King Kong) to the present day, she continues to wow the audiences and delight the critics.
To keep up with her demanding roles, the ones that usually go to a younger actress, the 67-year-old has occasionally had to turn to the scalpel for help. It's done right by her, though. Facelifts and Botox have kept her skin taut and terrific, and she still looks like she's never even heard of a wrinkle. There are even hints of a neck and eyebrow lift here and there, but they're understated enough to look radiantly normal. It looks like she's good another good 60 years in her.
6. Sylvester Stallone
Sly might have had a blessedly long and successful action-movie career, but he wasn't so fortunate when he was being born. While he was being delivered, the doctors misused two pairs of forceps (back in the time when hospitals resembled torture chambers) and severed an important nerve, paralyzing the lower-left part of his face and resulting in his trademark expression and speech.
It's only normal, then, that he'd want to cover up some of the gifts that medical malpractice gave him. He's no stranger to this: aside from a tuck here and there to keep that handsome face alive, he's also started resorting to tattoos to cover up all his action-movie scars. Apparently he's had so many injuries on set that he's under the knife pretty much every year. Let's hope he's got a loyalty card.
7. Oprah
Considering the amount of money Oprah has, she really has no need for plastic surgery. Everyone loves her for her warm personality and very generous disposition, not for her looks. Besides, if she really wants a new image, she has enough cash to build a flawless robot Oprah army. She could hide away with her wrinkles and saggy chin and let them take the business over.
She's got no imagination, that Oprah. Instead of a TV channel run entirely by cyborg lookalikes, she's just opted for boring old plastic surgery. We'll admit that it's a good job. It doesn't look like much of a change at first, but on closer inspection you can see the differences in the nose and chin. With all the stress of being one of the world's most powerful people, we'd expect her to look much older, but Oprah and her technicians have slowed the process gracefully.
8. Priscilla Presley
Having turned Graceland mansion into a multi-million-dollar shrine and museum, Priscilla Presley is used to maintaining old and wealthy things. Her face is a testament to her years of glory as Elvis's wife, and thanks to a small fortune in surgical enhancements, she still appears just as she did way back in the 70s.
Her face, forehead, and neck have all had work, the lifts removing any signs that she is, in fact, 71 years of age. Only the lips bear any mark that she might have overdone herself. Over the years, collagen injections have ballooned them out to cartoonish proportions that would be strangely sexy if she wasn't old enough to be our grandmother. Ten more years and she might be a tourist attraction herself.
9. Demi Moore
Half of the world was horrified when they discovered that Demi Moore was dating Ashton Kutcher, a man 16 years her junior, while the other half silently cheered her on. But their marriage lasted a respectable eight years, thanks partly to one simple fact: it doesn't look like there's an age gap at all. And while Ashton gets older and grey hairs start to infect his patchy beard, Demi's only looking better and better.
The difference is clear in the photos. Nose work and small corrections around the eyes have given half a dozen years back to her, while the cheeks and jawline have become more defined and youthful. While the quality film parts might have dried up over the last decade, she's still on the big screen now and again. It's just that you might not really recognize her anymore.
10. Jennifer Grey
After her iconic performance in 1987's Dirty Dancing, many fans around the world though that Jennifer Grey simply vanished. Was the fame too much for her? Did she disappear somewhere in the Amazon? Was she abducted by aliens? The answer, it seems, was far simpler, she got two nose jobs.
Speaking of the after-effect of her rhinoplasties, she said, "I went in the operating room a celebrity and came out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible." So much so, in fact, that at one point she considered changing her name and starting a whole new life and career. Eventually she decided against that and continued to take on minor roles. But everyone still hasn't worked it out.
11. Madonna
We may as well call her Benjamin Button, since Madonna seems to be living her life in reverse order. Instead of getting more and more modest as she ages, Madonna seems to be wearing less and less clothes. Gone are the "Italian nonna" heavy crucifixes and weird bras, only to be replaced by leotards and tank tops that wouldn't look out of place at an under-eights gymnastics class.
With a bit of nip and tuck, she's also managed to reverse the normal signs of aging. Sure, with a magnifying glass you can spot the odd wrinkle, but apart from that the 58-year-old entertainer looks like a high-school cheerleader who hasn't had the best night's sleep. Her nose has stayed the same, but a few forehead lifts and cheek work has set the time machine back to 1981.
