20 Simple and Cute Summer Outfits for Women

Caroline Heasley December 2nd 2016 Fashion
Having the perfect summer means wearing complimentary, comfortable, and trendy outfits. Do you want to enliven your breezy summer days? Scroll through this slideshow of 20 flirty outfit pieces that you can wear, mix-and-match, and create gorgeous outfits with this summer. With these outfits, you can proudly say that you are wearing the latest trends in dresses, tops, and bottoms.
1. Graphic T-Shirts
There are many ways that you can wear a graphic t-shirt. These awesome shirts can be used to add some pop to solid skirts and jeans, as well as being the perfect shirt to run errands in. So, what are some beautiful ways to style graphic tees?
To dress up your outfit, simply add a cute jacket! If you are looking for ways to spruce up your t-shirt, pair it with a stylish jacket or cardigan. Add a pair of belted denim shorts to finish your outfit. Add a ring and gladiator sandals to make your look stand out even more. This outfit will definitely make you feel great about yourself and boost your confidence. However, the best part about it is that it's very comfortable. If you don't want to wear shorts, pair your graphic tee with a cute skirt. Sometimes it is hard to make a t-shirt look cute, but tucking it into a skirt allows you to wear it, while looking fabulous at the same time. But, make sure to wear a slightly high-waisted skirt. Wear one that is fancy enough to wear on a date but isn't overly elegant.
2. White Buttoned-down Shirts
A white buttoned-down shirt is definitely a fashion essential. It is also something that most people have in their closets. This classic shirt has many styling options. Even though trends come and go, this shirt will always be in style.
Try pairing your shirt with a nice pair of jeans. Most people have both of these items in their closet. Additionally, they both look fabulous together. Add a pair of comfy sneakers to create a sporty look. For an angelic look, wear clean white denim or denim in another pastel color. For a more fancy look, wear a skirt with your buttoned-down shirt to add unique volume to the lines of the skirt. If you are going for more-relaxed, tuck in your shirt and leave it open to show a tank top. For summer, roll up the sleeves so that your outfit will be both chic and breathable.
3. Crop Tops
How do you successfully wear a crop top? Even though they may seem hard to pull off, crop tops tend to look good on most people. All body types can look great wearing these kind of tops. You certainly don't have to be skinny or extremely fit to wear one. There are many different kinds of crop tops and definitely many different ways that you can wear them.
What is the best way to style a crop top? Pair it with a high-waisted skirt! Wearing a high-waisted skirt covers your belly button and can minimize any midriff shown. This is especially beneficial for women who are belly conscious. Crop tops also look amazing with maxi skirts. The crop top + maxi skirt combo is great for a fun, summer look. If you are completely not comfortable with your stomach, wear your crop top under overalls! This will make it so only the sides of your upper body will be visible.
4. Maxi-skirts
What is a maxi-skirt? Many people define this unique type of skirt as a skirt that drapes to the ankles. These skirts never go out-of-date and most women can wear maxi-skirts well. One way that many women love to wear a maxi skirt is with a belt. To create a relaxed style, pair your belted maxi with a loose top. If you are looking for a more resort-chic look, pair your shirt with a printed maxi-skirt and some heels.
Even though many people associate maxi-skirts with bohemian type looks, there does exist sophisticated and professional ways to wear them. One way to create a polished look while wearing a maxi-skirt is by wearing a blazer with it. But, remember to wear a cropped style blazer that will balance out the length of the skirt. In addition, you can try choosing a maxi-skirt that's design is slender. Instead of fuller skirts, opt for column-like ones. While choosing a maxi-skirt, you also have to take into consideration the color. A great maxi-skirt color is monochrome because it tends to look very slimming and elegant. When creating outfits, remember to never mix patterns. Try to avoid mixing up spots, stripes, florals, and other patterns.
