California Car Duster with Plastic Handle 26"

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Price: $11.97

Remove particles such as pollen, dirt and lint from your vehicle's exterior with this California Car Duster with Plastic Handle 26". It contains dense, high-quality 100 percent cotton strands that provide a quick yet thorough cleaning without the need for water or spray waxes. The car duster brush fibers come with permanent baked in paraffin wax that gently lifts away small particles from the finish. It won't scratch your paint or finish and decreases the number of washings you need to perform to keep your vehicle looking freshly washed. The California Car Duster with Plastic Handle 26" is completely safe for all finishes, is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Simply shake out the dust prior to each use.

26" Plastic Handle Car Duster:California car duster won't scratch finish100% cotton strands Removes dust; high-quality fibers to hold dustPermanent baked-in wax lifts dust with one passEliminates the need to use water or spray waxesSafe and non-toxicReduces the number of car washings to keep vehicle looking cleanLength: 26"Plastic handle

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