12. Lisa Rinna
Darling of the soap opera world Lisa Rinna is also no stranger to the plastic surgeon's waiting room. Both Days of our Lives and Melrose Place established her as a TV star, but it also thrust her into the glamorous world of Botox and lip-fillers. Based on the pictures alone, it seems to have become quite the obsession.
Lisa has admitted to using Botox, silicon (usually used for breast augmentation), and Juvederm, similar to collagen. Based on her appearance, this seems to be only half the story. As a result of the Botox, and what we can only assume were a chin and forehead lift or three, the classic beauty of yesteryear now has lips that cover half her face and a permanently stunned expression. When pressed, she says that she regrets only the Juvederm. Is that all, Lisa?
13. Tori Spelling
When done the right way, minor cosmetic operations can transform a pleasantly average face into a work of sheer beauty. It can smooth out the imperfections we were given and quietly enhance our best features. When done the wrong way, you get Tori Spelling. That's not to say she looks horrible, or that they've botched the jobs. It's more that they've worked on all the wrong things.
It's hard to say where it all went wrong, but it looks like they started with one job and then kept piling more one. She looks completely different from the cherubic face that she presented to the world a quarter of a century ago in Beverly Hills, 90210. With an elongated chin, razor-sharp cheekbones, and much bigger lips, the current-day Tori hasn't quite got all the elements together. We can't quite figure out what's wrong. But please don't have another operation to fix it.
14. Catherine Zeta Jones
You would think that if you were married to someone 25 years older than you, you wouldn't really care how well you looked. No matter how old you got, they would always be older and grayer. Not so for Catherine Zeta Jones. Despite 16 years of loving marriage to Michael Douglas (who's now aged 72), the 47-year-old Welsh beauty still gets some cosmetic work done.
Of course, the nose job and eyebrow lifts might have nothing to do with Michael. It's not always about looking good for the guys - maybe she wants it for her own self-esteem. The fact of the matter is, though, that she looked gorgeous before, and she still looks gorgeous now. The surgery hasn't done much, if anything, to make her any more beautiful. If only she'd realize. At the very least, she'd save a bit of money.
15. Nicole Kidman
Luminous Australian actress Nicole Kidman has never left our hearts since Days of Thunder. She's become a mainstay of cinema and a Hollywood powerhouse, and there's rarely a film that doesn't benefit from her incredible acting talent. Despite her continued success the industry has, in one way, got to her: she's into plastic surgery as much as the next actress.
Whether it's to keep up with the new generation of stars, or purely so Keith Urban doesn't outshine her, Nicole's reportedly had a few things done. The photos make it clear. There's been some lifting around eyes and brow, the chin has been slightly adjusted, and Botox, possibly Collagen, too, has rounded everything off, giving her that strained expression that's so hot right now. Sadly, she still hasn't worked on her tan.
16. Ashley Tisdale
At the tender age of 31, the only plastic surgery Ashley Tisdale should be getting is cutting up that credit card. She hasn't started aging yet, and her skin still retains a stress-free elasticity and carefree glow. Yet something about her lovely face must have bothered her, since the rumors are all saying that she's had a bit of work done.
Looking closely at the High School Musical starlet, it appears that the rumors are true. Her nose is thinner, more defined, the area around the eyes has been given a little jazz, and her jawline is looking harder than ever. This isn't a case of fixing bad genes, though. More like polishing a diamond. In any case, we think she looks wonderful with the surgery.
17. Fergie
Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie has been through more changes than a New York traffic signal. If you collected snapshots of her every four years, it'd look like an album of completely different people. Sure, the band has been through some changes too (they get progressively worse). But why can't she settle on a look?
From big lips to small lips, then back again, and a chin that changes shape every five seconds. And let's not mention the work around the eyes, since we don't know what's going on there at all. The worst part about it is that she's originally a really beautiful girl who just seems to be looking more and more fake. Oh well. Whatever she's thinking, she must really be racking up the Frequent Lifter points.
18. Christina Aguilera
What do you do when all the pop starlets you inspired become far more famous than you? In Christina Aguilera's case, she appears to have come up with only one solution: look outrageous. The transition from Genie In A Bottle to Dirrty was only the tip of the makeover-iceberg, it seems. Now she's turned to more permanent measures to stand out from the crowd.