5. Sundresses
It's time to break out the sundresses! There are so many different ways to style a sundress. They are also one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you will ever wea
The most easy way to accessorize a sundress is by adding jewelry. Long necklaces, short necklaces, bold earrings, fancy bracelets: there are so many options to add that extra spark to your dress. Add even more spark by painting your nails to match your dress. Be sure to be exact and correct with your nails and stay away from going too dark or too pale. Many different hairstyles look great with a sundress. You can put your hair in loose curls, braids, ballerina buns, as well as many other hairdos. Additionally, remember to always keep a handbag with you. Overall, the most important thing is to feel beautiful and confident in your dress. And always remember to smile!
6. Denim Skirts
Jean skirts are back in style this summer! They are worn on the weekends, on dates, to work, to parties, and many other events. They can easily be paired with anything in your closet. But, to keep the classic denim skirt looking fresh, you need to pair it with modern accessories. You should also know how to rock a denim skirt!
If you are looking for a new classy look, dress up your denim skirt with a blazer and lipstick. Even though this is a unique combo, it definitely works. It is one of the most professional ways to wear a jean skirt. Another route that you can take is adding a blouse to your jean skirt outfit. To complete this combination, add a nice clutch and a pair of gladiator sandals. If you don't like the whole gladiator sandal look, you can always wear leather ones instead. But most importantly, remember to embrace the denim look this season!
7. Sheer Blouses
Do you know how to wear a sheer blouse? The sheer blouse trend is very popular right now. Thankfully, it is one clothing item that is fairly simple to pull off. There are also many ways that you can wear it.
One way to wear a sheer blouse is to layer it. It is always best to wear a slip below your blouse because these kind of shirts often show the world what is underneath them. If you want to make things more interesting, wear a colorful slip under a white blouse. Furthermore, these kind of blouses look best when they are worn loose. Try to keep your sheer blouse look easy and comfortable. But, always remember to match your materials smartly. Create structure on the bottom half of your body using harder fabrics, since sheer blouses can be rather extensive. However, while wearing this type of shirt, you need to be cautious. Remember in bright lighting and underneath camera flashes, your shirt fabric will appear more see-through.
8. Palazzo Pants
What are palazzo pants? They are broad, relaxed, flowing pants that were prominent back in the 60s and 70s. However, these unique pants have recently made a huge resurgence. Many people like these pants because they are super comfy. Because the material in palazzo pants tends to be light, they are ideal for warmer months. According to Langford Market manager Taylor Bailey, "they're very versatile. You can dress them up or dress them down."
For lazy days, palazzo pants are perfect. You can simply put on an old tee from your closet and boom, a cute outfit is created. For work, you can dress up your pants with a blazer. Pair your pants with a tank top for days when you are at the shore. Overall, you can virtually wear palazzo pants in almost any occasion.
9. T-Shirt Dresses
A T-Shirt dress is simply a regular shirt long enough to be considered a dress. These dresses are very simple, and you can wear them in most casual occasions. These dresses are ideal for the warmer days of spring and summer because of the fact that their material is very light. They can also be easily dressed up or down. When styled correctly, the popular shirtdress can look chic, cool, and stylish. And, you definitely need to go to the store and buy one if you don't own one already.
Try buying a shirtdress that is looser fitting. Looser fitting shirt dresses are more flattering and more comfortable. Also try to choose a dress that has a relaxed cut that allows you to move without restriction. However, make sure that the dress isn't too large or baggy. Although a plain shirtdress is definitely an option, you can also wear one that has a unique pattern or print. If you opt for a patterned shirt dress, style it with more neutral accessories.
10. Colored Skinny Jeans
Most people really love the colored skinny jeans trend. One reason why they are so popular is because of the funky pop that comes along with them Even though this look can be intimidating, there are so many different ways that you can wear them. The perfect addition to colored skinny jeans is a simple camisole top and flat shoes. This outfit can be worn downtown, to the store, on a date, or anywhere else that suits you.