While a lot of it has been done with some well-placed makeup and tactical blush, you can easily see how much work can also be chalked up to surgery. The lips have been given more volume, Botox has been applied, and we're pretty sure her nose has been given a tweak as well. The end result is, well, startling. While it will definitely get her noticed, she has also turned out looking like a Japanese computer game character. Some people find that hot (e.g. sweaty teenage nerds), but they're not the ones buying her albums.
19. Courteney Cox
Young, beautiful, and a little bit weird, Courteney Cox nailed that New York 90s vibe as Monica Geller in Friends. The transition to acting life, post-Friends, seems to have been a little bit more difficult than those glory years. Especially when you're cast in Cougar Town. So what do you when everyone thinks you're ready for old woman roles? You get to work.
On your face, that is. Fighting a war with age is usually a losing battle, but not for Courteney. With some tightening around the upper face and cheeks, she's actually starting to look a little young for Cougar Town. There's no sign of any wear and tear, just a bit of extra elegance. With any luck and a little maintenance, she'll making young men swoon for years to come.
20. Donatella Versace
It's hard to believe that no-one stopped Donatella Versace from doing this to herself. That none of her friends took her to one side and told her she was ruining an otherwise pretty face. Because this isn't cosmetic surgery. This wouldn't have involved any doctors. All you need to do to get this look is to throw some flesh-colored putty around and see what sticks.
This is what happens when plastic surgery goes too far. While we'll readily admit that Donatella is a wonderful woman and a very talented fashion designer, we've got one question: what happened to her taste? With fillers, laser resurfacing, and reconstructions to most of her face, not a scrap of her former beauty is left. Just a horror story to get the kids to bed on time.
21. Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson's not too old for anything. She can put out club tunes, she can "accidentally" show us her nipple, and she can certainly still have children. She's living the live that most twenty-year-olds dream of, and just to prove it, she's got the face to match. With a little help from her cosmetic surgeon friends, she's looking younger by the day.
The results are self-evident. Janet's cheeks have been shaped, her nose has become more defined, and there's some work that's been done on her eyelids, too. The end result is a singer and icon that has stayed timeless while many of her contemporaries have faded away. We'll see what happens when she finally becomes a mother, but no doubt she'll be looking fabulous again within weeks.
22. Lindsay Lohan
The rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan sold millions of magazine copies and kept us celeb-watchers glued to our computer screens. Like a slow-motion car crash, we watched as the adorable star of The Parent Trap grew up then discovered that the hard-partying lifestyle was just too hard to resist. As felony after misdemeanor mounted up, her star plummeted.
That wasn't the only thing that changed about Lindsay. Although only in her mid-twenties at the time, she just couldn't avoid the plastic surgery craze. A once naturally pretty face became like a Picasso painting, as she got a nose job, lip fillers, and had work done on her cheeks. Only time will tell if the damage can be undone. We sure hope it can!
23. Sarah Jessica Parker
Several (very unkind) commentators would say that the plastic surgeons haven't done enough to Sarah Jessica Parker, but we think she's an example of cosmetic enhancements done right. Her most defining, endearing, or interesting feature (you choose), her nose, has been left untouched. It's as if she's saying "So what? I'm proud of it." At least she decided to keep that part of her face natural.
What has been done is mostly subtle. The cheeks have been sculpted, lips reshaped, and a pull here and there has allowed her skin to stay fresh and young. One thing the Sex and The City star has had done is to completely redo those bushy eyebrows. Although that wouldn't have required a surgeon, just a landscape gardener.
24. Jessica Simpson
There are some people who are just born with stunning looks, and there are also some people who still can never be satisfied. Jessica Simpson is one of those people. Despite winning several genetic lotteries, she's still decided to head into the operating theatre and submit herself to the beauty knife. We don't know who told her she wasn't beautiful enough, but they were totally wrong.
Sources say that she's had some rhinoplasty done, as well as increasing the volume of her lips. From the pictures, that looks about right, although it looks like she's also given her eye area a quick Botox freeze as well. The thing is, we liked her old, angel-next-door look. In our eyes, she never had a single fault to begin with.
25 Jennifer Aniston
We may as well call it "The Friends Curse". Become a breakout star in your youth in a hit TV show, and all of a sudden it's all over and you're desperately clinging on to those wonder years. Courteney Cox had The Curse, and it seems like Jennifer Aniston's got it too. Not that her career's over, mind you. She's been in plenty of things which we just can't seem to recall right now.
Just kidding, Jen-Ton, we love you. And since your goofy Friends days, you really have aged gracefully. The work you have had, the nose slimming, cheek sculpting, and getting rid of that tumor shaped exactly like Brad Pitt, looks very, very good on you. You might not look like a homecoming queen anymore, but we're still in awe.
26. Courtney Love
From fronting the Grammy-award-winning band Hole, to a drug addiction, to marrying Kurt Cobain, to being an on-again, off-again actress, Courtney Love has had one very tumultuous life. In 52 years, she's seen and done it all. Often, a life with that many ups and downs is reflected in someone's face, whether through wrinkles, scars, or a killer tan, but in Courtney's case, it's a little different.
Like many other celebs, she's gone for some surgical touch-ups. Unlike many celebs, each time she's gone on the table, the results have been a little worse. While this might not be the most flattering photo we could find, the differences are plain to see. Lip fillers and eye lifts have been applied too liberally, going straight past the "natural youth" category and falling firmly into "carnival sideshow". Though as the original rebel and darling of the anti-establishment scene, maybe that's the look that she was going for.
27. Kris Jenner
Keeping up with the Kardashians is hard work. To be honest, we don't know how Kris Jenner does it, as a mother or as a person. Those crazy kids are always up to something new and scandalous, and they're always looking so good doing it. Poor Kris has got it tough on two fronts. Not only would the stress of building a brand empire give her body hell, but she has also has to try and look as classy as her daughters.
Luckily there's a magic bullet that solves all her problems, and it's called a trip to the doctor. With a quick rhinoplasty, some tweaks around the mouth, and a facelift, she can look far younger than her 60 years would suggest. From there it's just a Botox injection every once in a while, and she's got her image looked after. Now that's a multi-talented mom.
28. Jocelyn Wildenstein
Jocelyn's face is one of those urban legends that gets passed around in hushed whisper. A photo surfaces here and there, and everyone who sees it refuses to believe it. No way, they say. That's one of those iPhone ugly-making apps or something. Well, we've got news for you. Jocelyn Wildenstein is real, and that face is going to haunt you for the rest of your life.
She began her life as a sweet, simple Swiss girl, but after she married Alec Wildenstein she started to really change. He had a fondness for cats, you see, and her loving gift to him was to change her entire face to match. Despite their eventual divorce, and thanks to a billion-dollar settlement, she just couldn't stop ruining her face. We can't even tell you what operations she's had done. Or if there's a real person under there anymore.
29. Scarlett Johansson
This one's shocking, even to us. Why on earth would Scarlett Johansson get plastic surgery? She is, and this has been scientifically proven, one of the most beautiful and alluring people in the world. Was our love for her all based on a lie? Were we really just in love with the skilled hand of a plastic surgeon?
We can't refute the facts that the photos tell. You can see that her nose has been ever-so-slightly slimmed down, and that there's been some lifting around the eyes. It seems, though, that all this change has been fairly recent, long after we first met her in Lost in Translation. Which is good news for us, since it means our whole life hasn't been a lie. To tell you the truth, we could probably get used to the new Scarlett, too.
30. Cher
If she could turn back time... Well, the pop legend can, and she has. Thanks to the modern wonders of cosmetic surgery, Cher is looking just as fabulous as she did 40 years ago. Looking at her now, it's hard to believe that she's 70 years old. But with a few skin tightenings, and some work on her neck and forehead, she's still got the beauty to compete with singers half her age.
It's true that in some aspects she's taken it a little far. The lips aren't quite what they used to be, and her eyes need either a little bit more or a little bit less work. But overall, she's the poster child for plastic surgeons across the country. It's not just her appearance that's stayed golden: she's still making killer tunes, and she's the only artist in the history of music to have a Billboard #1 every decade from the 60s to today. We think she's got at least a couple more decades in her.
31. Heidi Montag
Shakira might sing that her hips don't lie, but in the world of body enhancements, it's the scars that tell it all. Heidi Montag would know. The TV celeb who first made her name in The Hills has made a living baring her soul on the small screen, but as is always the case with reality TV, it's hard to tell what's real and what's fake.