What is the right shirt to wear along with colored skinny jeans? Well, firstly, it is best to select a top that has a looser fit and that counteracts the body-clinging effect on the bottom. It is also best to not wear a brightly colored top with your jeans. Try looking for neutral colored tops such as black, white, grey, and tan. Wearing a top that is neutral in color will balance out the bright color on the bottom. Additionally, your outfit won't be as flashy. To elongate your legs, wear a pair of shoes with height. Wear neutral-colored pumps for a more sophisticated look.
11. Rompers
Wearing a romper on a warm summer day feels great! Not only are they are simple to wear and don't require a lot of work, you don't really have to add any other clothes while wearing one. But to make your romper feel more trendy, there are various accessories that you can add. There are also so many different kinds of rompers of different cuts, styles, designs, colors, and patterns. As a result, rompers are great for festivals, the beach, weekend nights out, and casual weekends. You just have to find the RIGHT romper and shoe for the occasion.
For the beach, many girls wear super short rompers with thin straps. They pair their romper with summer hats, flat sandals, flip-flops, and large bags. If you are going to a large summer music festival, wearing a floral romper is a great choice. With this kind of romper, wear some pretty flowers in your hair, cute boots, cross-body bags, and tons of jewelry. Looking for a more professional version of the romper for a dinner date or girls night out? Simply wear an all-white or an all-black romper, a pair of heels, and golden accessories.
12. Denim Dresses
Why do you need a denim dress? Because denim dresses are perfect for summer weather. They are also one of the essential dresses that you should have in your closet. You can wear them virtually anywhere: to your job, on a date, or simply taking an afternoon walk. Additionally, they can be worn casually but also can be dressed up.
So, what are some cute ways to wear a denim dress? One way is to wear a bold necklace. This will add some jazz to the plain denim. Aim for Golden jewelry which tends to look the best with denim. Roll up the sleeves, add a belt, layer it, or wear it loose around your body. Going to the beach? Wear a denim dress with white sneakers, a sun hat, and a shoulder bag packed with all your beach day essentials. With a denim dress, you can have a whole summer filled with cute and casual outfits.
13. Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are baggy, often "destroyed", and are low-rise. For the past few years, this unique style of jeans has been very popular among women and men. Even though they can easily be worn as a casual look, they can also look fashionable if you style them correctly! The ideal "boyfriend jeans" should look a bit worn out. However, your jeans don't need to look messy, really ancient, or trash worthy.
Make sure that you buy WOMANS boyfriend jeans. Don't get jeans that are made for men. They will most likely be too baggy and big around the waist. Boyfriend jeans come as low-waisted and mid-to-high waisted. Depending on your body type, pick the version that looks the best on you. Remember that your jeans should fit you correctly and fit you around the waist area. Additionally, the jeans should be loose around your legs. For the summer, pair your boyfriend jeans with a simple tank top. Consider wearing the jeans with a brightly colored of flouncy tank top.
14. Bandeau Tops
The "Bandeau Top" is another form of the classic crop top. There are many cute ways to wear a bandeau! But, what is the best way to wear one?
One of the perfect matches for a bandeau top are sheer, lacy shirts. Even without fully covering the upper half of your body, it gives the illusion of a full shirt. This combo also makes it simple to mix and match patterns and colors. This look is very comfortable and perfect for the warm weather. In addition, another popular way to wear a bandeau top is to wear a high-waisted skirt with it. This look is great for the beach and for hanging with friends! There is no incorrect way to wear a bandeau. You can wear them along with other tops, jeans, shorts, or skirts. They are one of the clothing pieces that are very versatile.
15. Black Pencil Skirts
Many people argue that a black pencil skirt is one of the most versatile items in any woman's closet. Even though many people consider this type of skirt to be for business, they don't necessarily have to be. When matched with casual pieces, these skirts can be transformed from formal to everyday wear.