What's definitely the truth is that in 2010, Heidi had an insane 10 cosmetic procedures in one day. The pictures above might not show the scars, but it's impossible to not notice the differences. It seems like she's had pretty much everything done, from the crease-free forehead down to her eye-popping bust line. We prefer the old Heidi, but this is reality TV. You've gotta get publicity somehow.
32. Megan Fox
Talk about dedication to your art. In an admirable piece of method acting, Megan Fox got so into her role in the Transformers movies that she transformed into a robot herself. Apparently not happy with her original, flawless face, Megan turned to plastic surgery to do what CGI couldn't. A few collagen and Botox injections later, and she's almost unrecognizable.
The result is equal parts hot and a little bit creepy. The fuller lips definitely add something, classic sexual allure, mostly, but the job that's been done around the eyes have turned her into a wicked Disney witch. Why some people will go to such lengths to alter an otherwise perfect face, we'll never know. Maybe in her next film she'll be a down-to-earth surfer chick, and she'll go back to normal.
33. Uma Thurman
John Malkovich once said of Uma Thurman, "There is nothing twitchy teenager-ish about her. I haven't met anyone like her at that age. Her intelligence and poise stand out. But there's something else. She's more than a little haunted." She was just 18 years old then. Now, 28 years later, not much has changed at all. Plastic surgery has worked its magic once again, and she still has poise and beauty.
And with that pale skin, a little bit of the haunted look as well. The images might not reveal much differences, but that's the point. If they were taken so far apart in time, how did she manage to retain her youthful appearance from one to the other? The answer is, supposedly, the full menu of operations and treatments. Whatever she's done, though, she's chosen the right doctor for it. She's come out of it looking fresh and natural.
34. Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson might not have been the first woman in the world to get breast implants. But when she stepped onto the screen in that famous Baywatch red swimsuit, she started a revolution. Men all over the world quietly fainted, and women looked down in disappointment at their own assets. That was in 1990. Nowadays, breast augmentation is a billion-dollar industry.
Though she might have removed them again in 1999, there were a few other things that have stuck around. It's clear from the photos that she's had some work around the eyes and on her jawline, giving her a more heart-shaped face. And at almost half a century old, she's undoubtedly had some more work to stay as gorgeous as she is. We don't blame her for keeping that face. It's one that's launched a thousand plastic surgeons' careers.
35. Dolly Parton
The one thing unusual about Dolly Parton is how refreshingly candid she is about her enhancements. Although her famous breasts are what's gotten her the most attention (apart from her musical talent, of course), she's famous for noting once that "if I see something sagging, bagging or dragging, I'll get it nipped, tucked or sucked." Way to own it, Dolly!
It's true that she has an image to maintain. And despite it occasionally looking unnatural, her "cheap" look is what makes her so endearing. We've all forgotten about the Dolly Parton before she made it big in 1967. This Dolly's bold, brash, and even with the procedures, 100% genuine. That's why we all love her. It's hard to hate Dolly for any reason whatsoever.
36. Kylie Jenner
At the risk of sound old here, we have to say that we don't understand the kids of today. At all. If you're Kylie Jenner, 19 years old, beautiful, rich, and loved by millions, why would you ever need to get plastic surgery? We get it if you're getting old and wrinkly and trying to claw at fleeting scraps of your youth. But we don't get why Kylie's caught up in all this.
Amid rumors that she had been modifying herself, Kylie caused quite the stir on the internet when she appeared with a pair of very full lips. She denied everything, of course, she's no Dolly Parton. But later she admitted to using lip fillers to achieve the look. Now, tweens the world over are raiding their parents' wallets to get in on the action. And still we wonder why the world's gone down the toilet.
37. Barry Manilow
We needed another man on this list to even things out somewhat, and Barry Manilow's the perfect candidate. The self-confessed plastic addict had his first face-life in 2003, and hasn't been able to stop since. Always on stage and in the public eye, it makes sense that he's concerned about his appearance. But did he have to go quite this far?
What was once a bright, blue-eyed singer with a string of classic hits under his belt now looks, well, totally wrong. His chin has been shaped to look like a lumpy potato, his regular nose has been shaved down to a thin, awkward strip, and those eyes are just... no good at all. Gazing into his eyes these days would give you shivers instead of hot flushes. In fact, a little makeup here and there and we think he'd look like Jigsaw from the Saw films. Sorry, Barry.
38. Kim Kardashian
Strangely for such a high-profile TV star, Kim Kardashian has also been an enhancement-denier. For years she strenuously rejected any claims that she had gone under the scalpel. Considering the circus her life is already, why would she think that anyone cared? But the proof is in the photos, and the truth finally came out.
You can see the corrections, although minor, fairly clearly. There's been some work done enhancing the nose, around the lips, and at the corners of her eyes. But it's alright, Kim, we don't adore you any less. But we do have one more question: what procedure did you undergo to get that outrageous butt? Even though she has denied repeatedly getting a butt enhancement, we find that quite hard to believe.
39. Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee's always lived in the shadow of her older sister. Commercial success, looks, lip-synching skills, Jessica's got her beat on pretty much all fronts. That's not to say that Ashlee's a failure. She's just got great expectations to live up to.
Like her older sister, and maybe to catch up to her, Ashlee's had a bit of work done on her face and body. If you look closely, the effects are quite noticeable. Her chin has been slightly redefined and the cheeks have been tightened too, for a china doll effect. You can also see the effects of a Botox injection or three around the eyes. She still hasn't found much musical success, but maybe the plastic surgery will change all that.
40. Blake Lively
Compared to other celebs, Blake looks like she hasn't had much cosmetic work done at all. And with a successful acting career and two children, when would she find the time to make an appointment? The speculation, however, is rampant. The Gossip Girl star's face is just too perfect to be only the work of God (or luck).
If you take a look at the photos, the truth of the matter becomes clear. The nose has been sculpted to make it slimmer, and it looks like her lips have been plumped up, too. We suspect that there's been some Botox as well, but we can't confirm it. That's the thing: this plastic surgery's been done so well, all we can do is guess.
41. Renee Zellweger
In the lead-up to the release of Bridget Jones 3, Renee Zellweger labeled the intense speculation over her looks as "sexist". Don't worry, Renee, we're not going to fall into that trap. We're not going to discuss what's happened to your face over the years, or that you've aged gracefully and wonderfully. We're classier than that.
No, really. Let's just talk about her career. From a killer turn in one of our favorite movies ever (Empire Records, in case you were wondering), Renee has blossomed into an actress that is comfortable in any kind of role, whether it's comedy, horror, or drama. Responding to comments that she had had surgery done, she said "I am different. I'm happy." Good on you, Renee. Case closed.
42. Bruce Jenner / Caitlyn Jenner
Here's an example of the positive effects of plastic surgery. Decades ago, a celebrity who wasn't comfortable with who they were would only have one choice: to live a secret life of shame and yearning. But nowadays, when someone the caliber of Bruce Jenner realizes that they identify as someone different, fulfilling those dreams is a fantastic possibility.
In the highly-publicized transition from Bruce to Caitlyn, Jenner opted not to undergo reassignment surgery, saying that "life as a woman is primarily a matter of mental state and lifestyle." She has, however, had a few cosmetic enhancements to achieve a traditionally feminine look. The famous Vanity Fair cover says it all: here's a woman who's not afraid to show who she is.
43. Melanie Griffith
If you've read our list of cursed movie sets, then you'll know all about the rough upbringing she had as an actress. Cast by her mother in Roar, a film which featured almost 100 real-life lions on set, she was savagely mauled during production and at one point thought she might lose her eye. Fortunately, she healed up nicely and went to take on more lucrative and far safer roles.
She's still hell-bent on messing up her face, although now instead of lions, she has plastic surgeons to do the job. We can understand if she wants to conceal the signs of aging, but it looks like she's taken it a little far. The wrinkles may have gone, but the new puffy lips and frozen eyes don't do her justice at all. It's lucky that she's such a fine actor and an outstanding person.
44. Joan Rivers
Most of the paparazzi snaps taken of the late, great Joan Rivers made her look like some kind of monster. But the reality of it is much kinder: the famed wit and bestselling author was, at 80 years old, looking magical. How many other octogenarians do you know that can look that good? From movie set to microphone, nobody quite matched the sheer class of Joan.