Try wearing your skirt with a fitted tank top or t-shirt. Avoid wearing graphic or patterned t-shirts and stay away from baggy shirts. With this outfit, you can wear a pair of simply flats. Black flats or ones that match the color of your shirt are the best option. To accessorize, wear a long necklace in a bold color, or a chunky bracelet. Don't forget to carry a casual purse. For a night out, consider matching your skirt with silver or gold pieces. But, if you want a more elegant approach, wear a short-sleeved silk blouse. Wear a pair of strapped high heels that match the color of your top. Don't forget the large dangle earrings!
16. Striped Shirts
The striped shirt is a clothing item that will never go out of style. Even though it is usually buried in our closets, there are so many different ways that you can wear a striped shirt.
Wearing a black and white striped shirt is the easiest to style. However, if you love colors, try wearing a pink/white striped shirt. This combo is fabulous for the spring and summer seasons. Always remember to choose the right stripe size. Wearing a shirt that has too thin or too thick strips can actually make it appear that you have a wider body. Instead, try aiming for shirts that have medium sized stripes. Shirts that have a 3/4 length sleeve are the most versatile and traditional. But, in the summer heat, a striped tank or short sleeve tee is great. Pair your shirt with a pair of khaki trousers or shorts. Bring along a vintage appearing bag or backpack to complete your look.
17. Circle Skirts
Circle skirts are fashionable and very stylish! They are also super fun and flirtatious. There are so many different ways that you can style a circle skirt. However, creating a cute outfit using a circle skirt can sometimes be challenging.
Pair a printed circle skirt with a brightly colored top, cropped jean jacket, and a pair of TOMS for a perfect activity filled day. For a fresh summer look, wear a neutral toned skirt. Match your skirt with a corset that is micro printed in the same color family. Add accessorizes in neutral tones and boom! You have the perfect summer outfit. If you are looking for a sleek look instead of a casual look, wear a colored leather circle skirt. Pair it with a grey tank top, a black bag, and black booties to complete your outfit. You will eventually want to wear your circle skirt with everything!
18. Tank Tops
Tank tops are perfect for the hot summer weather. But, do you know how to wear your tank top with style?
To create a comfortable look, wear a pair of jeans and cute shoes with your tank. Add different accessories that match the color of your clothes to add more spark. The final touch? Add a cute belt! But, make sure that the style and color of the belt matches your outfit. Studded belts go together great with white or black tank tops. Secure it under your rib cage if you want it to be more noticeable. For a more modest look, layer tank tops underneath low or large tops. To lengthen your legs, wear high-waisted shorts and a pair of strappy sandals. Add a blazer to this outfit to make it more professional looking. Remember to make sure that you own a variety of tank tops in different designs, colors, and styles.
19. Denim Vests
Just like denim jackets, denim vests are a classic closet necessity. They can be worn and styled in various way and are perfect for warmer weather. You can throw them over anything and immediately make a look that is more unique. Denim jackets can definitely make any ordinary outfit more cool.
Denim vests come in all different colors and washes. However, the most popular version is a faded, sun-kissed, light blue vest. This color looks awesome with almost every other color. For a fresh and cute look, add a pair of colorful pants. For a great summer look, add a fedora hat and wedges. Try combining a maxi-skirt, floppy hat, and denim vest for another stylish outfit. This look will keep you cool, comfortable, and protected from the sun. It is also one of summer's largest fashion trends!
20. Ruffled Blouses
The ruffle look is both lady-like and chic. A ruffled blouse in particular brings a pretty touch to your outfit. If you are looking for a romantic personal style, these kinds of tops are a must. They also come in various styles, designs, and colors.
To look good in a ruffled blouse, pair it with tailored clothing, such as a blazer jacket or dress pants. Doing this balances out the frilly look of the top. If you are looking to wear a casual outfit, wear your blouse with dark blue jeans. For a trendy look, add a short pencil skirt. Remember that you need to have ruffles that add volume to the right places, which are the shoulders and bust-area. Never wear shirts that have ruffles around the stomach or waist. These shirts usually make you look bigger than you actually are. A great way to draw attention away from your lower body is by wearing a ruffled blouse. Your overall main goal is to look both pretty and classy.

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