Her nose, and lips have clearly had some work, and no doubt there's been lifts and tucks all over the place to get rid of any sagging. But that's just hiding the effects of being one of the most hardworking talents in the industry, lauded by everyone from Chris Rock to Prince Charles. Eventually, all that age and stress will catch up to you. Not so for Joan, who was fabulous up until the day she left us.
45. Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's life was dissected, vivisected, and torn to shreds by the baying tabloids. While his later life did definitely take a bizarre and sometimes sinister turn, in many cases the rumors surrounding him were completely fabricated. His plastic surgery and supposed skin bleaching was just one example of how the rabid masses will believe anything.
The truth is that he had a rare skin disease called Vitiligo, which caused parts of his skin to lose their pigmentation and become sensitive to sunlight. While he did have plastic surgery for other matters, just take a look at his nose and cheeks, he only ever used approved treatments for his condition, and makeup to even out the look. It seems that the myth will stay with us forever, but hopefully so will his music.
46. Janice Dickinson
As one of the world's first supermodels, Janice Dickinson has earned millions over the last four-and-a-half decades. Trading on her exotic looks and flawless features, in her time she's graced the cover of every fashion magazine known to man, including Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Photo, Vogue (an incredible 37 times, no less), Marie Claire, and Playboy. But supermodels age, and supermodels are replaced with next year's supermodels. What's a pretty girl to do?
In Janice's case, it seems the answer is to ruin her looks. She's still getting gigs, of course, as a judge on America's Next Top Model and launching her own agency, but that alluring Polish-Scottish mix has all but disappeared. Now she's just big lips, a weird nose, and an artificially rounded chin. She's become one of the Stepford Wives.
47. Lil’ Kim
There's been some big changes to Lil' Kim over the years. She's become a mother, her musical output has been up and down, and she's picked fights with a bunch of other celebs, like Nicki Minaj. Not even her appearance has stayed steady. Surgery after surgery has done its damage, warping her face into something you might see at the bottom of the ocean.
We'll never know why she's doing it, but it's pretty plain to see that she's never going to stop. Some of it is creative makeup, for sure, but there's also been some Mount Rushmore-style sculpting going one, with her chin, nose, and cheekbones all redefined. Is it a cry for help? Attention? Or does she really like her new image? If her public statements are anything to go by, it seems like she just doesn't care at all what we think.
48. Mickey Rourke
Considering the punishment that most boxers go through, you'd expect that more of them would get some kind of plastic surgery. Maybe they carry around the scars and broken noses as a trophy. Mickey Rourke, on the other hand, had his side job as an actor to consider. He didn't think twice about fixing up all the knocks and bumps that he got as an amateur boxer.
Without the surgery, he might have ended up looking like his character in Sin City. Instead, he's had a couple of face lifts, some neck work, and corrections to his lips, and he's come out looking like a new man. It's worked for him, too, after his stint in the ring, he's had no shortage of Hollywood opportunities and outstanding roles.
49. Rumer Willis
The eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer Willis was dropped straight into the glitzy world of big money and intense scrutiny. Even with big shoes to fill, she's become a successful actress in her own right, appearing in a number of movies and TV shows before making her Broadway debut last year. What she's also inherited is the industry's (and her mother's) passion for surgical self-improvement.
Following a long history of celebs who've given themselves a plastic boost, Rumer has apparently had some of her own work done, on her chin, lips and breasts. Unlike other celebs, she's gone for a far more natural look than the surgeons usually cook up. It looks like she's taken a trip to the hair stylist, too. There's no way she was born with those luscious locks.
50. Meg Ryan
Those piercing blue eyes and immaculate beauty marked out Meg Ryan for a career in acting, long before she even realized it. Although initially studying to be a journalist, she dropped out with only a semester to go when starring in commercials turned out to be just too much fun. Her rise to the top has never faltered, thanks to knock-out romantic and dramatic roles like When Harry Met Sally and While You Were Sleeping.
Keeping that perfect image intact has also helped, and the cosmetic surgeons have helped her out in their own way. Her nose has been shortened and slimmed, to make it cuter and more button-like, and she's had a bit of Botox here and there to iron out any signs of aging. On the whole, though, it's been an unmitigated success. She still looks fresh and glam, and she's still landing the roles.

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